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Sourcehunt PHP Xmas 2015: Give the Gift of Pull Requests!
Yadm is an ODM for MongoDB. It makes reading from and writing to Mongo databases significantly simpler. It's super simple to use with a learning curve as shallow as Medoo's, so you'll be up and running in no time. The docs could use help with examples …
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Couchbase Passes MongoDB in Functionality, CEO Claims

Couchbase Passes MongoDB in Functionality, CEO Claims
Couchbase and MongoDB have been going head to head in the world of document-oriented NoSQL databases for some time. With today's launch of Couchbase Server 4.0, the company has caught up to and even surpassed some of MongoDB's capabilities, …
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להיחשף ולשמוע על הדור הבא של בסיס הנתונים הפופולרי mongoDB
mongoDB הוא הראשון מבין בסיסי הנתונים מסוג NoSQL שמצליח להתברג במקום משמעותי בפסגת בסיסי הנתונים בעולם, שמתהדר רק בבסיסי נתונים מסוג רלציוני. בין יתרונותיו ניתן למנות עושר יכולות רב, ניסיון מוכח ומוצלח במגוון רחב של מגזרים לרבות תמיכה לחברות אנטרפרייז , יכולות לטפל …
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腾讯云七层安全体系为云存储MongoDB数据安全保驾护航,享有与云数据库、云存储Redis同样级别的安全级别,包括企业级DDoS防护、内外网隔离、用户之间路由访问隔离和资源隔离、恶意命令安全审计和强密码校验等。通过层层 …
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Simplilearn Introduces Apache Kafka and MongoDB Certification Courses for Big

Simplilearn Introduces Apache Kafka and MongoDB Certification Courses for Big
Simplilearn's certification training in MongoDB Administrator and MongoDB Developer is designed to take learners through the administrative features, functionalities, schema-less design features of MongoDB. There is a great demand for skilled …
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Caching a MongoDB Database with Redis
MongoDB is no exception here, and as your MongoDB database scales up, things can really slow down. This issue can even get worse if the database server is detached from the web server. In such systems, the communication with the database can cause a …
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Learn to tame databases with the Essential Data Mastery Bundle — 97% off
Several of the included video courses focus on SQL databases, showing you how to design efficient MySQL and PostgreSQL setups, and manipulate data across multiple systems. With the basics in place, you can start to learn about queries and tables.
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Master data analytics with this 7 course bundle for 94% off
Projects in MongoDB: Learn MongoDB Building 10 Projects: MongoDB is the data manipulation tool of choice, so learn it through simple step-by-step projects. Learning SQL, MySQL & Databases is Easy: Store and manipulate data on multiple database …
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Severalnines breaks records on MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB
But building resilient infrastructure is no small feat – from design, configuration and management through to data integrity and security – there is plenty to do. With ClusterControl, we've effectively lowered the barrier to entry for sysadmins and …
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Shodan: 35 тыс. баз данных MongoDB находятся в публичном доступе

Shodan: 35 тыс. баз данных MongoDB находятся в публичном доступе
В свете недавнего инцидента с раскрытием данных 13 млн учетных записей пользователей MacKeeper создатель поисковой системы Shodan Джон Мезерли (John Matherly) опубликовал статистику по количеству публично доступных баз …
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Open to the core: MongoDB's enterprise push in 'joins' U-turn
MongoDB grabbed headlines last week with the release of version 3.2 of its popular NoSQL database. Consistent with the company's prescribed messaging, the tech media dutifully inserted “enterprise” into every headline, touting MongoDB's new storage …
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Hiring Top Data Scientists, Gaming The Office Gift Exchange: Big Data Roundup

Hiring Top Data Scientists, Gaming The Office Gift Exchange: Big Data Roundup
Plus we've got news about an Amazon executive who has joined the board of directors at MongoDB and information about a new report that illuminates some of the tactics that data-driven companies use to ensure they have top analytics talent on staff …
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Google Cloud Platform
It supports both Docker and CoreOS container standards. You can manage them … For example, spinning up my Debian VM with its MongoDB database engine could have been handled through Google's wide range of prepackaged server software stacks.
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HIV dating app leaks sensitive user data, threatens infection when alerted
It's rated four out of five stars on its partner site, HIV Positive Dating, a support and dating group for people with sexually transmitted diseases. … Given that it has to do with a MongoDB database that houses Hzone's data – and given that Chris …
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How to Run TBS 6925 Digital Tuner card on Linux and Ubuntu

Ubuntu Linux is a great basis for a general purpose MythTV Media Centre and has the latest version of MythTV (0.22) ready to install from its DVB software repositories. This guide shows you how to get MythTV working for free-to-air digital satellite channels in the UK with the new TBS 6925 card. However, much of it will be applicable to anyone using a DVB-S/s2 tv card.


