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How to Make Money During a Recession – Affiliate Marketing

The phone calls never stopped; bill collectors are a determined lot and I was actually pretty happy when the phone company shut our service off for non-payment. I had lost my job and the end was near. If I could not figure out how to make money during this recession, life as we once knew it would be gone. Late one night as I paced the floors with worry, I got an email from a friend. She was in the same boat as we were. Her husband had lost his job and they nearly lost their home… but then she discovered two little words that changed her life: Affiliate Marketing! 

I sure hope you have not stopped reading! I nearly did but this was a good friend of mine who would not lead me down the wrong path. Yes, lack of money can make people do desperate things but she would not take advantage of me and my family by getting us involved in some hair-brained Internet Marketing scheme, of that I was sure.

I read the email and she was talking about how she had come across a way to make extra money during this recession. It was called Affiliate Marketing and the idea behind it was pretty simple and made a lot of sense. You would find a crowd of people who had a desperate need or desire and then match them up with someone who had what they were hungry for. Find a starving crowd, see what they are hungry for and then give it to them… yes, that sounded straight forward enough.

Seems a lot of people all over the world are hungry for information that will help them solve a problem they have. Things like how to lose weight, how to save their marriage, how to save energy, how to fix their plumbing, how to start a vegetable garden… you name it, the list is endless. Through Affiliate Marketing you find someone who has written a book that solves these problems and sign up to promote their product for free. Now I’m not talking physical books here, I’m talking about digital, online books that people can read right on their computer screens as soon as they make payment. When an online purchase is made you will receive a generous commission for your efforts from the creator of the product.

And you know what? These books do not have printing and shipping costs associated with them so the commissions the owners pay out are incredibly high! It is so amazing but you definitely need to know what you are doing, but once you do, the amount of money you can make online with Affiliate Marketing is quite amazing! Recession, what recession?

I know how confusing and frustrating it can be finding ways to make money during a recession from someone you can trust.  It is to your advantage to understand the process right from the beginning.  Get a jump start towards your success by following a proven method that will eliminate the time consuming, trial and error process often associated with online programs.  Easy to follow videos are included that will guide new marketer’s and technically challenged individuals step by step towards financial success.  It’s free to check it out.  Please visit to see what everyone is talking about.

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Google may pull out of China

To us and many other countries, Google provides High Speed Internet the tool we use to find anything we are looking for on the web today. There are other search engines out there like Yahoo, and Bing but Google remains the most used search engine in the United States today. For us we can openly search for any information we want to without restrictions, but for citizens in China it’s not the same.


Unlike major companies that fear losing such a big market by not having service in China. Google announced that they might be severing ties with China due to the major restrictions the Chinese government places on companies that advertise or do business in China.


For a while now Google has been contemplating closing down they’re headquarters in the Beijing high tech district. Yahoo was one of the first major companies to pull years ago after having continuous run ins with the Chinese government over censorship issues.


The Chinese governments continuously blocks Google sites like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter and constantly watches what is put out on the Internet. Many people feel that the government has taken away the countries rights to freedom of speech by doing so. And with Google pulling out 360 million users will no longer be able to access the popular search giant other products like Google Maps, Gmail, Free music downloads, and Google Voice, which allows users to make phone calls over the Internet.


Right now google accounts for 32% of the search revenue in China, which some experts predict is valued at over $ 600 million annually. But for a company that brings in $ 22 Billion annually they are able to afford to lose the business as they look for other outlets and ways to replace the loss of China.


For now both sides are trying to work out a way that allows both sides to feel comfortable with the other. For Google they just want to be able to continue supplying the country with the same service they provide elsewhere. But the Chinese government is set in their ways and does not agree with the citizens of the country freely looking up any information they want without any repercussion.


By: Frank Bilotta

To us and many other countries, Google provides High Speed Internet the tool we use to find anything we are looking for on the web today. There are other search engines out there like Yahoo, and Bing but Google remains the most used search engine in the United States today. For us we can openly search for any information we want to without restrictions, but for citizens in China it’s not the same.

