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My Lamp Experience

Lets share my experience as a LAMP professional and how i enjoyed setting up application server for my company as an individual team member. It was difficult to start with a big corporate project. But due to my prior experience on PHP and MySQL based open source software, it was easy for me. On the CENTOS 5 platform, we already had PHP 5 but i installed PHP 4 as CGI so that i can run my both type of applications.It was just like installing php 4 from and then compiling it with lot of additional extensions. After the compilation process, we have linked the PHP 4 scripts to run as cgi script using php 4 interpreter. Then there was MySQL 5 already running on port number 3307, what i did, installed mysql 4 on the another port number 3306, making some modifications in my.cnf, confIguration file for MySQL. There was some issue while installation, as mysql service was starting and then stopping in the presence of another mysql running on the same server. But at the end, it was some user and group permissions issue, that was blocking the service to run. But at last i have completed Dual Installation of PHP and MySQL on the LAMP Server. Then installed phpmyadmin to manage mysql server by putting appropriate securities inside the phpmyadmin default configuration file. Uploaded source code for website and customized it according to my organizations need. But after the hard work of three to four months i was successful in setting it up with some advance automation and syncronization scripts running on it. Developed an advanced Support Ticketing system on the LAMP platform, customized the platform according to the needs of support application, testing scripts on the LAMP, testing scripts integration with the mail server, testing scripts integration with MySQL database, it took around 8-9 months. Finally i got a support ticketing system, where customers can register themselves and can track their issues. Engineers can reply to their questions.The communication done on Microsoft Outlook can be seen and tracked on MySQL database, Administrator can get reports of the service provided by engineers and Non-Resolved Issues can be escalated to main support server at different location.It was a great success for me to develop such transparent support system and one of the big projects i have completed on LAMP.

Puneet verma is web consultant with more than 4 years experience in Telecom & Networking, ECommerce Industry.You can connect to him on skype id: puneet6565 OR mail him at He is currently running and a green blog .

Google Map tricks

Google Map has become the benchmark mapping utility for everything from getting main headings and finding close by nourishment choices to examining the exterior of the moon. Are you getting the most out of your Google Map experience? Keep reading to get some cooperative signs on how to maximize (or minimize) all your mapping desires. Make certain to depart us a commentary and let us understand about the Google Map mashups, tips, and fine-tunes you love. The Basics Search Be specific. You’ll find what you’re looking for if you kind precisely what it is you desire to map. If you’re looking for gas positions, which is particularly handy when utilising the wireless type on the street, just kind “gas.” Based on your present outlook (city, state, zip etc), you’ll glimpse gas positions burst up in the identical vicinity. Once you’ve banged on a exact position you can get main headings, seek close by, save for subsequent, or edit the position by either flagging it as unsuitable, going it, or asserting it as your own business. Don’t overlook to pull the little man icon up on the chart for road outlook (where available), or choose “More” to outlook photographs and/or wikipedia applications affiliated with your search. Keyboard Shortcuts You can use your keyboard’s projectile keys to proceed your outlook somewhat North (up arrow), South (down arrow), East (right arrow), or West (left arrow). For a larger leap, use the sheet up and sheet down keys to spectacularly proceed North and South. The dwelling key will leap West and the end key will assist you navigate farther East. Likewise, the + key will zoom in and the – key will zoom out. You can furthermore zoom in and out with a mouse or the two digit feel (up and down) on a Mac. Simple right? Advanced Tricks Map an Exact Intersection Should you select to chart a exact intersection without road figures, easily kind “STREET1 at STREET2, CITY, STATE” for a chart of that intersection. Use Extensions There’s a kind of Firefox additions that you can establish to make your mapping objective a little more seamless. I in person favour Ubiquity for my mapping shortcuts. You can choose an address on any sheet, start the Ubiquity order computer display, specify your query with “map,” adapt the chart to your admiration, and inject it in an email. Love it! Reference API Tutorials Should you select to leverage the API to conceive your own concoctions, you might desire to quotation both the Google Map API Tutorial, and Google Map Parameters mapki to the get the most out of your mashup. More Advanced Tricks The PCMechanic video underneath has a couple of handy tips for utilising Google Map, encompassing configuring Firefox for fast get access to to Google Map (:30), utilising kept positions (1:12), and finding latitude/longitude coordinates (1:55).