Freesat currently uses the DVB-S standard for all channels, but the HD channels may be changing to use DVB-S2 at some point in the future. For that reason, it may be worth investing in a DVB-S2 card such as the TBS 6925. Different from the other Linux TV card, TBS 6925 is intended for professional use. It can support 16APSK/32APSK transponders, DVB s2 CCM, DVB s2 VCM and DVB s2 ACM mode. The key feature of this sat pc card is to capture multiple Transport Stream and Generic Stream up to 190 Mbit/s channel bit rate and support a Wide range symbol rates from 200Ksps to 45Msps. It works seamlessly with Linux system and supports Mythtv well. It has updated the latest Linux driver which supports all kernels up to 2.6.38. No double it is the best mythtv supported card. MythTV can record and play the HD channels as long as your PC is capable.

Installation MythTV on Ubunt

You have two choices when installing MythTV on Ubuntu. You can either install from the standard Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Xubuntu CD and then add the additional packages or try the ready made Mythbuntu distribution.Mythbuntu contains all the packages you need for Ubuntu and MythTV on one CD. It is especially recommended for beginners when installing from scratch. However, it uses the Xfce desktop which, in my opinion, is not as polished as the standard Gnome desktop. For this reason I prefer to install from the standard Ubuntu CD and then load the MythTV packages on top.You can download the latest Ubuntu CD image from here. The Desktop Edition is probably the one to go for. This is a live CD, so may take a while to boot up before you can click the “install” icon on the desktop. Follow the steps you will be easily to setup Mythtv on Ubunt.

Installing TBS 6925

Turn off your computer and unplug it from the wall. Open up the case and look for a short, white card expansion connector on the motherboard. Next to it should be at least two more white connectors that look similar but are longer. If this connector is already being used by another card, you can still install your tuner in a long connector. The PCIe card with TV tuner for Linux will still run as a PCIe x1 when installed into the longerx4/ x8 or x16 connector.

The next is to install the Linux drivers for TBS 6925. You can find it the latest Linux kernel on the attaching CD or download it directly from buydvb.

Run TBS 6925 Tuner card on Linux and Ubuntu

To configure Myth, you run the mythtv-setup utility and step through the options. Select it from the menu: System->Administration->MythTV Backend Setup.Once you have logged in again, run MythTV Backend Setup once more. Click OK to stop the mythbackend process and and the mythtv-setup utility should run. Select TBS 6925 DVB S2 card, change the Card Type to “DVB s2 capture card (v3.x)”. It should detect it and show your card details. It is possible to use “virtual tuners” to record more than one channel on a single tuner as long as they are on the same multiplex. Select the “Recording Options” button and set “Max Recordings” to >1. This governs how many simultaneous recordings can be made from theTBS 6925. There are currently up to 20 channels broadcast on a Freeview multiplex. See here for more details.If you have two cards or a dual tuner, repeat the above steps, changing the DVB Card Number to 1.

After finding the DVB S2 card with the video source, A good Display Name would be “Freeview”. Set the Video source to the one we’ve just defined, “EIT”.Hit “Scan for channels” and set the correct country. Hopefully, this will find a load of channels and radio stations. Go here and check you have all the channels you need. If there are any you don’t want, uncheck the “Visible” box.

On the latest versions of MythTV there is a button on here to download the channel icons.

Now you can exit the setup utility. It will ask you if you want to run mythfilldatabase. Answer NO because we’re using the EIT. Now run a MythTV Frontend from the menu: Applications->Sound & Video->MythTV FrontendAt this point you should finally be able to watch Freesat HD TV!

