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Social Media Analytics: Expanding Footprints On The Web

The presence of Internet on our daily lives can be seen from the growth of various social networking sites. Social commerce being the buzzword, the techno savvy business world today uses these social technologies to connect to the customers, understand their social behavior and build strong and lasting relationships. The customer on the other hand being connected through blogs, reviews and ratings, forums and social networking communities, gains a lot of experience and knowledge about any product.

Most of the leading brands that have recognized social commerce as a win-win situation for both the brand and the customer, provide a customer centric platform to activate participation, improve customer experience and understand customer behavior. Social media analytics have today become a critical tool in understanding trends, and gauging the market response. The business environment being very volatile, the word of mouth is an important factor. Further, with a vast number of social media sites growing every day, these have become vital drivers of business growth.

Even though most of the major brands have their footprints on the web, companies need to extend their brand experience beyond the walls of the website. Since the official websites get traffic directed to them from brand conscious customers, making the presence on any social media sites through remote widgets, wish lists or gift registries, will provide customer a visit to the website and review about the brand.  Based on the response gathered by monitoring online activities of various sites, the social media analytics tool provides precise information about the customer behavior pattern paving way for a more accurate taste than a speculated one.

The social analytics tools that are used must be able to gather the large volumes of data from the social media sites and produce valuable and related insights. Further, these should be able to seamlessly analyze data, apply real-time business rules, and increase the organization effectiveness in social domain. Nevertheless social analytics today opens up a entirely new concept of revenue driven e-commerce through global reach, increased customer retention technique and interactive marketing for a the technologically sound business world. All the social intelligence  tools will work to let the organizations stay in the right track.


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Google Chrome Uninstaller – Remove All the Traces of Google Chrome

If you are in a need to uninstall and remove Google Chrome, you have come to the right place, here I will list all the ways available: normal uninstall or force uninstall Google Chrome, and you can choose the way you like.

Remove Google Chrome in a normal way:

Step 1 Click Start – Control Panel – Add/ Remove Programs

Step 2 Locate and choose Google Chrome and click “Uninstall”.

Step 3 Click Remove to confirm this Google Chrome removal.

It is very easy to operate, and many programs can be removed by this way, but it does not always work, especially when removing some powerful antivirus programs like Google Chrome, because usually you are unable to completely shut down these programs, and many traces still left in your computer. Don’t worry, I will also introduce another way to force uninstall Google Chrome.

Force Uninstall Google Chrome with the Best Uninstall Tool

Best Uninstall Tool will help you to force uninstall and remove Google Chrome Highlights by doing 3 things. Firstly, the uninstaller uninstalls Google Chrome. Once been finished it will fully scan your registry and your hard-drive to find any files that are related to the program.

Free download Best Uninstall Tool – the best uninstall tool to help you force uninstall Google Chrome with great success and make sure all the now-defunct Registry entries and related files are eliminated automatically with a few clicks. Aside from this software, it can also completely remove other programs like Authentium, Norton, Norton antivirus, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Office, and similar programs.

Why is it best to consider using Best Uninstall Tool to remove Google Chrome and any other unwanted programs?

l  Many programs, when installed, may change your system in some fashion or the other to improve that particular program’s performance while not caring about your overall computer performance.

l  Sometimes these programs have updates, but they update the main components without consideration of being able to uninstall the whole Google Chrome. Which means that when an uninstall is done, these additional pieces may still be left ‘hanging’.

l  Some uninstallers without some sort of ‘logging’ module are not able to completely uninstall programs. Furthermore, it can cause risks to your PC.

l  Add-ons, Spyware or more that are intentionally installed into your computer by bundling itself to a normal program without the related uninstall files.

