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Samsung Fascinate Says Yes To Bing No To Google

It is hard to imagine how a smartphone today wouldn’t come with a Google search system provided within it. After all, Google leads the pack of search engines by leaps and bounds above Yahoo and  Bing. But this is what Verizon is doing with the newly launched Samsung Fascinate, as it has done in the past with other phones. The Samsung Fascinate, recently released, is a smartphone powered by Google’s Android but makes Bing the default search engine. If one even looks for a Google search option on their phone, it won’t be found. This has numerous customers angry. So why did Verizon do it?

It comes down to money and Microsoft apparently was willing to pay Verizon to replace Google Search with Bing. Consumers are angry because they feel Verizon doesn’t have their interests at heart as much as their own bottom line. The deal between Verizon Wireless and Microsoft was reported to be between $ 550 million to $ 650 million over a five year period. According to the Wall Street Journal, the deal exempts Android handsets, such as Droid, from the provision that Bing become the default search engine on Verizon mobile devices. Right now Verizon Wireless is the largest wireless carrier in the US with 89 million subscribers.

So Verizon made the deal and began installing the Bing app on a large number of their devices, including BlackBerry from the server side. When people started to notice prior to the Samsung recent Samsung release, there were a lot of complaints sent to the company. Verizon stated that they wanted their customers to now have easier access to context-relevant searches; this is why they used Bing.  Verizon promised that with Bing customers would have a large variety of choices in the packages they were installing. Customers didn’t think so – feeling with the push toward Bing and the lack of Google gave them actually fewer choices.

People were possibly angrier at being pushed into the decision rather than given a choice or even being alerted that all they were going to get when they made a purchase was the Bing app.

So how does the Samsung Fascinate relate to all of this? This is one of Verizon’s newest releases and yes, it is doing the same thing  – no Google. By now, people have discovered how to override the default apps and put in a navigator app for Google, but does this make it right? Will consumers continue to put up with this? Maybe, as people are loving the Fascinate. The phone has been compared to be a midway point between HTC’s Droid Incredible and the Motorola Droid X. It has a 4-inch screen, which is a size bigger than the Incredible and a size smaller than the Droid X. The Fascinate has 2 GB of internal storage and 16 GB on MicroSD. The battery is said to be better than competitors with a n 1500 mAh.

Could the Fascinate have sold more versions had Verizon not made the deal with Microsoft to push out Google? It is hard to tell. It is even more difficult to see what Verizon will do now? Will they pull the Bing icon from the webpage; will they download the free Google search client and put it on the homepage or bury it? Will they continue putting out new phones minus the Google app? They made a deal and as the largest carrier in the US, will their customers feel betrayed enough to drop them or deal with it?

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Google Talk Messenger

Google launched an instant messaging program, Google Talk, which allows text chat and computer-to-computer voice connections, a move that highlights the growing competition from search giant Yahoo, Microsoft and America Online. Google website provides a link to download Google Talk and stated that the software allows you to call or send instant messages to your friends for free? any time, anywhere in the world. “

Google’s messaging program is linked to the company’s Web e-mail program, Gmail, and both are in beta. Google Talk currently works only on Windows, according to the Google website. People need a microphone and a speaker to leverage the capabilities of voice.

Discussion forums are full of tips and complaints, and scores of screenshots have increased since Google released the beta version of Google Talk. Across the Web, many consumers have welcomed fast software download time, which takes a few seconds over broadband and about three minutes over a typical modem, according to the website of Google Talk. They also applauded its minimalism.

However, CNET readers were mixed in response to the new version. “So, Google has entered the IM space – woohoo,” wrote the reader Toby Barrick ‘s discussion forum. “Where is the innovation that Google is famous for? Heck, they do not even have the video of what I saw. “

But some have welcomed Google’s move. “I will not deny it’s very spartan in appearance, but the presentation is elegant manuals Google,” wrote Christopher Hall, please. “I’m not interested in emoticons, skins, and file transfer. I need to communicate, not fancy like a Trapper 12 year old daughter’s Keeper.”

Google has also released a beta version of its desktop software, adding features such as “Sidebar,” which offers a personalized panel of information such as e-mail, stock quotes and news. The software also includes a tool-style scratch-pad for taking notes and research tools and Microsoft Office Outlook box. Called Desktop 2, the software can be downloaded for free from Google website.

