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FreeBSD VPS – Why is It A Good Choice for You?

FreeBSD VPS is extensively talked about online today. This system is quite like Unix but is much more advanced and offers great features. Quite a lot of service providers today use this operating system around the world for embedded systems as well as appliance systems. You can use it just about anywhere if you want your hardware to be efficient and reliable. This technology has been around for many years now but it has been launched online only recently. Since its launch it has gained much popularity. The system has been researched, changed and refined by a group of professionals over the years and is used by big brands like Juniper, Nokia and IBM.

What Makes this System Best Choice for You?

If you have been curious about FreeBSD VPS then you will have to learn about what it offers to its users. This system works with a 386 hardware which makes it very efficient for use with modern computers. You would not require Pentium III since it will only require half a gig of your RAM for its interface. You will still have enough memory and hardware available so that you can run some of your other important software and applications. This system also supports graphic interface and multiple applications. This is one of the most important reasons why it has become so popular.

Software Management

FreeBSD VPS is a great option also because it makes software management very simple. Since it utilizes Ports Collection, it allows you to easily manage your software. You will require some basic knowledge about handling the software but Ports Collection is quite automated so it can be very easily installed, configured and uninstalled. You will be able to install various applications and software for your system with the help of this operating system.

Other Benefits

There are several other benefits that this operating system offers. You will not have to deal with lengthy or risky upgrading process since it is very system to upgrade this free program. Since the software is optimized for applications and hardware it will make sure that all the features that are installed are supported by the hardware. Even when you change your hardware you will be able to rebuild the operating system in a very manageable and easy manner. If you are looking for reliability and efficiency then this is a great option for you to consider. One of the biggest benefits that FreeBSD VPS offers is that it is completely free of cost for anyone.

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Importance Of Web Analytics For Business Decision Making

Decision Making is an essential process for all organization and making right decisions are more crucial. A logical and systematic way of decision making can help to address critical problems of business more precisely. There are various types of business decision to take; no matter if you are operating your business online or offline or both.

So lets start with the key question that How you can use web analytics for taking business decisions.

Nowadays the web has become an important vehicle to drive business effectively. It is so powerful that can attract millions of customers with proper marketing campaign and communication. You can get all these but only if you have few answers about your web presence.

Like: What is the ROI of your investment in marketing campaigns? What and how they are interacting with your website? Are you delivering the same what your customers ask? All these questions are so important to answer for business growth and the solution for all this question is web analysis.
Web Analytics helps to analyze data from web and use those data for future business decisions. Only Web Analytics can answer all above questions.

So lets discuss how Web Analytics helps to take business decisions at all levels of organization.
(1)Web Analytics for Operational Decisions: Most of short term business decisions are taken by operational people and Web analytics can answer those operational questions very well.

Few questions which are answered by Web Analytics for Operational Decisions are:
To check what products are more in demand?
Whether website navigation is smooth or not for novice customer shopping online?
Which keywords sending more visitors?

(2)Web Analytics for Tactical Decisions. These are medium-term decisions about how to implement particular strategy. Mostly data for tactical decisions comes from operation department.
Few questions which are answered by Web Analytics for Tactical Decisions are:
What kind of marketing campaign to have?
On the basis of all different matrices from web analysis like bounce rate, time spend, visits what products can be more profitable in future?
What additional steps should be taken so that customer has better experience?

(3)Web Analytics for Strategic Decisions: These affect the long-term direction of the business. Strategic Decisions are mostly taken by top management:
Few questions which are answered by Web Analytics for Strategic Decisions are:
Using all data from past campaigns and by comparing and merging those data, deciding future strategy for online marketing campaigns
Any big changes to do in web site or web portal

In this way Web Analytics can help all type of business decisions at each level of business starting from operational, managerial and strategically. However its so huge too so it all depends on how effectively you can use web analytics for better decision making.

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Lee Odden of interviews Avinash Kaushik, co-Founder of Market Motive Inc and the Analytics Evangelist for Google on the value of storytelling when communicating…
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Calling All Hackers: Harris Teeter Announces Hackathon CLT

Matthews, N.C. (PRWEB) March 26, 2015

Harris Teeter is partnering with Tresata, a predictive analytics software applications company, to host the third annual Hackathon CLT on March 27-28 at The PORTAL on UNC-Charlotte’s main campus. The team-based competition will offer area tech developers, designers, analysts and others an opportunity to test and showcase their skills in a fast-paced overnight hackathon to solve a business problem using big data and mobile technology.

