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Evaluating Engagement Analytics


What is it that drives social networking sites today? The buzzword is “engagement”. Your success online depends on how much can you keep your audience engaged. The term “engagement” in social media has various means, for example involvement, interest or perhaps a vow. Leading brands present in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter concentrate on this in order to make the most of their online brand building initiatives. Numerous enterprises and brands dealing in sections such as food, apparel, telecom, cosmetics and others have their own way to engage their customers socially. There are some who uses tactics such as quizzes and online polls, whilst there are some that depend on customer feedback and competitions. All this put together, makes engagement analytics a wholesome mix to study and analyze.

Engagement analytics look interesting, but it has its own complicacies as well when it comes to evaluation. However, it is of interest to delve into the multiple facets of web or social analytics. Once we have a clear perception about customer engagement we are able to conjecture what web analytics can or cannot convey about website visitors. There are certain web analytics metrics widely used in order to understand the kind of engagement they capture.

For instance, there is something called “Unique Visits”, that highlights the section of people who have decided to remain engaged by browsing and visiting a particular website for the first time. Similarly there is another term called “Frequency of Visit” that is required to be contextualized with a stipulated time. Contextualized frequency enables in identifying the relative degree of a user’s engagement. “Recency of Visit”, shows the recency of any user’s last activity. “Subject of engagement” on the other hand must not be restricted to the users. To explain on similar lines the “Object of engagement” is primarily the enterprise, brand or the consumption topic.

Measuring Engagement Analytics

The capacity to measure customer engagement, the chief indicators and the levers that help to optimize and impact engagement are essential to the success of any enterprise keeping in mind the social media objective. However, no single metric can be a solid indicator to evaluate how engaged a user is, the modern day service providers have introduced certain social media analytics tool.

Eminent service providers of engagement analytics enable users to measure customer engagement initiatives and results in user retention. This depends on the quantity of pre-set factors in addition to the enterprise’s own custom funnels. Customers have the admission to expert guidance that enables then to understand the way social engagement functions. Furthermore, customers can also identify the apt way to capture the data that will provide them with a clear picture in the factors that impact engagement campaigns.



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How to Get and Install Google Analytics Code For Your Website

Google Analytics is a free tool available from Google to help you analyze the traffic coming to your website. It is very simple to install on your website, and, if you look at the results regularly, it will help you plan your website maintenance.

It is best if you sign up for your Google Analytics account, even if you have someone else working on your website. It should be in your control, and at some point, you might have someone else working on your website.

1) Go to Google and click the Business Solutions link.
2) Click the Analytics link a little ways down the page
3) Click Sign up for Analytics
4) If you don’t have a Google Account, sign up for one. If you do have a Google Account, sign in.

If you need to sign up for a Google Account, the system will ask you for the following:

 – Your current email address
 – A password – and enter again to be sure you got it right the first time.
 – A couple of checkbox choices
 – Enter the text from a nearly impossible to read. In fact, you may have to enter this a half a dozen times before you get it right. It’s not your eyesight; it is genuinely difficult to read. It’s a pain, but they are just trying to keep hacker and spammer programming out of their system.
 – Click to accept the fine print.
 – If you successfully enter the secret code, you should go to a welcome page. And you should see My Account in the links in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Check your email and click the link to confirm that it’s a valid email address. You only have to do all of that once! You will go to the same account to view your statistics.

5) Log in to Google Analytics

 – If you are already logged in, all you have to do is click the My Account link, and you will go to the page shown below.
 – If you aren’t logged in, you will see Sign in, instead of My Account | Sign out in the upper right hand corner of the Google pages. Signing in will take you to the page shown below.
 – If you have not clicked the link the email, this will take you to a page asking you to verify your email address. You will be in an endless loop until you verify your email address.
 – Click on the Analytics link

6) Now you are ready to get the code for the Google Analytics for your site

 – Click on Sign Up (this is signing up for the code.)
 – Enter your information in the form. The Account Name field will pick up your URL, unless you change it to something else.
 – Enter your contact information.
 – Agree to the terms and conditions.
 – And, you have your Google Analytics code!

7) Add the Google Analytics tracking code to the HTML code at the bottom of every page on your website, right above the. If you don’t work on your own site, copy the code and email it to your web developer.

8) It will take Google 24 hours to start showing your stats after you have uploaded the files with the code.