The two deals, including the sidebar, have the potential to divert existing users of Microsoft, analysts said. But Google – in a technique perfected long ago by Microsoft – has made software developers an important target as well. Like almost all of its services, Google talk is compatible with industry standards and providing hooks intended to allow developers to build out complementary products.

Of course, the ever-widening range of products Google has people wondering if the company is to create the equivalent of an operating system. Strictly speaking, Google products are not a replacement OS, but the collection of Google products serve the same purpose, according to analysts. Even products that run on Windows PCs, such as Google’s Picasa photo editing software, could be attached to online services from Google.

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Binge Eating Disorder – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

This disorder is totally different from binge-purge syndrome (bulimia nervosa) as a result of folks with binge eating disorder sometimes don’t purge afterward by vomiting or using laxatives. Binge eating disorder is a very little more common in women than in men; 3 girls for every 2 men have it. The disorder affects blacks as usually as whites. Concerning a pair of p.c of all adults within the United States (as many as 4 million Americans) have binge eating disorder. About 10 to fifteen % of folks who are mildly obese. People with binge eating disorder typically eat an extraordinarily giant amount of food and feel out of control throughout the binges. Binge eating involves more than simply eating a lot.
Binge eating, Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are all considered eating disorders as a result of they involve unhealthy patterns of eating. Folks with bulimia nervosa (generally known as binge-purge syndrome) binge on food and then vomit or use laxatives to avoid gaining weight. They’ll additionally fast (stop eating for a while) or compulsively exercise after an eating binge. All three of these eating disorders involve unhealthy eating patterns that begin gradually and build to the point where someone feels unable to manage them. All eating disorders will result in serious health consequences, and every one involve emotional distress. Bulimia nervosa (sometimes called binge-purge syndrome) is different from binge eating disorder because individuals with bulimia vomit or use laxatives to attempt to stay themselves from gaining weight when eating.
Causes of Binge Eating Disorder
6.Sure alternative emotional problems.
Symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder
1. Eating abundant more food during a binge episode than during a normal meal or snack
2. Frequent dieting without weight loss.
3. Hoarding food.
4. Hiding empty food containers.
5. Feeling depressed, disgusted or upset over the quantity eaten.
Treatment of Binge Eating Disorder
Many methods are being employed to treat binge eating disorder. Drug therapy, like antidepressants, could be helpful for a few people. Cognitive-behavioral therapy teaches patients techniques to monitor and modification their eating habits along with to alter the approach they reply to tough situations. Interpersonal psychotherapy helps folks examine their relationships with friends and family and to form changes in downside areas. Self-facilitate teams additionally may be a source of support. Researchers are still making an attempt to determine which methodology or combination of ways is the foremost effective in controlling binge eating disorder.

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Google Earth Video Tour

How to create a Google Earth Video Tour

Google’s virtual globe software lets you do all sorts of cool things, from exploring shipwrecks to getting up-to-date weather forecasts. One of my favorite features is the ability to create and share video tours. If you’ve been on holiday you can use the software to relive your adventures, flying from location to location, and returning to all the sights you saw along the way. You can add descriptions for each place, complete with links and photos, and even record a narration to go with it – a bit like a director’s commentary. Recorded tours can be saved in Google Earthy exported to your hard disk, emailed and shared online.

1. To create a tour, fly to the starting point and zoom in until you’re at the right position. Click the Add Placemark icon. A yellow pushpin will appear. Click and drag this into place. You can also manually adjust the Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates. Give the location a name.
2. You can change the pushpin placement icon to something else by clicking it and selecting one of the alternative choices. You can alter its color, scale and opacity, too. Google Earth also lets you use custom icons. Just click the button and browse for a suitable image file.
3. You can enter a description for the location, use HTML and add links. Style, Color lets you change the color, size and opacity of the label and icon. You can fine-tune the placemark’s default 3D position, including its range, heading and tilt, under View. Click ‘Snapshot current view’ to save it.
4. Click OK and the first stop on your tour will be added to the My Places panel. If you need to make changes, right-click the entry and select Properties, it’s worth creating a folder for all the placemarks. Right-click My Places and select Add, Folder. Give it a name and description.
5. Drag the first place into your new folder. Fly to your next destination, create a Placemark for it, and save it to the folder. Repeat the process for your other stops. When you’ve finished, click on the folder. You’ll see a little Play Tour icon at the bottom of the panel. Click this to begin your tour.
6. Google Earth will now fly you from location to location, pausing briefly at each Placemark along the way. A set of controls at the bottom left will let you pause, resume, rewind and fast-forward through the locations. You can also loop the tour. The controls will fade out of view when not in use.
7. Adjust the speed of the tour by going to Tools, Options and clicking the Touring tab. Use the sliders to change the length of time between features and the wait at each one. You can have Google Earth display a balloon showing information about each stop.
8. Click the ‘Record a Tour’ (camera) icon. This will open the recording tools. Zoom out of Google Earth to the ‘world view’, and then click the Record button to record your tour. Explore the first location, rotating around interesting buildings, and then click the next stop in your folder to fly there.
9. The Audio button lets you add optional narration. When you finish recording your tour, click the Record button again and Google Earth will play it back. If you’re happy with the results, click the Save icon and give the tour a name and description. It will appear in the My Places panel.
10. To share your tour, right click it. Share/Post will let you upload it to one of the Google Earth Community forums. Just select the board you want, sign up or log in, and complete the post. Email will let you send the tour, as a KMZ attachment via Gmail or your default email program.

