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Digital Health Funding to Nearly Double in 2014 With $5B Invested YTD, Reports StartUp Health

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 01, 2014

Oct. 1, 2014 — 2014 is shaping up to be another record year for digital health, with $ 5 billion invested year to date, according to a new report from StartUp Health. The global growth platform for entrepreneurs transforming healthcare today released its quarterly funding report, StartUp Health Insights: Digital Health Funding Rankings Q3 2014, and said capital in the sector is on track to nearly double year-over-year. Download the full report for free at

“We are living in an extraordinary moment in history where big data, sensors, genetics, connected mobile devices are making it possible for entrepreneurs to reimagine what’s possible in healthcare,” said Unity Stoakes, President and Co-founder of StartUp Health. “Investors ranging from angels and VCs to corporate venture and private equity are starting to bet big on digital health, which is a trend we expect to expand globally over the coming years.”

Report highlights:

    Funding in the first three quarters of the year has already skyrocketed past the total invested in 2013 ($ 5B in 2014 YTD vs. $ 2.8B in 2013). Deal volume is lower (347 in 2014 YTD vs. 533 in 2013), as more capital is invested in fewer startups.

    Funding in the third quarter of 2014 nearly doubled over the same period last year, from $ 946M to $ 1.7B. 111 deals closed in Q3 2014, compared with 156 closed in Q3 2013.

    Investment deal sizes continue to climb as the market matures and more private equity firms and strategic investors pour capital into the sector.

    The Top 10 largest deals YTD include Privia Health, Preventice, Proteus Digital Health, NantHealth and Flatiron Health.

    The Top 10 most active subsectors YTD include big data/analytics, navigating the care system, practice management, sensors/diagnostics and patient engagement.

    The Top 10 most active metro areas YTD include the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and Minneapolis.

    The Top 14 most active investors YTD include Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Venrock, each with six investments in the sector.

    Even though summer activity tends to be slow in dealflow, Q3 saw 15 acquisitions by companies including Google, Practice Fusion, Cerner and WebMD/Medspace.

For more digital health insights, please download the full report for free at

About StartUp Health

StartUp Health is a global growth platform for entrepreneurs transforming healthcare. StartUp Health’s long-term coaching program and trusted peer network include 165 entrepreneurs from 84 companies in 7 countries and 47 cities. StartUp Health’s full-time team of entrepreneur coaches helps increase the equity value of its companies by providing structured programming and access to investors, customers and advisors from the StartUp Health Network, for every stage of a company’s lifecycle. StartUp Health companies have cumulatively raised over $ 155M and to date, three have been acquired – Basis Science by Intel, Avado by WebMD and Arpeggi by Gene by Gene. StartUp Health was founded by health tech entrepreneurs, Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes, and is chaired by former Time Warner Chairman and CEO, Jerry Levin. Investors include Mark Cuban, Esther Dyson, Roger Ehrenberg, Brad Feld, Richard Forman, Jason Finger, Linda Holliday, Jon Kaplan, Howard Krein, MD, PhD, Jon Miller, Jeff Stewart and Wayne Kimmel. Learn more at and follow @startuphealth.

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Survey Shows Cyber Emergency Response Plans Need to be Regularly Flexed to Stay Effective

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 27, 2014

The Ponemon Institute released the 2014 results from their second annual survey on data breach preparedness sponsored by Experian on Wednesday, and some of the trends were certainly promising. There was a 12% uptick in how many companies have data breach response plans, previously 61%, a 5% increase in how many had emergency response teams in place, a 10% rise in the number of companies that have privacy and data protection awareness programs, from 44 to 54%, and a surge in companies that are making data breach or cyber insurance policies a part of their emergency preparedness plans, increasing more than twofold, from 10% to 26%, compared to last year’s survey.

Some other numbers, however, were not good news. 43% of those surveyed said they had experienced a data breach, up 10 percentage points from the 2013 survey, and of those, 60% said they suffered more than one breach in the last two years, compared to 52% in 2013, which according to Joe Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics (GDF), a premier provider of cyber security solutions, are probably much higher numbers in reality.

“Data breaches are notoriously under reported by businesses of all sizes. Integrity and public trust are valuable business assets, and if they take a hit, they know their bottom line will suffer. So many businesses make even the discussion of being breached or hacked taboo turf when it comes to anyone on the outside. If it wasn’t for the regulatory compliance rules many industries face, and the threat of severe sanctions and/or fines for failure to comply, total radio silence would be par for the course. And even with all the regulations, it’s quite common for business victims to do everything in their power to keep as many details under wraps as possible. But that’s just trouble waiting to happen, because once a breach is exposed that a business tried to sweep under the rug and out of sight, customers, associates, investors and vendors all feel betrayed, and then their bottom line will suffer exponentially, often irreparably.”

