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About the the revision of Microsoft Bing

Microsoft revised its search engine Bing, and increased more social search content, it is believed that Microsoft this is a important action to challenge Google in social searching market especially in the future.

We had know that Microsoft and Google has been old rivals in the search market, but its searching online department had been in the loss state, many years, billions of dollars are cost, but the strategy of Microsoft in the searching market is main to grab market share, see from now, Microsoft Bing market share plus the search market share cooperate with yahoo before, has been close to 30%, seem to have reached the goal Microsoft set in the search market share before, but compared with Google, gap exists. And when social networking is becoming mainstream in the Internet, Microsoft cooperated with Facebook, Twitter, expect to add more social data to improve and enhance the searching competitiveness with Google. Even so, in my opinion, it still has been variable whether Microsoft can challenge Google in the searching market.

Just after the revision of Microsoft Bing, the industry thought Microsoft will give his Bing search business transferred to Facebook, the reason is that Bing have been unable to profit for many years, and if Facebook want to compete Google in future, it must access to the searching market, to this, there has been no a positive answer. The so-called no smoke without fire, although the speculation, but at least we can see that in Microsoft there are different view for Bing in the future. And this kind of different views will affect the development of future Bing.

In addition, from the latest earnings of Microsoft, Microsoft Bing of online department is still in a state of losses, but losses already in stable state than before, but according to the analysis says, this may because Microsoft  reduce the input to Bing, and not because the increase of the competition and profitability of Bing. This may be one of the reasons that lead to the rumers above.

If the phenomenon above reflects is Microsoft is not sure about Bing, see from the outside, yahoo will give crucial influence to Microsoft Bing in searching market. Recent Microsoft resale the patent bought from AOL to Facebook and support Facebook to deal with yahoo’s litigation, the friendship between Microsoft and Yahoo is in troubles. But, there are rumers before, yahoo may choose to cooperate with Google, if that was the case, Bing will once greatly behind Google, but currently, Bing of only about 15% of market share, there is no threat to Google. So, the future how Microsoft will deal with the relationship between yahoo is very important.

I don’t deny that Microsoft Bing join social search, especially cooperation with Facebook, to improve the competitiveness of its own role, but for Google, the help its social network service Google + give to Google also can not be ignored. The momentum of development current look pretty good. one important point, the  risk is much smaller that Google get social data with its own strength..

The last is in the mobile searching market, Google occupy obvious advantage, and the mobile search is gradually replace traditional desktop search. But in mobile, compared with Google’s Android, the difference of Microsoft’s mobile platform (or system) is big.

To sum up, I think that, though the revision of Microsoft Bing enhance the competitive ability, but to challenge Google, their own and objective market environment is still a lot of variables, how to confront and deal with these variables, might not just simple in technology and product.

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Best Tools to Monitor Your Website’s Performance

Monitoring the performance of your website is an important task for understanding the level of success. Website monitoring has become a full fledged industry.  Many monitoring software programs are available online which will help you in monitoring the website easily. Even there are many global agents which will serve you the monitoring result in some moments.

Here are some online tools which will help you in monitoring your website performance:


Mint is the self hosted, real time and extensible web stats application. Its interface is very simple to use. It’s a self hosted application so you can own and manage your own website’s data. You can easily get number of visits, referrals and searches on Mint’s flexible dashboard.

Mix panel

Mixpanel is a real time analytics service that helps you improve your internet applications by tracking how users interact and engage with it. Mix panel has offered real-time funnel analytics. Funnel analysis is a technique used to figure out how far users are making it through various flows in web apps. Mix panel’s mission is to help the world learn from their data, by offering analytics that will help others to understand how users behave. is a free tool that will let you know your website is performing on different search engines. It is also a keyword monitoring tool that enables you to monitor your website’s ranking in search engine results. offers features like rank checker widget, competitors ranking, social popularity tool, website widgets, track backlinks to name a few. You can even get email notifications whenever your website’s ranking changes.


Foxmetrics provide the platform that collects and stores data in a simple yet flexible format that makes users to easily analyze and report on. Foxmetrics let you measure and track how people interact with your web, desktop and other applications. It also keeps you up to date with its insight on web analytic s and visitor interaction. Using API feature, you could track the software installation, newsletter views and media consumption of the users.


