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FreeBSD VPS – What Makes It Such A Good Option?

FreeBSD VPS is a revolutionary and free operating system which is much like Unix. This new operating system is already being used by thousands of service providers today all over the world. Service providers use the operating system for appliance systems and embedded systems or anywhere else where they would want the hardware to be reliable. Though this technology has existed for decades, it has only been launched online recently and has become much popular since then. Three decades worth of research, refinement and changes have made this operating system what it is today. Several different companies today use this system like IBM, Nokia, Juniper and NetApp.  

What makes it so good?

If you really want to understand if FreeBSD VPS would be a good choice for you or not, you would have to understand what it offers. The system works on 386 hardware and so it is very efficient for the computers that we use today. it would not need Pentium III and it would use RAM of only half a gig for operating the interface. You will be able to utilize the hardware and the memory for important applications and software rather than just for your operating system. This operating system will also support multiple applications and graphical interface. One of the main reasons why it has been so popular is because it is very powerful.  

Software management

Another reason why this operating system is a good option is because it makes software management a very simple task. It uses Ports Collection to make this happen. Although you would need a lot of knowledge and expertise for handling software of this nature, Ports Collection is actually automated and can be configured, installed and uninstalled very easily. You would be able to easily install different software and applications on your system.  

Other benefits

The other systems would require risky or lengthy upgrade processes. However, when you use FreeBSD VPS, you would not have to face any such problems. The process with this operating system is very simple. The system has been optimized for its hardware and for applications. It would ensure that every single feature would be supported by your hardware.  

In the event that you decide to change the hardware, you can still rebuild your operating system in an easy and manageable way. These were some of the main benefits that are offered by FreeBSD VPS which actually makes it a good choice for anyone.

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Kernel32.dll Error – How to Fix Kernel32.dll Error Effectively within Few Mouse Clicks

Are you feeling deeply annoyed by the constantly popped- up kernel32.dll error when you are working on a project or running a program for your paper? Do you want to completely get rid of the Blue Screen of Death errors coming withKernel32.dll error easily and effectively? If you fail to fix Kernel32.dll error manually, you’d better take a kernel32.dll error fixer’s service into account.


What is Kernel32.dll error?

Kernel32.dll error is one of the toughest computer errors which are mostly tied with Invalid Windows Registry, Third-party software that is damaged or incorrectly installed, spyware attacks and incorrect version of the Kernel32.dll file. If your computer is encountering the serious Kernel32.dll error, I highly recommend you to install a reliable and fully- featured Kernel32.dll error Fixer on your computer.


If you cannot fix Kernel32.dll error in your computer and you fail to find out a Kernel32.dll error fixer, you will be bombard with:

l Blue Screen of Death errors

l Kernel32.dll error and related error messages

l Annoying DLL errors, registry errors and EXE error

l Windows Installer Errors, ActiveX Errors, Windows Media player Errors, l sass.exe , svchost.exe &other exe Errors

l Constant system freezes

l System and software crashes

l Malware threats

If your computer is encountering Kernel32.dll error, the best way is to enable a high- engineered and fully- featured Kernel32.dll error Fixer on your computer due to the fact that the Windows operating system is so complicated for you to handle with even if you are a computer professional. A highly- engineered and fully- featured Kernel32.dll error Fixer comes with ultra-powerful options and high-performance detection algorithm that can offer you absolutely professional solutions to safely and quickly fix Kernel32.dll error within few mouse clicks. Furthermore, it is intended to provide you with helpful service to thoroughly fix the Annoying DLL errors, registry errors and EXE error and other complicated errors in your computer.


Are you deeply annoyed by the infamous Kernel32.dll error? Do you want to fix Kernel32.dll error instantly within few mouse clicks? If you want more free tips to completely fix Kernel32.dll error and other computer errors, I highly recommend you to click here: Completely Fix Kernel32.dll error

Completely Fix Kernel32.dll error

In this Linux training course video, Linux Foundation Training Program Director, Jerry Cooperstein, provides a sample from Linux Kernel Internals and Debugging that outlines how Linux kernel…

CRM Magazine Honors Recipients of the 2015 CRM Service Awards

Medford, N.J. (PRWEB) March 26, 2015

CRM magazine is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s CRM Service Awards in its March 2015 issue. The 12th annual CRM Service Awards honor the vendors and client companies that enhance customer service experiences through the sophisticated use of people, processes, technologies, and knowledge.

To keep track of all of these developments during the past year, the CRM Service Awards take a look at new technologies and upgrades from established and emerging industry vendors, as well as the most impressive case study deployments.