As we know, TBS 6925 is a professional satellite card. Many unknown or locking satellite frequency and transponders can be scanned under 16APSK/32APSK .More surprises would be waiting for your with this amazing sat pc card. are the professional online DVB store, We provide all kinds of Satellite TV Receiver, Digital TV Recorder, HD Recorder,PC HDTV tuners, video capture cards, ,DVB-T Stick ,phoenix card reader,USB Smargo card programming pus, CAM CI module and ship it anywhere in the world!

How to Pass the particular Linux system Moreover Accreditation Exam

Linux certification would be the brain child with the Processing Technology Industry Association that is typically known as CompTIA. The Linux certification will be called as being a vendor fairly neutral certification examination as it just isn’t one that complies with a specific merchant’s software program or components. This particular exam will be considered to be the most different variety of assessment whenever we talk about the actual Info technologies business. You will discover plenty of licensed programs than it firms just like Novell’s Licensed Novell Industrial engineer (CNE) qualification, Reddish Hat’s Certified Industrial engineer Accreditation (RHCE) etc which might be coping with a particular merchant’s components or even software.

An individual’s understanding and also ability level around the A linux systemunix operating program is actually tested whenever one will take your Linux qualifications exam. Your certificate dish are going to be the specialist throughout software program configurations, administration associated with Linux-based systems, it is hosts along with safety, understanding file permissions along with indicating knowledge of consumer supervision. All of the elements associated with Linux operating system offers to be trained from the person in the event that she or he needs to pass the Linux certification program.

There isn’t any uncertainty that a candidate who has passed the Linux certification examination will be able to learn your expertise along with expertise regarding A linux systemunix program and can become a 6-12 thirty day period specialist Linux program administrator. The Linux exam provides to become finished inside the needed time that will become made digitally readily available within the pc. A prospect can get ninety min’s to reply ninety eight queries. Your examination user interface is actually extremely a lot user-friendly and only 1 query in a period are going to be exhibited around the pc screen. As soon as the particular exam can be finished from the candidate, the particular laptop will certainly commence assessing the individual’s document plus the score page will probably be quickly shipped to the applicant inside the form of a new print.

An person may need to rating any minimal of 675 represents out of 700 signifies so as to pass the actual Linux qualification examination. Generally there score print out can tutorial the particular applicant around the answers skipped simply by him or her within situation your prospect couldn’t realize the particular minimum represents necessary regarding ensuring any move. This can be pretty helpful with regard to applicants willing to retake the particular exam.

There is often a posted material accessible on the arranged regarding objectives regarding Linux qualifications which is launched through CompTIA. The objectives unveiled simply by CompTIA can give details of the items info which 6-12 a few months experienced Red hat technique administrator should end up being conscious away and ways to use it in order to complete effect.

Training pertaining to tests is these days very easily obtainable on the web. The candidate who has the passion to pass the actual Linux qualification examination should become aware with the apply tests, on the web tutorials, study manuals, concerns along with answers that are readily obtainable on the web these days. The majority of these kinds of research supplies tend to be produced simply by major exam experts from it sector.Inches

To know more about Cisco CCIE Storage Networking and resources for Cisco Data Center Storage Networking Design Specialist feel free to visit my blog. Thank you.

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Samsung Fascinate Says Yes To Bing No To Google

It is hard to imagine how a smartphone today wouldn’t come with a Google search system provided within it. After all, Google leads the pack of search engines by leaps and bounds above Yahoo and  Bing. But this is what Verizon is doing with the newly launched Samsung Fascinate, as it has done in the past with other phones. The Samsung Fascinate, recently released, is a smartphone powered by Google’s Android but makes Bing the default search engine. If one even looks for a Google search option on their phone, it won’t be found. This has numerous customers angry. So why did Verizon do it?

It comes down to money and Microsoft apparently was willing to pay Verizon to replace Google Search with Bing. Consumers are angry because they feel Verizon doesn’t have their interests at heart as much as their own bottom line. The deal between Verizon Wireless and Microsoft was reported to be between $ 550 million to $ 650 million over a five year period. According to the Wall Street Journal, the deal exempts Android handsets, such as Droid, from the provision that Bing become the default search engine on Verizon mobile devices. Right now Verizon Wireless is the largest wireless carrier in the US with 89 million subscribers.

