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Best Buys Zone Launches Product Blog

Best Buys Zone Launches Product Blog
Best Buys Zone, the shopping comparison engine that pioneered the concept of comparision shopping via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has introduced a product blog to highlight the products in the catalog with the greatest savings at Best Buys Zone Savings Blog

“We have added a product blog to highlight some of the best values and more interesting products in our catalog. Updated at least twice a day we try to find innovate and unique products for use in your every day life,” noted Thalasar Ventures founder Brian DeSpain, “We use the blog to highlight those product our users fond most interesting.”
“Another great thing about the product blog is that the products are always heavily discounted. At a minimum to be considered for the product blog a product needs to be discounted at least 30%. Typically we try to feature products at 50% to 75% off while at the same time we are are not scrounging the bargain bin. Products have to meet our editors standards for both quality and utility.”
“Another cool addition to the site is the addition of the news line section. The newsline section is constantly updated every every minute with the products that have updated prices in the last minute. You can find the newsline section at Newsline.
Two of the most competitve areas are consumer electronics such as flat panel televisions and toners for laser printers. In these two market places, vendors compete ferociously. By having an RSS feed for your specific brand of toner in your news reader, you can moniter price updates and make your purchase.
Here’s a great example HP No. 27 Black Ink Cartridge is designed for a wide range of HP Inkjet printers. Our RSS feed for this product can be found here with pricing from 6 different vendors. It’s updated three times a day, when our merchants update their prices. Another great example of the power of comparison shopping via RSS is the Syntax Olevia LT32 HV TV. It’s an HD ready LCD tv, our product page for it contains pricing form $949.99 to $2299.99. By monitoring the RSS feed you can find the best price for this fine HD tv unit.
By featuring the best deals on the blog, we can help consumers find a deal they might not normally find. It’s our goal to bring the buying consumer useful items, well priced.
Best Buys Zone was developed by Thalasar Ventures, an Internet incubator based in Las Vegas, NM. Best Buys Zone offers comparison shopping on a wide range of products available via RSS. Thalasar Ventures is an Internet Incubator devoted to building web sites that make life a little easier.
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