This exercise was developed by Nora McDougall-Collins for the Search Engine Positioning course at Dickinson Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula, Montana. You can see this exercise with screenshots at
Nora McDougall-Collins
Missoula, MT Does your business know how to take full advantage of Google Analytics?
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How To Track Internet Business Article With Google Analytics

The internet business tracking is, what brings the efficiency. By tracking the different channels a marketer has an opportunity to segment the marketing. And what is even more important, he can ponder, why a certain content brings so much more page visitors and why certain article has a high or low conversion figure. To put it simple, the tracking makes the marketing more effective. This article handles the article tracking of those articles, which are subdomains of your main site.

1. How To Track An Individual Article?

You can go to your Google Analytics account and click View Reports after which you can pick the time period from the calender. Then you click All Reports, Content Optimization, Content Performance and finally Content by Title. This view lists 10 most viewed articles on your site. Unique Views tracks the number of visits during which this page was viewed. Pageview tells the number of times this particular page was viewed. Note, that if the article is under your domain as a subdomain, there is no need that the link is on your site, if you do not want it.

2. Even The Keyword Tracking Is Possible.

You must be interested about how the chosen keywords work, how they bring visitors. This is simple. Click the up arrow close to an article and surf to Cross Segment Reporting, Keyword. Note that No Data shows, how many visits came from the referral links.

3. How The Figures Develop Over Time?

When you run Analytics for a longer time, you get useful information, how the different articles and keywords behave during a longer period of time. And, what is important, should you support some effective articles by link building?

4. Analytics Graphics Gives Stats Visually From The Same Place.

Analytics is a data bank, which gives a lot of useful information, but requires, that the user has done his or her homework. One of the good feature is, that the tracking results are given also visually, which helps the busy marketers.

5. Towards Better Conversions And Sales!

I just dont believe in accidents and secrets. The success is never a result of some secret or good luck but a result, which comes from a proper research and analyzis. It is vital for an internet business marketer to know, where the visitors come and how they behave on the site.

This gives useful information, how to segment the visitors and how to talk to them. Speaking about the internet business articles, the key is the content, especially the title. When a marketer can compare the visitor amounts and conversion rates, he can analyze, why some titles work so much better. According to my own experience this is quite easy.

Google Analytics is not the easiest site to navigate, but fortunately the Internet offers so much guidance, that even I could do my homework. It is one of the best or maybe the best tool to track many marketing operations.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing, Has Developed His Internet Business With The Help Of Google Analytics Tracking To Make Money Online. Visit: Internet Home Business

New Google Analytics Has Rolled Out to All Users by batteryfast

New Google Analytics Has Rolled Out to All Users by batteryfast

Google rolled out a new and improved version of Google Analytics to all current Analytics users on Wednesday.

The upgraded product comes with a bevy of new features. In addition to faster performance and a streamlined UI, the new Analytics also packs quite a lot of improved and entirely new functionality.

Users can create multiple dashboards, up to 20 per user; and each dashboard can contain up to 12 widgets (Acer aspire 5920 Battery) . Users can also set interaction goals (for example, you might use Google Analytics to track and optimize file downloads or video views), graph and compare certain metrics over time, and toggle between multiple profiles and sites while focusing on one report.

Right now, Google Analytics users can switch between the old and new versions of the product. The Googlers working on Analytics are soliciting feedback and are also prepping for even more new features in the future.

Stay tuned for features such as exporting reports to PDF, emailing reports, migrating reports from old Analytics to new Analytics, linking new AdWords and AdSense accounts to Analytics, email scheduling and In-Page Analytics.

Will you be switching to the new version of Google Analytics now, or will you wait for bug fixes and more features?

Introducing Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

Some call it multi-touch attribution, others call it engagement mapping. Google calls it Multi-Channel Funnels and it has to be one of the biggest talking points in online marketing measurement circles today.

Whatever you want to call it, it is now live in limited pilot for some lucky Google Analytics customers.

A quick note: Google has let us know that the feature called Multi-Channel Funnels discussed in this blog post is in limited pilot. That means that Google is testing the feature and its usefulness to a small group of trusted testers (Dell kd476 Battery), and has not made any plans or a timeline for a full launch.

To be clear, what we’re talking about here is the end of last-click-only attribution in probably the most widely used web analytics platform in the world (if launched to everyone). This is a feature which until now has been available only to those with big annual web analytics budgets.