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Oracle Technology Platform for Data Migration

Often businesses face numerous data management challenges due to ever-increasing volumes of data. In addition to these challenges there are also other compliance requirements making it necessary for businesses to be able to access, organize, and manage huge volumes of data stored in a variety of formats. So, companies often resort to legacy tapes to store such data. However, maintaining these legacy tapes along with the necessary equipment to read them can turn out to be highly expensive and truly burdensome. Moreover, such storage also fails to serve the very purpose of keeping data.

To better manage data, it is essential for businesses to migrate to newer platforms like those offered by Oracle and IBM. This can bring about multiple benefits such as:

* Tremendously increasing processing speed

* Minimizing disk space

* Dramatically reducing system costs

* Improving data processing

* Enhancing the back-up process

However, data migration itself is a complex activity. It is often a high-risk, expensive, and time-consuming process. But with the right data migration platform it is possible to reduce the time, risk, and financial barriers involved in migrating databases. Managing and performing data migration therefore requires advanced tools, technical know-how, and a lot of expertise. That is why many experts in the market have designed robust platforms for data migration. The Oracle technology platform for data migration is one such. By using this platform businesses can optimize the use of their data and applications.

Several businesses invest in Oracle products such as the Oracle e-business suite and Oracle exadata database management machine. While investing in Oracle technology is certainly beneficial for the business, this alone is not enough. A well planned migration methodology is crucial to make sure that business data is well-evaluated, reviewed and restored before it is migrated to a new, cost-effective, and more accessible platform. And it is this method that will ensure the safety of data from the start to the end.

To best leverage investment in Oracle technology, and to improve business performance through effective data migration, it is important to choose the right service partner who can help make efficient use of the Oracle technology platform for data migration. The process can be successful and effective only when performed with the knowledge and expertise of a data migration expert who can streamline the process and dramatically reduce the time taken for data migration.


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The Two Nation Theory

At last the Indian National Congress had to accept the two nation theory. Who accepted it first or why he did so, did not matter. The country was divided based on the theory that the Hindus and the Muslims constituted two different nations, while nobody cared to ask the question during the days of the Mughal rule or earlier. Even Mohammed Ali Jinnah did not relish the idea when it was first mooted by the Ali brothers. Nobody had then expected that it would gain acceptance and from the basis for the country’s division. People had lived for hundreds of years-both the Hindus and the Muslims – side by side, breathing the same air, drinking the same water, living here and dying here. Not that there was perfect cordiality all the time. A number of Muslim invaders slaughtered the Buddhist and the Hindus alike, pulled down their places of worship, plundered their wealth, and persecuted them mercilessly. Their rulers taxed them heavily and forced them to live a life of constant fear and suffering. But still, the Hindus put on a brave demeanor and put up with all the hardships courageously and lived even though a few embraced Islam when they were threatened to choose between death and Islam. The Muslims invariably felt that their destinies were tied with that of the land, though they robbed some of the Hindus of their last penny, reducing them to the status of ‘hewers of wood’ and ‘drawers of water’ and the idea of two nations had never entered into their minds.

When Zinnah succumbed to the idea, Gandhiji tried to win him back to his side with the offer of Prime Minister ship of free India. He said if Zinnah accepted to head the interim government Pandit Nehru would be his deputy. Zinnah was not to be baited, if it was bait, He had already turned towards the west and the creation of anew nation completely occupied his mind and heart.

And so was Pakistan born. But India had won its freedom. Never mind if Punjab and Bengal were divided. We had our midnight freedom. Not a drop of blood was shed. The lion had shaken to the core at the sight of the magic wand. We simply held it before its eyes. This was only a dream. It did not last long. The country plunged into a blood bath that no where had a parallel. Thousands were butchered; millions ran for life, leaving everything behind, leaving the land that was suffused with the breath of their fathers and forefathers, the land they had loved so dearly.

That was not all. A number of Muslims from many parts of the land left for the newly born country which perhaps looked like a paradise on earth. India did not object to the mass migration. Any one was free to go or come. But before long these pilgrims came back. The land that had held no attraction a few days ago did not object to their transmigration.

Now the question is did any Hindu who had come from Pakistan to India, go back to Pakistan disillusioned? Not that it maters much. But why didn’t they go? Did they really accept the two nation theory? It was thrust on them and so they had to accept it out of sheer compulsion.