From our experience, the most amazing removal tool that can force uninstall Google Chrome and other similar software is Best Uninstall Tool:

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Google Earth Lessons – Using Google Earth Layers

Google Earth is a breakthrough technology offers many advanced features that, when used properly, can be used by instructors to improve training of their students. Google Earth has an easy to use software that offers unlimited capacity for the typical novice user.Have you ever stopped and examined a wide range of tools that Google Earth is available to students in schools. Consider what it provides resources to learn how to use Google Earth, discusses the importance of Google Earth / utility in the classroom, points to easy start and introduced Keyhole Markup Language (KML) standard format for storage and distribution of geographic data .Now start with the box and its tools, GE “layers”. The side of the box contains a series of layers called the Geographic Web. “This set includes photos of important areas, such as the Lincoln Memorial, and links to Wikipedia articles. But, wait a minute we are not saying that Wikipedia is the best encyclopedia ever written. But, it does have plenty of useful and relevant information.We want to teach students to abandon their or a resource, or to teach them how to use resources efficiently?

The next layer is called “Roads.” We think this coat very cool. Far, far above the ground (depending on the height of the eye of GE, I have a vision of 1016 km above the Earth), you can still see a number of roads that cross the United States, you know, these roads have listed the names and certainly not all of them. What I find interesting is that when we come closer to Earth roads increasingly come to light. Of course, students can do the same with the location of your school, home or other important places. Help students reflect on change and its effects on humans and the environment.

Yet another level is called the “3D Buildings”. Google Earth allows you to actually see the building where you are, not only on the street where the property is located. Do not worry, the camera Google Earth does not come home. But ask the students to be the case if the protection of privacy has been compromised in Google Earth. So how could I intend to use Google Earth for teaching and learning.

There are tons of useful activities that can be made with GE, needs to spend much of my time developing this type of activity. But, here’s a real one: Challenge students to write three questions they would like to respond using Google Earth. Then they can use the interface to find answers to their questions. Encourage them to ask questions that require both the acquisition of information and critical thinking. Sure, you may need to explain these terms to students.

Jessica, the author of this article is an SEO expert and associated with a reputed Google earth company. Google Map can be a traveler’s best friend. Thanks to a fresh renew, Google Map can present you 3-D diagrams of constructions throughout you — in throughout 100 habitations — so you can promptly orient yourself in an unfamiliar place. And get additional levels with supplemented information.

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Increasing Sales of DVD Using Analytics

Avatar sold a total of about 8 million DVDs in North America by July 25th, about 10 weeks after its release, out of
which 3.2 million copies were sold on the opening day and 6.3 million copies were sold by the week of May 9th.
Alice in Wonderland sold a total of about 3.7 million DVDs in North America by the week of July 25th, about 8 weeks
after its release, out of which 2 million copies were sold in the first week.
Therefore, it is critical to maximize revenues during the first few weeks of a release. In the past, production houses have
not responded, in a scientific way, to this challenge. However, that trend is rapidly changing. Marketers in production
houses are now turning to analytics to address this challenge.
The WNS Retail Inventory Planning solution accomplishes revenue maximization by:
Efficient Store Allocation: It helps the Inventory manager determine the number of DVDs to allocate to each store of a
retail chain. The right store allocation also helps in minimizing costs of re-shipments and returns, or lost sales due to under
or over supply.
Accurate Out-of-Stock Prediction: It helps the Inventory manager identify stores that are likely to go out-of-stock and,
therefore, are in need of replenishment. WNS’ solutions analyze street-date sales patterns at different stores to develop
these critical reports.
Benefits delivered by the WNS Retail Inventory Planning solution include:

Accuracy in predicting demand at store-level: This best-in-class model, which was used by our clients, delivered 20
percent higher forecast accuracy for most releases during the past year resulting in approximately USD 2-3 million
savings on recovered sales opportunities and diminished stock-outs.
Timely listing of stores with higher out-of-stock risk: This best-in-class tool increased the efficiency of inventory
management for our clients by facilitating quick and timely replenishment, thereby reducing the number of stock-outs.
WNS Retail Inventory Planning solutions equip the inventory manager with timeliness and accuracy in revenue-
maximizing decisions.

WNS Global Services is a leading global business process outsourcing company. Deep industry and business process knowledge, a partnership approach, comprehensive service offerings and a proven track record enables us to deliver business value to companies.