It will allow the committed digital marketer to answer those burning questions they’ve been trying to get their heads around for a long time now:

“Should I be advertising on the head or focussing on the tail?”

“How does search and display interact?”

“Has anything good ever come of Tweeting?”


Anyone familiar with the Google AdWords platform will know that Google launched AdWords Search Funnels back in March 2010. This launch will take things a huge leap further and allow analysis of all online marketing channels through to conversion. Below I am presenting the four aspects that I find most useful in ascending order of usefulness.

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Relevance of Social Media Analytics

The best way to define social media would be a platform that encourages communication between individuals either in a linear or non-linear way. Social networking portals initially started as a casual media platform where individuals networked, made new friends and shared their views and insights on various issues. Thus it gave everyone a platform to voice up their thoughts and opinions on weightier issues as well.


As the years passed by it caught the attention of numerous marketers when views shared by individuals on certain services and products influenced purchasing decisions and brand loyalties. Hence, it significantly impacted the corporate and brand reputation. Marketers therefore cannot ignore the power of social media as a medium for marketing. Therefore, social media today is an essential aspect of most firms’  marketing strategy and is a popular social analytics tool.


Popular web strategist, Jeremiah Owyang, defines social media analytics as “The practice of being able to understand customers and predict them using data from the social web.” Thus the main aim of social media analytics is to evaluate, interpret and analyze the constant conversation taking place in the social networking websites.


Social media analytics tools are an essential component for any social media campaign to maximize or measure social effectiveness online. It offers a whole new paradigm for evaluating interactive marketing by analyzing, integrating and enabling enterprises to act on the social intelligence gained by extending their reach, maximizing retention thereby generating greater revenue.


With the rapid expansion of social media platforms such as Twitter, blogs, Facebook, marketers are required to assess differently about the next generation analytics needs in this era of web 2.0. Eminent service providers of social media analytics tools have come up with solutions that cater to the dynamic business requirements and challenges today. Some of the services offered are:-


* Offers quick results for businesses to keep a track of social media behavior in real time and attain instant feedback on what might work for the product

* Offers trending views as well as drill – down capacities

* Acquisition to revenue

* Provides predictive insights that helps to make smarter, faster operating decisions across vast amount of social data

* Users can get quicker insights into the main influencers on the K-factor and viral campaigns

* Helps you to understand on what keeps the users engaged and discover the levers that influence revenues


Social media analytics enable organizations to arrive at relevant business decisions by offering information such as “what is working” and “what is not working”. This is helps to optimize products, campaigns, features, and other interactions. It also helps to find out whether users are happy with a certain product or not. Furthermore, it encourages the adoption of remedial measures to drive out any or all incorrect opinions formed against any organization, service, product or brand.

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Video Analytics Solutions For Retail Operators

Video analytics software is turning into increasingly well-liked among retail outlets. The software that is on supply here greatly improves the quality of video surveillance footage, and this in turn will mean a safer working and living atmosphere, improved customer service, a streamlined workplace and an overall a lot of positive expertise for patrons and staff. With the unbelievable malleability of this software, solutions can be made for an infinite quantity of specific situations.

Using software programs to manage footage has grown increasingly common in the previous couple of decades. This can be a highly effective method, as this footage will be analysed instantly using these programs. Bound objects or sorts of motion can be identified and recognized. People will be noticed and understood as being break away other parts of the image, and technology has recently been developed that allows facial recognition. What this implies is that you will have a highly powerful force for recognizing suspicious activity and people, all done automatically by the computer.

This software can, when being activated by suspicious activity, alert security personnel in an exceedingly number of ways. It will go off alarms, send emails and text messages. This can clearly improve the efficiency of your security system, and when it involves keeping your property secure, time is of the essence.

Remote access is one amongst the key blessings of video analytics software. Plenty of these systems work simply through your internet browser, which suggests that you will be able to access them and watch previous footage in the same means you’d download and read videos off of Youtube or a similar website. The difference, of course, is that your footage will be fully encrypted and secure, viewable solely by authorized staff.

If you are running a convenience store, you almost certainly already have some kind of security system already installed. If you’re wanting to upgrade, it would be worth considering moving to a software-primarily based system. As convenience stores have a high volume of customers, several tiny items that can be easily stolen and easy access to things, there are a nice many number of threats criminals will profit of. By using video analytics software, it will become a lot of easier to target people out of the group, and be clued in to suspicious activity unnoticeable by the naked eye.

