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Mailing Lists – The forgotten tool in online businesses

Given the time that many online entrepreneurs spend on their websites, it’s surprising that that most of them don’t utilize every tool in their arsenal to be successful. I am a big believer in the power of internal mailing lists. Email Marketing is a powerful but forgotten tool by most online entrepreneurs.

Given the emphasis on most entrepreneurs on blogs these days, it’s no wonder that people neglect one of the first forms of interactive marketing, namely the email newsletter. I suspect that this neglect is from the great difficulty that most most people had with the first generation products for email newsletter or group management. Products like Majodomo or Listserver are notoriously difficult to configure and maintain. This is too bad since emailing your customer and staying in contact with them is highly profitable. It’s an old adage in direct marketing that it costs roughly 8 times to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing older customer. That said your existing customers are undoubtedly your best customers. is a completely hosted email list and management solution. They offer a wide variety of pricing plans for hosted email list service. There are some pretty notable things about the service. First off they offer a one click newsletter publishing option, that allows you to publish your newsletter to your site or blog. This allows your content to do double duty since normally just your newsletter readers would have newsletter. This will allow you to further develop readers for your newsletter and more importantly will help you with exposure in the search engines.
They also offer a set of free html templates and offer custom template development services, that will allow you to match the email newsletter template to your existing site design. (Naturally that’s an additional charge).
Because the entire process is managed and outsourced, you don’t actually have to worry about messy software installations, configuring servers or any of the other headaches that come up with most server based email newsletter solutions. They allow you to build your email list cheaply and affordably, scaling with your business at a relatively low cost.

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