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How to Use Blogs in Successful Affiliate Marketing – A 3-Step Guide

1. Map Out Your Target Audience

One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing is to know who you are trying to sell to. So depending on what product you are trying to sell, carefully think about the people you think will buy your product. For an ab-building product you might write down “male,” “under 40,” “students,” “single,” “interested in weight-training.”

Next, about the type of blogs your audience will likely be reading. Continuing the ad-building example, you might think of:

“Men’s Style”
“Bodybuilding Blogs”
“Sports Blogs”
“Health & Fitness Blogs”

Once you have mapped out your target audience and thought of a few types of blogs they might visit, you can move on to finding the specific blogs that will be most successful in selling your product.

2. Use Blog Finder Tools

To find these blogs, you have several online tools at your disposal. One is the Google Blog Search tool. Using it, you type in the keywords of phrases that you mapped out for your target audience. So you would type in “men’s style” (Use quotation marks, especially with phrases, to make your search more specific), and the tool returns you a list of blog posts that have discussed the topic.

Now you need to narrow your search so that you find the blogs that are the busiest. Narrow it down to blogs that have been posted to within the last day or week. Then visit these blogs to see which ones get a lot of traffic. Better blogs will have subscriber counters, while others will have to be judged by the number of posts and comments left on those posts. (NOTE: Blogs whose URL includes “blogspot,” are sponsored by Google and are somewhat limited in their advertising potential.) Once you decide on the blogs you are interested in, you can continue to actually advertising on them.

3. Target Blogs With Advertising Spots

At this point, you should contact the owners of the blogs and inquire about advertising on them. There are 2 ways to go about this are either to purchase a banner ad on the site, or to ask about having a sponsored post made on the behalf of your product (you can make sponsored posts on Blogspot blogs). These are questions bloggers are used to, and they should be able to give you a price quickly.

Depending on how busy the chosen blog is, this method could expose your product to thousands of potential buyers for a minimal cost.

If you would like to learn more about basic and advanced methods of affiliate marketing and watch step-by-step video tutorials made by experts in this field I recommend:

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Driving theory test study materials

Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has introduced the Driving Theory Test on 1st July 1996 in UK. In order to improve the road safety skills DSA has made compulsory theory test which must be passed before learners can take the practical test itself.

Before driving any vehicle (car, motorbike etc), learners should check that they meet all of the legal requirements in United Kingdom. According to Driving Standards Agency (DSA) drivers has to pass theory test first before applying for driving license.

There are many resources where driver can learn driving theory test and practical test. Learner can learn to drive with the proper driving instructor and can drive safely on the road.

Driving theory test consists of two sections, a multiple choice exam and a hazard perception test.

A. Multiple choice elements in driving test:

The theory test is a computer-based test at various tests centers around the country. This section is designed to test your understanding of the theory behind driving. You have 57 minutes to complete the test. There is a 15-minute practice session you can work through before starting the tests. The questions in each multiple choice test vary according to the category of vehicle you’re hoping to obtain a license for, i.e. a motorcycle theory test will contain specific questions that don’t appear in any other test.

For cars and motorcycles you’ll be asked randomly selected 50 multiple-choice questions in 57 minutes and you need to get at least 43 right to pass.

B. Hazard perception test:

Hazard perception test is a second part of the driving theory test and must be passed at the same time. The main aim for this test is to tests your alertness of potential hazards while driving. This part is also delivered on a computer but learner has to react by clicking a mouse button.

This test includes a series of 14 hazard video clips each about a minute long, which have every day road scenes. Each clip contains at least one developing hazard, but one of the clips will feature two developing hazards. The videos feature various types of hazard, such as vehicles, pedestrians and road conditions.

