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Using Multi Tools

Before now, instruments like oscillatings tools and multi tools are not universal. Now, that the patent rights are over, different other makes with totally different manufactures at the moment are coming out with newest tools. Among the many around now are Fein Multimaster Blades and Dremel Multi-Max Blades. Here you’ll learn about the primary elements of these oscillating tools and their valuableness. The functionality of these instruments is done by the rotating action (back and forth) of the tool’s blade, which is rather swift. This makes the tools easy to cope with, safer and much in-control. Some users additionally say that in case you put your finger around the blade, then additionally you will not get any harm. However, if it’s a truth or not, it’s contentious, however it can be undoubtedly stated that the multi instruments like Dremel Multi-Max Blades and Fein Multimaster Blades are quite protected and user-friendly. What is the usability of such oscillating tools? Actually, these multi tools are appropriate for whatever type of trade. The reason being they are easy; these instruments are eligible to cut diversified materials comparable to copper, metal, laminate, drywall, plywood, plastic, plus any type of other materials. One of the most popular usages of these tools includes flush cutting. Hence, you possibly can simply use these tools for the aim of nail, stud, pipe or something off flush to the floor/wall. Furthermore, feel free to use these tools in the flooring job like installation of tile, Liberty Capital Group, laminating flooring, et cetera. With the fitting kind of chopping blade just like Fein Multimaster Blades and Dremel Multi-Max Blades, chopping out the grout in-between the tiles or putting in flooring by cutting the door jamb will get smoother. These multi instruments have totally different uses aside from simply doing the chopping jobs perfectly. You may make use of such tools for detail sanding. However, it might not be an ideal alternative for a specialized orbital sander, in spite of that it might probably reach into the tight areas because of the sanding pads of various shapes. Therefore, the instrument can be used for different purposes besides its uses as a cutter. If you are interested to buy any of these tools, you’re going to get ample of choices to decide from. The oscillating instruments can be found in corded and cordless versions. Before you decide for a selected instrument, you must determine for what function you need to buy it and your financial plan. You can find multi tools of assorted price ranges, but it is best to choose the standard and usability before making the acquisition. Top-of-the-line ways to discover a reasonably cost oscillating is visiting the site of Amazon and look for these products. Then evaluate the costs of the products and in addition read the testimonials. Invest cash only when you are glad with the options and the cost of the tool.

It is time to give one try to the oscillating tools, if in case you have been planning to purchase one. Visit us to get the top of multi tool makes like Fein Multimaster Blades and Dremel Multi-Max Blades

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Modern Fireplace Tools

Modern fireplace tools in contrast to antique fireplace tools might be compared no more than when they were made.  However modern or up to date fireplace tools sets can have a utilitarian and decorative effect on a home hearth.  While cast iron tool sets were common, new metals and finishes are in the marketplace.  A tool set still consists of a poker, shovel, brush, log mover and tool stand.  There might be some variants like combining a log holder and tools on one stand.

The finish of the tools is the largest variable in today’s choices.  Brass, pewter and copper are common finishes for tool sets. A great example of a brass finish set is the Uniflame five piece polished brass fireset (f-2191) this set is a wonderful representation of combining functionality and beauty.  Another example of form and function is the Uniflame five piece satin, pewter fireplace tool set (5UF-7547).  This set will look marvelous in any room where the metal finish of pewter is wanted.  And lastly the five piece copper leaded glass fireset will complement any room with a warm effect.  All of these examples are more than just tools.  They have an ability to have an enhanced effect on any room. 

When thinking of modern versions of a fireplace necessity, the log holder comes to mind.  The older styles did the job of holding wood beside the hearth but not too close to the fireplace to allow for ease in keeping a fire going with more wood.  Now, not only will the holder do just that, it will come in two pieces to make the job even easier to bring the wood inside. The Enclume 5EN-LR10 actually has a separate canvas bag to carry the wood in with and then store it in the log holder. This helps with the transport of the wood inside.  As with all of the Enclume log holders they are very modern looking and durable for long service.  Also, Enclume is an American company.  Another quality, made in the USA product.

Modern fireplace tools will do the same job if not better than the older version.  Remember, get the flue cleaned prior to using it this winter and keep your wood dry and close to the back door. 