So Verizon made the deal and began installing the Bing app on a large number of their devices, including BlackBerry from the server side. When people started to notice prior to the Samsung recent Samsung release, there were a lot of complaints sent to the company. Verizon stated that they wanted their customers to now have easier access to context-relevant searches; this is why they used Bing.  Verizon promised that with Bing customers would have a large variety of choices in the packages they were installing. Customers didn’t think so – feeling with the push toward Bing and the lack of Google gave them actually fewer choices.

People were possibly angrier at being pushed into the decision rather than given a choice or even being alerted that all they were going to get when they made a purchase was the Bing app.

So how does the Samsung Fascinate relate to all of this? This is one of Verizon’s newest releases and yes, it is doing the same thing  – no Google. By now, people have discovered how to override the default apps and put in a navigator app for Google, but does this make it right? Will consumers continue to put up with this? Maybe, as people are loving the Fascinate. The phone has been compared to be a midway point between HTC’s Droid Incredible and the Motorola Droid X. It has a 4-inch screen, which is a size bigger than the Incredible and a size smaller than the Droid X. The Fascinate has 2 GB of internal storage and 16 GB on MicroSD. The battery is said to be better than competitors with a n 1500 mAh.

Could the Fascinate have sold more versions had Verizon not made the deal with Microsoft to push out Google? It is hard to tell. It is even more difficult to see what Verizon will do now? Will they pull the Bing icon from the webpage; will they download the free Google search client and put it on the homepage or bury it? Will they continue putting out new phones minus the Google app? They made a deal and as the largest carrier in the US, will their customers feel betrayed enough to drop them or deal with it?

Chad Figueiredo is COO of Global Repair Solutions which specializes in Blackberry repair. GRS is ready to serve your repair needs including iPod repair, iPhone repair, and iPad repair. The expert technicians can diagnose and repair your device with no-hassles and at a competitive price. For more information, please visit

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X Car Integration Services – Keeping You Ahead In E Business Technology

X car integration services – Keeping you ahead in e business technology
With economic struggles and cultural shifts influencing the very way business is conducted, a lot of talk centered on the changing role of it in business is being done. There is a lot of buzz now about how business technology would all fall into place and how difficult it actually is to achieve.

These days big and small businesses operate in an increasingly complex and interconnected global environment requiring a whole new level of sophistication. It is important to recognize that the Internet, e-commerce and the demands of a knowledge economy are raising the bar of economic participation for everyone across the economy. This includes the need for goods and services to have a higher “knowledge” component, rapid development of new products, smarter marketing methods and improved management skills.

Technology is having various useful built-in features and allows customization for the development of error-free e Commerce websites. It allows making websites in many languages for more interactive store front and modifications & integrations of new features to website are easy. It has improved the information flow from you to your customer. The word improving here means that the idea of the information flow must not come from the online sales department itself but directly from you to your customer.

Among other technologies for the e Commerce solutions open source products are playing essential role for the robust Commerce websites and X- cart development is holding good rank in terms of trade solutions. X-cart integration website development is popular among developers for its security providing feature. It is widely used by the different online organizations and individuals such as there are various companies who run many sales channels in low costing budgets, whole sellers, retailers, distributors, e Commerce solution providers and various internet companies.

This software has reasons for being choice of developers and businessmen. Firstly X- cart is an open source technology, so it is reliable and cost effective. Secondly it is powerful shopping cart platform as it is written in PHP/MYSQL and uses smarty templates. In the online retail, business security is one of the essential elements. It also provides high level of security in the transfer of electronic data from one entity to another.

The software for this X cart shopping cart is great for anyone who wants to develop a shopping cart. The cart is greatly expandable, depending on your needs. Many trade sites are using it and are in the process to update and add another language to the website. It also has several other add-ons, like the image magnifier. Great shopping cart system. It works well and you get answers on technical questions promptly within latest 24 hours.

Get your business a high funda techno geek look with X cart shopping cart. This is the most convenient way for your customers to approach you and you to be accessible to them. For more details on X cart integration Visit us at

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