By: Francis David

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Save your Family from Overeating and Binge Eating

I have this nightmare: I am out in the cold, with the smokers, clutching my doughnut…

This nightmare of mine was caused by an advertisement of Kaiser Permanente that was on TV recently. Needless to say, it made a big impression on me: I pondered over it for days. It’s the add where the highways are occupied by cyclists instead of cars, the vending machines display apples instead of candy bars, and people stare in amazement at a cigarette stump which is displayed in a glass case in a museum. It speaks of a time in the future where something like smoking would be beyond comprehension.

Imagine such a world… Now imagine such a world if you are someone with an eating disorder such as binge eating or compulsive overeating.

I strongly believe that the winds of change are blowing when it comes to eating. People are tired of being overweight, yes, but they are also tired of the emphasis on thinness instead of health. Children are obese, and parents are very worried. Doctors are warning against the dangers of being overweight, but we know that there are just as many dangers related to under eating, starving your body or purging in order to be thin. Diets have been the thing to do and have been a billion dollar industry for many decades, but people are getting fed-up: Diets are not working, on the contrary, obesity and eating disorders are at an all time high.

Something needs to change, but what?
The thing is, all this attention on having to eat less, finding the right diet, and hitting the gym can make things worse. People become angry and more obsessed. They don’t want to give up the things they love, they are used to and many of them (including my generation) grew up with rich food and plenty of it.

It definitely reminds me of smoking: A few decades ago smoking was something people did because it was cool and romantic. It made you look more mature and independent. We all bought into it, and even though I didn’t smoke myself, I also thought a man who smoked had a certain rugged aura, and a woman who smoked made a statement. Smoking was widely promoted in the media and nobody cared much about the hazards and medical consequences.

The same thing is going on with food: We see what it does to our bodies, our children, and our lives, and yet we keep on buying some special “treats”. We keep on having social gatherings that is all about the delicious, fat and sugar laden food. We keep seeing how thin and beautifull people eat unhealthy food on TV, and we keep elevating food to the place of comforter, stress reliever, and special reward for a job well done. Just think about the general attitude people have about the weekend or when they take a vacation. It basically comes down to: “Out with the salads and fruit, I am treating myself to some “good” food!”

Now, listen, don’t get mad. Maybe you are one of those awesome people who have already pulled in the reigns and turned your life around to truly live healthy. If so, I honestly applaud you.

Or maybe you are still reluctant to change, and I’m hitting a nerve right now. The fact is, you have my sympathy. I am still on the journey. I have made some changes, but overall I am still in need of a great deal of change. I love to entertain, and I plan the menus around “special food” and make “special dishes” when people come over. One problem: Those dishes are not the ones I would make for myself to stick to my healthy eating plan. This happens partly because I want to impress with my cooking skills (even though most health conscious people are not even impressed) and partly because I think that it’s expected. There are for sure some people who come over to my house, expecting to eat all the rich foods and delicious deserts they have been craving all year long. Here’s the catch: They look wonderful because they don’t live like that anymore. I, on the other hand, get stuck with extra weight, dull hair and bad skin, because I still entertain and eat like this way too often.

Maybe it’s time for me to get with the “salad times”, jump on the “subway-wagon”, and give in to the “fruit salad” pressure on a permanent basis. Part of me really wants to, and part of me already mourns the three layer chocolate cakes and corn chowder that will have to go. This is probably why I’m only a “half-health-freak” and not a whole one.