There are many other resources where learner can learn and drive theory test. Such as:

Theory test book: Driving Theory test book include latest entire 2012 driving theory test revision questions with answers. This book is a important study material to prepare and pass your theory test

The Highway Code book: The Highway Code is imperative reading for everyone. This is very beneficial to know road traffic signs, rule and regulations if you are preparing for your driving theory test or practical test.

It is important that all road users are aware of the Code and are considerate towards each other. This applies to pedestrians as much as to drivers and riders.

Hazard perception clips: Hazard perception test has been brought in the driving theory test because new drivers are indirectly involved in accidents. It has been approved that drivers who have taken hazard perception test training have much better hazard test skills. Many learner drivers go wrong in hazard perception test, mainly because of lack of knowledge about the hazard test itself. If you understand the hazard perception test, how it works, how to score, what to look for etc, it’s not at all difficult to score good in the hazard test.

Driving test CD: Preparing for your driving test exam by getting at recent theory test questions. It helps to learn theory question and practice where you are weak in hazard perception test.

Driving theory test software: Driving theory test software can be access completely online official car, motorbike DSA driving theory test questions bank. It helps to learn theory, practice where you are weak, monitor your progress, help to get ready for exam, hazard perception test etc.

Prepare with these all study materials and pass your test with confidence.


John Grath is involved with Driving theory test preparation in writing useful driving theory test tips. You can learn more about driving test theory dvd, driving test dvd, Book Driving test, Driving test CD, Hazard perception dvd, Driving theory test software and The Highway Code book.

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Google Earth Lessons

Have you used Google Earth to sanction the highest quality teaching and learning within your classroom? Or have you challenged your students to use Google Earth to answer new innovative and thoughtful questions? If not, I believe that as a trainer you are missing an important and free learning tool. At its first glance, Google Earth does sound a little bit about geography. But, it is good for so much more and provides many useful utilities. Consider the innovative folks at Google Lit Trips who have developed Google Earth lessons related to the most popular trade books read in today’s classrooms. Certainly, if we magnify literature through a lens of Google Earth, it helps students understand literary concepts from a different perspective. Imagine floating high over Missouri with the ability to view conservation areas near your home. Now imagine being able to zoom in for a closer look at area facilities. With the availability of Google Earth, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

Google Earth is a new product that combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips. Google Earth puts a planet’s worth of imagery and other geographic information right on you’re desktop. You can type in an address and Google Earth will fly to that location. You can get driving directions between locations. You can even tilt and rotate to see 3D buildings in metropolitan areas such as St. Louis.

With a new data file from the Missouri Department of Conservation, you can even view conservation areas along with information on their facilities, activities and regulations. Save and share your searches and favorites. Even add your own annotations. There are many ways to make geography lessons memorable and interesting for your students. For example, instead of having your students stare at maps for a class period each time you teach a geography lesson, you can get them involved in some hands-on activities that cement and enrich the topic. After teaching students about each theme of geography (location, culture, characteristics, human interaction, and movement) you can have them practice applying these ideas by focusing on different parts of the world using some of the following activities of Google Earth. Google Earth is a fantastic computer application that allows students to actually see what you are talking about when you mention a particular location. When you discuss Mount Rushmore or the Grand Canyon, you can actually show students the location and take a remote tour. Google Earth also allows students to explore the moon, the ocean, and their own backyard – literally. Now, not only can you see visuals of Earth, you can explore space and see the stars and planets.

Jessica, the author of this article is an SEO expert and associated with a reputed Google earth company. Google Map can be a traveler’s best friend. Thanks to a fresh renew, Google Map can present you 3-D diagrams of constructions throughout you — in throughout 100 habitations — so you can promptly orient yourself in an unfamiliar place. And get additional levels with supplemented information.

Oracle-A Well Know Software Language of the World

Oracle is the well known language of this world which was developed by the Sun Corporation. This language was introduced in late 60`s. Many software existed in this world right now are made on this language. Basically the word oracle is taken from the Latin whose English meaning is “to speak”. Sun Corporation which develop this programming language has an idea behind it which is; people should made their tailored software by using this language and this language should be renowned in this world so that people do not face difficulty in making and communicating the software. This idea centered the whole globe and now days same thing for which the company had developed this is going on. Much software which is developing for different field of the business is comprised on this “oracle” programming language. This language is getting enough popularity and need of the mankind; universities which are famous for the software; taught this programming language as an essential part of their studies.

