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3 Effective Alternatives to Google Adwords

Because Google Adwords is the market leader, it is often the only tool that businesses use for online advertising.  Depending on your product and niche, however, there are times when Adwords simply is not a cost-effective solution to acquire customers.  For example, the co-founder of internet sensation Dropbox recently shared that Adwords never made sense for the company.  Even after all of their optimization efforts, the cost per acquisition remained at more than $ 200 for a $ 99 product.

If your optimization efforts have also fallen short, it may be time to explore some alternatives to Adwords.  There are three that may be worth considering:


Description: If measured purely by number of users, Facebook is among the closest to Google with more than 500 million registered users. To find the users you’re interested in, Facebook allows you to target specific customer segments by age, gender, location and interests.

Good fit: Facebook is worth a try if your product is consumer-oriented and you know a lot about your customers.  With this information, you should be able to easily target your niche and deliver high-quality traffic to your website.

Example: Wedding photographer targeting recently-engaged couples in Southern California.


Description: Because LinkedIn is an expensive option with a minimum CPC of $ 2.00, it is critical to optimize well.  Fortunately, the service allows you to target by industry, profession, age and geography.

Good fit: LinkedIn may be an appropriate option if your product or service is designed for professionals and has a high price point in order to recoup your costs.

Example: An enterprise software company targeting the key decision makers – CIOs and CEOs – of medium- to large-sized companies.

Amazon Product Ads

Description: On each product page, Amazon offers “sponsored links” approximately halfway down the page.  While targeting is less specific, advertisers can select which product categories to focus on.  A minimum CPC is based on the category and the price of the original product.

Good fit: To advertise on Amazon, your company must be selling a physical product – not a service.  In addition, it helps if your product fits nicely within Amazon’s categorization so you are targeting the right type of customers.  Because visitors are in the purchasing mindset, this is an ideal opportunity to advertise.

Example: A customer jewelry manufacturer selling pieces between the prices of $ 60 and $ 180.
While Adwords remains an important part of most companies’ advertising, I expect to see more diversification as these services, and others, become more mature.

About the author

Dav Gra is interested in the latest trends of search engine optimization and marketing.  He is a fan of online collaboration software, including a collaborative UML tool and an online whiteboard which can be used to create a flowchart, drawing or other type of diagram.

Marketing Research Analytics Detailed Like Never Before

Those with a thing for statistics and mathematics will find marketing research analytics interesting. Some of them even use it when they go and work for online market research firms. Those who don’t wonder what these are. They certainly are not rocket science but are beyond the levels of comprehension of the common man.

Tabulations describe a very different angle of marketing research analytics. Some of the work done via this aspect of analytics includes managing ad-hoc studies and large tracking studies. Trending, data conversion to SPSS and SAS, multi country tracking, concept testing, product usage tests, attitude and usage studies, price sensitivity tests, brand tracks, fast turnaround omnibus etc. are certain things tried out.  

Coding is another aspect. Open ended coding is a part of it. Online market research firms consider first mentions, multiple mentions, verbatim aggressions and list coding while working on these factors.  

Data recording and reclassification are two other aspects. These put a finishing touch to marketing research analytics. Query strings are coded and extracted. Online market research firms do dictionary formatting and URL classification into various levels.

Online market research firms do a lot of domain based analytics. They use marketing research analytics judiciously. For brand and consumer analytics, they use techniques like category and market evolution, customer response modeling, actionable segmentation, targeting and profiling, portfolio mapping and optimization.  

Marketing research analytics used for CRM analytics include campaign management (design, execution and ROI analysis), response modeling (acquisition, cross-sell and up sell analytics), loyalty management and customer lifetime value analysis and retention modeling.  

For modeling and calibration, methods such as market mix modeling, collections analytics and delinquency modeling, fraud analytics, value risk modeling, risk based pricing, marketing ROI optimization, volume forecasting etc. suffice for the job. Finally, web based analytics is completed via online traffic analysis, path and conversion analysis, text mining and buzz analytics.

Marketing research analytics used in company and industry research include detailed company profiles and analysis, tear sheets, SWOT, value chain analysis, stock and shareholding analysis, industry benchmarking, industrial and sector reports etc. Techniques used in business intelligence include market entry strategy, country reports, trend analysis, competitive landscaping, economy studies and demographic profiling.  