My generation and I might have to adjust our thinking. I see my son’s generation: They’re still having their mocha’s and cake, but they share a piece and they ask for dark chocolate. I see so many young people walking around with Jamba juice, and when you want to buy a Sub-way sandwich at a food court in the mall, you have to be prepared to stand in a long line of texting, talking and laughing teenagers.

I’m afraid if I don’t change, I’m also going to be caught, holding my doughnut, out on the front deck, while all the healthy people are inside munching on their fish kebabs. Our society has pushed out the smokers, and I feel truly sorry for them. It’s not easy being hooked, and dealing with people who are prejudice against you and your habit. I’m afraid the same prejudice and pressure is coming our way, if we persist in our overindulgence. We hate those people who push and pry, but we know that they’re right. We know that we’re endangering our lives and that we’re taking others with us

Don’t get me wrong: It’s not easy! Actually, to change, can be excruciating. If you have been eating like this all your life, loosing your comfort food can be compared to loosing a loved-one. If “comfort food” was there through your difficult childhood, your lonely teenage years, your late nights studying for finals, your celebrations, your painful divorce, your losses and your joys, then you don’t say good-bye in a day, a month or even a year. It takes time, but it has to be done. Yes, for your children, your husband, your marriage, your health but most of all for you… to be okay as a human being, to know that you’ve changed with the times and that you can live in this hour, free, without having to hide your way of living.

If you want to learn more about How to Stop Binge Eating by yourself then you might want to have a look at my program called “Women Struggling with Food”. This Online Program for Women with Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder can teach you how to stop binge eating for good.

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3 Simple Tips To Stop Binge Eating

Binge eating can be pretty difficult to overcome. But not so if you can follow the below given tips. You may find it a little difficult to stick to these tips initially. However they should become easy after a while. When that happens, you may find your binging habit is quickly fading away.

1. Delay Eating:Whenever you want to eat something, the best thing you can do is to stop yourself from immediately reaching for the food. Delay a little bit from having the food. Many times you may find that the craving for the food has diminished.

This can be a very effective strategy to overcome impulsive eating. Binge or impulsive eaters immediately grab food whenever they feel like eating. Just delaying a little by 10-15 minutes can have profound effect in diminishing the food cravings. You will feel more in control. It can be difficult initially to implement this advice, but you can do it with a little bit of determination and practice.

2. Rate Your Hunger Intensity: Many times you are not really hungry but just want to eat food for the good feelings it provides. The question is how do you differentiate whether your food cravings is due to real hunger or not. A simple technique is to rate your hunger.

Whenever you feel hungry, give a rating from 0 to 10 with 0 being not hungry at all and 10 being very very hungry. If your hunger rating is less than 3 or 4, then resist eating. Wait till you are really hungry (rating more than 4). If the rating is less than 3, then have a glass of water. This can fill your stomach and the food cravings might go away for some time.

3. Distract Your Mind: Binge eaters are usually obsessed with food. They think about food most of the time. The trick is to overcome this habit by distracting your mind.

When your mind starts thinking about other things then you can overcome the binge habit with relative ease. Find a hobby or activity that you like and enjoy. Take time out for engaging in such activity. It could be as simple as having a chat with a group of friends in some serene settings.

When you keep yourself engaged in doing things you love then you will stop turning to food for comfort. This in turn will help to stop binge eating for good.

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Five Simple Ways To Banish Binge Drinking At Christmas

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder our thoughts move away from beach bodies and turn to mince pies and mulled wine. While it’s a great excuse to have fun and let our hair down, we shouldn’t forget that there are serious consequences to binge drinking which go beyond a killer hangover. Follow these 5 top tips to ensure you have a great party season, without doing any permanent damage, and remember, the government’s recommended daily limit it 2-3 alcohol units for women and 3-4 units for men.

1.Eat before you go out…
Or get something to eat over the course of the evening. It’s easy to do this if you’re going out on a weekend, but the after-work drinks tends to catch a lot of people out, where “a quick pint” can easily descend into an evening of unplanned binge drinking. There’s also the inevitable hangover the next day, which feels horrible, but more importantly, binge drinking is likely to damage your long-term health and possibly your career if it happens too frequently.

Eating while or before you drink will help soak up the alcohol, ensuring your evening doesn’t get out of hand and that you won’t feel so bad the next day. Most pubs offer bar snacks, so even if you don’t have the time or funds to have a sit down meal, there’s no excuse for not drinking on an empty stomach.