HackathonCLT MMXV kicks off Friday, March 27 with the city’s biggest developer party celebrating Charlotte’s tech community and runs through the night culminating in a final pitch for cash prizes on Saturday afternoon. The grand prize is $ 4,000 with a $ 1,000 runner up prize. Non-hackers can also rejoice, as there will also be a prize for the most creative solution provided by a general participant.

“We are thrilled to invite Charlotte’s talented pool of technology professionals back for a third year,” said Danna Jones, communication manager for Harris Teeter. “Hackathon CLT provides a forum through which the tech community can collaborate to spark creative ideas and solutions – allowing our company to meet technology experts and encourage the growth of eBusiness within our city.”

This year MillerCoors has joined Data Chambers, P&G, Harris Teeter, Tresata and ettain group to make the Hackathon an even bigger success than the previous two years.

“In three short years, hackathonCLT has become a force multiplier for Charlotte’s big data community”, said Koert Kuipers, CTO of Tresata. “We expect this years hackathon to show Charlotte’s technology talent rivals the best in the country”.

Harris Teeter and Tresata hosted the country’s first-ever Big Data Hackathon in 2013 as a way to spark ongoing conversations and opportunities in Charlotte’s growing technology scene. Both companies have chosen to continue their commitment since the event’s 2013 launch.

The event includes a kickoff party and judging round which are open to the community at large. Tickets are free for spectators and participants and are available at


Twitter: @charlottehacks | #hackathonCLT

About Tresata

Tresata provides the leading software platform for real-time Customer Intelligence Management. Tresata Software enables businesses to monetize customer data by collecting, curating, computing and converting it to unmatched customer intelligence across all existing and growing data assets and at a unique segment of one. Tresata is the world’s first end-to-end real-time CIM software platform that runs completely in Hadoop and delivers actionable insight at scale, with incredible speed and unmatched fidelity. Tresata products offer automated solutions for Identity Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence, Risk Intelligence and Fraud Intelligence.

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How To Get Started In Mobile CPA Affiliate Marketing

How To Get Started In Mobile CPA Affiliate Marketing

How To Get Started In Mobile CPA Affiliate Marketing.

My Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a website that claims to teach people how to make money on the internet. As a member myself, I am often asked for my personal opinion. So here is my opinion of Wealthy Affiliate.

To start off with, let me go back in time about a year or so ago when I first signed up. I was very excited! After having done my research I couldn’t wait to get started, and create an internet income. After about 2 months, I let it slide a bit… little progress I made. I have not been very successful with the system, but now I feel it is only a matter of time before something big happens.

So my number one impression is that of hard work. A lot of effort needs to be put in to make anything happen, and that was my problem. It is important to remember you are building a business here, and it is not something that can be done overnight. It is so easy to be caught up in the hype of ‘making money while you sleep’.

But that’s not really an opinion of Wealthy Affiliate, more like my story and observations. In terms of actual content, Wealthy Affiliate does have quite an impressive array of tutorials to arm you with. While they certainly won’t make you an affiliate God, they will give you a basic understanding of the way internet marketing works. I am proof of that.

In terms of resources here, my real opinion here is that they are all a bit like the ‘lite’ editions here. Don’t get me wrong, they can be put to good use, but they really seem like they were put together very quickly. The web hosting on the other hand is outstanding, I haven’t has any issues with it.

However, when it comes to the support, I only have one opinion: It rocks. You can email the owners anything at all, and I have always had a response within about two days. Never before have I experienced such a dedication to customers.

My opinion of Wealthy Affiliate is that of hard work, combined with excellent tutorials and support. If you want to join Wealthy Affiliate, remember, it is about building an internet marketing business, and not about success overnight.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, download my free guide below.

AuthX Consulting Announces Successful Hippo CMS & ATG eCommerce Integration

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) April 15, 2015

AuthX Consulting, a Digital Engagement Company, announced today that is has successfully integrated the Oracle ATG eCommerce suite with Hippo CMS. The integration seamlessly connects the two platforms, and will allow organizations to obtain the maximum capabilities of both, while harnessing a unified architecture.

“This is really a game-changer for companies who want to take their customer engagement to a whole new level,” says Jerry Hill, Chief Technology Officer at AuthX. “Our integration allows them to take advantage of Hippo’s dynamic, user-friendly CMS to manage their customers’ front-end web experience, while at the same time, harnessing the power of the Oracle ATG eCommerce platform to manage eCommerce processing on the back-end.”

