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How to Stop Binge Eating and Eating Food by the Refrigerator Light

You know the feeling: a food craving comes over you, you make a beeline for the fridge, open the door and eat almost anything and everything in sight. Maybe without even stopping to close the refrigerator door in case that slows down your ability to gorge on the delicious food inside. Yup, that’s binge eating. Easy to do, less easy to stop. But here are some tips to help you get back closer to the straight and narrow and stop you having to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes every few months.

Depending on who else is in your household, you may be able to get away with stopping buying the items you binge eat. No more half gallons of ice cream, cream cakes, cans of full fat (sugar!) cola, candy bars, cookies, potato chips, etc. The whole smorgasbord of forbidden foods.

But if you’ve got children or spouses in the household then the chances are that tactic won’t work as easily.

Which means you may think that you’re down to willpower and self control. And we know how well that works. Not.

So what else can you do to reduce the quantity of binge eating attacks and, when they do sneak past your defence systems, cut down the collateral damage.

Start by eating consciously.

It’s way too easy to go through a family size bag of corn chips and a jar or two of dip in one sitting whilst you’re watching re-runs of your favorite show. Before you know it, the bag is empty, you’re still feeling hungry and you need to loosen your belt another buckle or two.

So set aside an area to eat that has no distractions. No television, no books or newspapers, nothing except the food. Treat every food occasion as though you’re going out to a fine dining restaurant. If you did that, you would pay attention to every mouthful and savor the tastes and textures. Do the same when you’re at home – this can have astonishing results.

Next, decide to put your knife and fork down between each mouthful. This will slow your eating process down and will allow your body to begin to realize when you’ve had enough to eat which is a good way to stop binge eating as often. Maybe not every time you binge eat but even if it’s only every other occasion to begin with that’s a step in the right direction.

Another thing we tend to do is try something once and then give it up the first time we fail. That’s not how you learned to do things as a child, otherwise the first time you fell over when you tried to walk would mean that you’d still be crawling around on all fours to this day.

The old saying of “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again” holds true here. Just because your willpower weakens occasionally doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a life of wolfing down more food than is good for you. You wouldn’t be human if you were perfect, so give it another go next time. Aim for perfection but don’t panic if you don’t hit that target!

Get more help to stop binge eating and find out how hypnosis can help with binge eating.

The Chair that Comes Recommended by Iron Man, Frasier and Chandler Bing


Hailed as “comfortable and un-designy” by its creator, the Eames Lounge Chair is as discrete as it is stylish. Despite that, this it has gone on to become an icon of the Modern movement, appearing in films and television series as diverse as “She’s Out of My League”, “Gossip Girl” and “Cougar Town”. It has also inspired a wide range of replicas, some of which have even been hailed as better than the original.

Alright, so that title is one heck of a claim, but trust me the Eames Lounge Chair comes very highly recommended. So many people already think it looks great. Including you: even if you don’t realise it yet. OK, OK, I’m no mind reader, but the Eames Lounge Chair is an icon of the Modern design movement. First launched in 1956 as the Eames Lounge (670) and Ottoman (671) (the latter is the little footstool that comes with it), the chair’s co-designer Charles Eames described it as being “comfortable and un-designy”. It’s that discrete, familiar comfort that made this most famous Eames chair (for Charles and his wife Ray designed many) an icon of the Modern movement and as ubiquitous a piece of unshowy but stylish design as a Vettriano painting.

It’s also why you’ve seen one. Even if you don’t think you have. Gilbert Grissom had one in his apartment in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. Donald Draper and Dr Gregory House both have them in their offices. Doctor Who took a doze in one back in the Sixties. It’s hard to do this without pictures, but I’ll try. The Eames Lounge Chair almost resembles a bucket seat in design. Its back, arms and seat are joined together by aluminium supports. The whole thing is fitted at a backwards angle to its swivel base, elevating the sitter’s legs and giving them little option but to relax their weight backwards into the seat. The raising of the sitter’s legs makes the accompanying footstool (it’s that Ottoman again) near essential and the whole thing almost ridiculously comfortable.

