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Basic website hosting is one of those things that I take for granted. I have multiple options open to me since I manage and maintain my own cluster, in addition to having a significant number of shared hosting accounts for IP range diversity. I usually bring on a new host when I have a project that has specific needs in a hosting environment.

I evaluate hosting providers by opening one of their mid level hosting accounts and see how they perform. I have evaluated Hostway, Powweb, CrystalTech and Hostgator this way. Most of these hosting plans have performed up to my expectations. As a result of this testing I cannot recommend Powweb. Their servers are constantly over-loaded. I am currently reviewing the offerings on offers a number of entry level hosting options for new web sites. They offers a number of entry level packages. They have a free hosting option which is isn’t a bad way to start. My initial feedback about the hosting plans is that they are a bit lighter than I would like to see in terms of disk space. Disk space is cheap and MySite could easily increase the storage on their $7.95/month plan.
One thing that I do like about MySite’s story is that they have been in the hosting business 12 years now which gives them a significant amount of experience and history. So I will give them a try on one of their mid-sized hosting plans and hopefully report back in 60 days on it’s performance. Remember I make the mistakes so you won’t have to!

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