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Win a XBox 360 Elite!

No doubt if you follow videogames at all, you have heard that Microsoft has a brand new XBox 360 – the XBox 360 Elite. Pinging my contacts to make sure I can deliver it, I am going to give one away. (Just like I gave away a Playstation 3 for Earlymiser). The contest details are the following.

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Movable Type VS. WordPress Round 3

There are a large number posts comparing the WordPress and Movable Type. In fact based on the popularity of my Drupal vs Movable Type post, I have decided to revisit this issue since many of these posts are more than a year old and in light of recent developments are completely out of date.

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Lying? Check. Bold Faced Lying. You are Hired

As the recent blowup with Wikipedia demonstrates, its that Wikipedians whatever their ilk are largely passive/aggressive whiny people. Essjay has been a long time Wikipedia contributor has long claimed to be a tenured professor of theology. In his capacity as editor at Wikipedia, he has claimed

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More AGLOCO nonsense

I noticed that Matt Coddington continues his flogging of the MLM scheme, AGLOCO, in this recent post. Instead of a simple rebuttal I am going to speak very frankly about AGLOCO. It’s not going to be pleasant. I would sit down first

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Has John Chow lost faith in AGLOCO?

I have started reading John Chow’s blog largely because he’s a pretty good writer and I always like reading good writers. I really wish he would do more reviews for The Tech Zone. One thing I have noticed though, John’s recent posts about Agloco have toned down the rhetoric quite a bit.

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Israeli Watch

Apparently the Hamas supporter over at Israeli Watch is pretty upset since I got his Loudlaunch account canceled.
Not a hate site? Let’s just take a look at some of the many fine posts there. Let’s start with the “About” section shall we? Why he has already edited it! Thankfully I kept a copy locally.

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Contact Information

Someone pointed out the total lack of contact information on my site. Well here it is.
Thalasar Ventures
50 Sheridan Road
Las Vegas, NM 87701

Email: b(remove this)

Thalasar Initial Launch

Thalasar is my company devoted to development of really useful things on the web. Right now we are working on a variety of projects all designed to make life on the web a little bit easier, a little bit happier, a little bit simpler.