Kissmetrics is a revolutionary person based analytics platform. This is the only analytics which work on personal level. You can easily track the user’s life cycle with the help of Kissmetrics. It also helps you to increase your sales by visualizing your sales funnel and figuring out which campaigns are getting profit and which are not.


Chartbeat shows you the real traffic to your website and allow you to set alerts for any downtime or spikes in traffic. Chart beat shows you, what traffic you have, who is sending it to your website and where is it going.

KPMRS is a free website ranking monitoring, Keyword rank checker and Back link tracker SEO tool. It tracks search engine positions for keywords phrases on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Monitor your website rankings for different keywords for free. For more information about kpmrs visit

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Google?s ?Big Daddy? Purportedly Causing Havoc With Page Rankings

Bigdaddy, Google’s new data centre, isn’t news to most webmasters; both Search Engine Watch and Webmaster World’s forums have discussed the technology since late 2005, and even Google’s own Chief Search Engineer Matt Cutts has blogged the topic extensively. Even the reason behind the naming convention (one of the Google staff’s kids call him Big Daddy at home) is out in the open.

How Bigdaddy will affect page rankings within Google however, still remains to be seen, although there is a lot of speculation floating around the Net. Mr. Cutt’s blog states that the new foundation will improve cannonicalization, which is the computer code that tells a search engine that

are all the same web site. It is also reported that the data center will positively impact 302 redirects, which have been a known issue for some time.

What wasn’t anticipated with the update though were the chaotic and oftentimes strange behaviors the search engine has displayed, most notably over the past several months. Although some of Google’s previously-indexed sites dropping off the face of the engine may be associated with their reported lack of server space and others due to Google’s “different datacenters get different data at different times” statement, many of the problems seem surreal, without explanation.

For instance, Webmaster World’s forums have reported large SERPS drops, changes in supplemental result handling, “home page only” results and pages dropping right out of the Bigdaddy index, while the Digital Point forums are asking if Google has cleaned their index and why the supplemental problem is reoccurring.

What little information is available on the subject is only the information that webmasters are providing each other; little explanation is coming from Google themselves right now. Some experts have shown that the supplemental deletions across the data centers have been gradual over the past several months, with the idea that perhaps the supplemental results are being deleted to free up server space. Others have noticed the inclusion of longer URLs with multiple variables, such as database-driven pages (which were not previously indexed), and the product-based sites like BizRate and Amazon generating higher search results than previously found.

Right now, the only “fixes” seem to be either contacting a member of the Google team (most notably posting in Mr. Cutts’ blog), ensuring your website doesn’t fit within the “too similar” Google guideline (as it seems that sites with slightly different page text are doing better than most) or hitting up Google’s site for a re-inclusion request. Without more guidance from Google though, there isn’t much webmasters can actively do at the moment, other than sit back and watch Bigdaddy work out the search engine-retrieval bugs, talk over the situation with other webmasters, and stay as informed on the subject as possible.

The Blog Market

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Review of Google Docs – A Tool to Collaborate on Projects Online With Ease and Convenience

If you work with others on projects, you may have come across the need to email documents back and forth. It doesn’t take long for that to become very time consuming. It can also be a real headache if you and the person you are collaborating with don’t use the same type of computer, for example if you are using a PC and the other person is using a Mac. How can you rectify this situation? You can use Google Docs. This article will give you a brief review of Google Docs.

Google Docs is an online word processor. It is free to use. All you have to do is sign up for a Google account. Once you have an account with Google, you will be able to use this software. It is really convenient, especially if you are on the go. You can save your document right online. Once you are done with the document you don’t have to worry about opening your email client and attaching the document. There are several ways you can share your document with someone else without having to email it. This is important since a lot of people are concerned about security and downloading viruses. Here are some of the ways you can share your documents.

You can click share and invite the person as a collaborator. Google Docs will send this person a link to your document and they will be able to edit it online if you have selected them as a collaborator. You can also publish your document as a website and share the link with the person that you’re trying to share this document with.

Overall, I think Google Docs is a very useful tool. It makes sharing documents very easy. You don’t even have to worry that your computer won’t be compatible with the other person’s computer. I strongly recommend this to anyone, especially freelancers. Check it out today!

And you can get a free ecourse on traffic generation. Just go to and click on the words “get free ecourse” now.

