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Hyper Partisanship is a trap of it’s own making

This is my first entry in the Politics category. I have intentionally stayed away from politics on this blog for some time now. So I plan on posting more often and since politics was my first passion I will return to it.

Everyone seems to be talking about the president’s State of the Union address. President Bush has made a trap of his own making – namely his own hyper partisanship before the November elections. Several times before the election, he called voting for the Democratic Party a victory for the terrorists. Think about that a moment. He equated the Democratic Party with Osama bin Laden. Well what worked in the previous election cycles failed miserably this election cycle. As a result President Bush is trapped by his own words. Any overtures he now makes to the Democrats are viewed in the lens of his previous statements. Democrats simply cannot take him at his word since he equated them with terrorists. This is a the trap of hyper partisanship. While it certainly can get the base out, it can serve to limit your actions when the election cycle doesn’t go your way. As a result the president is a far lamer duck than most as a result.

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