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One of the problems with political blogs is that they only seems to attract like minded people to the site. Thus Daily Kos and the Free Republic draw rapid true believers which shout down any opposition to existing idealogy. As a result these forums tend to reinforce existing ideas and biases.

They really aren’t forums for political debate but rather forums where people go to get affirmation and support for their pre-concieved notions. It’s grows tiring to visit and use them since people simply are resistent to different ideas. Lately however I have been hanging out at a great political forum where people with radically different ideas can debate. I have posted more there in two days than I have in a month of digg, slashdot, and my normal stomping ground. Why? Because the forum doesn’t have an existing bias and doesn’t lean one way or another so real debate can ensue.

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3 Responses to “Political Forums”

  1. KenMarshall says:

    I think, that is interesting for all.

  2. WitheHorse says:

    Hi all!
    I like this forum!!

  3. Debate on political topics is always interesting.