Business survival often depends on emergency response.

While the survey showed more business than ever have response plans in place, it also shows that only 30% of those businesses feel their plans will be at least effective, with the same amount feeling their plans are ineffective, 17% unsure, and the rest somewhere in the middle.

“Those are troubling numbers,” says Caruso, “and according to the survey, a lot of that skepticism comes from the “set it and forget it” mentality many business employ when it comes to setting up and maintaining their plans. Only 22% could make the claim that they review and update their response plans at least once a year, which should be the bare minimum. All the rest either have no defined timeframe for reviews and updates, or have not done it even once since their plans were first devised and implemented. That’s a recipe for disaster. Threats are evolving every day, technologies changes all the time, new business needs and practices continuously emerge, and if your emergency response plan is going to be effective, all of that has to be accounted for. That’s what we help clients do, assess their vulnerabilities and test for weak links in their cyber security chain with proven state-of-the-art penetration testing, from both an insider and outsider perspective. And if a business has an emergency response plan in place, we will flex it to see how it stands up to real-world threats and isolate the shortcomings, and if they don’t, we’ll help them devise one from scratch. The biggest key is regularity, because what would have worked last year will probably not stand up to today’s threat landscape, and what works today will undoubtedly be challenged by the threat vectors that evolve over the next six months or year. Like it or not, that’s today’s cyber reality, so either businesses have to be prepared to step up and play the game right, or pack up, take their ball and go home, because they will not win in the long run if they’re not ready to take the field on any given day.”

Get emergency response experts involved before disater hits.

*Global Digital Forensics is a recognized industry leader in the fields of computer forensics, cyber security and emergency incident response, with years of experience assisting clients in the government, banking, healthcare, education and corporate arenas. For a free consultation with a Global Digital Forensics specialist, call 1-800-868-8189 about tailoring a cost-effective plan which will meet your unique needs, without wasting resources on solutions you simply don’t need. Emergency responders are also standing by 24/7 to handle intrusion and data breach emergencies whenever and wherever they arise. Time is critical if a cyber incident has occurred, so don’t hesitate to get help. For more information, visit

WebRTC: Applications, Solutions, and the Future of Real-time Communications; New Study Now Available at

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) September 25, 2014

Next generation communications will be highly interactive, flexible, and place applications, content, and commerce at the fingertips of the masses in a way that makes smartphones and OTT of today pale in comparison.

This report evaluates three key technologies and solutions for next generation service delivery including:

WebRTC: Applications, Solutions, and the Future of Real-time Communications

Hypervoice: Challenges and Opportunities for Value-added Voice Services

Everything as a Service (XaaS): Leading Solution Areas and Companies Poised for Success

This report is a must read for anyone that needs to stay ahead of the curve in terms of market developments that will drive the future of telecommunications.

Purchase a copy of this report @

Report Benefits

    Identify the future of communications
    Learn about three key technologies impacting telecom
    Understand the impact of WebRTC, Hypervoice, and Xaas
    Learn about practical applications and integration of these solutions

Report Audience: Cloud Services Companies, Mobile Cellular Carriers, Wireless Device Manufacturers, Wireless Infrastructure Providers and Commerce, Content and Application Providers.

Complete report available @

Table of Contents

WebRTC: Applications, Solutions, and the Future of Real-time Communications

1 Introduction

2 Overview of Open Source and WebRTC Technology

3 Effects on the Enterprise Applications


5 Case Study: Creating WebRTC Application

6 WebRTC Applications

7 Future of WebRTC

Everything as a Service (XaaS): Leading Solution Areas and Companies Poised for Success

1 Overview of Hypervoice 5

1.1 What is Hypervoice and Why is it Important? 5

1.2 Voice-enabled Web an Value-added Voice 6

2 Post-Telephony Voice Landscape 8

2.1 Sources of Value in Voice 8

2.1.1 VoLTE, RCS, and IMS 9

2.1.2 Voice over LTE Alternative: VoLGA uses Circuits with LTE 11

2.1.3 VoLTE Challenges and Opportunities for Mobile Operators 11

2.2 Emerging Use Cases for Voice 14

2.3 “Apps Stores” for Voice Services 15

2.4 Future Scenarios 15

3 Hypervoice Case Studies 16

3.1 Telefonica Azul 16

3.2 Oracle & 16

4 Technical Execution Challenges 17

4.1 Hypervoice and WebRTC 17

4.2 Privacy and Compliance 20

4.3 Hypervoice and the Internet of Things (IoT) 20

Everything as a Service (XaaS): Leading Solution Areas and Companies Poised for Success