If you’re in a very foodstuff, you’ve in all probability had a large quantity of product bear your system while not being acquired, either with nefarious or innocent intentions. With video analytics, you’ll be able to specifically program the software to understand when product are out of place, when suspicious activity and possible theft goes on, and when things have gone missing from the store.

Video analytics software is particularly useful in preventing fraud at fast service and fast food restaurants. If you notice a questionable transaction going down, this may be cross-checked with video footage to work out if a slip-up occurred and who was at fault.

Overall, video analytics software is something all store homeowners who are serious concerning protecting their property should consider. The prices can be way less that one would get a normal set-up, and the benefits to client and staff safety are considerable.

Terry Webb has been writing articles on-line for nearly 2 years now. Not solely can this author target Retail
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5 Tips To Improve Your Traffic Sources From Google Analytics

The Google Analytics is really a very dominant, free tool which will allow you for viewing and tracking the data on your very website traffic. It will just not only give the informations on how the visitors interact, however will also supply you what you actually need for improving. One of the main significant things for you being a webmaster is in fact to know the information of the visitors interaction & make use of these informations. This is required mainly for increasing the traffic, improving your sales conversions & getting the nearly all out of the websites usability. There are 5 steps discussed below to use Google Analytics effectively for improving the traffic of your website:
Do You Have a Google Analytics Account?
You will first require a G-mail address. Then go to the Google Analytics & finalize the registration process there. After the completion of the registration, put in the tracking code to the website which you have. Afterward make your goals. Its a very essential part. When you actually create goals, you can then visualize how flourishing the web site is in attracting traffic to a preferred page of the website.
Create several Funnels
This will in fact enable you for viewing where you are actually losing the visitors on the way to your preferred goal pages. Make an application of this knowledge for improving the conversion rates of your desired website. Then create several Filters for streamlining your results. For ensuring the accuracy from the Google Analytics, create the filters for leaving out the specific domains, Internet Protocol or IP addresses, and subdirectories which you do not want to be calculated in your data.
Confirm the Improvements with the Split Testing
Find out whether the changes you have made actually are really improving your website or not by using the split testing. Continue to make use of this split testing for the indefinite periods of time for constantly monitoring changes for your website. Use the reports for tracking the Success. Compare the current & preceding data to usually track the success of the website & beware of any further problems which may arise.
Assigning the Account Management
Consider about having an important person to take the task of tracking the website data or information & success. This will actually enable you for spending more time on improvement of the website. If you think about doing this you may require creating an extra user account. Then add a new Website.
Knowing the Website Visitors
Use Google Analytics reports to discover about the visitor trends & loyalty, the traffic sources & visitor interaction with the content. Improve the Website with the Analytics Data. Once you know about what the visitors are actually doing whilst they are on the website, use those informations for improving your website & gain additional visitors, better conversion rate & longer retention time.
These above 5 steps will help you to make your website a lot better one, attractive, helping you to attain more traffic on your website and finally making it a successful one.

This article is written by Soumyajeet Banerjee, one of the co-owner of the job portal It is a job web portal containing information about various kinds of jobs. Both fresher and experienced applicants can visit this site for deeper hunt of jobs. To get more details about Job please visit our website

Google Analytics helps you understand your customers, but where do you get started when looking at the data? Join the Google Small Business Community:

Business Analytics Defined

Business Analytics is the use of statistical software tools to explore business data. Business data can be generated by either machines or manually by human beings. These two sources can also be used to produce the desired results. The software used in this process varies in complexity. There are the simple spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and highly complex programs that are specifically designed to carry out particular tasks. There are many different companies that are involved in the development of business analytics solutions.

When historical data is used to predict future results or outcomes, the process is called modeling. Descriptive analytics is involved with generating statistics about current information instead of predicting the future. Business analytics is not the same as web analytics, as the latter refers to the analysis of data relating to the Internet, websites and social media. Business analytics relates to any data that is generated from any business, whether online or offline.

Business intelligence and business analytics may not be differentiated very clearly. Business intelligence involves disseminating information all through an enterprise and involves solutions about storage and retrieval of information. Business analytics is more exploratory and involves the use of specialized tools and staff that have some insight into the generated information. Business analytics is often used alongside the terms data mining or knowledge discovery. This is a process in which data about trends and patterns is dug out from the data of the business. When this process is automated and involves the use of computers, it is called machine learning.