Sun which develops this language has also developed many other languages such as Java and others. The company has also launched its operating system by the name of the Linux which is lighter as compare to others; lighter in a sense that it takes less power while working if seen in the context of others. Oracle is now available on net so that people can use it and make their own small software of their daily use. This language gave benefit to all without any discrimination. It is user friendly they prove of it is that it is wide available on internet so that people can use it rather it is language but it is lighter and take less space so that expert made its availability on internet, possible.

Mostly it is used for making the data bases for different user and system. This language has ability to make any type of database and it is proven by some big and international companies which are using their data bases comprised on this language. This option of making the data base are also available on internet so that people can made their databases whenever they needed but this require one thing that is knowledge about the language.

Some software which is made by using this language and is popular is: My SQL, oracle Linux, Oracle crystal ball, Oracle web logic server and data integration. These software are related to many different types of department such as my SQL is simple and use to create data bases in the business and this software is mostly use by the management department of the business. Same like my SQL, oracle Linux is the operating system which is now getting popularity day by day, this software is used to run gadget such as laptops and personal computers. This software does not require any special skill, home user can run this software use it easily along with Linux people are also using web browser which is fire fox. This web browser is also made by the same company.

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Senior Creative Developer

Senior Creative Developer
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Common Plumbing Tools

Good plumbing systems and regular maintenance keep drains and pipes in good condition and help prevent plumbing emergencies. According to residential plumbers people tend to neglect and ignore home maintenance which leads to a plumbing crisis.

Certain plumbing situations such as damaged pipes or gas leaks should be repaired by plumbers however minor plumbing issues such as clogs in the drain could be fixed by homeowners by using common plumbing tools.

The common plumbing tools that are commonly found in homes and are always carried by plumbers when fixing plumbing problems & repairs are:


Pipe Wrench: This is used for grasping and holding a pipe fitting or pipe when removing large tight caps and nuts. It has an adjustable jaw or teeth that allow it to grip the pipe. A basin wrench is a specialized tool for tight spots under sinks and basins. Plunger: This is used to clear clogs in toilets and unclogging bath tub drains. It is a rubber bell or cup shape device that is placed over the drain hole on one end that is attached to a long wooden handle. Cup plungers are used for sinks and tubs, while the flange plunger is used for toilet bowls. Pliers: Commonly used for tightening and loosening different types of nuts or fittings and securing pipes or fittings into the proper position while soldering. Sink Auger: This is used to clear clogs deep into the sink drain and tub drain. It is a long flexible cable with a steel auger piece on the end that is used to break up and remove tough clogs. It should not be used in toilet drains. Toilet Auger or Closet Auger: A toilet auger is snake shaped that slides through the toilet drain to locate, break up, and remove clogs in the toilet drain. It should not be used in sink drains. Teflon Tape: It is an inexpensive, flexible and thin tape that is used to prevent leaks at threaded plumbing joint connections, and is also used to keep gas and air from leaking from threaded connections. Searchme4 online business directory provides a list of UK plumbing companies for all your plumbing needs. For more information on Plumbers, visit our business directory

About the Author: Content writer and specialist


Linux Poker Guide – 3 Easy Steps to Play Poker Online on Linux Operating Systems

What is Linux Poker?

“Linux Poker refers to playing online poker games via the computers using Linux operating system.”

Can A Linux User Play Poker Online????

Players who have Linux operating systems on their computers have many options to play online poker online. However, here will talk about three of the most popular ways:

1) Find an “Instant Play” or “No Download” Linux Poker Site

2) Install Wine on Your Computers

3) Perform a ‘Dual Boot”

How to use these options to play poker on Linux Poker Sites?