Online market research firms use pitch book support, comparables, precedent transactions, benchmarking, LBO models, financial analysis and valuations in Corporate Finance and M&A Support. Financial models and forecasting, valuation models and investment memos and earnings summaries are remitted in Equity and Fixed Income Research.  

These are certain details about analytics one ought to know from closer quarters. This is a set of highly complicated techniques one ought to use judiciously. As mentioned earlier, these techniques are applicable to most of the verticals. So for every vertical, their usage varies.

Finally, it is important to know the benefits of these tools. The use of analytics helps solve various complicated business related tasks including strategic decision making, credit scoring, behavioral scoring, pricing and valuation, segmentation, response modeling, predicting customer behavior, product tracking, price point analysis, redefining customer segments, reducing attrition, enhanced ROIs etc.    

These details would help understand the core content of these tools.

Nikita is a content writer and currently associated with b3Intelligence Marketing Research Company in India offers marketing segmentation, marketing research analytics and market research quality control services by best Market Research Consultants for various domains like pharmaceutical, business and more.

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Generate Greater Revenues from Social Networking with Facebook Analytics Tools


Facebook is no more a social networking medium dedicated only for the youth and people who want to get in touch with their friends. Social networking today is a serious business. This is especially true for corporate enterprises as well as business houses. Facebook along with its purpose built analytics tool enables users to increase as well as measure the online effectiveness. This social networking site offers a completely new platform for estimating communicative marketing, increasing client retention, generating greater revenue as well as broadening the reach.


Eminent service providers today have introduced efficient Facebook analytics tools that help entrepreneurs to measure effectively the success of Facebook campaigns. This is done by utilizing a mix of analytical processes and creative social analytics tools. The results are quick to track the web data and attain real-time distribution. Furthermore, there are engagement Facebook metrics and users can attain instant feedback on the content performance. This further enables to optimize features, products, campaigns, communications and content faster.


These social analytics tools offer an easy-to-use visualization interface that enables in trending views as well as drill-down capacities. Furthermore, these tools help you provide insights that aid in smarter and faster operating decision making. At the same time, users are able to attain a quicker insight into the essential impacts on viral campaigns. It also helps in analyzing and understanding that what is it that keeps users engaged and simultaneously earn more revenues.


Service providers of Facebook analytics tools also help their clients and users to gain actionable intelligence that leads to business enhancements and other operational advantages.  These offer actionable insights  in real time and the users to gain useful operational decisions and set up automated business processes. The tools allow you to achieve the following:-


* It helps you to estimate data in real-time from across mobile, social, and other web platforms to enable game developers and social commerce enterprises to constantly enhance customer acquisition, engagement and other monetization campaigns.

* Users are able to modernize their ability to capture broad information, discover meaningful insights, and shut down the loop with mechanized action. All this is done in real time.

* The tools helps to track user behaviors in real-time and attain instant feedback on what’s working and what is not for business owners to optimize as they operate

* There is a visualization interface that allows users to aptly understand business performance to make faster, smarter operating decisions.


Most service providers are well equipped with SaaS applications that help in making incorporation, deployment and maintenance easier for the enterprises.


Click here for more on engagement analytics

Google Tools For Better Searches –

Google is so well known for Web search that its name is now a verb, but the company does not limit itself to that one role. From robust and well-established applications such as Picasa to cutting-edge “Google Labs” products that may become next year’s game changers (or next year’s punchline), Google offers far more than just a search engine.

Some of the many tools and services that Google provides include different ways to search the Web, graphics tools (such as SketchUp), and experimental concepts (such as Image Swirl). All of these products draw on Google’s extensive experience in sorting, searching, and cataloging information.

Search a Different Way

The standard Google interface is legendary for its spartan power, but that isn’t the only way Google lets you find things. Older netizens (such as people who remember when we used the word netizen) recall hierarchical, category-based indexes of the Web, and Google provides such an index in the form of Google Directory. Like many such directories, it suffers from being slow to update and woefully incomplete, but I’ve found it useful for discovering things I might not have thought to search for directly.