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Overseas Users Even Said Google Has Become A Political Tool To Withdraw Does Not Affect The China Internet Development

Overseas users even said Google has become a political tool to withdraw does not affect the China Internet Development

In the threat “to consider closing the” Google of China two months later, Google Inc. announced March 22 in accordance with Chinese law to stop harmful information on the self-censorship, the Simplified Chinese search service transferred to Hong Kong from mainland China. The whole incident has given rise China News Net User’s heated debate at home and HP Pavilion DV4000 Battery, a large number of overseas netizens expressed doubts about Google’s practice that multinational corporations must comply with host country laws, Google has become a political company, reduced to the U.S. government to implement a tool of hegemony.

Foreign enterprises operating in China must abide by Chinese laws

The vast majority of overseas netizens believe that Google want to operate in China, they must abide by Chinese laws and the law, which is a basic requirement. Net named HsunTze Malaysian Internet user said: “Google may be a good search engine, but when it is operating outside of the country, if you want to achieve the intention of the company’s global strategy, it is necessary to play well their roles, and identify appropriate position. operating in China, it must respect and obey China’s laws and rules and regulate their operation. If you can not do, he can only terminate the operation, leaving China. “network, called Anthony’s Thai Internet users believe that : “Every country has different historical and socio-cultural backgrounds, different laws and regulations, for 1.3 billion people, China is also true. Do not expect the same in each country with the United States. if Google complain about the rules, it should be to leave IBM ThinkPad T60 battery. “

Google has become the U.S. government to promote American values and seek hegemony tools

A large number of User that Google has become a political company, became a tool of U.S. hegemony. Net named helen British Internet user said: “Google and the U.S. intelligence agencies are inextricably linked. We all know, when Google was first established to be funded from the United States Central Intelligence Agency. And that Google is currently working with U.S. intelligence agencies have linked to all This is an open fact. “network, called James the Australian Internet user said:” Google under the pretext of morality, its real purpose is obvious, that use the Internet to subvert or control of China. I believe that there is no reason the Chinese people the information control to Google. control information, more powerful than bullets. “

The Government has the responsibility to filter harmful information, to ensure the flow of information security

User that the vast majority of home and abroad, in the Internet age, the Government is necessary to filter harmful information in order to reduce the negative social impacts; free flow of information and is not necessarily a good thing, the security of information flow or free safety information Mobile is the ideal state, be conducive to social progress. Network, called John of U.S. Internet user said: “In fact, Google has also introduced Internet censorship in the United States. As far as I know, in the United States, Google to comply with the Hp Pavilion zd8000 Series Battery Act, that is, it will randomly monitor the number of innocent users of electronic e-mail, and when necessary be submitted to the U.S. government. “network known as the Singapore Asian User said:” There is a proverb when he said: take preventive measures. censorship is wise. good things are conducive to physical and mental digestion, but the If this thing contains a number of toxins, then the harmful elements of the inspection and filtering is very important, which can guarantee to reach the general public there are good things. “net user pointed out the United States called the CV, the U.S. government’s criticism on China’s Internet checking is not fair. “China is to review the harmful pornographic images, the anti-China and splitting the information, which is entirely justified. The United States Government does not also block al-Qaeda and foreign Muslim extremists of the site?”

Google to withdraw will not affect the development of China’s Internet

Overseas user pointed out that China is the world’s fastest-growing Internet industry in the country, as at the end of 2009, the number of more than 384 million Internet users in China is the world’s Internet users than any other country. China’s Internet industry will not be because of Google’s withdrawal stagnation. Network called the Billy the French Internet user said: “Google’s poor performance in the Chinese market, it is entirely because of its poor management. But they do not realize this, but blame the Chinese government. Google’s competitors in the same rule Under the competition, and why they are well developed, and only the poor performance of Google do? “network, called Amy in the United Kingdom user pointed out a number of Chinese Internet companies to grow from scratch to prove the history of China’s Internet industry is full of vitality. Alibaba’s Internet users have been spread over 240 countries and regions, and in 2005 the acquisition of Yahoo China, is a global leader in B2B e-commerce model. While Baidu beat Google in China, Baidu is because a better understanding of the Chinese Hp Pavilion dv9000 Series Battery.