1 Introduction 5

1.1 Executive Summary 5

1.2 XaaS: Market Driver for DaaS 6

2 The SPI Model (SaaS, Paas and Iaas) 7

2.1 Software as a Service (SaaS) 7

2.2 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 11

2.3 Platform as a Service (PaaS) 12

3 Benefits for the Enterprise 14

3.1 Market Forecasts 2014 – 2018 15

3.2 Transforming Enterprise Operations into the Cloud: Benefits and Challenges 17

4 Everything as a Service (Xaas) 20

4.1 Storage as a Service (STORaaS) 20

4.2 Communication as a Service (CaaS) 21

4.3 Network as a Service (NaaS) 22

4.4 Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) 22

4.5 Back-up as a Service (BaaS) 23

4.6 Desktop as a Service (DTaaS) 24

4.7 Database as a Service (DBaaS) 26

4.8 Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) 28

4.9 Identity as a Service (IDaaS) 30

4.10 Management as a Service (MGTaaS) 31

4.11 Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) 31

4.12 Proximity as a Service (PROXaaS) 32

4.13 XaaS Future Direction 35

5 XaaS Vendors Landscape 36

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About Us: is an online database of regional industry research reports, company profiles and SWOT analysis studies for multiple industries, organizations and market segments. Our sales and research experts offer 24 X 7 supports to our customers through phone and email communication. Not limited to the it & telecommunication market, offers research studies on medical devices, chemicals, agriculture, environment, biotechnology, agriculture, retail, energy and power, semiconductor and electronics, food and beverages, advanced materials, consumer goods, mining & utilities, travel & hospitality, healthcare and much more.

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Billing dispute leaves Presque Isle clinic without access to electronic data
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MentorMate, Inc. Launches Health Care Practice

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) September 15, 2014

MentorMate ( announced today that it is launching a fully focused vertical in health care with a focus on mobile strategy for Digital Health, Big Data, Pharma and Medical Devices. Located in the heart of Medical Alley with brands like Medtronic, Mayo Clinic and United Health Group, MentorMate is responding to the need for a center point dedicated to health care innovation and strategy with the launch of a digital health lab/incubator, an Apple HealthKit lab, as well as expansion of MentorMate’s brand development to include innovation and strategy delivery tools for clients. As the world’s first Apple HealthKit Lab, MentorMate will focus on integration and development of mobile strategy using mobile devices as well as the new Apple Watch, while working in tandem with Android-focused development teams at Google and Samsung.

“Health care has been a major segment for MentorMate for many years, with year-over-year increases to more than 30% of the business with clients like Medtronic, Medica, Amcon (now Spok), MyMeds and numerous other health IT-related companies,” says Björn Stansvik, CEO and Founder of MentorMate. “The opportunity of mobile in its broadest sense—including mobile devices, wearables, driveables, flyables, robots, intelligent machines, implantables and nano-ingestables—combined with the human mind and body constitutes an opportunity to elevate humanity through technology by enabling prevention over intervention, identification and eradication of waste, and a more participatory role for people in their own health care.”

MentorMate has hired industry veteran Mr. Jack Cosentino, Healthcare Practice Director, to lead this focus and assist in defining strategy and execution. “With so much interest in the convergence of health and mobile, there is a great desire both in the technology and health industries to come together and collaborate around the new models of health care,” says Cosentino. “Our aim is to be an enabler and facilitator in this eco-system, helping to put the right parties together, vetting opportunities and then executing on the right ones. We’ve already started this process by initiating discussions with many health care startups as well as significant market players from the industry, facilitating the dialog with teams at Apple, Samsung and Google, respectively.”

Today, Stansvik published an article through the American Business Journals titled, “Apps That Will Help You Take Control of Your Health Care (and save everyone money).” Read it here:

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Health care data of 1 million NJ patients compromised since 2009
The data was out in the world for anyone to find. This was not an isolated mishap. An NJ Advance Media investigation into patient data breaches reveals a health care industry that has, time and time again, failed to protect the sensitive data despite …
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County health department takes major tech step forward on privacy
Five behavioral health patients in Maryland, picking and choosing what information they want to share with their primary healthcare physicians, are among the vanguard of a paradigm shift going on in healthcare privacy, a public health official there says.
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Can Big Data Improve Medical Diagnoses?