Follow the Trends

Speaking of discovery, Google Trends not only shows you the top current searches but also allows you to see how popular a search term is over time, and where search requests are coming from. You can type in multiple search terms and compare them, too, so you can see when searches for “Lady Gaga” surged ahead of searches for “Madonna,” for instance.

In the category of “great idea, not there yet,” there’s the still-in-beta Google News Timeline. The idea is to show news and blog articles related to a search in chronological order, so you can follow a news story or topic as it appeared and developed. Although it’s a great concept, at the moment it includes only a small number of sources, and it treats dates mentioned in articles as the date of publication (so many articles written about the 9/11 attacks, for example, appear as if they were published on September 11, 2001). Those problems greatly undermine the idea of being able to see the development of a news story in context. But, hey, that’s why News Timeline is in the lab, not in the wild.

Processing in the Cloud

Moving from the search engine to the cloud, we enter an interesting realm in which the lines between applications, messaging, and search start to blur. Google produces a variety of online applications that tap into its strengths in tying together people and data. One of its best-known projects is Google Docs, a direct stab at the heart of Microsoft. Google Docs includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, a form builder, and a presentation creator. Features-wise, all are very “lite” compared with Microsoft Office (or its open-source clones), and they have limited font choices and formatting options. However, you can access the documents anywhere you have Net access, and the apps offer an easy way to share data with friends, coworkers, or the world. You can also open documents to mass editing, and you’ll find some interesting leveraging of Google’s data–for example, the spreadsheet application allows you to enter formulas that will pull financial data for a given company directly
into the sheet.

On the more experimental side is Google Fusion Tables. This application “fuses” databases with Google Earth, and provides powerful tools for displaying and understanding data–turning data into information, as folks used to say. For example, visualizing a database of the travel arrangements of Texas gubernatorial candidates lets you easily see which parts of the state were solidly “red,” which were “blue,” and which were in contention. This is another not-quite-ready product; the map rendering has many glitches, and it often loses navigational control. The potential is obvious, though, especially when you begin working with filtering and aggregation on a well-designed table.

Fun With Pictures

Another very early tool is Image Swirl, which attempts to group images by visual and categorical similarity, relying on a mix of textual metadata and image recognition. Beginning with a broad concept such as “apple,” you can focus on fruits or computers, with each step bringing you images of greater similarity to one another. At the moment, the searchable database is (by Google standards) fairly small, and the algorithms that classify images sometimes give odd results. Then again, serendipitous discoveries are part of what makes the Web so much fun.

Like Photoshop but Less Confusing

The Picnik online photo editing tool hooks into many major sources of photos, such as Facebook and Flickr. It won’t replace Photoshop anytime soon, but it isn’t intended to–it’s aimed at people who want to turn their family pictures into holiday cards by adding a snowflake border, for instance. Perhaps learning from the good folks at Zynga, Picnik reserves the most interesting or useful features for “Premium” account holders. Picnik also ties in to Picasa…and that brings us from the cloud to the desktop.

Who Needs Facebook Albums?

Picasa is Google’s well-known photo and image management application. It scours your hard drive for pictures, including some you may have forgotten–or those you should have deleted–and helps you organize them, view them, and group them. It also tries to identify faces in the images and allows you to tag them, grouping together images it determines are of the same person. That feature can help you put together family albums, or find and delete every picture of a regrettable romantic entanglement. And Picasa can create Web albums that you can easily connect to Piknik.

Personal Google

What Picasa does for the pictures on your hard drive, Google Desktop does for everything. It’s like having your own private Google. It integrates with Google proper when you search (though it claims Google won’t see results from your local database), and you have the option to exclude certain folders or drives from indexing. Plug-ins are available to increase the types of files it can index and search.

The Future of Architecture?

Last on this list is Google SketchUp, an application for creating precise models of buildings, structures, and objects of all sorts. It’s basically a CAD program, and what makes it “Googly” is that it allows you to share your preconstructed objects with the world, download other people’s objects, and even include sections of Google Maps directly in your drawing. It’s a useful way to show how a new office building will look in the city, for instance.