Through the designed implementation – which includes the handling of eCommerce across any Hippo CMS property, full ATG capabilities, and session state management – the Hippo CMS actually initiates product orders, that are then fulfilled by the ATG platform. This enables Marketing and eCommerce teams to come together to deliver more impactful and personalized customer experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

The integration represents a continued commitment, by AuthX, to extending technology and delivering more holistic solutions that are truly capable of driving exceptional business value. In coupling these two powerful tools, AuthX has made it easier for businesses to adopt a cohesive Digital Marketing Platform that can deliver personalized web experiences across channels and brands, while also supporting eCommerce.

“Online customers want to feel like you understand them and their needs. Companies want to be able to do this easily, and effectively, across all of their channels. This integration makes that possible,” added Hill.

For more information about AuthX Consulting, visit

For more information about Hippo CMS, visit

About AuthX Consulting

AuthX is a Digital Engagement company offering technical and marketing services with proven success supporting Fortune 1000 companies. The company is focused on taking modern business and technical strategies, such as Customer Experience Management (CXM), test-driven optimization, personalization and content management, and deploying them through one global system. A strategy we call “Global Brand. Local Marketing.™” By partnering with industry leading CXM technologies, AuthX is able to offer clients a tailored strategy to communicate intimately across channels through enablement of the platforms. AuthX’s corporate philosophy promotes bringing “Authenticity” to each engagement, including our client, our partner, our employees, and our industry. To assist clients in overcoming the challenges presented by an ever-changing digital marketplace, AuthX provides Enterprise Architecture and Strategy, Implementation Services, Optimization Services and Cloud-Based Managed Services.

About Hippo

Hippo is on a mission to make the digital experience more personable for every visitor. The company is redefining the CMS space by engineering the world’s most advanced content performance platform, designed to help businesses understand their visitors – whether they are known or anonymous – and deliver the content they value in any context and on any device. Together with its global network of Certified Partners, Hippo serves a rapidly growing number of enterprise clients around the world including Condé Nast, Bell Aliant, Autodesk, Couchbase, the Dutch Foreign Office, MailChimp, Randstad, Veikkaus, the University of Maryland, NHS, 1&1 Internet, Bugaboo and Weleda.

©2015 AuthX Consulting, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

AuthX Sales Inquiries: JM Guthrie, 202.870.7046, jmguthrie(at)authxconsulting(dot)com

AuthX Media Inquiries: Todd Zeiger, 216.470.8976, tzeiger(at)authxconsulting(dot)com

Health Care DataWorks to Participate in HIMSS15 Annual Conference & Exhibition

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) March 27, 2015

The 2015 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition brings together more than 38,000 healthcare IT professionals, decision-makers, and thought leaders from around the world to discuss the industry’s most critical issues. Health Care DataWorks (HCD) is pleased to participate in this premiere health IT event again this year. HCD will feature its KnowledgeEdge™ Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in booth 8218 at HIMSS15 April 12 – 16 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

“HIMSS is dedicated to improving healthcare quality, safety and cost-effectiveness through the best use of IT and management systems,” said Dr. Jyoti Kamal, HCD’s Chief Data Scientist. “The organization’s annual conference, the most comprehensive and authoritative knowledge event in healthcare IT today, is the ideal setting to showcase HCD’s KnowledgeEdge solution. Its innovative EDW empowers healthcare executives with sound, insightful data to effectively manage their strategic goals, and helps them meet the challenges of cutting costs, improving patient satisfaction and delivering high-value care.”

HCD’s innovative KnowledgeEdge Dynamic Modeling™, technology built in to our KnowledgeEdge EDW, will be featured at this year’s HIMSS. It integrates large datasets from multiple sources, from any format, into one consolidated model at lightning-fast processing speeds. This new technology delivers the machinery for smart data capture and data preparation, providing flexible, robust deliverables that can be implemented in modules or across the enterprise.

HCD will also roll out its new KnowledgePacks, pre-built embedded analytics in KnowledgeEdge that seamlessly integrate data across financial, clinical and operational systems and provide transparency into complex data sets. The KnowledgePacks address sixteen specific areas in hospitals and health care systems, and range from the emergency and operating rooms to patient-related analyses like length of stay and satisfaction.

“The dashboards included in the KnowledgePacks will save organizations inordinate amounts of time and resources in manually collecting data to report on simple metrics that are often months behind,” Dr. Kamal noted. “They give organizations the ability to monitor key performance measures, allowing them to proactively take actions that can alter outcomes.”

