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Protein Folding and the PS3 – Get a free link for being good!

I recently updated the firmware on my Playstation 3. The most recent firmware update includes the Stanford protein folding application.

Protein folding is one of the more important application that you can run in the background of your machine. It’s also incredible CPU intensive. In fact my PS3 does the same amount of work in 8 hours that P4 machine does in a week. Just in the two weeks after it’s introduction the PS3 accounts for 3/5 of all work done in the project and as the PS3’s share is going to grow as the PS3s continue to ship.
John Chow’s slogan is that being evil, you can succeed online. I am going to take the opposite tack. By being good you can succeed as well and make the world a better place at the same time.
By downloading and installing the protein folding application you are helping find cures for many of the world’s diseases. I believe that good works need to be rewarded so to reward those who download the application and join Team Thalasar I will provide a link to your blog from this post.
My blog is Page Rank 7 – which is difficult to achieve and the amount of Page Rank you will receive should pretty good.
So to take advantage of being good, get a free high Page Rank link you just need to do the following

  1. Download or set up the protein folding application (if you have a PS3, just update your system. If you have a PC, you can download here
  2. Simply set your team to 63816. That’s the team and as I see the CPUs added to the team, I will update this page.
  3. Send me an email with your username for the folding application and what you want me to link to and I will update this page with your link.

It’s pretty simple. You do good in the world and get a free link back to you blog or web site of your choice. Sometimes being good is great!

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