If you want more, Google Labs is constantly adding new apps and tools. Many of these projects will never make it out of the lab, but some will, and if you venture there you might get a chance to see what may be the killer app of tomorrow. It’s a lot like a digital Willy Wonka factory, but with less of a chance that you’ll be turned into a giant blueberry. If that happens, though, rest assured that you will most likely be able to google “cure for being a giant blueberry” and find a solution.

read more:×99.htm

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11th November, 2013, Nairobi, Kenya: D-Trail, a parcel tracking and management application is set to revolutionize the parcel delivery industry in Kenya by using both mobile phones and the internet to integrate courier operations in to one system to help delivery companies optimize their operations. The system was developed by Doban Africa Ltd. The system was launched by the company toward the end of last year has been received well by major players in the industry.

The system targets both courier companies and other delivery companies, including restaurants and retail outlets with home delivery services. Asked about the future of the system, one of the developers stated “We hope to have the system incorporated in all online businesses to help online business manage the delivery aspect of their businesses.”

Couriers are expected to benefit hugely from the new system especially the system’s ability to track the location of parcels and riders/drivers in real time, and the web based reports and analytics that give a detailed analysis of the parcel trends in the organization.

The most notable features of D-Trail include

i. User friendly interface- D-trail web based system provides you with a very easy-to-use interface with all system functionalities located on the dashboard. This can be seen after logging in to the system. The other sections of the system such as reports, sending parcels can be accessed at the click of the button. The system can also be customized to meet the needs and operations of every client, where the things like company details such as logos, report formats can be created in the system.

ii. Package status- The system allows you to check the status of the parcels through out the process of transportation. The system is updated automatically to reflect the current status of the parcel, that is, if it has been delivered, or if a new parcel has been loaded on the delivery van.

iii. Rider/Driver Locations- The system also tracks the locations of riders. The distances are rider locations, maps and distances covered are displayed in the system in the administrators account. In case a client wants to have his or her parcel picked up from a certain location, the admin can easily find the rider who is nearer to the parcel and assign them the pick up job.

iv. Web based Tracking Reports- D-Trail provides you with various web based reports based on the details entered in to the system. The reports can be accessed easily by clicking the reports link on the dashboard. They provide information about rider performances, movement of parcels in and out of the company as well as parcel activities in subsidiary offices of the company. These reports can be relied on by the company management in making of decisions.

v. Automated E-mail or SMS notifications- The system sends messages to clients informing them of the status of their parcels. Both the sender and the receiver are notified of the parcels status at certain stages of the delivery process. The sender of the parcel will receive notifications when their parcel has been picked up for delivery, when it is on transit and when it has been delivered to the intended person. The receiver will be notified when the parcel is due for collection.

vi. Courier Personnel Analytics- D-Trail gives various analyses of the data recorded in the system in order to help you improve management of your parcel delivery process. This comprises of charts and graphs detailing the movement of parcels in the company, delivery rates of riders/drivers, performance of subsidiary companies. All this is geared towards improving your company’s parcel management

System Requirements

In order to use the D-Trail system, you will need to register with the developers of the system (Doban Africa). Once your company is registered, log in details and the user manual will be provided to you and you will be able to have the D-Trail experience.

All you need to have is an internet enabled computer, android/java camera phone and about 7- 10 delivery people or more in order to fully maximize the functionalities that the D-Trail system brings to you.


The author is a Marketing manager at Doban Africa, in charge of the D-Trail Brand. D-Trail helps delivery companies track and manage parcel delivery processes.For more details on D-Trail, visit, Follow D-Trail on social Media; @dtrail_Tracker on Tweeter, and like the D-Trail facebook page

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Mobile Business Intelligence ? An Overview

The concept of Mobile Business Intelligence has been present for a decade. But initially a dedicated server was necessary for taking advantage of the features offered by Mobile Business Intelligence. It is a trend that sales professional need to devote bulk of their time in traveling and visiting customers. Not only the sales people, but some of the senior executives also spend quality time away from their offices.

This necessitates the need of access to information anywhere and at anytime. This will aid them in getting access to vital information for correcting problems or identifying the right opportunities when they are not at headquarters. Mobile Business Intelligence does just that.

In the recent years, Mobile Business Intelligence has evolved enormously for giving the employees the much needed control to satisfy their analysis and reporting motives. The feature of Mobile Reporting provided by Mobile Business Intelligence aids the employees when they are working off site. The Mobile Dashboard type information delivery has been made possible by the various applications provided by Mobile Business Intelligence. The Dashboards add value to the operational reporting process through the dimensions of data visualization. Such techniques, that Mobile Business Intelligence provides, enhance better interpretation of information for the users.