Google does not represent the event the deterioration of China’s investment environment

A considerable number of overseas User believes that Google is just Google’s own deal with incidents caused by improper does not mean that the deterioration of China’s investment environment. Net named Michael in the United Kingdom User that China’s laws and regulations on the search the contents of the review have been there and did not tighten, or other changes occur, at least from the reports I do not see this reference. However, Google is making such a drastic response, Google only shows the mentality of the management or motivation has changed. Network, called the United States Netrogen User said: “If it was five years ago, the threat of Google is terrible. But now, China’s rapid economic rise, in fact, has become the world’s second largest economy. China will no longer Google’s departure seen as an important setback, there will be many other companies are willing to invest in China, establishment of businesses. and Premier Wen Jiabao is what position, China is still welcomes foreign companies to China. contrary, Google chose to leave, it will be difficult to go back the Chinese market, they will regret. “network, called AsianPerspective Singapore netizens believe that Google’s departure will not result in losses to China the contrary, Google will have to endure to lose market share with strategic consequences. Many companies ready to occupy the vacancy.

Google’s inconsistencies, dubious moral standards

Many netizens Google’s ethics questioned, that they tether, throw its weight around. Net User name Osaka in Japan, said multinational companies operate decided to go into a country before, the general legal environment in the host country to conduct a comprehensive assessment. I believe Google is no exception. Since they then decided to enter, it means recognition of such an environment, there is no eligible for the tether, or else can only cast doubt on the company’s moral character. Other search engine companies have to follow Chinese laws and regulations on the review, Google asked on what basis privilege? They are not always advocated equality Mody? Network in Canada, called peony User post that Google why now rather than in the first time in China put forward does not search the contents of review? Probably because they feel in themselves a few Dell Latitude D610 Battery ago is still a small effect, but now is different: “I am important, it can ask you for me to change the rules of.” It had to give Zhangshilingren feeling.

Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Public Sector: Demand and Supply Imperatives in the Age of Austerity


Public sector budgets have been shrinking over the last couple of year. Demand for public services continues to grow driven by global demographic, economical and environmental trends. Governments are forced to carry on with modernization of services for automation, efficiency and capacity. The public sector has little choice but to become smarter in managing budgets and services.


*Opportunities for BI in the public sector

*This report focuses on using BI to generate efficiency savings and improved services


BI enables organizations to create an adequate information channel that is an imperative for good decision making.

BI should be the tool of choice for focused and measured spending cuts and for meeting efficiency targets

Vendors must help the public sector answer the big question of whether to spend to save or just save

Reasons to Purchase

*This research identifies opportunities for BI in public sector

*This research discusses the importance of clearly identifying the benefits of BI in order to get funding approval

Table of Contents :

Impact 2
Ovum view 2
Key messages 2
The complex world of public services makes BI essential for better decisions 3
BI is part of the information management stack of technologies 4
The devil is in the data 7
Consolidation and innovation continues to shape the BI Market 7
The “do nothing” option looks easy but it comes at a price 9
Enhancing corporate performance 10
Tackling crime, tax evasion and benefit fraud 10
Mitigating risks and achieving regulatory compliance 11
Smarter and more agile Government 11
Improving customer service planning and delivery 12
Case study 1: Intelligence driven performance management at work at Oslo Prison 12
Case study 2: Predictive analytics helps Richmond Police fight crime and improve resource deployment 13
With BI, size does not matter 14
Building the business case for BI 15
The full impact of the financial crisis is only just beginning to hit the public sector 16
Making BI a proposition that is hard to refuse 18
Recommendations for enterprises 19
There is more to BI than technology 19
BI without data quality is not worth having 19
Accelerate skills development for advanced analytics to maximise the return on BI investments 20
Re-using and sharing BI knowledge and skills can help significantly reduce costs 20
Recommendations for vendors 20
Act now to help BI thrive and grow in the public sector 20
Aim to deliver more public sector specific applications 21
Increase the appeal of BI to users 21
Eliminate platform integration issues 21
Further reading 21
Methodology 22

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000-583 IBM Content Analytics and Search V2.2 Exam Guide


Almost all people wishes to acquire good profession in software management technology. When you like to improve your skills in IT field, IBM certifications would be a great assistance. You may validate and optimize your skills in IT in proficient way using 000-583 IBM Content Analytics certification. Being qualified with the IBM certification is not that easy. You have to put your efforts and time. You have to learn the needed objectives when you would want to be IBM certified experts.

