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Tips for Faster Google Indexing!

One quick tip for faster google indexing – use Google Webmaster tools. Why? Read on Macduff!

One thing that the Googlebot seems to be aware of is the responsiveness of your server. For most people in a shared hosting environment this means that Google will often slow down it’s indexing of your site because of performance issues. However with Google webmaster tools you are given the ability to temporarily increase the rate at which Googlebot crawls your site. This is especially important when you first launch a site. So now when I re-launch or launch a site (as I did with Best Buys Zone UK – link to UK consumer electronics.) I always add both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools to set the rate at which the Googlebot hits the site to faster. This means a quicker indexing of the site.
Another thing that you should do as a webmaster is make sure you have caching set up on your site. If you run a WordPress blog, make sure to install WordPress Cache which will significantly boost the responsiveness of your site. This also means that you will be ready for the increased traffic from your Googlebot visits. This is especially important in a shared hosting environment where your resources are already constrained.
If you aren’t launch a blog but another type of site, install and configure a caching solution like JP Cache which is a caching solution for PHP. Many modern CMS systems include a caching module – be sure to install and configure the caching solution for your CMS. Then set your crawl rate to faster and enjoy faster crawling.

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