Every company who has a long list of employees who work in remote areas from the base, or are mostly away from their office, need to access the tremendous benefits available with the use of Mobile BI. The timely access to corporate data obtained by the use of Mobile Business Intelligence not only provides for an improved operational performance; the efficiency also increases dramatically. The decision making activity gets boosted due to the extension of the critical data to the employees on the field. This is a major advantage of opting for Mobile Business Intelligence applications. The increased productivity provided by this activity is bound to boost the revenues of any company.

Mobile Business Intelligence accelerates the decision making process and renders a better insight to the people involved. Just imagine the amount of time that is saved between the identification of an issue and the final decision making. Mobile Business Intelligence lays a solid framework for affirming fast and better decisions via reports which are easily procured.

Things to remember when opting vendors for Mobile Business Intelligence:

• A simple yet spontaneous interface • Maximum flexibility for users to run, interact and access reports in a manner they need. • Admittance to the authentic corporate data • The ability to adapt to any common handheld device • Intelligent security for keeping corporate information confidential

Hence, we can conclude that the permeating use of Mobile Dashboards ameliorates the overall performance of the business. It has been proved that the organizations that use Mobile Business Intelligence virtually deploy double the workforce which they already have. The benefits offered by the use of Mobile Business Intelligence are significant if correctly incorporated in the operations of the company. A sense of empowerment will be visible in the employees who will further boost the prospects of the company as well as themselves.

After seeing the overall advantages offered by the technology of Mobile Business Intelligence, every company wanting to heighten its performance will opt for it.

SmartGlance providing real-time access mobile software application Mobile Business Intelligence and Mobile Dashboard for smartphones.

New analytics model for future Fraud and abuse system

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid services is poised to take bigger steps in preventing fraud and abuse by increasing its monitoring and analytics capabilities. CMS will conduct enrollment and medical claims analytics to keep frauds out of Medicare, for this some necessary technology is already deployed, while the other systems will be ready by the coming year.

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CMS is using the latest technologies for a fraud prevention system to scrutinize Medicare claims. The prepayment review will be used as an investigative technique to follow leads and determine if there is any pattern of a problem. In the past, CMS had access only to post-payment claims information.

CMS will also conduct analyses of providers who enroll in its programs, assign risk levels to them and make its enrollment system more automated to accommodate new data, such as Social Security death files and loss of licensure. The automated provider enrollment screening, which will replace the more manual system, will be operational in January.

The scenario warrants providers to either build or outsource proven anti-fraudulent measures that can ensure them to surpass them through these new investigative techniques. – ( the largest medical billing consortium and advisory for many insurance carriers has proven history of helping healthcare providers to understand and curb errors and fraudulent practices. With exposure in billing and coding across specialties and payers, and expertise in all billing issues related to the latest compliances and regulations, the consultancy services of MBC can assist in scrutinizing unintentional billing errors, and pro-actively minimize compliance exposure by healthcare providers.

About Medical Billers and Coders

Medical Billers and Coders is the largest consortium of Medical Billers and Coders in the United States. Our aim is to help the physician community to reach the right expertise in the right location at the right time.

Physicians usually prefer the technology and expertise of a large billing company and the customization and attention of a local Biller Medical Billers and Coders brings out the best in both the options and caters to the exact need of the physicians’ billing requirement.

Browse all: healthcare medical billing, physician medical billing is the largest consortium of Medical Billers and Coders in the United States. We offer Medical Billing, healthcare medical billing, physician medical billing

Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool ? Getting Rid of the Redirect Problem

These fake websites that contain a lot of fake advertisements are really getting into my nerves. I will get redirected to them through a fake browser. Quite weird because I can’t understand why I am getting irrelevant results for my search.


I first thought that I make typing mistakes and that could be the reason why I am not getting the results I need. Upon checking, I was sure that I typed the right words. However, I would still be redirected and everything is giving me a headache. I spent a few dollars for the service of a technician. I thought that there is something wrong with my PC. After the repair, I was so excited to use my computer again, only to find out that the same problem will occur again.


After learning about the Google Redirect Virus, I began to understand what has been happening. My system was hit by a type of Trojan horse, and I wasn’t even aware that it did.