There’s a reason the Eames chair has made so many appearances on film and television. The Eames Lounge Chair’s popularity and many, many appearances on the box are symbiotic. Its first public appearance came in 1956, when it was featured on the “Home” show, NBC’s hugely popular daytime magazine programme fronted by actress and game show panellist Arlene Francis. A huge advertising campaign followed immediately. The campaign – which showed the Eames chair in a variety of unlikely locales including a hay field, a Victorian parlour and on the front porch of a house straight out of the America Gothic – focused on the Eames chair’s versatility. It’s that same versatility which explains its continuous place in popular culture – and, in particular, the American popular imagination. The Eames Lounge Chair is comfortable yet smart, stylish yet understated. That’s why it can sit as easily in Frasier’s luxurious Seattle apartment as it can in the TARDIS.

The Eames Lounge Chair has become almost the epitome of a perennial favourite, having been in continual production since its launch. In America, it has been producedby Herman Miller, while Vitra began producing Eames chairs in Europe a while later. It has also inspired replicas, imitations and knock offs of varying quality – particularly in the European market, where “originals” are far more expensive. Some replicas can be of extremely poor quality. Spray painted cushions, exposed screws and poor quality materials are amongst the complaints that have come from those who bought cheap, fast buck knock offs. On the other hand, some replica Eames chairs have been hailed as even better than the originals, offering increased versatility and the option to customise the colours of your purchase to fit your tastes and the design of your home or office.

The Eames Lounge Chair has long been an icon of usability and style. You’ve seen it so many times that you don’t even realise it. Now you’ve come to understand why it’s so popular, maybe it’s time you started paying it a bit more attention.

The Author is a content writer for Icon Inspired which produce a range of high quality Eames chair replicas. Get in contact and they will be happy to discuss how they can supply you with a quality replica that meets your needs and desires.


Review of Google Map

Google, in actual, has arose as the chief of this bag with its freshly liberated Google Map product. It gives a slick, highly responsive visual interface assembled employing AJAX technologies along with in actual boulevard and aerial imagery written knowledge, and an open API letting customization of the depiction end wares embracing the skills to add application-specific written knowledge to the map. To make it even better, Google presently gives entry to this service for FREE! In this portion we’ll appraise some of the minimal capabilities gave through the Google Map product.

Google Map Fundamentals
At this time, the Google Map API is a free beta service. However, Google reserves the right to put promulgating on the depiction at any purpose in the future, so retain this in psyche as you commence to deduce Google Map applications. Your requests for paid job may in addition want regular computer encrypting modifications since this wares is still in beta and subject to modifications in the API. 

Before you can get commenced deducing Google Map requests for paid job you will want to indication up for an API key. When you indication up for an API key, you ought stipulate a Web place URL that will be employed in your development. One obstacle regularly linked with Google Map is that you ought procure a sole key for each list of directions that will perform Google Map. Google Map will engender a sole keycode for the list of directions that you specify. You ought use this keycode in each script that accesses the Google Map API.

Google in addition gives documentation for its wares, embracing full documentation of the kinds, techniques and issues obtainable for the Google Map item as well as computer encrypting instances to get you started. In augmentation, Google gives a blog and debate gathering for supplemental knowledge on employing the API.

A Basic Google Map
When you indication up with Google Map, an API key will be generated. Make definite you save this key as you will want it for all Google Map requests for paid job that you deduce for the actual URL list of directions that was specified. In augmentation to the API key, Google will in addition engender an instance Web piece of paper middled on the Palo Alto environs (in the area of the Google headquarters). You can exact reproduce and paste the HTML and JavaScript engendered into a basic text record, save it to World Wide Web server list of directions you individual when you engendered the key, and then show clearly the depiction in your Web browser.