The Nawabs of Nizam and Jhunaghad did not think that they had a duty to respect the will of their subjects. They felt that as rulers they could let their free will shape the course of history. But the story of Kashmir was different. The Hindus King had no choice before him. When his kingdom was attacked by the so called tribal, he knew fully well who was really behind the thrust. Even then Pandit Nehru did not concede to the request of the Kashmir Prime Minister until Sheik Abdullah who Nehru thought was the real representative of the Muslim majority, endorsed the Maharajah’s proposal. When subsequently elections were held, the Abdullah government was not voted down, which though not directly, amounted that the Muslims of Kashmir did not subscribe to the two nation theory. If Pakistan without attacking Kashmir, had allowed the Maharaja or his people to express their free will whatever course it might have taken, the situation would taken been different.

Now the upsurge in Kashmir with its Pakistani manipulations, tries to move the clock back to the eve of partition. To brush it aside as a trouble created by a few hundreds of Pakistani trained militants does not sound very convincing. If it was that simple and that the militants did not sound very convincing. If it was that simple and that the militants did not have a popular base in at least a few areas in the valley why were they not liquidated yet? If there was no sufficient justification, why did the government of India give Kashmir’s a special status?

Things have gone too far. The present situation is distressing now that the popular government was dismissed. For more than two years, the gun has been in fully play, with a great degree of freedom. But the voices are not silenced, firing and counter firing continue. Peace is not near in sight. It is time to denounce meaningless prestige and bring all the people connected to a conference table and chalk out a way out. As long as India talks about Pakistani intransigence it will go on harping on the UN resolutions. There are people all around ready to nod approvingly at what Pakistan does.

The Muslims living in other parts of India too have great responsibility. No use of remaining as silent spectators. They have to stand up and denounce secessionist tendencies that are sweeping across the valley like a whirl wind. They should remember that the government and the people in general are ready to treat them with love and respect and that the Hindus who never subscribed to the two nation theory treat the Muslims only a religious minority like the Christians or the Buddhists. It was India that had banished Satanic Verses long before Pakistan and many Muslim nations did. The Hindus too have a part to play. They should not forget that theirs is a society that has seen God in every living being, a society that has not only preached but also practiced religious tolerance they should assure their Muslim brethren that they want to end their wranglings over Mandir – Masjid issues.

If India is a symbol of secularism, Kashmir is a symbol within a symbol. While India is that of Hindu brand, Kashmir should be its complementary part of Muslim brand. And the two should together declare that they can live together in spite of divergences with mutual respect and understanding.

Sam J Thomas is a freelance writer and has written content for several web & print media projects. He is currently preparing content for Kerala House Boat Package -based tourism website and

Online Effectiveness and Social Media Analytics


A decade back the word “online” or the phrase “being online” meant logging into individual mail accounts and checking mails or chatting through a messenger. Though the meaning still holds true, but it has added to it a new dimension. Being online today also refers to whether you are present in any social networking platform, either through an individual or a corporate account. This means whether you are present in any of the popular networking groups and participating in trending topic discussions with your valuable feedback. Hence, going by the recent changes, one can say that today it is essential to be actively and “socially” online. 

Need for social media analytics


Gradually with the expansion of internet technology and social media networking every corporate brand is available online. The principal objective is brand awareness and online PR activities. Brand today want to establish a personal connect with their target audience and be at the top recall value. Being present in the social networking sphere also enables them to keep in tune with the latest happenings and also manage any crisis that results. Therefore, this social intelligence helps companies to come up with smart marketing and branding strategies.


Every business organization hence needs to concentrate on the expansive capacity of social media analytics. It is an essential tool for any kind of social media campaign and helps to evaluate an organization’s online effectiveness. Social media analytics provides users with a new platform for evaluating interactive marketing by incorporating, estimating and enabling enterprises to act on the social intelligence gained extending their reach and maximizing retention. This ultimately helps in generating more revenue.


Innovative Social Media Analytics Tools


With the rapid development of social networking with sites such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs markets are re-thinking about innovative analytics requirements in today’s web 2.0 platforms. Leading companies specializing in social media analytics tools have come up with efficient solutions catering to a client’s diverse business needs.