James Dahlberg

Jim Dahlberg is the author/owner of Fireplace Accessories Plus.  He has over 25 years commercial experience in the firewood industry.  Fireplace Accessories Plus carries a wide selection from fireplace screen to fireplace rugs.  View a selection of Fireplace Tools here.

Using Multi Tools

Before now, tools like oscillatings tools and multi tools usually are not general. Now, that the patent rights are over, different other makes with different producers are now popping out with newest tools. Among the ones around now are Fein Multimaster Blades plus Dremel Multi-Max Blades. Right here you’ll be taught about the fundamental features of these oscillating tools and also their valuableness.

Such tools work on a rotating actions (moving back and going forth) on the tool’s blade speedily. This is exactly one advantage of the tool – they are easy to cope with; they are also safe to control. Some users additionally say that in case you put your finger around the blade, then also you’ll not incur any harm. Nevertheless, if it is a truth or not, it’s contentious, however it can be simply mentioned that the multi instruments like Dremel Multi-Max Blades and Fein Multimaster Blades are fairly protected and consumer-friendly.

What can you utilize these oscillating instruments for? These multi tools are really nice for whatever type of trade. The reason is they are simple; these instruments are able to cut diverse materials corresponding to copper, metal, laminate, drywall, plywood, plastic, and any sort of some other materials.

One of the issues you may use these tools for is for flush cutting. You may use them instead of a nail, a stud, a pipe or whatever off flush to the wall. Moreover, feel free to use these instruments in the flooring job like setting up of tile, Liberty Capital Group, laminating ground, etc. With the correct sort of slicing blade such as Fein Multimaster Blades and Dremel Multi-Max Blades, chopping out the grout in-between the tiles or installing flooring by cutting the door jamb gets smoother.

The multi instruments can be used for many chopping jobs precisely. You can make use of such tools for detail sanding. But, it might not be a perfect choice for a specialized orbital sander, regardless of that it could possibly reach into the tight areas due to the sanding pads of several shapes. Hence, the tool can be utilized for completely different purposes in addition to its utilization as a cutter.

Are you interested by purchasing any of these instruments? You’ve a whole many decisions to choose from. You will get the oscillating instruments in corded and in cordless brands. Before you choose for a particular instrument, you have to decide for what purpose you wish to purchase it and your budget. You can find multi tools of varied price ranges, but you should choose the standard and usefulness before making the acquisition. The most effective ways to discover a fairly cost oscillating is visiting the site of Amazon and look for these products. Then evaluate the prices of the products and also learn the testimonials. Invest cash only when you’re satisfied with the features and the cost of the tool.

It’s time to give one try to the oscillating tools, when you have been planning to buy one. Visit us to have the very best of multi tool brands just like Fein Multimaster Blades and Dremel Multi-Max Blades.

Useful Garden Tools

Without any doubt, everyone wishes to have a tidy and beautiful garden. But many people feel difficult to tidy up and beautify the garden. They make a lot of efforts to make the garden look more beautiful but in vain. In fact, there are many garden tools that can help you tidy up the garden. The garden tools produced by the company Deal Extreme are favored by many people.
Spade: If you want to tidy up your garden, the spade is very useful. It is very easy for people to use the spade produced by Deal Extreme. It can be easily controlled. The spade can be used to transplant, weed, and other activities. Sometimes, the spade can take place of the hoe, rake, shovel and other large tools. The spade can be widely used in the garden.
Branch shears: The branch shears can be used to prune. In addition, it can be used to harvest the melon or beans. Many people feel depressed that they often lose the branch shears. There are various kinds of branch shears in the market for people to choose. Generally speaking, the common branch shears with the low price are suitable for people to finish the common tasks. The company Deal Extreme produces the branch shears with the round head in that the sharp shears may hurt other people.
Flower pot: The flower pot can be used to water and spread manure. Comparing with the plastic flower pot, the flower pot made of the metal can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. But you should pay attention to the spout of flower spot in that it can be easily damaged. As a result, people should carefully clean it and store it in the box. Most garden tools are made of the metal products. Therefore, the garden tools have to be contacted with the soil. As a result, you should remember to wash the soil on the flower spot away. If necessary, you can polish the flower spot.
Hand-held sprayers: The hand-held sprayers are mainly used to spray water and the natural pesticides. The hand-held sprayers can evenly sprinkle water and natural pesticides on the plant. As a result, the hand-held is very useful for people to tidy up your garden.
The garden tools produced by the company Deal Extreme are favored by more and more people. Because of these garden tools, people’s gardens become more and more beautiful.