Beyond the Basics
The Google Map API draws close with some kinds that sanction you to bring ahead depictions, add points of onvolvement and polylines to a depiction, stipulate assorted depiction controls, show clearly info windows, read XML records, and more. In the diagram under you’ll observe instances of some of the more ordinarily employed item in the Google Map API.

Art Project by Google

Google and 17 of the world’s greatest art museums have created a way to view art with no queues, no charges for entry tickets, no noisy and clumsy crowds. A free art world just for you, where you can roam 385 art museum halls and turn around 360 degrees to get a full perspective of the rooms (just like in Google Street View) while simply lying on your favorite sofa. You can zoom in to view the details of an artwork you are interested in, even if what you want to see is the detail of the painted ceiling of the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles, France. Moreover, you can become an art collector yourself, without any financial limitations on your collection. You can gather your own virtual art collection and invite your friends to see it, even extending your choices to Van Gogh, Pollok and Botticelli.

As the official webpage indicates, the Art Project is a unique collaboration between Google and some of the world’s most acclaimed art museums to enable people to discover and view more than a thousand artworks online in extraordinary detail.

The level of remarkable detail doesn’t extend to all the works, but in addition to their use of Street View technology, each museum picked out one painting that was digitized into a large gigapixel format that dramatically exceeds the resolution of a standard camera. So from this moment Edouard Manet`s painting “In the Conservatory” won`t be able to hide the slightest detail from your eyes.

Nelson Mattos, VP of Engineering at Google, said, on the Art Project`s presentation at Tate Britain museum, that the Project was another step towards the democratization of art. And this is true, since now even people from Africa and India who are not planning to visit the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg in the near future will be able to explore its treasures and find out more about the history and author of each artwork.

And don’t worry, virtual museum visits won`t have bad influence on visitor numbers for real life museums. The records suggest that if you once see a painting on the internet and you liked it, you won`t miss a chance to see it in real life. And vice versa, if you visited the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid and were impressed by “The Bottle of Anís del Mono” by Juan Gris, you will want to have a look at it again elsewhere and share your delight with others.

Last week, the weather forecast was poor, so I stayed in and while comfortably hidden under my warm plaid, with my lovely cat and a cup of cocoa in reach, I went to ‘visit’ the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Later, friends will come round, and since we don’t have a vacation coming up anytime soon, we’ll take the virtual route and ‘visit’ the Museum Kampa in Prague and have a long evening of discussions. Have you already planned your bad weather weekend?

Enjoyed this article and want to know more? Get your finger on the pulse of the art world – follow Agora Gallery. Read our blog for information on Chelsea Art exhibitions, fine art news and advice for artists. Read what visitors to Agora Gallery have to say on Yelp New York.

Kate Hudson Steps Out After Giving Birth to Bing

Kate Hudson stepped out with her Matthew Bellamy and son Ryder Robinson for lunch at A Votre Sante in Brentwood. The new mom wore a loose floral dress and flip-flops. She looked relaxed and at ease. She gave birth to her son just last week, which makes her 7-year-old son, Ryder Robinson, a big brother again. It took Kate and Matthew a few days to decide what to call their second son who then was named Bing. Matthew Bellamy will spend a few more weeks with the new family before heading out of CA to continue his tour with Muse in August. Previously, Kate expected a girl. However, her child was a bright-eyed little boy. Now, the actress is a mother of two sons. The bigger family needs a bigger home. Thus, the couple acquired another Pacific Palisades mansion for their family.

