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I am currently looking for a PHP programmer to continue development with me on Earlymiser. While I can probably continue development by myself, I would like to continue with someone else on the team.

My previous developer is no longer with the outsourcing company I was working with and I would prefer not to work with the outsourcing marketplace I was working with – That’s another post entirely and I will hold off posting about it until several issues are sorted out with them. I am looking for the following in a developer.

  • You gotta know PHP and MySQL
    I know this sounds kinda obvious but you would be surprised how many people believe owning an O’Reilly’s PHP book is enough. Not only do you need to know PHP, you need to be able to actually program in the language.

  • Web services shouldn’t be a new world to you
    Earlymiser is a meta shopping engine. It pulls information from 4 seperate web services APIs; namely,, Amazon and Yahoo So while I would prefer a developer who is familar with these APIs, I also realize that’s incredibly unlikely. I actually paid for the last developer to learn these APIs. I am unwilling to do so again. So you need to learn the APIs on your own time and on your own dime. If you know one the others shouldn’t be very difficult to pick up. If you know anything about web services, you should be good to go. If you learn very quickly you should be good to go.

  • When I say RSS, you shouldn’t say, “Huh?”
    RSS feeds both for custom feeds and product feeds are an integral part of the project. You should be able to extend our current platform.

  • Social Networks? What’s that?
    Look this next build is going to focus on the social networking aspect of the site and integrating our shopping service into them. We are going to extend our platform to allow our users to embed stores and products into their sites and make money on with them.

  • You need to have references.
    I just don’t want to see a site you have done. I need to speak to the person you did it for. If you have a site where that’s not possible, I can understand that. If you have more than one, well that’s a warning flag isn’t it?
    UpdatedCode Samples
    Have code samples and more importantly be able to tell me why you made the design decisions in the code. Thanx for the suggestions
    You can be contractor or even an outsourcer. Just keep in mind I will look pretty hard at your references. I will pay market rates for these services in whatever market you are in. This means if you are in the US I will pay the US market rate and not compare you to an overseas contractor.
    Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in doing the work…

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  1. References and references:
    Yes you are doing the right thing by looking more closely at the references and also make it a point to get latest references and not for some projects completed way back in 2004 !
    Also another important point you should look for is “source code” which they have written earlier. This way you can find out the quality of php programmers quite easily.