2.Alternate your alcoholic drinks with water or soft drinks
The golden rule to surviving the party season – make sure you drink water and soft drinks. Alternating each alcoholic drink with a soft one will not only help to reduce the amount of alcohol and calories you consume, but you’ll also be avoiding binge drinking, and helping to keep yourself hydrated throughout the evening. The major cause of nearly all hangover symptoms is dehydration. The reason you get dehydrated when you drink, is that alcohol is a diuretic, It acts on the kidneys to make you pee out much more than you take in – which is why you need to go to the toilet so often when you drink.

It’s worth remembering that not only can binge drinking alcohol do serious damage to your body and make you take risks you might otherwise avoid, but it’s also full of “empty” calories. You might think by choosing a drink other than a lager or a cider you are selecting a lower calorie option, but even white wine can rack up as many as 185 calories per glass (250ml), which is equivalent to 1/3rd of a pizza. That means drinking the bottle is the calorie equivalent to a whole pizza!

Many people think they need alcohol to have a good night out, but the truth is you’ll have just as much fun drinking lemonade if you enjoy the company of the people you’re with, plus you’ll look and feel your best for the duration of the party season.

3.Don’t reach straight for the painkillers
If you’ve ignored all the tips thus far you might end up feeling rather sorry for yourself the morning after the night before, but don’t reach straight for the painkillers. Taking paracetamol after an evening of binge drinking gives your liver even more work to do, while aspirin can irritate the stomach.

As hangover headaches are mainly caused by dehydration, the best way to help ease one is to rehydrate by drinking a plenty of water.

4.Break out the breakfast
Eating a proper breakfast the next day is a good way to make you feel a little better if you’ve over done the alcohol. Bananas will help replace the potassium lost (and are also good for those under eye bags), the cysteine in eggs helps to break down acetaldehyde (which causes hangovers) and fruit juice will not only replace lost vitamins, but also increase the rate that your body can break down toxins.

For more information about the effects of binge drinking or the amount of calories in alcohol visit the drinkaware website.

Bing vs. Google: The Search Engine Debate

“Who’s playing against OSU this week?”

“I don’t know. I’ll google it.”

Although Google is the only search engine to pop up as a part of speech in Webster’s, the search engine giant has been feeling the heat from competitor, Bing. Our first whiffs of Bing came from word association TV spots that made us laugh but got us thinking: what IS this thing?

So we googled it. And what we found was a slick screen and a search bar, leaving us with a new question: how is this any different from Google?

What’s the difference?

To start off, Bing’s homepage differs from Google by keeping it interesting with its ever changing photo. However, Google’s plain screen has its advantages. The all-white look is sleeker, making it seem less cluttered. Users feel like they’re starting with a clean slate.

Once a search is conducted, Google brings up a litany of results ranked from most to least relevant. It’s new Google Instant feature attempts to give users that extra push towards more specific searches to make the more relevant searcher even MORE relevant.  Bing takes a slightly different approach by categorizing answers into instant answers, deep links, multimedia and other relevant categories. This targets user results and makes them easier to shift through. Google does provide results filter options on its SERP, but the user must filter the results manually.

When it comes to Google vs. Bing, it’s hard to say which is “better”. In the end it depends on what you’re looking for in terms of search.

More than results

If you want to go beyond getting good results, Google has the upper hand on the extra “stuff”. Things like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Talk and Google Reader make it easier for Google to keep users coming back. If you’re chatting with a friend on GChat and need to look up some info before sharing a presentation from your Google Docs, no doubt Google will be on the brain.

Staying on the SERP

Many users find the ability to stay with their SERP important. Bing wins out with these users as it provides ways to preview results without leaving the SERP. There is even an option to share the previewed result via Facebook, Twitter or over e-mail. Bing’s video search plays videos when the cursor crosses over them, allowing users to see what they video is about without having to open a larger video or leave the SERP. Similarly, its image results bring up a results bar on the left side of the screen after a result is chosen. Although Google is comparative in filtering both videos and images, Bing keeps users on the SERP, making them happy.

Quantity of results

Google still outranks Bing in the overall quantity of results pulled. However, this does not mean each result is as relevant as the results Bing provides.

Travel Searching

Bing’s travel search options trump Google in a big way. Bing has a separate SERP for travel searching that provides all the info you need to book your flight or hotel. Google trails by only sending the user to a new travel site like Expedia or Travelocity.