In total, 25 vendors are honored in this year’s CRM Service Leader Awards across eight industry categories. Each category recognizes one Service Winner, denoting the company receiving the highest score compared with its peers; three CRM Service Leaders; and a “One to Watch.” Additionally, CRM magazine honors six Rising Stars for their innovative technologies, and three customer companies with CRM Service Elite Awards for their customer service technology deployments.

The CRM Service Awards are awarded to companies that have performed at the highest level, shaping the industry and pushing it forward.

“CRM magazine is happy to recognize excellence in customer service efforts in our 2015 CRM Service Awards. This year, the industry has witnessed some impressive developments in mobile support, multichannel cloud solutions, real-time analytics, feedback management, and even cognitive computing,” said David Myron, CRM magazine’s editorial director.

Recipients of the CRM Service Leader Awards were determined through an extensive process and proprietary rating formula that polls industry analysts for product and functionality assessments, company direction, and customer satisfaction. Product and services costs and financial and corporate information are also factored into overall scores.

Recipients of the 2015 CRM Service Awards are listed below in their respective categories. (Leaders in each category are listed in alphabetical order):

Customer Case Management

    Winner: Parature
    Leaders: Kana (a Verint company, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,
    One to Watch: Oracle

Contact Center Infrastructure

    Winner: Cisco Systems
    Leaders: Aspect Software, Genesys, Interactive Intelligence
    One to Watch: InContact

Interactive Voice Response

    Winner: Cisco Systems
    Leaders: Avaya, Interactive Intelligence, West
    One to Watch: Aspect Software

Web Support

    Winner: Service Cloud
    Leaders: Microsoft, Moxie Software, Oracle Service Cloud
    One to Watch: Zendesk

Workforce Optimization

    Winner: Verint Systems
    Leaders: Aspect Software, Calabrio, NICE Systems
    One to Watch: InContact

Contact Center Search

    Winner: IBM Watson and Oracle Knowledge
    Leaders: Kana (a Verint Company),
    One to Watch: Coveo

Enterprise Feedback Management

    Winner: Madallia
    Leaders: Allegiance (MaritzCX), IBM, Vovici (Verint)
    One to Watch: InMoment

Contact Center Outsourcing

    Winner: Teleperformance
    Leaders: Convergys, Sykes Enterprises, West
    One to Watch: TeleTech

CRM magazine also named six Rising Stars for the year:

    Helpshift improves feedback and customer service in mobile applications.
    IBM brings cognitive computing to customer support.
    NewVoiceMedia builds multichannel contact centers for customers.
    NICE Systems innovates with real-time analytics.
    WalkMe offers guided self-service for the web.
    Zendesk provides small enterprises with the tools they need to grow.

This year, three customer companies won CRM’s Service Elite award for their customer service technology deployments:

    Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan deployed NewVoiceMedia’s technology to help fundraising efforts.
    Kohl’s implemented Oracle Service Cloud for multichannel support.
    Michigan Office of Child Support installed Genesys technology to aid families in need.
The 2015 CRM Service Awards have been published in the March 2015 issue of CRM magazine—available in print and in digital NXTBook format. The awards package is also available online.

About CRM Magazine

CRM magazine is the leading publication of the customer relationship management industry, covering sales, marketing, and customer service strategies. The magazine also produces the annual CRM Evolution conference. Each of these properties is designed to serve customer-centric business initiatives and leaders who recognize CRM as a key strategy for creating enhanced customer value in any industry. For more information about the magazine, its editorial calendar, or CRM in general, please visit The monthly magazine and the website are properties of CRM Media, a division of Information Today, Inc.

How to Make Money with ClickBank Step by Step: Start Selling Affiliate Products on ClickBank

Learn 3 easy ways to start to make money with ClickBank step by step. This tutorial will help you to get started in affiliate marketing and guide you in the direction of promoting products…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

How To Make Money With Facebook Ads | Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads

How To Make Money With Facebook Ads – – This will show you exactly how to make excellent commission online.

Awesome Affiliate Marketing Advantages

Affiliate marketing, the selling of products and services of others, can be a blast. If you think about it, the sellers do all the work: they make the product, package it, set up marketing materials including a website, graphics, sales letter and usually more. You simply sign up for a coded link and sell. Can’t get much easier than that.

And an awesome part of this type of earning money is that you can add as many affiliates’ product to your promotions as you’d like. You can attach yourself to as many companies, as you want. It just depends on your ability to manage your promotions, time and earning in such manner that the many links can be fitted in, and yet can attract hits while bringing in sales.

As examples, say, for instance, you run a furniture business. In that case, it is in your interest to be affiliates of those companies who sell wall paintings, room decoration articles and so on, in short, stuff that someone who buys furniture, is also likely to buy. So, every time a purchase is made by following a link from your site, you get paid, for absolutely no effort! Not only that, in what is called a ‘ripple effect’, sometimes your own business picks up because of affiliated sales. Somebody gets a curtain, say, that person would also need to buy something from you to use that curtain. So, double profit.