Kate Hudson stepped out with Matthew Bellamy and Ryder after giving birth

Kate Hudson, the daughter of Academy Award-winning actress Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, looked relaxed in a floral dress and flip-flops

Kate Hudson and her 7-year-old son, Ryder Robinson, who is from her relationship with ex-hubby Chris Robinson

Kate Hudson rose to prominence after winning a Golden Globe and receiving several nominations for her role in Almost Famous

Hudson began dating Matthew Bellamy in spring 2010. He is a Muse frontman


The couple was reported to get engaged in April 2011. Their son named Bingham ‘Bing’ Hawn Bellamy was born on July 9, 2011

Hudson married Chris Robinson in 2000 and gave birth to son Ryder Russell Robinson in 2004. Their 6-year marriage ended 2006 when Robinson filed divorce papers, citing “irreconcilable differences”


Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson Have Their Babies


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I am an internet marketer and freelance photographer. I maintain various sites and blogs with a large audience. My hobby is collecting photographs of celebrities and writing comments on outstanding events in the field of entertainment.

Bing is Becoming a More Important Piece for Search Engine Marketing

Although there is no denying that Google reigns supreme among the search engine marketing software, Microsoft is making big strides with its product known as Bing. And recent information shows that the gap between the two super engines may be getting smaller. Here are some ways in which Bing is gaining more followers.

Reaching Out to the Mobile Market

The parent company of Blackberry phones, Research in Motion, came out with an announcement recently stating that Bing will be the default search engine on their popular smartphones and newly released tablet. More than just a web browser, Bing will be closely tied to the operating system to improve functionality. In addition, Nokia plans on using Bing for all of its new phones. Search engine marketing that is focused on mobile devices will need to tailor their efforts to capture this growing segment of the market.

Using Leverage with Facebook

Based on the phenomenal growth of social sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, Bing is looking to tap into the market by partnering with Facebook. Bing is using the interests people display through their Facebook account and using that to personalize the search results. For instance, people who have logged in to their Bing account can do a little price comparison when shopping online. At the same time, they can see which merchants were Liked by their Facebook contacts. And details from a person’s account will provide search engine marketing results that focus on the person’s interests.

New Apps for iPad

Although Google is the default search engine used by the popular Apple tablet, experts have tested the new Bing app and claims that it provides a much better experience for the users. In this setting the goal for Bing is quite simple. Make the experience so enjoyable and complete that people will want to use the software on other devices such as smartphones and computers. This is a good example for all companies to follow in their search engine marketing strategy.

Moving to Game Systems

Beyond the tablets and mobile devices, Bing is moving to video game consoles too. The Xbox by Microsoft has evolved into something much more than just a way to play a game. The device has the ability to also stream videos over the internet or simply browse the web.

By offering the platform on Xbox, Bing is hoping to recruit younger users that will remain loyal to the software for years to come. Search engine marketing tactics will need to take into account the younger audience using the software and modify their messages accordingly.

Tighter Security

Firms that focus on search engine marketing are keenly aware that people want to use sites that allow them to retain their privacy. Having a web browser that is secure and keeps people’s information hidden from hackers is highly important in the global internet. Several third party testers feel that the structure of Bing is made in such a way as to keep users’ information away from prying eyes while allowing them the joy and functions of surfing the internet.

Larry Chandler is a freelance writer for Maryland Internet Marketing, a Search Engine Marketing firm. To find out more about Maryland Search Engine Marketing and Maryland SEO, visit their website at

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Basic of Google Map

I am certain that most of you have learned about or have had a possibility to use Google Map. It’s a large service and I was actually influenced by the responsiveness of the submission and the alleviate with which users could pull and zoom charts from a Web browser. It has in numerous modes proclaimed the appearance of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), which I am certain will revitalize Web development in the days to come.

What makes the service even better is the accessibility of the Google Map API (Application Programming Interface) as a free Beta service. The API permits developers to embed Google Map in their made-to-order applications. It furthermore permits them to overlay data on the chart and customize the chart to their needs. As I compose this item there are rather a couple of sites that utilize Google Map, and more and more of them are seeming by the day.