Mobile Searching

Google stays on top when it comes to mobile searching. With mobile search becoming the dominant way of searching, Google wins here. Being the default search engine in the newest smartphones has its benefits.


In terms of location searching, Google and Bing are in a deadlock. Although Google was first to come out with its maps and Street View, Bing came back with comparable maps and the Bird’s Eye View. When it comes down to it, location searching depends on brand loyalty.

So, which is better?

Bing and Google have their wins and losses, but which is better? Again, it does depend on what you want. If you prefer more time on your SERP and targeted results, Bing is your go-to. However, if you’d like to chat, share docs, e-mail and get more results, Google’s got what you need. Essentially, Bing may do search better but Google does it more.

Bill Balderaz is the president and founder of Webbed Marketing, an Internet marketing firm with more than 40 clients, including several Fortune 500 companies. Bill lectures widely on social media, viral marketing and other industry topics, and was a featured presenter at the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) annual summit.

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Bing Chen: South Delayed For Five Years How To Do Beijing

Bing Chen: South Beijing how to do five-year delay

To use every drop of water

good, apart from raising water prices, but also from the legal, Education , Environmental protection And research aspects of looking for water and energy conservation programs. Can be said that the world has provided us with the possibilities and reference samples, key is whether the links in a chain all of their work.

North water diversion to Beijing five years of planning delay, the capital of water resources carrying capacity makes experiencing unprecedented pressure. Beijing Water Authority to determine appropriate time this year to raise water prices by the price leverage to urge businesses and residents to save water; will also develop fixed water management approach, 40 high pollution, high energy, high water consumption will be ordered out of Beijing Enterprises, a large green space, golf courses, country parks and agricultural irrigation will be replaced with recycled water.

These measures to alleviate the tension of water resources in Beijing is to play a role. However, more needs to ease the water shortage Beijing think of a way.

From the overall governance environment, protection of water sources clean is imperative. According to reports, from the bustling capital, an hour by car, went to Hebei’s “Cancer village” summer mat village here seems to be an abandoned world, sanitary, Plastic Bags and other trash all over the place, dogs, cats, cows and other living thing a lie is half fixed, the lethargy, and high-polluting enterprises out of the water, through underground pipes into the village side of the river Qiu Bao, exudes suffocating odor. Around Beijing, like the depth of contamination Baoqiu River so there are many rivers, not complete control, Beijing is difficult to save the brink of ruin in the groundwater.

How scientific water use, water, love the water, has become a worldwide problem, the global water shortage in cities and countries are to protect water resources and conserve water as the most important strategy. Practices in Australia, it is worth Beijing and other Chinese cities study and reference. In 2005, the Australian federal and local levels of government invested nearly 400 million Australian dollars, will be all over the country’s 16,000 km of open water channels one after another into a closed pipeline. To encourage water conservation, the Australian Government to release water for each household manuals, information on family saving measures to help residents replace the water-saving taps and shower heads, install flow regulators, etc., will also take a bath, laundry water recycling use. These measures allow residents 30% water savings? 40%.

Relatively abundant water resources in the United States, but some towns are in the unremitting efforts of the water. Such as the Los Angeles area city town of Mongolia, a population of only 63,000, but the Government is held every year “to the water, giving residents free water-saving toilets,” the project, and is responsible to the residents to install. Water Services staff also regularly speak to the primary and secondary water courses, water-saving publicity release the information to know people from small water.

Develop energy legislation and the establishment of the United Kingdom ” Energy Efficiency fund “to encourage businesses to conserve energy, build-saving society; France introduced Energy Conservation Code standards, and urges saving water and energy enterprises and citizens; Singapore water in moderation, while increasing the use of new technologies open up new sources of water, waste water recycling in made considerable progress; Japan has even more energy and water conservation through the production and consumption, small to large light bulb Car “Energy” has become Japan’s business card.

Therefore, to use well every drop of water, in addition to raising water prices, but also from the law, education, environmental protection, scientific research to find water and energy conservation aspects of the program. Can be said that the world has provided us with the possibilities and the reference sample, the key is able to inter-related to their work. Financial Crisis has made economic growth, ensuring employment to become a top priority, but the relaxed environment and energy conservation efforts. We should clearly recognize that such big cities of Beijing, the security people’s livelihood should be from the full range of remediation and water resources “scarce goods” began.

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