The solution:-

Offers trending views and drill-down capacities

Offers insights that help to make smarter, faster operating decisions across huge amounts of social data

Helps in revenue acquisition

Helps users to get quicker insights into the principal influences on the K-Factor and viral campaigns

Helps to understand as to what keeps customers engaged, and uncover the levers that can most impact revenues.


Furthermore, it offers quick results for businesses and helps to track social media behaviors real-time. You can also get instant feedback on what will work for a particular product.



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Anytime Collect Joins NACM Trade Credit Report Preferred Partner Program

Chardon, OH (PRWEB) May 18, 2015

e2b teknologies, publishers of Anytime Collect ( accounts receivable credit management software announced today that the company has joined as a Preferred Partner of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) Trade Credit Report ( The announcement was made at NACM’s 119th Credit Congress & Expo, the association’s member conference and trade show, today in St. Louis, MO.

As a Preferred Partner, Anytime Collect will provide bidirectional integration with the NACM Trade Credit Report providing NACM members with access to tradeline and credit information shared by other NACM’s Affiliates and members. The new integration also automates the transmission of trade credit data from members back to the NACM Trade Credit Report databases.

“We choose to partner only with the leading credit management software providers in the market,” said Michelle Herman, head of business development for the NACM National Database Team. “Anytime Collect is certainly one of the leaders in credit management software providers. We are excited to have them on board to extend our reach into the commercial credit sphere, to improve our members’ ability to easily share and to truly utilize information in a more efficient and cost effective way. The typical commercial credit manager is often underserved by the large ERP systems, so when we can create awareness and highlight automation solutions such as Anytime Collect, we know we are supporting their goals of improved portfolio management.”

Anytime Collect is participating in a special education session, Executive Exchange: Technology, at NACM Credit Congress today (May 18) at 3:45 pm (CST). A live demonstration and preview of the new NACM Trade Credit Report integration with Anytime Collect is also scheduled during Credit Congress for Tuesday, May 19 at 3 pm (CST) in Room 265 at America’s Center. Anytime Collect will also be exhibiting throughout Credit Congress in Booth #507.

“NACM is the premier source of business credit information and best practices,” said e2b teknologies CEO Bill Henslee. “Many of our customers and prospects are already members. The integration to the NACM Trade Credit Report benefits everyone involved: NACM, Anytime Collect and, most importantly, the NACM member company who needs access to up-to-date and accurate trade credit information to effectively manage credit risk and make critical decisions based on this information from their members and affiliate.”

About Anytime Collect

Anytime Collect, published by e2b teknologies, is a leading cloud-based accounts receivables management system integrated to leading ERP accounting systems including SAP, Oracle, Epicor, Sage ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Intuit QuickBooks and others. Anytime Collect is designed specifically for businesses selling to other businesses on credit terms to streamline and automate the entire accounts receivable credit and collections process with a return on investment in as little as two months.


NACM, founded in 1896, exists to support the commercial credit profession and to promote legislation for sound commercial credit, protect businesses against fraudulent debtors, improve the interchange of credit information, develop better credit practices and methods and establish a code of ethics. Headquartered in Columbia, MD, NACM supports more than 15,000 business credit and financial professionals worldwide with premier industry services, tools and information. NACM and its network of affiliated associations are the leading resource for credit and financial management information, education, products and services designed to improve the management of business credit and accounts receivable. NACM’s collective voice has influenced federal legislative policy results concerning commercial business and trade credit to our nation’s policy makers for more than 100 years and continues to play an active part in legislative issues pertaining to business credit and corporate bankruptcy. NACM’s annual 119th Credit Congress & Exposition, this year in St Louis, is the largest gathering of commercial credit professionals in the world. Media is welcome. Contact Dan LaRusso at 410-740-5560 or danl(at)nacm(dot)org for more information.

Launched in 2011, the National Trade Credit Report (NTCR) is comprised of NACM Affiliates’ local and regional databases. NACM’s Preferred Partner Program helps NACM members easily participate in the NTCR initiative through the software they use on a daily basis. Visit for more information.