The author is enthusiastic for digital products especially cell phones. Recently she is quite interested in Dealextreme because of the numerous novel gadgets there. She believes that such tiny decorations will make life much more sweet.

Modern Engraving Tools

Formerly, people used their own tradition tools and devices to engrave. It took so much time to engrave and required many labors and skills. But today, thanks to the advancement in science and technology, many complicated engraving tools are available and they work very professionally and efficiently. Engraving things like stone or glass is very difficult. There was always a high possibility damaging things while engraving. However, with the new engraving tools in the market, this possibilities are invalidated and engraving is not any more, a very time consuming process.



Today, due to an increased demand of the engraved products, many people are showing an increased interest towards the engraving business. This had led to a deep and intense research, which resulted in the development of more advanced engraving tools. These tools are used to engrave a wide range of things. Sometimes, it can itch glasses or engrave expensive jewelry. Many are used to customize gift items and engrave text or symbols on wooden or stone showpieces.


Many big companies use large sophisticated computerized engraving machines that can engrave very fast and also many products at a time. These machines are used to engrave products that are sold ready made in the market like; bracelets with initials, showpieces with quotes or other text, jewelleries with religious symbols, etc. These huge engraving machines can cost more then few thousand dollars, but are worth the money as they bring back a huge profit for the company because they save lot of time and man power.


The most popular engraving machine is the laser engraving machine. This engraving tool is very efficient and it gives the best result compared to any other tool. This tool is completely computerized and the computer controls the intensity and the movement of the laser beam. The laser engraving machines are very precise and it always gives the perfect result. This tool is also quite maintenance free as it only uses a high power laser beam to perform its work. So, the parts don’t get damaged due to use as there is no physical contact between the machine and the product that is getting engraved.


When using the laser engravers, you must be careful about the thing that you are engraving. Suppose you are engraving plastic or wood, then you must take precaution and protect it, so that it doesn’t get burned by the high power laser beam. The cost of an engraving tool varies over a wide range. The big laser engravers used in the factories costs at least few thousand dollars or more. You can have the basic engraving devices at about $ 60 and if you are skillful, then these tools will solve your purpose very well.


It doesn’t always mean that having the most expensive engraving tools will get you the best result. If you are engraving with a few basic tools and you are skillful, then surely your engraving will be a masterpiece.


Paul Baker is an enthusiast jewelry maker and engraver, for more information about engraving jewelry visit his website which he owns and maintains.

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Self Improvement Tools

Making self improvement a part of your everyday life could be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. When you grow as a person, you are at your happiest. Think about it. When you get a promotion, how do you feel? When you hit your target weight, how do you feel? When your relationship gets stronger, how do you feel? When you know you made a difference, how do you feel?

In life, you are either growing or you are dying. Why is it that when people have a birthday with a zero in the end of it, most of them see it as a lot more significant than most other birthdays? It is because they measure their life in terms of those numbers. When some people hit 30 for example, they will sort of freak out because they had certain goals they set when they were 20 but they are no where close to achieving them. For others, it’s when they hit 40, also known as the mid-life crisis. You see, not many things will feel worse internally than knowing that your life hasn’t really gotten any better than it was 10 years ago, or 5 years ago, or even 1 year ago.

This is why you must dedicate your life to personal growth. When you are constantly improving all areas of your life, you grow as a person. You become more mature in terms of knowing and having what you truly want in life. Self improvement isn’t about being weak or seeking help because something is wrong with you. It’s quite the opposite actual. It’s about taking control of your life, your personal power, and making it the way you want. Statistics show that only a small percentage of people will read more than a book a year after they graduate from school. This is such a shame. There is so much one can learn and improve upon.

So what tools are available if you want to improve yourself? There are books of course. What better way to learn how to improve an aspect of your life than to read the strategies of people who have mastered it? Another tools is watching videos or attending seminars. If you drive a lot, one great tool is audio programs. Many successful people recommend to use your driving time to learn by simply listening to an audio CD instead of music. If you have a library card, you can get most of this stuff for free. There really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t make self improvement a part of your life.

Kelly T. contributes to a motivational website that provides tools and resources such as self improvement articles, quotes, songs, posters, motivational videos, and much more to help people achieve their goals.