It’s fact that the IBM certification trainings are being popular all over the globe. There are lots of different courses and trainings offered online or offline so you can be ready with the exam. A range of materials such as notes, worksheets, books, and guides are now available these days. You may buy them from various shops at affordable rates. Here, let’s talk about a few tips on how you can get yourself ready with 000-583 IBM certification exams.

There are lots of IBM training center, take admissions in the center for right academic support and guidance.


If you would want to include some pace in preparation, you can buy the right study materials in different shops. You can include effectiveness also in preparation in terms of revision exam papers, worksheets, and study guides online.


Be certain that you check authenticity and accuracy of worksheets and study materials your purchase. Extensive research about the providers would be a big help.


When you are to face problems, you may look for suggestions and tips from the testing engine for some updated guides and work sheets. You have to look for the right options too.


You have to read reviews and feedbacks from the other clients, before you purchase online study guides. You must not consult to sites that cannot offer you enough results.


You can get lots of different sites that arrange trail exams for the clients; you have to appear in the tests of you like to validate your level.


You may take assistance from your professors in college when you are to face problems with exam preparation.


Thus, you have to keep these tricks and tips in your brain as you prepare for the 000-583 IBM certification. And also, you have to work hard. You have to get familiarize with the IBM technologies. Look for complete info with regards to the course. So, it will provide you details on the certifications that help you beat and pass the exam.

Author is certified IT expert and highly recommends testsexpert 000-583 pdf material for 000-583 preparation to pass your exam today. Claim your copy today!

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Taking Reign of The Latest Online Marketing Techonology Tago QR Code Management and Analytics System

Marketing and promotions have taken an innovative twist by connecting traditional marketing methods with the digital world. Quick Response Codes, commonly known as QR Codes, create a doorway to new sources of information, linking consumers with your products, services, and brands. With the help of camera-enabled mobile phones, simple scanners, and webcams, the barcode is decoded and its information accessed.

The QR Code is a two-dimensional image in a square pattern. This unique graphic acts as a direct link to various content, informing consumers in a timely and efficient manner. QR codes can be used to connect your target audience with contact information, events, blogs, videos, and other exciting media that promotes your business or organization.

Growing interest in multi-functional mobile devices combined with the urge to stay connected to the online world has made QR Codes even more significant. QR Code Generation and QR Code Analytics are becoming increasingly crucial to reaching savvy consumers and expanding your market share.

QR Code creation is just the first step to an effective QR Code marketing strategy. Tracking and Analytics allows you to gather valuable information about consumers’ scanning trends. The location and volume of scans will better inform your business strategy and marketing goals.

The QR Code Management and Analytics System from TAGO allows you to Create, Track, and Analyze the performance of QR Codes quickly and efficiently. It is an affordable way to connect consumers to content and gather information about your user. Real-time tracking of codes informs you not only of the total and unique scans but also of the scan’s location, time, and device used.

TAGO specializes in QR Code tracking software which allows you to cater your QR Code strategy to specific business goals and conversion. QR Codes can be produced in various file formats for different media and the codes’ functionality can be changed at any time with the TAGO online platform.

Generation and QR Code Analytics are becoming increasingly crucial to reaching savvy consumers and expanding your market share. TAGO specializes in QR Code tracking software which allows you to cater your For more details visit us at :

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Bada Bing! How Do You Rate Bing, Microsoft’s New Search Engine?

As you may have noticed, ‘Bing’ has now gone live in the UK for all your search needs. Microsoft has a lot riding on this new search engine, having abandoned its previous effort, Live Search, itself a rebranding of MSN Search.

Maybe this confusion has contributed to why Microsoft has always been far behind Google in terms of search traffic, and this massive shortfall has enabled them to completely rebrand and start afresh. Bing needed to have enough new and different features to break the habits of its users, and it was going to take something special to lure them away.

Should you switch?

Bing does have some very interesting features. Microsoft believe it provides better search results because it is able to define the category of your search query far more accurately than Google, and therefore display more relevant results. It also provides a list of related categories on the left hand side that might interest you. This is certainly a useful feature.

It is likely that this ability to categorise searches will give advertisers more confidence in the keywords they are bidding on. This should help Microsoft improve their market share of paid advertising associated with search keywords, which is what generated the majority of Google’s $ 22.12 Billion revenue last year.