Contact: Michelle Herman, head of Business Development, NACM National Database Team

Email: michelle(dot)herman(at)nacmtampa(dot)com

Phone: 310-779-4408


Twitter: NACM_National

Email Marketing – 3 New Affiliate Campaign Strategies That Work

Floating a productive email campaign can be a web guru’s nightmare, or a piece of cyber-cake, whichever you decide when you start your campaign. There are several email techniques that work well, some work better than others, and a few work not at all. The tips I’m showing you here, have worked well many times over, and will continue to work well, because they’ve got initiative, style and personality.

Friendly -

If you have a long running relationship with your email clients, you can use this one with some expectancy to begin with, but once it’s working you’re guaranteed further results. Be friendly, use their first name and remind them of y our last contact.

“Hey Joe, you remember when I contacted you last week with a great deal on super-natural ego builders? Well, I’ve got a great go-with that you’ll want to see, today. Not only can we build your super-natural ego, but we can increase your shoe size and add twenty pounds to your butt with these key health-weights. You’ll love the new process. Step on over to my site and I’ll give you more details.”

The best part is, once you’ve made friends with your list and invited them to take part in a good solid offer, they’ve accepted, and you’re offering them more and more value, they’ll be back.

Info Seekers -

This one requires more effort on your part, and to be honest, is probably the most viable project you’ll pursue. Info seekers want more info. Give it to them in the email. In the introductory page to your site, give them MORE information. Add information into the emails you send out from your squeeze page, and be sure your content and information products are filled to the brim with more and more information for these folks.

“Hey Joe, here’s more information about how to use that auto-responder. Give your customers a bit of information about their interests by adding in an on topic article that really speaks to their hearts. Here’s a link to an auto-responder prototype with some new key information and ideas. You’ll love it. Click the link.”

Give your info seekers enough information to draw them in and give them a boost up the ladder with information. Don’t skimp, there’s enough information out there to make several folks millionaires on any given topic. Keep the information flowing.

Looki-loos -

You know these guys, they want something for nothing, and they’re probably only going to buy a few times. Give them something, but not the whole farm. If you have a whole list of these folks, you’ll probably have better luck changing the items you offer frequently. They want the latest greatest, newest thing on the market, so provide it. (Every list has a few of these, cater to them now and then with a low-cost, high value new item, you may be able to bring them around to your way of thinking.)

Email marketing is on the rise, with everything from baby bottles to wheel chairs on the internet, you’ll be happy to know that your options are growing.

Impact your business with effective Brand Recognition that brings your readers back time after time to get MORE of your Quality and Value.

Oracle is Said to Announce Reorganization

Oracle’s share price fell by 2.1 percent on Monday. The unconfirmed reports showed that the commercial software developers are preparing to announce the restructuring and the North America’s top sales executives will leave.


Several security analysts tracking Oracle news discussed Oracle’s reorganization on Monday. Although they have different views of the restructuring, all of them got the news that Keith Block will end his 26 year career at Oracle. In the past decade, Bullock was Oracle’s sales executive vice president and consultant of North America.


Nomura Security analyst Rick Sherlund said, he received news from an anonymous industry sources, saying that Block has left Oracle over the weekend. JP Morgan Securities Inc., JMP Securities analyst Patrick Walravens believed that Bullock’s departure is part of the Oracle’s “massive” reorganization.


Oracle has not yet responded to the identity of Block. But by Monday afternoon, Block’s personal resume was still retained on the Oracle website. Things will become clear on Thursday, when Oracle will release the financial report in the fourth quarter.


During the period of litigation between Oracle and Hewlett-Packard in the near future, Block made disrespectful remarks about his superiors. Oracle and HP instituted a suit against each other because the former stopped developing software for running Intel Itanium chip server.


In the process of the trial of the case, Block’s instant messaging had been submitted as evidence to the court. When talking about the transaction of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems with $ 7.3 billion, Block said that Oracle had “bought a dog”, and that the Sun had been dead. Another instant messaging involved Mark Hurd, who is Oracle’s president as well as a close friend of Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison.


If Block left his job, it would cause the worries of the outside world for the turmoil of Oracle’s management, having knock-on effects on Oracle’s software sales. In addition, the wider sales reorganization may or may further exacerbate this concern.