Finally, you need to know about OSPs – Online Service Providers. They act as third party agents, negotiating between companies and affiliates. You need to register with them; that makes searching for likely affiliates that much easier, and far more efficient. You don’t even need to pay for this service, not at the outset. After you have linked up, and there are sales, the OSP gets a small share. That way, you do not have to spend your own money – yet, you are getting the job of finding partners done for you.

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Yahoo updates transparency report; promises to scale new email encryption by

Yahoo updates transparency report; promises to scale new email encryption by
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Population Health, Accountable Care Payment Reform, and Analytics Lift the Mired Payer BPO Market towards $8.0B, Black Book Survey

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 03, 2015

The US healthcare payer industry, facing a number of challenges due to regulatory reform and market disruption is motivated by the potential of implementing unconventional business process outsourcing and innovative software-as-a-service. Increasingly, health plans, particularly newly established plans and provider-based payer organizations, are flocking to BPO to help them operate smarter by reducing the cost of front, middle and back office processing.

Black Book’s survey 5,400 health plan BPO user were collected from Q3 2014 to Q1 2015. Top ranking vendor results can be accessed at

“At a time of great change in health care, BPO vendors are helping public and private payers achieve great efficiency and cost savings, improve transparency and member services, and enhance the health plans’ ability to participate in the reforming health care business models,” said Doug Brown, Managing Partner of Black Book.

The payer market place for traditional BPO services rose only 13% in contrast to the 7.2 million new paying members enrolled in plans as a result of the Affordable Care Act. “The routine BPO functions of claims adjudication, call centers, and member processing produced only modest gains for outsourcing vendors compared to projections which could have emerged had the 30 million possible new Obamacare members been realized,” said Brown.

However, inventive and unchartered administrative services in the industry, which include government payers, private health plans, commercial insurers, hospital and physician/provider sponsored plans, third party payers, managed care organizations, accountable care organizations and care management groups stand are pushing the $ 5.2B 2014 BPO marketplace to a predicted $ 8.0B in 2016.

“Payer contracting in these evolving areas has nearly doubled in just the past twelve months,” said Brown. From Q1 2013 to Q1 2015, Traditional payer BPO services including call centers, member enrollment and claims processing barely pushed a 9% CAGR as reported to Black Book.

The most popular BPO functions now span outsourcing analytics, new plan set up, claims modernization, alternative payment services, utilization management, security, value-based solutions development, sales and marketing, population health and big data initiatives, and multi-channel contact center management.

“The most significant opportunities for outsourcing service providers to support both public and private insurers lies within member analytics, population health and claims processing modernization.”

87% of health plan managers polled collectively indicated population health, software-as-a-service, accountable care/chronic care management assistance, big data aggregation, health information exchange, data security, and analytics are their top priorities in 2015-2016. 74% indicated they would likely outsource the development and management of new value-based payment models because of inadequate technology, staffing, resources or competing IT ventures currently underway.

83% of payers participating in the survey confirmed improved claims processing and modernized claims system capabilities top organizational strategies with project start dates before Q2 2016. 68% indicated they are considering outsourcing among the best solutions for claims modernization at this time.

61% of health plans are contemplating outsourcing utilization management by 2016, and 27% of payers are currently reviewing the potential for plan effectiveness by outsourcing care coordination and case management.

“Recent outsourcing adoption advances are being fueled by service and start up urgencies of newly developed health plans, expanding provider-based plans, and insurers experiencing higher membership demands driven by Obamacare,” said Brown. “But 92% of current and prospective users source the big gains for payer BPO vendors to the need for swift solutions to address increased regulatory governance, controlling fraud/waste/abuse, and the lack of capabilities in the current mix of in-house technologies.”

Black Book determined the major upturns in outsourcing implementations were in large part due to the 39% of small to medium sized plans now contracting for some processes, up from 20% in 2012. Eight of ten of the largest US health plans are outsourcing significant portions of their operations, including offshored services to India and the Philippines.

Top vendors were honored by clients in nine payer BPO service and software categories for outstanding health plan performances across eighteen key performance indicators through Q1 2015. These top rated vendors include:

Population Health Services: Cost Optimization, Value Based Solutions, Accountable Care & Care Management – Lumeris

Population Health: Utilization Management – HCCA Health Connections

Population Health: Analytics & Big Data Management – IBM Global

Claims Processing & Modernization – Xerox

Member Services & Contact Centers – Hexaware

Provider & Network Management Services– Trizetto

Payer Marketing & Sales Outsourcing – IMS Health

Revenue Cycle & Coding Support Outsourcing – DST Health Solutions

Health Insurance Exchange Support – Dell

About Black Book ™

Black Book Rankings, a division of Black Book Market Research LLC, provides healthcare IT users, media, investors, analysts, quality minded vendors, and prospective software system buyers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and other interested sectors of the clinical technology industry with comprehensive comparison data of the industry’s top respected and competitively performing technology vendors. The largest user opinion poll of its kind in healthcare IT, Black Book™ collects over 450,000 viewpoints on information technology and outsourced services vendor performance annually. Black Book was founded in 2000, is internationally recognized for over 15 years of customer satisfaction polling, particularly in technology, services, outsourcing and offshoring industries.