The following are necessary requirements in the process of business analytics:
1.  A business that has been generated from the company
2.  A computer system that will convert the data into information
3.  People who will translate the information to be gathered into a form that will enable decision making 

The end result of the business analytics process is decision making. The data used in this process should be stored where it can be retrieved when required by use of query tools. Query tools are used before analytical tools, as they have to retrieve the data from where it is stored. After the data is retrieved, it is the sorted in line with specified patterns. As the information generated in the business grows in volume, there is need for more space to store this information. The Internet is turning out to be useful as a storage facility for business data.

As the information generated in the business grows in volume, there is need for more space to store this information. The Internet is turning out to be useful as a storage facility for business data.

Resourceful Decisions with Social Media Analytics

Retaining your customer’s attention by providing engaging services is the status quo in the present environment. A free and enticing market is responsible for the customer’s limited attention span and it is an uphill task to keep the customers from straying. Thus you need to employ strategies that help you deliver inspiring performances and showcase novel traits. This can only be achieved when you have tools that help you capture critical information about the customers, their interests and requirements.

Requirements change drastically and you need an efficient operation that can change its course and plan actions in alignment with the most recent changes in the market. Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms provide you with unlimited opportunities and information. It is extremely necessary to identify your target audience correctly so that you do not waste your time and efforts on winning the wrong targets.

Once you have identified your target audience and your prospects you have to keep a constant watch on their activities to understand their requirements and their expectations so that you can deliver unmatched quality services and win their confidence. It is crucial to have accurate information instantly as it enables you to make important decisions that will show positive results and garner more loyal customers. It is the social media analytics tools that provide you with relevant and prompt information on the latest market events and trends.

Social media analytics drives the business effectively and helps in identifying the revenue enhancing opportunities. It is with the help of these analytics you can assess the current trends and the requirements of your customers. Analytics also help you view your status in the market. It provides your progress report and shares important inputs on what and how to make changes so that you can impress your customers with better performances.

The social media analytics tools give you a critical insight into the engagement metrics that will help keep your customers engaged for a long time. This is especially beneficial if you are associated with the social gaming market. The intelligent social analytics provided by these tools help you to develop games as per the expectation of your customers ensuring greater retention.

The competition benchmarks are very high and if you want to survive in this environment you have to keep reinventing your strategies to deliver appealing performances. It is a tough and painful experience to keep your business going on in such adverse conditions. The assistance of proficient tools is a must to make steady progress without any scathing experiences.




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Social Analytics to Better your Business

Many companies have become aware of the importance of “listening” and customer engagement, and are looking at capitalizing on social media and social analytics. There’s no doubt that social media is hot and growing at a phenomenal rate. Smart companies are taking note and analyzing the numerous conversations available online, integrating the information gained into their overall go-to-market and business strategy. A recent Forrester Research predicts Interactive marketing spending in the US will more than triple over the next five years, reaching $ 61 billion by 2012 and spending on social media alone will grow to $ 6.9 billion as marketers understand how to use and measure this channel.

Social only works if you know how to measure the results and one of the core ways to make those measurements is through analytics. Social media analytics offers an entirely new standard for calculate interactive marketing by integrating, analyzing and enabling organizations to act on intelligence gained by expanding their reach, increasing retention, and ultimately, driving more revenue. With effective Social Analytics, a business can bring you closer to your customer, uncover untapped markets, and provide insight into your competitors. So it becomes imperative to determine which social media monitoring solution is right for the business.

Having a firm understanding of the key components of Social Analytics is the first step in helping to effectively utilize the data.  Identifying your niche audience can help you to cater to a specific category so that your chances of success are guaranteed. It is therefore important to choose a solution that provides quick results for businesses to track social media behaviors in real-time and get immediate feedback on what will work for the product. It must also

1.  Provide trending views and drill-down capabilities

2.  Offer insights to make faster, smarter operating decisions across huge amounts of social data.

3.  Allow acquisition to revenue.

4.  Get faster insights into the key influences on your K-Factor and viral campaigns

5.  Understand what keeps customers engaged, and uncover the levers that can most impact revenues.

Social analytics can improve your business as it bring many insights along with a  host of benefits that include identifying new markets, understanding the competition and capitalizing on it. With social analytics you can identify product development opportunities and develop effective brand management, while also ensuring marketing campaign measurement and tracking.

Going beyond just listening to online conversations, true social media analytics provides valuable, actionable insight for shifting strategic focus.


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