Selecting Garden Tools

Did you by chance prune your grape vines or maple trees within the last month or so and notice the resultant bleeding? Fortunately, although this seems to be a tremendous worry to us, it really doesn’t harm the plants at all. Just let them bleed, it will stop in time. There is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it, as you will quickly discover if you ever try. Next year prune them in December or January so they have a chance to heal over.

Do you have any hedges that worry you because they are not compact and as much of a screen as you wish? Now is the time to do something about it. Unfortunately hedges that are open from the bottom from lack of sufficient branches will seldom get more compact by pruning only at the top. The only satisfactory way to handle deciduous shrubs is to cut them within an inch or two of the ground. This should be done immediately.

To help along the new growth, apply any complete commercial fertilizer in a strip two feet wide on both sides of the hedge using four pounds for each 25 feet of hedge. As the new growth starts, prune it lightly after every four to six inches of growth to get as much branching as possible near the ground.

Hedges that are too tall but otherwise satisfactory can be pruned back to the desired height. It is a good idea to cut them six inches to a foot lower than you wish them to be to allow for the new growth. The sooner this pruning is done, the more chance there is of the new buds developing just back of the points where the branches are cut.

Yew hedges that are too large can be pruned very severely and even though there is very little green left back of them they will develop new buds and fill in. However, other evergreens such as hemlocks, spruces, pines and even arbor-vitaes can only be cut back to the point where there is enough green left back of the cut to produce new growth. They will seldom develop new buds on the old branches. This is why the point is always reached sooner or later where hedges of these evergreens have to be taken out and replaced.

Selecting Tools

For those who are buying new garden tools, especially if they are new gardeners, it will be well to check with experienced gardeners to find out what’s good and what isn’t. Every year there is a crop of new kinds of tools, but surprisingly few of them are still on the market a few years later. It’s still pretty hard to beat the conventional tools that we have been using through the years. Personally I still like a round pointed shovel with a short handle with a D on the end for handling soil and most digging. For planting and transplanting smaller plants I like a small spade with a blade only about six inches wide and a foot in length. They are light and easy to handle.

For a trowel, either aluminum or steel is best with a short shank rather than some of the ungainly long shanked ones that are so often sold. If you want a shovel, use a shovel and not a long trowel. Although many recommend a spading fork, mine is hanging in the garage unused year after year. A steel bow rake is still handy for leveling soil and digging up clods and removing stones. The only other long handled tool that’s really convenient is a four tine pitch fork for handling trash and leaves.

If you have a vegetable garden you will probably be using a hoe, but in the flower garden, mulching should practically do away with the need of a hoe either the little narrow bladed onion hoe or the conventional hoe. And if you have to use a pick mattock to your soil, it’s an indication that you need tremendous amounts of organic matter and possibly coal ashes to loosen it so that it can be shoveled or spaded without a pick. Whatever tool you may buy, get the very best quality for they should be practically a life time investment.

Rose Varieties

Unless you are a rose specialist that grows 25 or more varieties, you will do best to stick to the standard dozen varieties offered by the average rose nursery. These are usually the best growers and best bloomers. Dormant roses can be planted most places throughout this month, but once the growth is started on outdoor roses, it’s better to use potted plants than dormant ones.

Your Own Agricultural Experiment station may have recommendations as for the best varieties for your state. Unfortunately these recommendations will not always agree with the claims for many of the new varieties. Because of the variations from state to state, I hesitate recommending specific varieties.

It seems that by now everybody should know how to fertilize their lawn, landscape and garden for it’s so easy and so simple with the modern commercial fertilizers. Now is a good time to fertilize every square inch of your place, using any complete commercial fertilizer. It may have an analysis of 4-12-4, 5-10-5, 5-10-10, 6-10-4, or 4-12-8. So far as we know there is no great difference between one and the other as far as the plants are concerned. It is perfectly safe to use three to four pounds for every 100 square feet of soil surface, remembering that the fertilizer goes straight down through the soil and never sideways. This means that every square inch will get its few drops.

Overdoses can of course kill the plants, but at the above rates it is safe and if you don’t tell the lawn, you can use a rose fertilizer on it and vice versa. And a vegetable fertilizer can be used in the flower garden and vice versa – the main thing is to get it on as soon as possible if you haven`t already done so this year. Fortunately every state requires that the analysis of the fertilizer be printed on the package showing percentage of the nitrogen, phosphorus and potash it contains.

