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Can Big Data Improve Medical Diagnoses?

Can Big Data Improve Medical Diagnoses?
Howard is a heavy hitter in big data: He's data strategist for Silicon Valley venture capital powerhouse Khosla Ventures and former president and chief scientist of Kaggle, which hosts big-brain predictive modeling competitions. Enlitic aims to use …
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23andMe recovering from health regulation setbacks
"When I go to some of the big health care entrepreneur conferences you see that there is definitely apprehension about the regulatory landscape in health and how aggressive you can actually be. The fact that there's potentially always something lurking …
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3 Ways To Improve Employee Health, Reduce Costs
As healthcare costs continue to rise, employers — especially those offering self-funded plans — are examining their role and the extent of their involvement in the health of individuals within their company. It's widely known that improved health …
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Stanford, SAP partnership explores genetics role in chronic conditions

Stanford, SAP partnership explores genetics role in chronic conditions
Just as the big data proponents on the hospital and insurance side of the equation maintain, big data sharing with genomics has the potential to reduce healthcare costs by better understanding the root causes of a chronic condition, not simply treating …
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Cambridge Consultants to Share Insights on the Convergence of Consumer Brands into Mainstream Healthcare at Connected Healthcare 2014

(PRWEB) September 01, 2014

The session will give delegates insight into the role that tech giants like Samsung, Google and Apple can play as they enter the health and wellness market and their impact on preventative care and disease management. Cambridge Consultants believes that as healthcare delivery models change, non-regulated devices can be effectively incorporated into care plans to not only prevent onset of disease but also provide more data for managing lifestyle diseases.

Cambridge Consultants will take the stage with Samsung Research Institute and Jawbone to further discuss how to succeed in this growing market that has seen big investment in recent months, including dealing with important aspects such as device reliability, data security, user experience, etc. The session titled “Consumer Brands Take Charge of mHealth” will take place in San Diego on October 14.

The full session description can be viewed below:

Consumer Brands Take Charge

With reports suggesting that $ 2.2B has already been invested in digital health start-ups in the first half of 2014, it’s crucial for the impact of these investments to be outlined.

Discuss the role tech giants, e.g. Apple and Samsung, will play such as focusing on wellness vs. certified mainstream healthcare to predict how consumer adoption will be effected
Capitalize on the increase in market acceptance and data reliability created by successful services, e.g. glucose and fitness monitoring, to develop the next wave of successes
Wearable explosion: How will smart watches, sensor lead jewellery and clothing change behaviours to create “healthcare customers” and prevent disease from the onset?

Moderator: Kyle Samani, CEO/Co-Founder, Pristine

Vaishali Kamat, Associate Director – Head of Connected Health, Cambridge Consultants

Andrew Rosenthal, Group Manager – Wellness and Platform, Jawbone

Ogan Gurel, MD, Director, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

The complete agenda and speaker line-up can be viewed here:

The Connected Healthcare USA Conference and Exhibition (14-15 October in San Diego) is a niche, researched-based event that unites 200 leading players from the mHealth market from the hospitals, insurers, integrators, software developers, device manufacturers, tech innovators and government to examine the steps needed to develop and deploy a strong business model to create market traction and scale connected health services.

For the complete Connected Healthcare 2014 conference program and speaker line-up, access the e-brochure at: or contact the mHealth project team at mhealth(at)openmobilemedia(dot)com.

Register by September 19th to get discounts via the secure link below to take advantage of a $ 100 saving on all conference passes:

About Open Mobile Media:

Open Mobile Media is the reference point for future mobile and web landscapes. We aim to provide you with industry focused news, events, reports, updates and information. Open Mobile Media is part of FC Business Intelligence Ltd. FC Business Intelligence Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales – Registered number 04388971, 7-9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK. enabling dialogue throughout the industry.

About Cambridge Consultants:

Cambridge Consultants develops breakthrough products, creates and licenses intellectual property, and provides business consultancy in technology critical issues for clients worldwide. For 50 years, the company has been helping its clients turn business opportunities into commercial successes, whether they are launching first-to-market products, entering new markets or expanding existing markets through the introduction of new technologies. With a team of more than 400 staff, including engineers, scientists, mathematicians and designers, in offices in Cambridge (UK), Boston (USA) and Singapore, Cambridge Consultants offers solutions across a diverse range of industries including medical technology, industrial and consumer products, digital health, energy and wireless communications. For more information, visit:


Shreya Ganapathy

Research Director- mHealth

Open Mobile Media

P: +44 20 7375 7150

E: shreya(at)openmobilemedia(dot)com

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3 reasons why health care data is such a security risk — and what health
This week, the FBI reminded the health care industry that it's a huge target for hackers. The briefing obtained by Reuters came on the heels of a wide-scale attack on Franklin, Tennesse-based Community Health Systems Inc. Millions of patient records …
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Update: Intel To Apply Big Data Into Medicine (INTC)
The data generated by IoT in healthcare can drive new efficiencies, while advancing research and improving care. Intel's Big Data analytics platform is capable of integrating a number of software components, including Cloudera CDH – an open-source …
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Celebs gin up votes for midterm push
In 2010, the under-30 vote dropped 27 percent since Obama first sailed to victory two years earlier, according to CIVIC analysis of Census data. Bernstein's group hopes to engage these so-called … A big push for the youth vote will be National Voter …
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Richardson cloud provider takes military approach to protect against cyberattacks
… boardrooms, FireHost executives say. And that leaves a big opening for a company like FireHost. … FireHost is focused on industries that deal with sensitive data and privacy compliance regulations, such as health care and retail. But executives …
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Medical white paper using big data to be drawn up
By releasing an analysis of such “big data,” which shows what kinds of medical treatment patients have received at hospitals, the government hopes local governments burdened with massive health care expenditures will be prompted to trim costs.
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Failure of Aetna's CarePass platform might be a bad omen for Apple HealthKit
Last week, the health insurance giant Aetna said it would discontinue its CarePass consumer health data platform by the end of 2014. And when a player as big as Aetna dumps its health data platform, it's cause for discussion, if not concern, in digital …
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Pentagon Accepts Bids on Long-Awaited Health Records Contract
Major data gaps in patient records frequently occur when health care is delivered to DOD beneficiaries outside of the DOD network. That's been a big problem considering about half of the nearly 10 million DOD beneficiaries choose their care outside the …
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Cell-Phone Data Might Help Predict Ebola's Spread

Cell-Phone Data Might Help Predict Ebola's Spread
The model created using the data is not meant to lead to travel restrictions, but rather to offer clues about where to focus preventive measures and health care. Indeed, efforts to restrict people's movements, such as Senegal's decision to close its …
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My Fitbit experience: Lost 27 pounds, gained a lot of questions
Despite not setting an intention for weight loss, I have lost weight. That wasn't a big surprise. After all, I'm doing more than 15,000 steps and 10 flights of stairs almost ever day — way more than the 6,000 to 7,000 steps a day that I was doing when …
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Will the worlds of Hadoop and Big Data combine or collide? | #HPBigData2014
As far as Blue Cross Blue Shield was concerned, the health insurance provider never saw a risk of database collision with Big Data. Quite the contrary, it anticipated that things were all converging for the purposes of data management. Vellante wanted …
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The Morning Download: What CIOs Understand About the Plight of the 'Data
You can get The Morning Download emailed to you each weekday morning by clicking here. Good Morning. Companies are chasing Big Data technology and talent in a bid to tease business advantages out of a variety of databases, sensors and documents.
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The exchange factor: Electronic data system points to a future of managing
The health care and business communities in Michigan may be on the cusp of realizing the ultimate benefit of the free flow of online medical electronic data: Managing the health of patients as they move through the health care delivery system across …
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Why CEO decided being a better dad was more important than his job

Why CEO decided being a better dad was more important than his job
Instead, the outgoing CEO of software company MongoDB decided to use his story to help advance the cause of engaged fathers. Video: In Today's Take, Al Roker, Tamron Hall and Natalie Morales discuss a male CEO's explanation for stepping down from …

ClusterHQ Launches Flocker to Facilitate Robust Stateful Docker Containers
Developers wishing to try out Flocker can follow the getting started guide, which uses Vagrant and VirtualBox to run VMs with Flocker demos using MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Marsden's recent presentation to the Edinburgh Docker Meetup on 'Data focused …

如果这一切可以实现就真是太优雅了:我们就能够巧妙地在不涉及磁盘操作的情况下利用MongoDB的查询/检索功能。可能你也知道,在99%的情况下,磁盘IO(特别是随机IO)是系统的瓶颈,而且,如果你要写入数据的话,磁盘操作是 …
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Lahman: Wearable tech will change health care

Lahman: Wearable tech will change health care
Wearable electronics reflect a convergence among three major technological advances of this generation: the miniaturization of hardware and ability to put remarkable amounts of processing power in very small devices; big data's ability to collect and …
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Why Big Data Isn't Enough: Tomorrow's Technology Will Be Built Around
A new generation of technologies are starting to enable this scenario and changing the way healthcare and other data are mined and utilized, pulling data from various sources to create actionable real-time care plans for patients and providers based on …
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4 recommendations to harness big data
The number of participants and records to analyze matters in health data networks. Stakeholders must create incentives for health care providers to participate and adopt standards of interoperability. Providers must be committed to educating patients …
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Four Ideas to Leverage the Maximum Potential of Data in Health Care
It is critical to design privacy controls into the structure of large data systems. This will give patients confidence about the security of their data. Because of the unique nature of medical data, it is also difficult to provide restitution in the …
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Vice President of Community, MongoDB

Vice President of Community, MongoDB
Matt Asay is Vice President of Community at MongoDB. He was previously VP of Business Development at Nodeable. You can reach him at and follow him on Twitter @mjasay. Articles by Matt Asay. View Content By Month …
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No, men aren't “having it all” either
Writing on his blog Tuesday, Schireson, the 44-year-old CEO of the billion dollar database company MongoDB, explains exactly why he is now leaving “the best job I ever had.” As he notes, his job requires him “to fly 300,000 miles this year, all the …
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DevOps Weekly Round-Up: Combining big data and DevOps
EnterpriseDB (EDB) has released an updated PostgreSQL's ability for MongoDB to the open source PostgreSQL community and is planning to release one for Hadoop in coming months. The release called Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) take advantage of …
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