Black Book™, its founders, management and/or staff do not own or hold any financial interest in any of the vendors covered and encompassed in this survey, and Black Book reports the results of the collected satisfaction and client experience rankings in publication and to media prior to vendor notification of rating results.

Follow Black Book on Twitter at For methodology, auditing, resources, comprehensive research and ranking data, see

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Evaluating Engagement Analytics


What is it that drives social networking sites today? The buzzword is “engagement”. Your success online depends on how much can you keep your audience engaged. The term “engagement” in social media has various means, for example involvement, interest or perhaps a vow. Leading brands present in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter concentrate on this in order to make the most of their online brand building initiatives. Numerous enterprises and brands dealing in sections such as food, apparel, telecom, cosmetics and others have their own way to engage their customers socially. There are some who uses tactics such as quizzes and online polls, whilst there are some that depend on customer feedback and competitions. All this put together, makes engagement analytics a wholesome mix to study and analyze.

Engagement analytics look interesting, but it has its own complicacies as well when it comes to evaluation. However, it is of interest to delve into the multiple facets of web or social analytics. Once we have a clear perception about customer engagement we are able to conjecture what web analytics can or cannot convey about website visitors. There are certain web analytics metrics widely used in order to understand the kind of engagement they capture.

For instance, there is something called “Unique Visits”, that highlights the section of people who have decided to remain engaged by browsing and visiting a particular website for the first time. Similarly there is another term called “Frequency of Visit” that is required to be contextualized with a stipulated time. Contextualized frequency enables in identifying the relative degree of a user’s engagement. “Recency of Visit”, shows the recency of any user’s last activity. “Subject of engagement” on the other hand must not be restricted to the users. To explain on similar lines the “Object of engagement” is primarily the enterprise, brand or the consumption topic.

Measuring Engagement Analytics

The capacity to measure customer engagement, the chief indicators and the levers that help to optimize and impact engagement are essential to the success of any enterprise keeping in mind the social media objective. However, no single metric can be a solid indicator to evaluate how engaged a user is, the modern day service providers have introduced certain social media analytics tool.

Eminent service providers of engagement analytics enable users to measure customer engagement initiatives and results in user retention. This depends on the quantity of pre-set factors in addition to the enterprise’s own custom funnels. Customers have the admission to expert guidance that enables then to understand the way social engagement functions. Furthermore, customers can also identify the apt way to capture the data that will provide them with a clear picture in the factors that impact engagement campaigns.



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Google releases latest censorship tracking tools

Google has released a new Transparency Report outlining censorship levels around the world.

The report details how the US government asked Google for user information 4,287 times in the first six months of this year, while the UK government issued 1,000 similar requests to the search giant over the same period.

Removal requests mapped

Google’s new maps and tools allow users to check on an individual country to see how many of these removal requests were either completely or partly complied with by the company.

Google has also included a traffic graph which shows its services around the world, along with details on traffic outages caused by individual governments blocking access.

Google’s public policy head Scott Rubin said of the initiative: “Last year after the Iranian elections access to the internet was cut off and we saw a sudden drop in traffic to YouTube.”

Civil liberty and censorship

Civil liberty groups have applauded the move, although want Google to go even further and provide more detailed data on the nature of government take-down request.

“I think it is a tremendous initiative and it would be helpful if other networks could do the same thing,” said law professor and Open Rights Group representative Lilian Edwards.

“I think there will be some embarrassing data and it will vary from country to country. The UK is neither the best or the worst,” she said.

“It would be interesting to see whether these take-downs refer to libel, surveillance and intercepts or the content industries. The more data we have the more useful it will be.

“It would, for example, be interesting to compare Google’s data with published UK surveillance requests.”

China absent from report

David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer notes on the Google blog: “When Google’s services are blocked or filtered, we can’t serve our users effectively. That’s why we act every day to maximize free expression and access to information.

“Free expression is one of our core values. We believe that more information means more choice, more freedom and ultimately more power for the individual.”

Interestingly, data on information requests from China is not contained in the current Transparency Report.

“Chinese officials consider censorship demands to be state secrets so we cannot disclose that information at this time,” explained Google.

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