As part of HIMSS15’s vast educational offerings, HCD client Cedars-Sinai Health System will present a round table discussion, “BI/Analytics and Stage 7: How Is It We’re Just Getting Started?,” co-chaired by Cedars-Sinai’s CIO, Darren Dworkin and healthcare IT industry analyst, David Garets. The session will be held at 10:00 a.m. on April 13 in Room S403. Topics for discussion will include the role BI/analytics plays in achieving HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 status, what comes next for organizations that earn this designation, and the impact of culture and change management in getting value from BI/analytics and EHR investments.

“To reach Stage 7, a hospital or health system must prove they are using data warehousing and mining techniques to effectively capture and analyze data to use in improving their performance, quality of care and patient safety,” said Garets. “In the case of Cedars-Sinai, the implementation of HCD’s EDW was a significant factor in their attainment of Stage 7.”

To schedule a meeting with HCD at HIMSS15 and a demonstration of its KnowledgeEdge solution, go to:

Tweet This: HCD’s KnowledgeEdge Dynamic Modeling eliminates barriers between people & info. Check out our EDW #HIMSS15 Booth 8218

Health Care DataWorks, Inc.

Health Care DataWorks, Inc., a leading provider of business intelligence solutions, empowers health care organizations to improve their quality of care and reduce costs. Through its pioneering KnowledgeEdge™ product suite, including its enterprise data model, pre-built analytic KnowledgePacks with dashboards, applications, and reports, Health Care DataWorks delivers an Enterprise Data Warehouse essential for hospitals and health systems to effectively and efficiently gain deeper insights into their operations. For more information, visit

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Understanding How to Track Social Media Analytics


Although relatively a new phenomenon, social media has become a significant source of website traffic. Social Media describes online technologies and practices used by people to share experiences, opinions, and insights through the use of images, videos, audio, and text. Social networks, blogs, micro-blogs, video sharing networks, and image sharing networks make up much of the online social media destinations used today. Other, more familiar, social networks include websites such as forums and instant messaging. Social media analytics are a set of tools that are used to measure the activity across social media networks. But social media analytics is young, and not many people know where to start. These tips can help you effectively gather and analyze social media analytics.

Understand what needs to be tracked

It is most important to understand and decide what needs to be tracked, as you can’t conquer what you don’t understand. Understand if you want to track how people are sharing your website or if you want to track a social media campaign, or the trends that are related to a particular social media phenomenon. Each of these requires a different focus and a different set of tools. For instance, if you are going to track social media website engagement, then it is necessary to focus on traffic statistics.

Optimize on the current analytics software

Most of these analytics tools can track a large amount of data, but they are usually not intended for the tracking of social media data. There are, however a few ways to optimize your analytics software for social media.

Social Media Metrics Plugin – An extension that adds a social media information layer to Google Analytics.

Set up particular campaigns for social media – Most analytics software has custom campaigns to make it easy to track specific events.

Rearrange dashboards and set up email reports – To get specific information on social media, have traffic stats from top social media websites emailed to you so you can see it all in one place.

Add new tools

Adding on more social media analytics tools to the existing tools can help you get started to track analytics related to social media better. The other analytic that can be included are

Xinureturns – provides a great dashboard overview of your website’s standing in social media.

PostRank – provides detailed information on Tweets, Stumbles, diggs, and FriendFeed all in one place. It’s best for blogs and websites with a lot of content.

SocialToo – is a comprehensive tool for creating social surveys and tracking social stats. It also will send you a daily email.

Amass your analytics

Aggregate your analytics information, as there is no time to look at all of the tools. There are a lot of tools for gathering social media information, but one place doesn’t have everything you need. As there is no single tool that will bring this information together, building a spreadsheet may be best for playing with the numbers.

Evaluate and Engage

The actual analysis is the most import part. It takes a lot of dedication to the art of web analytics to understand how each variable affects website traffic and user engagement. By looking at the data in one place and comparing the information, you will be able to pick up on trends.

Analytic metrics provide insight into the world of consumers unlike ever before. Such tools can be used to proactively engage with consumers or potential consumers. So take the time to find great tools and to understand how each of the social media levers affects traffic and analytics data.

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Comparison of SAP, Oracle and Dynamics ERP

SAP and Oracle are both leaders in the Enterprise Resource Planning software field. These two giants have different approaches to the software and the software architecture. If a comparison of SAP and Oracle is done, it is seen how different both the rivals and their products are. Both the giants earn a major chunk of the market profits relating to their fields. SAP and Oracle compete in the same market and aim for the same industries but both have different approaches and strategies.