There are so many fascinating annual flowers that have been listed in the catalogs for years, and yet all too few people are suffciently adventuresome to try them. Some that will give you a little something different, and yet not difficult to grow are the tassel flower (cacalia), calliopsis, candytuft, annual canterbury bells, clarkia, Chinese forget-me-not (cynoglossum) , annual pinks (Dianthus) such as haddemis and Zaciniatus, African daisy (dimorphotheca), annual gaillardia, godetia, cupflower (nierembergia), annual phlox, blue salvia (Salvia farinacea), flowering tobacco (nicotiana), nemesia, scabiosa. You will find these listed in all the larger seed catalogs as well as being on the seed racks in the seed stores.

Annual vines give summer color that climbing roses and a lot of other vines do not. In fact it is sometimes fun to let a single heavenly blue morning glory climb up into your climbing roses for mid-summer bloom. Some of the vines that you may be interested in trying out are the current popular varieties of morning glories. Other vines include the hyacinth bean, scarlet runner bean, cardinal climber, cypress vine, balsam apple and balsam pear. For a smaller vine better for hanging down than climbing, try thunbergia.

In case you are unaware there is lots more on the topic of flowering house plants. Drop by today at

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HDD Recovery Tools

This is a situation that every tech support person has faced or will face at least once: a failed hard drive. In this particular case, a user was getting errors like “disk 0 error” and “invalid drive specification. “

Here were the other facts in the case:

• The data wasn’t backed up.
• The problem came out of nowhere.
• The user had accessed Setup and tried to manually enter the settings for the drive type when”Auto” didn’t work.
• There was no start up disk made by this machine.

Repair a drive like that one-even if only long enough to copy its data before you throw the drive in the garbage-is a tough challenge. Compared to buy a new drive, the price of Data Recovery nowadays is still a very expensive option.

While the Freeze it, Hit it, and Drop it options are still experimented with by some, the current size and sensitivity of the newer larger hard drives makes these options extremely risky and definitely NOT recommended for hard drives with a capacity that’s greater than 60GB. And even then some of the operation suggested here should be approached with caution. Getting it wrong by trying to save some money will only end up costing you more if you then decide to pass on your hard drive to a data recovery company. . .

There are, broadly speaking three classes of data recovery, Logical, Electronic, and Physical.

• Logical Where the FAT, NTFS or other file structure has been corrupted either by accident or on purpose or individual filed or folders have gone missing. The hard drive has not suffered damage to the components of the hard drive itself.
• Electronic Component failure on the PCB (the circuit board on the bottom of the hard drive) in the motor or internally.
• Physical Internal damage to the hard drive, damaged platters, head crashes, damage to the motor, or head rack signal amplifier. You need a clean room and plenty of experience to have any chance of a successful outcome here.

Logical recoveries are becoming an affordable option for those people who are familiar with the risks involved with data recovery. Software tools that are now available for this task vary greatly in their capability, complexity and cost. Careful research should be done before any work is done on the damaged hard drive. If you are able, get another hard drive and experiment. Format it, Fdisk it, delete files and partitions and learn how the data recovery software operates under these various conditions. Before to start work on your own or your clients hard drive back it up, the backup mantra is one that you all should be familiar with by now! There are tools available to backup (or image) a hard drive that has been fdisked!! Use them. Ghost software is not suitable for this task, then perform your recovery attempts on the image not the original.

For the Electronic damaged, you must need some extra hdd repair tools to exchange the PCB or Head or other components, as far as we know, nowadays one tool called HD HPE Pro produced by SalvationDATA can do the excellent job of exchanging drive’s components. Many data recovery companies now using this tool, also nowadays there are many faked tools in the market which price is lower than SalvationDATA, but with bad quality.

As for the Physical problems of the drives, if the situation happened in several years ago, then even the best professional data recovery company will say that they have no choice.

But nowadays, the HDD recovery tools grows at a quick rapid speed, there are many tools can do this job now, among them the most famous tools are produced by ACE and SalvationDATA, but it is said that the Data Compass of SalvationDATA is much powerful, which can also support the Raid data recovery, which ACE doesn’t has.

Use Tools With Caution

What would our lives be like without the help of tools, power tools to be more precise? Well, I can say that we surely would not get things done as quickly or as precisely as we’d like. We’d probably also be just like our ancestors the cavemen who slowly began to establish tools into their lives.

