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Don’t rely on Osama’s advice for security

One of the central tropes that people still supporting the President’s aproach on the war on terror is that Iraq is the “central front on terror”. While it might be the central front, one argument supporting that idea is a silly and very dangerous one. To “prove” it’s the central front on terror many of the supporters then begin quoting Osama bin Laden or other Al Qaeda leaders who “claim it’s the front in the war on the United States”. Many of these pundits than say “see even Al Qaeda agrees it’s the central front.”

Ah last time I looked I am pretty sure these leaders didn’t have the United States interests at heart so maybe we should take what they say with a small salt block. I mean when in war time have we decided our policy based the statements of our enemies? Maybe they want us to fight in Iraq because the battleground suits them? Given the complex divisions between various ethnic groups in Iraq it’s certainly a more complex battlefield. Furthermore if this indeed is the “central front” why isn’t Osama bin Laden THERE? Last I looked he was still holed up in the border of Afghanistan/Pakistan. Maybe we should judge Osama’s actions instead of his words. Furthermore in war, it far more important that you chose the battleground and the terms of the battle – if our enemy is agreeing with us maybe it’s not in our interests! Look Iraq might indeed a central front now (largely because American soliders are there) but don’t quote the enemy who is agreeing with you. Can you imagine someone quoting Hitler during WW2 because he “agrees with our policy’? And then using that to justify our own – that’s fracking nuts.

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