The API by itself is attractive clear-cut and so straightforward to use; although, it needs the developer to have a good order of JavaScript because it extensively relies on client-side Java scripting. In this item we will be looking at construction a made-to-order ASP.NET server command that would permit a .NET developer to harness the power of Google Map in the code-behind model. We will glimpse how to complete most of the functionality revealed by Google Map utilizing this command, and we’ll furthermore glimpse how to facts and numbers join the command, thereby permitting developers to effortlessly construct data-driven made-to-order ASP.NET Web applications. The command would eradicate the require for the developer to compose any JavaScript to complete most of the Google Map functionality.

Some Google Map Basics

Before we get into the minutia of the ASP.NET command, let’s gaze at the basics of the Google Map API. A comprehensive recount of the API can be discovered at the google website. The first step before utilizing Google Map is to list for a key with Google ( This is wholeheartedly free and barely takes a couple of minutes. Each Web location that values Google Map has to have its own key. Make certain that you proceed through Google’s Terms of Use ( before you start utilizing Google Map in your application.

Google comprises an example of the chart as a “GMap” object. It is rendered as a div tag on the page. Once you have the chart, it is likely to add controls to the map. Some of the accessible controls are the GMapType command that assists to toggle between the distinct outlooks, namely chart outlook, satellite outlook, and eventually, the hybrid outlook that is a blend of chart and satellite views. The other controls that are generally glimpsed on the chart are the ones utilised to add scrolling and zooming capability to the map. At the time of composing of this item, there are three distinct controls available:

GLargeMapControl: A large command for scrolling and zooming
GSmallMapControl: Similar to the preceding one, but eradicates the zoom scale bar
GSmallZoomControl: Includes only Zooming controls

Automated Prospecting Tools Take Businesses to the Next Level

Few would argue that, when it comes to business opportunities and sales, the toughest part is reaching potential customers. While there are a number of Internet marketing strategies available to business owners, many of them are exorbitantly expensive. For example, while Google pay-per-click ads are an effective means of driving traffic to your website, you may end up paying several dollars per click, and $ 100 to $ 200 per conversion. Most people – particularly sole proprietors – simply don’t have that kind of money.

When you have a small prospecting budget, you often end up doing things the old-fashioned way. That means picking up the phone and calling people. But this method is problematic on a number of levels. First, there’s the dreaded Do Not Call List. If you run afoul of that, you could get into hot water in no time at all. Second, there’s the sheer time involved. If, for example, you purchased 10,000 leads, that’s 10,000 phone numbers to call. If you call 50 numbers per day (a reasonable average), it will take you 200 workdays to get through your entire list. That’s nine months of full-time, Monday through Friday work. While it’s possible to make all those calls, you likely won’t see any significant return the investment of your time and energy. Indeed, it’s more likely that you’ll get discouraged and give up.

The bottom line is that, for prospecting to succeed, you need what’s called an economy of scale. In other words, you need the equivalent of a whole team of telemarketers working for you. For most small business owners, however, that kind of investment is totally out of the question. Thanks to technological advances, though, you can accomplish the same task with a minimum investment of time and money. In other words, you can have the equivalent of that team of telemarketers without having to hire a soul.

How is that possible? With the right web-based platform, you can actually complete 10,000 calls in 30 minutes – without ever making a single outbound call. Instead, you record your own message (usually around 30 seconds long), download your phone leads (either those you own or those you’ve purchased) into the system, and hit “send.” The technology automatically calls everyone on your list and delivers your message. Then, your phone starts ringing with what are essentially pre-qualified leads. You’ve broadcast your message, and now those who are interested in your product or service are calling you. That’s a 180-degree switch from the old way of prospecting.

Best of all, when you choose the right platform, your list of phone numbers is automatically scrubbed using the Do Not Call List. And because the process is automated, this type of prospecting is incredibly inexpensive – about a penny and a half for every connected call. That means your profits can skyrocket. For example, if you have 1,500 calls to make and two-thirds answered the phone, your cost would be around $ 15. If your product retails for $ 500, and you get a conversion rate of .006 percent, that’s $ 3,000 in sales. That’s an incredible return on investment. Heck, even if your conversion rate was half that, you’d still have $ 1,500 in sales on an investment of $ 15.