SAP is a major player in the Enterprise Resource Planning software market. Systems Application and Products in Data Processing or SAP was founded in the 1970s and gained a lot of success. SAP worked in collaboration with other companies and has consultants which provide training to their customers. The ERP package from SAP can be scaled to thousand users but the disadvantage is that the vendors force the customers to change according to the SAP software. Therefore SAP may or may not be the right package for you according to the company requirements. It is a good choice if the organization is short of time and resources. SAP is based on core processes and follows a fixed patter. SAP may result in high implementation costs and budget overruns. SAP now highlights NetWeaver to decrease the complexities.

Oracle is very well known for the database systems and Enterprise Resource Planning systems. It has strong software support and a stable hold in the market. Oracle gained popularity because it is based on one database system and the products can be easily integrated with the other models from other vendors. Enterprise Planning Resource systems from Oracle are based on Supply, Demand and Finance. It provides a system that can fit more than thousand users. Oracle is a good choice for building a unique system that will suit and fit according to the business. Oracle claims that it avoids unwanted costs and thereby lowers the costs of implementation of the Enterprise Applications. Oracle has shown some benefits through the Return on Investment studies. It provides a better integration to different applications based on new technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions offer easy solutions that fit into the current IT system. There are some advantages of Dynamics in comparison of SAP and Oracle. Dynamics provides scalability up to 2,250 users and meets the demands of the growing business needs. It offers a low cost of ownership to maintain a competitive edge in the market. Microsoft Dynamics provides solutions designed to meet the requirements of specific industries. Oracle and SAP suit large organizations and may not be apt for small scale business unit. Dynamics can be used for small sized companies because of its lower costs. It also offers a better generic solution instead of verticals. The implementation time is lesser in comparison to SAP and Oracle and Dynamics offers a better cost predictability too.

The comparison of SAP, Oracle and Dynamics can be used to choose the right one for your company. All three handle international requirements and scalability well.

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Peter Filinovich

Google Map control

Google Map is precisely the prototypical on the internet map which is just the right tool to encounter out and determine any positioning and encompassing areas around the earthly concern. With this instrument, the user can gain access to directions to move from one position to another placement and also walk around the most significant cities granting the impression towards be right within that place.

However, using Google Map there is the opportunity of viewing the overall allocation of the world just at the fingertips. Users can also drag the map to move from one country to another, and make consume of the scroll wheel to zoom in until the user can literally visualize street signs. Or else, merely consume the Street View occasion which is portrayed via the minuscule yellow man found onto the deserted part of a typical map to move concurrently along the streets connected with the majority of the world’s urban centers. All these are thanks to millions of photographs depicting places shoot by Google and transferred to Google Map within order to create breathtaking panoramic maps. The GMap class empowers you to bring a head depiction instances. You can bring ahead as more depiction cases as needed for your request for paid job, though most ordinarily this will only be a solitary instance. Maps are usually embedded in an HTML box called a tag. Once you’ve engendered a case of GMap you can use the assorted techniques and properties obtainable on this object to change other characteristics of the depiction for instance the controls embraced, the show clearly of points of involvement or polygons, and more other things.

Everything in Google Map flows through a case of the GMap class. GMap can in addition answer to a total manager of events. Events are basically an external spur to the depiction triggered by the user. Typical issues might embrace the customer forcing the depiction or snapping the depiction, an overlay marker being adjoined to the depiction, or the depiction sort modifying from standard to aerial. You can draft computer encrypting that replies to any of these and other events. For case, you might like to add a marker at the purpose where the customer snaps the depiction, or maybe you could show clearly the latitude, longitude coordinates of the center of the depiction after a saucepan outcome has occurred. Map Controls Google Map Controls sanction the end customer to zoom in or out, saucepan and change the depiction sort between Map, Aerial and Hybrid. Each of these controls can be programmatically adjoined to your depiction through the addControl manner on GMap. For case, the subsequent computer encrypting instance would be employed to add the tiny depiction manipulate to a depiction as you observe in. map.addControl(new GSmallMapControl()); In augmentation, you can add an case of the depiction sort manipulate to your depiction through the subsequent computer encrypting example: map.addControl(new GMapTypeControl()); The depiction sort manipulate can be programmatically adjoined to your depiction near a navigation control. For case, the subsequent computer encrypting instance could be employed to engender a depiction like this. In this instance we’ve adjoined a case of LargeMapControl and MapTypeControl to the map. map.addControl(new GLargeMapControl()); map.addControl(new GMapTypeControl()); Opening Info Windows Info Windows can be employed to show clearly knowledge about a actual purpose of onvolvement and are usually opened just atop a marker, but could likely be left every where on a map. Info Windows are opened by the openInfoWindow() manner on an case of GMap. Normally, Info Windows are employed to retain HTML knowledge for instance text, bonds and images.

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