“Oracle has considerable sales management personnel with remarkable depth, so we are not very worried about Block’s departure but we are more worried about the ongoing sales reorganization,” said Sherlund.


Oracle’s share price fell by 58 cents to $ 27.12, a decrease of 2.1%. In the past year, Oracle’s highest share price is $ 34.13 and lowest is $ 24.72.

Since the official release of new MMO games, many players are fond of playing games online. So there must be potential business in it. Do you want to make more Buy Diablo iii Gold? It is quite a good idea.

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How Google Makes Money Online

Most frequently asked question by most internet users is How Google is actually able to make money online. In today’s post, I will try to answer this question:

Google has given lots of valuable products to all internet users. Some of popular products are Google Search Engine, Google image search, Google Blog Search, Google News, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Google Earth, YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Orkut, and Google Analytics.

Sponsored Results: are the results that appear in right sidebar under ‘Sponsored Links’ with regular results when we do some search on Google. Websites that are shown in Sponsored results have some kind of agreement where Google shows their website for specific keywords and charge them for this service. So when we make search for buy canon digital camera, we see websites selling canon digital camera in the Sponsored links section in right sidebar. Google earn some money when someone clicks on any of these sponsored links. But how much money, this is a big question?I’m just giving you an approximate idea, this is determined by bidding. Websites willing to high amount of money for a click shows up in the sponsored results. Google AdWords allows all potential advertisers to create their ads copy, specify keywords and point their landing pages in their ad copy for which their ads will be shown and is actually clicked by Google search users.

Google AdSense: is an advertising program started by Google where everyone makes money. Website owners and bloggers sign up to AdSense to earn some revenue from their websites and blogs. Advertisers are also happy to pay some money for every click on their ads on websites and blogs as this helps them build their business and thus helps them make more money with their products and services. Website owners are bloggers are paid some amount of money for every click on any of AdSense on their pages. Google keeps big share of revenue that he receives from Advertisers for placing their ads on websites and blogs and pay very little to the publishers. Google AdSense ads are highly relevant to the content of a website page. If you have a page about eBay shopping, you will see results targeted about eBay shopping by Google AdSense Team.

There are many more methods that Google use to make money online with its products and services.

Are you as well interested in making money online, visit blog where you will get lots of valuable information about making money online even if you are interested in working from home.

Freebsd Vps – Great Features At No Hidden Charges At All

FreeBSD VPS has been considered to be a revolutionary technology that has taken the world by storm. This is a unique operating system that is currently available free for use to anyone. The system has been constantly developed, studied and researched for a few decades now but has only been launched to commercial public recently over the internet. Professional developers have been improvising on this technology to make it more suitable for the modern computers. One of the main reasons why it has gained a lot of popularity so soon is because of the fact that it offers advanced features at no cost. Although there are many good commercial systems currently available, they do not offer the same type of features and are definitely quite expensive for any business. With the new technology, you can enjoy higher performance levels and better security for your business without investing anything.

Offering Various Advantages for Any Kind of Business

FreeBSD VPS offers a lot of advantages to its users, no matter what type of business they use it for. The features offered by the technology are not even commercially available currently even by well known brands. Businesses that are looking for high level performance, reliability under stressful conditions, efficiency and security would find this to be a suitable solution for their business. You will find the system easy to install and use for internet servers. The system can also be used with intranet servers quite easily, making it suitable for a large user base.

No Investment Required

The main reason for businesses to try this new system is that there is no investment required. Ever since its launch online, the system is available to general users for free. This will be a good chance for your business to try an alternative to your current operating system without having to worry about investing anything at all. The system has been developed over the course of 3 decades by professional developers and so it is suitable for modern businesses. The performance and security features that it offers are unparalleled. It is advisable that you research well online before trying the system for your business so that you will be able to learn more about the features and would be able to apply it for your operations. Since there is no financial risk involved, you can simply try the new technology for your company for sometime before deciding if it would be suitable. FreeBSD VPS definitely offers several great features for any business.

To get more information about FreeBSD VPS and to find a host of virtual private servers, please visit

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