How Google Earth Works

Globe-imaging software Google Earth has become a cult web product since its release in June last year. By using the Web-based tool, users can fly around the globe and zoom in on the natural features and whole worlds of information added by other users. Google combines satellite images taken by its partners with more traditional aerial photography and sews in a giant “virtual texture, covering the entire globe. The photograph used in this” base layer “varies. But how is it possible for you to zoom from space to a point somewhere above the roof of your house without your computer to a grinding halt? Do you feel the same?

The biggest obstacle to a convincing three-dimensional skydive is data transfer. If someone does not download from the Internet to a meter resolution image of the whole world would take 69 years to 10 megabits per second Internet connection, and 12,400 years a standard 56K modem. Catalog is regularly updated as new satellites suppliers or online, but can be one of the three years before the image is processed and added to the basic level. A little ‘smart about how this image is mapped on a virtual globe on your computer. Exploring the Earth is not little.

So how does Google Earth to dominate it? The software giant will make multi-terabyte base layer structure and using a function derived from the MIP-mapping, stream, only the main parts of the computer. Mip-mapping was raised in the early days of 3D graphics as a way to save bandwidth and processing power in the process of real time rendering. When you see an area of ​​MIP-map closely you can see the texture in all its glory in high resolution. However, as that surface recedes into the distance, the process swaps out the texture for fewer detailed variants, saving the graphics card from drawing a texture you wouldn’t see properly anyway.

Google Earth does something similar, using a stack of MIP-maps representing the earth’s surface as seen at different distances, and draw a narrow column of that cell at any time. Around the midpoint of the window, you get the texture resolution when zooming, but without the heart, it cleverly uses low-resolution MIP-map in a way that balances image quality and performance. This ensures that the most useful level of detail are sent to the graphics card at all times. KML Google can integrate data from their research databases themselves, but also allow others to work with their own databases or online content. As KML is not a huge leap for those accustomed to working with XML, but also allows advanced users to use Google Earth as a basis for their own geographic information systems, applications, or mashups.

Jessica, the author of this article is an SEO expert and associated with a reputed Google earth company. Google Map can be a traveler’s best friend.

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Web Analytic Services: Committed to Provide the Best Service

In current scenario, to stand out from the overcrowded online market, innovation and competitiveness have emerged as the major keywords and hence, players who aim to rule the online world are ultimately finding rescues in them. The ever growing dependency on the online stuffs has only highlighted that how the dynamics of Internet world is fast changing and in order to remain at the top of the game, players have to raise their level of performances several notches up. The web analytics service provides unique solutions to the clients and hence guiding them on how to increase their penetration online. Needless to mention that, it only pinpoints that every day with new players joining the bandwagon, the competition is only bound to get intensified in coming days

The commercialization that happening at unbelievable pace and advent of modern day technologies have completely metamorphosed the modern world. As they have together taken the world by acute storm. The technology boom is now conceived as directly proportional to the commercialization, as technology opens the floodgate of opportunities. Internet has not only revolutionized the human life several fold but in addition to this, it also has become one of the basic constituents of every one’s life. The dependency on the Internet which is unlikely to subsidize any time soon, at least for few decades, has given the business maestros opportunity of the lifetime. As per the latest trends it has become almost more than necessity for business maestro to take their business online. It only ascertains the fact that nothing excels better than Internet today as vital PR exercise. The Google Analytics Services has emerged as one of the most efficient ways to put a check on the pulses of the customers as it felicitates the clients to carve out the business strategies that can effectively meet their ultimate business goals.

The web analytic phenomenon has become the latest buzzword in the netosphere, as it has given whole new dimension, capturing the imaginations of the net freaks several folds. The concept has gradually been picking up the momentum, as it assures the quality delivery to the clients. Therefore, no surprise, raising the bar several notches up, it has set new benchmark of performance while completely commercializing their SEO Services . Clients are also going gaga for the kind of results they are drawing from the highly quality service being provided by these companies. The combination of the best only translates into the best. Therefore, clients, service providers and customers, all the parties are in the win-win situation. The current equation continues to generate the best.