Using An Instant Play / Java Applet / Flash Plugin:

You can play poker on your linux machines by installing Java / Flash Plugin on your computers. Now you simply need to click on the “Instant Play” or “No Download” button located on the home page of the poker website and start playing your favorite online poker games instantly. Important Note: Not all the Linux Poker Sites offer the same features and functions like the windows version have.

Installing WINE on Your Linux

You can enjoy playing your favorite poker games by installing “WINE” on their Linux machines. Wine is a free software program which allows Linux users to operate windows based programs on their Linux machines. Important Note: Although WINE is a good option to play pokeron your Linux machine but many players have experienced the sound issues or lack of features. But you don’t need to worry, an option of Instant Play / Java Applet / Flash Plugin is always there.

Dual Booting Your Linux Machine

Another option of playing poker on your Linux is to perform a dual boot, through which you operate both windows and Linux on the same operating system, but not at the same time. Important Note: Loss of files is the biggest drawback of dual booting. Hence, we recommend you to take back up of your PC before using this method.

Pankaj Gupta writes for Online-Poker-Play.Com, an in-depth online poker guide to learn how to play poker online on Linux Poker sites.

Linux Training: – Some Knowledge about Linux Training in IT Software Company.

Microcell Noida – Linux is a free open-source operating system based on UNIX. Linux was originally created by Linux Torvalds with the support of developers from around the world.  Linux is a very reason operating system and it is gradually becoming approval throughout the world. The benefits of this operating system are allowing it rapid growth in business as companies look to cut costs and experiment with new alternatives to proprietary software.


The Linux Networking & System Administration course provides knowledge and skills for Linux systems administrators who want to build proficiency at configuring common network services and security administration using Linux.

• Low Cost:-There is no need to expend time and huge amount money to acquire licenses since Linux and much of its software come with the GNU General Public License.

• Stability: – There is no need to reboot the Linux system to maintain performance levels.

• Performance: – Linux provides high performance on various networks. It has the ability to handle large numbers of users simultaneously.

• Networking: – It can perform tasks like network backup faster than other operating systems. 

• Compatibility: -It runs all common UNIX software packages and can process all common file formats.

• Fast and easy installation: -Linux distributions come with user-friendly installation.

• Security: -Linux is one of the most secure operating systems. File ownership and permissions make Linux more secure.

The defining component of any Linux system is the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released October 5, 1991. Typically Linux is packaged in a format known as a Linux distribution for desktop and server use, As an open operating system, Linux is developed collaboratively, meaning no one company is solely re-Linux, which began its existence as a server OS and Has become useful as a desktop OS, can also be used on all of these devices.

 Linux started out as a personal computer system used by individuals, and has since gained the support of several large corporations, such as Sun Microsystems, HP, Dell and IBM. The Linux-based distributions are a top choice for Internet servers, with a great part of the World Wide Web (www) being powered by Linux. Linux is often used with Apache, thus creating the stable Linux-Apache combination. Linux is both an operating system and a kernel. Linux can do many of the things that windows can do, running a GUI and a desktop environment such as KDE or GNOME. Most of the primary apps that people require when they move to Linux are already available for free.

Linux is also very easily bent, much more than Windows. It is almost exclusively used on home routers, and supercomputers; and is very popular for server: Google and Yahoo use Linux almost/totally exclusively to host their web sites. Linux has many good features also:

• Free – All code can be seen, and edited, and recompiled, which allows the community at large to help the main developers fix bugs etc. You can also download 99% of Linux perverted completely free of charge.

• Little or No Viruses- Yes, there are viruses for Linux, but only 2 ever got out in to the wild, and they were years ago, and to utilize very old holes in very old kernels. The Other viruses were lab experiments. Also, Linux is completely immune to all known spy-ware and malware.

• Completely customizable. Linux can be modified to your heart’s content, there are numerous window managers and desktop environments for it, and each one of them is infinitely theme able. You can change *everything* about the way the OS interacts with you.

Microcell Systems has deep interest in writing informative articles on Linux Training in Noida, Delhi, Ncr, Ghaziabad etc.  Also given her words to a portal Linux Training where one can find info on Oracle Training. Explore: –