Can Big Data Improve Medical Diagnoses?
Howard is a heavy hitter in big data: He's data strategist for Silicon Valley venture capital powerhouse Khosla Ventures and former president and chief scientist of Kaggle, which hosts big-brain predictive modeling competitions. Enlitic aims to use …
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23andMe recovering from health regulation setbacks
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Stanford, SAP partnership explores genetics role in chronic conditions

Stanford, SAP partnership explores genetics role in chronic conditions
Just as the big data proponents on the hospital and insurance side of the equation maintain, big data sharing with genomics has the potential to reduce healthcare costs by better understanding the root causes of a chronic condition, not simply treating …
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Cambridge Consultants to Share Insights on the Convergence of Consumer Brands into Mainstream Healthcare at Connected Healthcare 2014

(PRWEB) September 01, 2014

The session will give delegates insight into the role that tech giants like Samsung, Google and Apple can play as they enter the health and wellness market and their impact on preventative care and disease management. Cambridge Consultants believes that as healthcare delivery models change, non-regulated devices can be effectively incorporated into care plans to not only prevent onset of disease but also provide more data for managing lifestyle diseases.

Cambridge Consultants will take the stage with Samsung Research Institute and Jawbone to further discuss how to succeed in this growing market that has seen big investment in recent months, including dealing with important aspects such as device reliability, data security, user experience, etc. The session titled “Consumer Brands Take Charge of mHealth” will take place in San Diego on October 14.

The full session description can be viewed below:

Consumer Brands Take Charge

With reports suggesting that $ 2.2B has already been invested in digital health start-ups in the first half of 2014, it’s crucial for the impact of these investments to be outlined.

Discuss the role tech giants, e.g. Apple and Samsung, will play such as focusing on wellness vs. certified mainstream healthcare to predict how consumer adoption will be effected
Capitalize on the increase in market acceptance and data reliability created by successful services, e.g. glucose and fitness monitoring, to develop the next wave of successes
Wearable explosion: How will smart watches, sensor lead jewellery and clothing change behaviours to create “healthcare customers” and prevent disease from the onset?

Moderator: Kyle Samani, CEO/Co-Founder, Pristine

Vaishali Kamat, Associate Director – Head of Connected Health, Cambridge Consultants

Andrew Rosenthal, Group Manager – Wellness and Platform, Jawbone

Ogan Gurel, MD, Director, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

The complete agenda and speaker line-up can be viewed here:

The Connected Healthcare USA Conference and Exhibition (14-15 October in San Diego) is a niche, researched-based event that unites 200 leading players from the mHealth market from the hospitals, insurers, integrators, software developers, device manufacturers, tech innovators and government to examine the steps needed to develop and deploy a strong business model to create market traction and scale connected health services.

For the complete Connected Healthcare 2014 conference program and speaker line-up, access the e-brochure at: or contact the mHealth project team at mhealth(at)openmobilemedia(dot)com.

Register by September 19th to get discounts via the secure link below to take advantage of a $ 100 saving on all conference passes:

About Open Mobile Media:

Open Mobile Media is the reference point for future mobile and web landscapes. We aim to provide you with industry focused news, events, reports, updates and information. Open Mobile Media is part of FC Business Intelligence Ltd. FC Business Intelligence Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales – Registered number 04388971, 7-9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK. enabling dialogue throughout the industry.

About Cambridge Consultants:

Cambridge Consultants develops breakthrough products, creates and licenses intellectual property, and provides business consultancy in technology critical issues for clients worldwide. For 50 years, the company has been helping its clients turn business opportunities into commercial successes, whether they are launching first-to-market products, entering new markets or expanding existing markets through the introduction of new technologies. With a team of more than 400 staff, including engineers, scientists, mathematicians and designers, in offices in Cambridge (UK), Boston (USA) and Singapore, Cambridge Consultants offers solutions across a diverse range of industries including medical technology, industrial and consumer products, digital health, energy and wireless communications. For more information, visit:


Shreya Ganapathy

Research Director- mHealth

Open Mobile Media

P: +44 20 7375 7150

E: shreya(at)openmobilemedia(dot)com

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This week, the FBI reminded the health care industry that it's a huge target for hackers. The briefing obtained by Reuters came on the heels of a wide-scale attack on Franklin, Tennesse-based Community Health Systems Inc. Millions of patient records …
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Update: Intel To Apply Big Data Into Medicine (INTC)
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In 2010, the under-30 vote dropped 27 percent since Obama first sailed to victory two years earlier, according to CIVIC analysis of Census data. Bernstein's group hopes to engage these so-called … A big push for the youth vote will be National Voter …
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Richardson cloud provider takes military approach to protect against cyberattacks
… boardrooms, FireHost executives say. And that leaves a big opening for a company like FireHost. … FireHost is focused on industries that deal with sensitive data and privacy compliance regulations, such as health care and retail. But executives …
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