Harrycarlin is a professional writer, presently writing for internet marketing company and Website Designing India

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Google may pull out of China

To us and many other countries, Google provides High Speed Internet the tool we use to find anything we are looking for on the web today. There are other search engines out there like Yahoo, and Bing but Google remains the most used search engine in the United States today. For us we can openly search for any information we want to without restrictions, but for citizens in China it’s not the same.


Unlike major companies that fear losing such a big market by not having service in China. Google announced that they might be severing ties with China due to the major restrictions the Chinese government places on companies that advertise or do business in China.


For a while now Google has been contemplating closing down they’re headquarters in the Beijing high tech district. Yahoo was one of the first major companies to pull years ago after having continuous run ins with the Chinese government over censorship issues.


The Chinese governments continuously blocks Google sites like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter and constantly watches what is put out on the Internet. Many people feel that the government has taken away the countries rights to freedom of speech by doing so. And with Google pulling out 360 million users will no longer be able to access the popular search giant other products like Google Maps, Gmail, Free music downloads, and Google Voice, which allows users to make phone calls over the Internet.


Right now google accounts for 32% of the search revenue in China, which some experts predict is valued at over $ 600 million annually. But for a company that brings in $ 22 Billion annually they are able to afford to lose the business as they look for other outlets and ways to replace the loss of China.


For now both sides are trying to work out a way that allows both sides to feel comfortable with the other. For Google they just want to be able to continue supplying the country with the same service they provide elsewhere. But the Chinese government is set in their ways and does not agree with the citizens of the country freely looking up any information they want without any repercussion.


By: Frank Bilotta

To us and many other countries, Google provides High Speed Internet the tool we use to find anything we are looking for on the web today. There are other search engines out there like Yahoo, and Bing but Google remains the most used search engine in the United States today. For us we can openly search for any information we want to without restrictions, but for citizens in China it’s not the same.

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Online Effectiveness and Social Media Analytics


A decade back the word “online” or the phrase “being online” meant logging into individual mail accounts and checking mails or chatting through a messenger. Though the meaning still holds true, but it has added to it a new dimension. Being online today also refers to whether you are present in any social networking platform, either through an individual or a corporate account. This means whether you are present in any of the popular networking groups and participating in trending topic discussions with your valuable feedback. Hence, going by the recent changes, one can say that today it is essential to be actively and “socially” online. 

Need for social media analytics


Gradually with the expansion of internet technology and social media networking every corporate brand is available online. The principal objective is brand awareness and online PR activities. Brand today want to establish a personal connect with their target audience and be at the top recall value. Being present in the social networking sphere also enables them to keep in tune with the latest happenings and also manage any crisis that results. Therefore, this social intelligence helps companies to come up with smart marketing and branding strategies.


Every business organization hence needs to concentrate on the expansive capacity of social media analytics. It is an essential tool for any kind of social media campaign and helps to evaluate an organization’s online effectiveness. Social media analytics provides users with a new platform for evaluating interactive marketing by incorporating, estimating and enabling enterprises to act on the social intelligence gained extending their reach and maximizing retention. This ultimately helps in generating more revenue.


Innovative Social Media Analytics Tools


With the rapid development of social networking with sites such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs markets are re-thinking about innovative analytics requirements in today’s web 2.0 platforms. Leading companies specializing in social media analytics tools have come up with efficient solutions catering to a client’s diverse business needs.


The solution:-

Offers trending views and drill-down capacities

Offers insights that help to make smarter, faster operating decisions across huge amounts of social data

Helps in revenue acquisition

Helps users to get quicker insights into the principal influences on the K-Factor and viral campaigns

Helps to understand as to what keeps customers engaged, and uncover the levers that can most impact revenues.


Furthermore, it offers quick results for businesses and helps to track social media behaviors real-time. You can also get instant feedback on what will work for a particular product.



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How Google Makes Money Online

Most frequently asked question by most internet users is How Google is actually able to make money online. In today’s post, I will try to answer this question:

Google has given lots of valuable products to all internet users. Some of popular products are Google Search Engine, Google image search, Google Blog Search, Google News, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Google Earth, YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Orkut, and Google Analytics.