After finding out about the infection, my next step was to take it away from my system. I let my antivirus run but it wasn’t successful. A friend of mine told me that no antivirus software will be able to clean my system from this latest virus. I should download a Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool from the net.


There is no solo tool that can clear this mess but you can use a combination of tools and follow a certain procedure. You should be careful because you cannot afford to do any mistake.


After completely getting rid of the Google Redirect Virus, there’s a promise I made to myself. I will be watchful when using the internet. I will also stop relying on my antivirus alone. I should have an antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-malware to ensure the health of my PC.

Karen shops frequently and loves to tell her experience to the world. She is a full time student and resides in beautiful Colorado. Read more information about removing the redirection virus.

Gain With a Google Page Rank Checker Tool That Works

So, you are the one who is responsible for ascertaining your company’s web effectiveness and ensuring which option will work best? Here are a few things you need to know before acquiring that prized tool of knowing your website’s stand in a web ‘jungle’ where a few hundred million websites struggle for the attention.

A checker of Google rank comes as a savior by giving website owners the insight into a website’s worth vis-à-vis its competition. One can check Google rank or PageRank that is more precisely a rating. A more complete picture can also be provided by a checker of Google rank by obtaining a position that is based on keywords applicable for a websites area of functioning.

Effective checker for Google rank tools captures the more comprehensive distinction of a website’s search engine results page or SERP performance. SERP is indicative of the strength of the keywords used in a website. For example, you are Joe’s Pizza in Bridgewater, Connecticut and have a website where people can look at your sumptuous offerings and order online or on phone. A primary PageRank signifies your rating when Google brackets you with all websites in the world. However, where do you stand where someone is looking for ‘cheese pizzas in Connecticut’ or ‘pizza home delivery in Bridgewater’? Your website’s keyword effectiveness comes into play. Unfortunately, if you missed out on mentioning the home delivery bit or that you are in Connecticut (Google does not connect the geography), you might loose out on Mr. Zack’s order only 5 miles away. You can however remedy the situation by using a check for Google rank for such advanced analytics and optimize your page.

An ideal check of Google rank tool also allows you to keep track of multiple keywords. Such tools can be easily embedded into the codes of your website and let you do a lot more by giving you trends of page views and average time spent so that you can cash in on the knowledge. And if you are techno savvy, a user friendly ranking tool will not let you down on the move and goes beautifully as apps on your smartphone.


For further information on ranking tool, checker google rank and traffic analytics please visit

Profitable Google Adwords Strategy Tool ? – Secrets exposed!

You wouldn’t deem how simply you can craft profitable Pay-Per-Click campaigns by with a sophisticated Profitable Google Adwords Strategy Tool. You can obtain more details here If you still find manually struggling using these physical tracking assignments to find out what does/doesn’t pass sales, then this condition is regarding to mutation. Read the next expose and learn how you can payment from this exciting technology.


If you want to know how it workings then Profitable Google Adwords Strategy Tool cursorily researches the top quest engines for PPC-Ads that are triggered by keyword(s) that you offer it using. Right after that apiece Ad is being compactly examined day-by-day – logically we deem that if it is exposed for at slightest a week to 10 time, it means there is a high probability that these advertisers are making assenting profits or they minimally don’t know what they are liability. Now comes the fun part wherein you’ll be able to find out which Keyphrase(s)-ad(s)-landing page(s) is that ‘golden’ money-making combination.

Important payback

This system brings some free key-benefits:

* We can simply run money-making campaign(s) in any writing excluding even aware that writing.
* Provides a correct shortcut for anybody who needs to become a super-affiliate.
* Eliminates all the ‘guess work’ by providing accurate outcome.
* kindly real for researching new markets.
* Replicating the treat that top-affiliates go through becomes cushy.

Article rewording

Using such higher Profitable Google Adwords Strategy Tool takes no more than just few summary, so it requires token force to beginning exploring its payback. We could doubtless catalog many other payback provided by this exceptional invention, minimally because it opens up countless important opportunities that just can’t be missed. Now it is time to take action, so at this purpose it is recommended to babysit it in action in order for you to like the payback that it offers.

Ayesha Hamilton writes to Pay Per Click Advertising Services. You can discover further details here