When you’re looking for this kind of automated recruiting platform, make sure to find one that is a business tool with a business opportunity attached to it. When you do, you’ll not only get the technological power of automated prospecting, but you’ll have a wonderful addition to your product offerings.

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about automated prospecting.

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Tools You Need To Satisfy Your Customer’s Need

Every business owner must put it in mind that customer satisfaction is what their business needs in order to grow to the next level. It is when the customers are satisfied with the way that you treat them that they will start helping you to spread the word of excellent customer service you delivered to them. You may have the best rating on Google or wherever, but if your customer service is bad, your business will not survive the test of time.

In deciding how best to structure your business and know the customer’s needs, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

– What is the customer’s current situation?
– What problems do they currently face, what are their causes, and their effects?
– What does the desired outcome look like?
– What functional benefits might customers want from your products?
– What other investments (time, effort etc) would they be prepared to make?
– How will customers measure or value the benefits of the proposed solution?
– How soon do they reasonably expect to achieve the desired outcome?
– What might capture their attention?
– What concerns might they have about the utility of our products and services?
– What bad experiences might they have had dealing with other businesses?

It is good to know your customers, and adopt your value proposition to their current situation.

Make sure you always get feedback from your customers to know the actual problems they are encountering that you have to solve for them because, that is the best opportunity for you to prove yourself to them that you actually care about their needs.

Try as much as possible to have the necessary tools in place to rate the feedback you get from your customers. This system helps companies build that confidence in their customers using a combination of automated and manual assessment processes to support the needs of the customers (through live chat, email and phone). It has an overall reliability and responsiveness to support the requests and give feedback to the customers as at and when due. The customers must be able to rate the level of feedback that they get from you, so ensure that you give them the opportunity to rate you excellently.

Lastly, try your best to build a strong, virile and lasting relationship with your customers. You find it more enjoying dealing with your customers than to look for prospective customers. So do not toil with your existing customers because they are very vital to the survival of your business.

OYEKANMI AKINNOLA is focused on helping entrepreneurs stay informed on the need to ensure proper customer service to their clients, For more information,unbiased and reviews like this, please visit

Exciting News for online business owners – Google launches Product Listing Adverts.

For many businesses getting noticed on the Internet can be hard. But schemes such as Google Adwords have made things a little easier for businesses. And this month Google launched product listing Ads in the UK adding images and simple product details helping businesses attract more customers. With the aim of simplifying the advertising process, this is an extremely good move from Google who said that users were two times more likely to click on a new product listing add than on a standard one with only text.

This is big SEO news that came into place at the beginning of November, and website owners in the UK can now take advantages of these welcomed changes. It is currently only a beta feature, but soon this will be increased and be available to everybody.

This brand new format offers a more attractive advert, instead of standard text we’re all used to seeing; now there are now product images, details and merchant website and name. This new feature gives viewers all of the relevant product details and imagery without anything else getting in the way, it is a great way to visually give users a glimpse into your product range and price which will then lead to higher click rate and online sales from search adverts. Google also tailors your adverts to match up with relevant online searches making sure you always appeal to the right market.

There are two great new features to Google Product Listing. PPC or Pay per click offers users the opportunity to only pay when a user clicks on the advert and completes a purchase through your site. It is a risk free way to promote your business to a larger audience. Another great feature is that it requires no additional text or keywords, whenever a relevant search is typed into Google; they automatically show the most relevant products, a product image, price and name. And you can easily promote your entire product inventory online.

Google Product Listings create a more engaging user experience and it couldn’t be easier to promote your business online with Google. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, established and new this new scheme is going to greatly appeal to many offering them tailored search results and the targeted information and image will no doubt show great results to users. And the PPC feature makes the adverts even more appealing and hassle free to set up and use.

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