Thalasar Ventures – Look Ma No Programming!

I have continued adding new features to Best Buys Zone UK. Last night I added auctions to the product mix. The interesting thing about it – it’s a mashup built on top of existing software tools. It’s my experiment in building a mashup without any programming knowledge and it can be done by someone with no programming experience!

I built Best Buys Zone UK on top of existing software tools that can be bought pretty cheaply. This means almost no programming experience is required (although you will need to follow directions and not be afraid of a text editor). Over the next few days I will put together a how to on how to build your own mashup like Best Buys Zone UK without any real programming tools – drawing content from auctions,, blogs and news. Take a look at this page which features Microsoft flight simulator. We have the latest prices from the UK version of, latest prices from and and what bloggers and news outlets say about the product. In other words it gives you a comprehensive and complete knowledge of an item in a single place.
Adding the auctions took more time than I originally thought but I spent the time to make sure that someone could easily duplicate it with just a little work. This is likely to be a four part series so make sure you watch the blog over the next week or so for an update on how to do this yourself.

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