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Monetizing Blogspot Blogs with & Grouper

I always think of new ways to monetize content. Let’s face it there are many Blogspot bloggers out there who are not taking full advantage of the power of the Blogger platform. I thought of this post as I was working on how to build a cool shopping mashup with no programming required; Part 1 and Part 2. Since many people start out with Blogger platform, it’s important to build multiple revenue streams beyond Adsense.

As I pointed out in my previous post Monetizing Blogger blogs with Ebay RSS Feeds, Blogger has a powerful piece of functionality that allows you to include outside RSS feeds. This functionality is simply underutilized by most bloggers in favor of monetizing their blogspot blogs with Adsense. The goal with any blog should be a diversity of revenue streams – the more revenue streams the better. The following approach requires a Blogspot blog (obviously), a API partner agreement with (apply right here), another cool tool from Geckotribe (the makers of CaRp) called Grouper and a separate hosting account. This approach is a bit more complicated than my post on making money with blogger blogs using Ebay. Once this is installed and set up, not only will you be able to monetize Blogger blogs with, you will have a tool that can generate custom RSS feeds from the API that you can use in Squidoo lens, the comparison shopping engine.
The first step is to download Grouper. Grouper is a tool that can do the following;

  • RSS Manager
    Manage RSS search feeds from Google News, Yahoo! News, Feedster & Daypop.

  • XML Converter
    Create RSS 2.0 feeds from other XML formats. Pre-configured for Atom 0.3, Atom 1.0, RSS 0-91-0.94 & 2.0.

  • Affiliates XML Feeds
    Create RSS feeds from affiliate searches on,, and All Posters. Use with CaRP to display them on your website.

  • Website Scraper
    Includes plugins for scraping both regularly and irregularly structured webpages to RSS.

Those last two features are pretty powerful. Once Grouper is installed you will be able to scrape websites, convert the results to RSS and then display them either using CaRP or the built in tools of Blogger blogs. The script for creating RSS feeds from affiliate searches on comes with your purchase of Grouper . I have already used this tool to add content to the Earlymiser development blog and my Playstation 3 squidoo lens. See once Grouper is installed, you can then use Grouper’s functionality on numerous sites and blogs (Via
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