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Another project Thalasar supports

As sometimes happens I am approached a domain I own. Typically people want one of my domains since I am “not doing anything” with it and then offer me $10 for the domain. For 99.99% of these requests I simply ignore the individual in question.

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Playstation 3 Giveaway official release

You can find it right here Oh yeah I should include a standard looking link Official Announcement for the Playstation 3 Giveaway at
Yeah. Get a signed up for a free PS3.

A little example of some tagOut fun!

Small PS3 List


Editor’s Pick for

Yeah! Early Miser has been awarded an Editor’s Pick over at Yahoo Gallery. Pretty cool huh? All for a service that is an exteme beta!. BTW please vote for our application!

TagOuts At

Here’s a new piece of tech. It works just like Adsense but you use your tagged feeds and products. Here’s some items from the ever popular category devoted to the the PS3.

Free Playstation 3 Promotion at

I am giving away a Playstation 3 to publicize Early Miser. I got inspired last night and camped out at my local WalMart which only had 9 people waiting to purchase 10 60GB Playstation 3s. Not to pass up a good thing I got in line and waited. I had my wife Roxane bring me the necessary equipment for camping overnight on a WalMart sidewalk.

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Early Miser Buzz beginning

Well Early Miser is certainly proving as popular as I had hoped. First off let’s take a look at the Google results for

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Early Miser Beta Launch

Ok – it took two month later than I would have liked but we Early Miser – Save Early, Save Often is up and running.

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I have been working on a new project called Early Miser it’s a pretty interesting project since it’s the first time I have outsourced to India (I have outsourced programming work to Russia for some time now ever since I hired Andrew Maltsev as CTO of Brave New Worlds. Early Miser is best described as a meta shopping comparison engine. Currently it’s not even up – I have parked the domain pending an August launch.

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New Web Log Release

I have just put the finishing touchs on a new web log. This one is devoted to Prostate Cancer Research.

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