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Photography and Your Rights

I am glad to see that with a little prodding Kevin at Lexblog has produced a pretty solid response to my post on copyright infringement.

That said Kevin does a better job of covering the potential issues including the right of publicity. Undoubtedly this is going to be the legal reason for her suit. My guess is that the photography didn’t procure a release for commercial use. So I decided to do a quick round up of photography and your rights. This is going to be a quick round up of the various sites on the net related to some of the legal issues dealing with photography.

I will periodically revisit this issue and this list and try to update it with new resources.

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One Response to “Photography and Your Rights”

  1. Kevin OKeefe says:

    Nice job Brian. I was hoping to find a list of sites for legal issues and photography. Canada has an awesome one at: .
    Legal issues and blogging is becoming hot issue. Though my passion is in empowering lawyers to network through blogging, I’m getting hit with a lot of requests for legal rights and blogs presentations & info – subtle hint that if see anything more on photography, let me me know or mark for delicous. 😉
    Also just added your post to delicious under photography law.