Power tools of today are very high tech pieces of equipment that if not handled properly can injure, maim, or even kill the unprepared. So before you grab that ax, chain saw, or power drill, be sure to read through some of these guidelines to keep you and your loved ones safe.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that all the tools you use are kept in working condition before you use them. Double check to make sure the wiring is not cut, blades are secure and sharp, and read all the instructions about how to use the power tool BEFORE using it.

If any of the tools you are going to use require some sort of safety equipment, be sure to purchase this equipment and use it as instructed. OSHA requires workers to wear many safety equipment before they can work. Things like goggles, hard hats, and gloves.

Whenever you go to use some sort of power tool that you aren’t too sure how it works or more importantly how powerful it will be, be sure to give its power a brief test first. This should go without saying but please test it out before you actually use it on the job you plan to use the tool for.

Another great safety tip for using tools is to make sure that the place where you are working in is not dangerous. i.e make sure that there is nothing there that is going to go up in flames and burn the place down if you throw off sparks.

Last but definitely not least, when using any type of electrical tools, make sure that you are not in any danger to get shocked. Keep all plug ins away from water and make sure that your wires or what you are working on is safely grounded. Electric shock can kill you instantly so don’t fool around with electricity.

The best rule to keep in mind is that if you are not sure how to use a tool safely, ask someone who does to show you the proper procedures. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Read through some of Wade’s reviews of power drills and what to look for in a Panasonic Cordless Drill. Visit his website at

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Power Tools Equipment

In this article we’ll be discussing power hand tools and which ones you need to get started woodworking. I’ll also throw in a few “nice to have but not necessary tools” (and my wife said I couldn’t say “not necessary tools” together in one sentence, I don’t really mean it, I just said it).

1/2 – 2 Hp Router- This tool is such a work horse in my shop that I couldn’t imagine getting along without it. The router is the king of versatility in the shop. A router can perform a variety of shaping operations using different bits. You can make your own mouldings, put a decorative edge on a table top, or round over an edge. Your options are only limited by your imagination. The router can also handle joinery, mortising, edge jointing, pattern routing, and inlay work. Adding all these options together you can quickly see why I rarely build a project without the router involved in the process.

Jigsaw- This is a great tool to have for cutting curves, circles, trimming, and crosscutting parts. A coping saw can do the job also, it just takes longer. And if you have a lot of curves to cut out you’ll appreciate having a jigsaw.

Circular Saw- Just as the jigsaw shines in cutting curves, the circular saw’s claim to fame is in cutting straight lines. I use a circular saw to trim down large sheet goods before I take them to the tablesaw. A circular saw is also great at crosscutting pieces that are too large to maneuver on the tablesaw. With the proper blade and a straight edge, the circular saw can do most things that a tablesaw can do.

Orbital or Random-Orbit Sanders- Sanding is probably the least liked activity in woodworking. Whenever I can save time and effort in the sanding process I will. And the best way to do this especially on flat surfaces, is with a random-orbit sander. I prefer the random-orbit to the orbit sander because it leaves a less noticeable scratch pattern.

Cordless Drill (drill press reviews)- This is a tool I use almost everyday. It’s much more convenient to use than a corded drill. There are so many sizes and brands out on the market today that it can be mind blowing. The first thing to consider is what you’ll be doing with it. For household repair and general woodworking, I think a 12 – 14 volt size is plenty. Weight becomes a big factor after you get up above 14 volts. It seems that woodworking magazines have an article every other month on cordless drills. Check these out and see which ones test better. Surprisingly, some 12 volts compare to 14 volts in torque and number of holes drilled, as do some 14 to 18 volt comparisons.

There are other tools that you may want to add later on, like a belt sander, a biscuit jointer, a 3 Hp router for a router table. An air compressor with a brad nailer would be nice, but the tools listed above are what I would consider the essentials. Remember, to always use your common sense when using any power tool. If it feels unsafe, don’t do it. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any tool. Some of these tools are very loud so use hearing protection. And as always wear safety glasses at all times in the shop.

Craig Stevens has been a furniture maker for over 10 years who enjoys teaching others the joys of learning woodworking. If you are interested in learning more about woodworking, or in teaching your kids woodworking, go to our website to find tons of free information.