What we think of Bing…

We have been testing Bing over the last week and we were rather impressed with the progress that’s been made. Some of the things we noticed about Bing:

Bing enables you to see a lot more before choosing where to click. If you hover to the right of the search listings you get a summary of the website, a particularly useful tool.

Image results seem to be good, and if you are searching for videos a little thumbnail appears that allows you to preview the video before clicking.

Bing is also integrating with more applications and sites such as CIAO, the equivalent of Google Product Search. There are limitless possibilities in this area for Bing and I’m sure it won’t be too long before you see applications such as Outlook being integrated into the search engine.

Probably the most important qualities of a new engine are the less tangible and technical aspects such as how user friendly it is, how easy on the eye it is and how quickly it produces results; performing magnificently on all three aspects.

What does the future hold for Bing?

We have to remember that Bing is still being tested in the UK and a full launch is only expected in 6 months’ time. Although there is room for improvement, there is still time, and an ‘adequate’ $ 100 million dollar budget for it to close the gap on Google.

Despite many users saying it’s gravitating towards the Google look, can you really blame them? It may not be as long as you think until you’re saying to your friend ‘I’ll just Bing that for you’…

Michael Grindy writes for atom42, an online marketing agency in London. Atom42 employs a range of marketing fields to create an integrated online marketing strategy for each of its clients.

More Bing Analytics Articles A Decision Search Engine of Microsoft

Colored with a new background picture with interesting facts all over the world,, Microsoft’s new “decision” search engine, truly stands out for its purpose of aiding decision making.


The “Tour Bing” link in the top left corner of the home page is a great place to start for first time users and those who want to find out all the features and shortcuts Bing offers. Since many features are specifically for Microsoft account users, those who do not have a Live account may find it useful to create one. Other first time options are available in the preferences, located in the top right corner. Users can make adjustments to their location, security settings, and result listings.


Bing offers categorized search options on the home page from the left column. When clicked, these categories, such as “Shopping” or “News, expand to more subcategories to further narrow the search.


Any search performed on the main search bar at the top will include related searches, sponsored links, and search history on the left column. Some searches produce related subcategories at the top of the column. Here are a few examples:


* Subcategories for “computer” include: Images, Shopping, and Local


* Subcategories for “Myrtle Beach” include: Weather, Hotel, and Map


* Subcategories for “Nike” include: Coupons, Catalog, and Jobs


Bing offers more than just search results. Many popular searches, most of which are related to buying decisions, have detailed information that will help users make the right choice and save money without spending hours on every website comparing prices and other features. A search for “laptop”, for example, will display a “Shop for laptop” link at the top of the search results. Users can limit the results by brands or prices, view buying guides, and compare laptops on ratings like speed and ease of use. The search results show the image, price, and description of the laptops that match the requirements chosen.


Users can also research and compare compare businesses, like hotels, restaurants, and stores. The keywords “restaurant cincinnati”, for example, will display “Listings for restaurants near Cincinnati, OH” above the search results. A map of Cincinnati on the left shows the location of each restaurant with a corresponding number to the list of restaurants to the right. Each restaurant lists their phone number and links for the restaurant’s website and directions. The name of each restaurant links to a short description including reviews, prices, amenities, and more contact information, etc. offers a variety of shortcuts accessed by typing certain keywords into the main search bar. “Traffic” and “weather” will show local information as the first result. Flights and packages can be tracked by typing flight or shipping number. A sequence of several ticker symbols followed by the word “quote” will list stock information for each symbol in a small table. Basic math questions and conversions, like “how many liters in a gallon” will display the answer at the top of the search results.


Bing has several interactive features that are convenient to users. The websites listed in search results have a hover icon along the right side of the entry which brings up a summary and related links. Images will display their size, name, and a “related images” link when users hover on them, and videos listed in Bing results will begin playing when hovered.


Some users will find and its features more helpful than others. Bing’s many features will only display for popular searches, and basic information, and it becomes just another search engine when more obscure, unique or research-related searches are performed. Like any other search engine, shows search results of related websites, so it is still useful when features aren’t shown. As it’s nickname, “the decision engine” suggests, is most useful for shopping, traveling, and other decision-related searches.


Written by Hannah Miller, Director of Online Marketing and Customer Service Rep, is a nationwide Internet Services provider that is all-American owned and operated. Call today, 1-800-336-3318 or sign up online. Check out my blog for this and more great articles!