Sponsored Results: are the results that appear in right sidebar under ‘Sponsored Links’ with regular results when we do some search on Google. Websites that are shown in Sponsored results have some kind of agreement where Google shows their website for specific keywords and charge them for this service. So when we make search for buy canon digital camera, we see websites selling canon digital camera in the Sponsored links section in right sidebar. Google earn some money when someone clicks on any of these sponsored links. But how much money, this is a big question?I’m just giving you an approximate idea, this is determined by bidding. Websites willing to high amount of money for a click shows up in the sponsored results. Google AdWords allows all potential advertisers to create their ads copy, specify keywords and point their landing pages in their ad copy for which their ads will be shown and is actually clicked by Google search users.

Google AdSense: is an advertising program started by Google where everyone makes money. Website owners and bloggers sign up to AdSense to earn some revenue from their websites and blogs. Advertisers are also happy to pay some money for every click on their ads on websites and blogs as this helps them build their business and thus helps them make more money with their products and services. Website owners are bloggers are paid some amount of money for every click on any of AdSense on their pages. Google keeps big share of revenue that he receives from Advertisers for placing their ads on websites and blogs and pay very little to the publishers. Google AdSense ads are highly relevant to the content of a website page. If you have a page about eBay shopping, you will see results targeted about eBay shopping by Google AdSense Team.

There are many more methods that Google use to make money online with its products and services.

Are you as well interested in making money online, visit blog where you will get lots of valuable information about making money online even if you are interested in working from home.

Google squared and web traffic

If you have ever wondered what some of Google’s best kept strategies are, this tool might be one of them. Listed here are five items that make Google Squared not only stand out but stay ahead of the experimental pack:

Excellent when researching facts and figures

If you happen to be researching a topic or focus area that’s facts and figures intensive, look it up in Google Squared. Google will endeavourto find the related statistics and exhibit it to you in a tabular form. In case you believe that a few tables are missing, add them and Google attempt to retrieve data for them as well. If Google’s automated system is unclear about the results, it would display multiple results and give you a lot of chances to colorize it for you by letting you increase the columns of information.

Export to a Microsoft Excel or CSV Format File

If you are thrilled with all the results you may have found, you can export the data to a spreadsheet with a mouse click that you can store on your computer and share with your colleagues and research associates. You may even share the results page by copy-pasting the output URL of your Google Squared google listing into an e-mail message and forwarding the contentto your inner circle.

Identifying and searching out the supply of the data

Google Squared is a superb stepping stone to discovering hard-to-find websites that work to your domain of curiosity. Since Google Squared displays the data source for your requirements, the possibility to access getting to web page always exists. Websites like these might not be experiencing impressive levels of Google traffic but could possibly contain top quality content if you want to review for projects at hand.

Multiple searches suitable for comparison

Google Squared functions to a certain degree such as the price assessment websites you could have used when shopping for products. A further advantage is usually that there is no chance for either covert or overt advertiser support within the results displayed. You possibly can conclude safely that this results being displayed are, for all those practical uses, impartial. A fantastic illustration showing this premise would be to set up a Square to locate information and compare cell phones and PDAs.

The image interface

Moreover to displaying google search data in rows and columns and allowing searchers to tweak this data by either adding or eliminating columns, Google Squared also displays relevant images whenever and wherever possible. The image retrieval attribute is expected to be refined further as more and more users access the tool and make it to come out of beta.

Increase Web Traffic with Google Squared

Google Squared most likely is not a potent search engine optimization tool to increase Google traffic to your website. It could possibly however play a crucial role in augmenting your SEO efforts. Use it to locate reference websites when building content rich websites on your Adsense network. Research your competitors using Google Squared. Locate high volume and low competition keywords from the results data. On the other side of the equation, structure your internet site carefully in strict accordance with Google’s edicts for search engine friendly websites which means your website too is featured on Google Squared. This tends to generate oodles of targeted and conversion-hungry Google traffic to your Internet property very quickly.

Don’t Buy that Traffic, study your markets, know what the customer or vistor is looking for. Beat your compition and Increase Web Traffic with Free Google Squared Today!

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