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About Thalasar Ventures & Brian DeSpain

Thalasar Ventures is the personal incubator of Brian Despain. You can view my Linkedin and Google+ Profiles here.

I use Thalasar as the place where I can experiment with open source software and ideas I have from time to time. I also support a number of open source organizations such as

I developed CD+ in 1995 and founded an eCommerce software company in 1996 called Brave New Worlds. Brave New Worlds produced one of the world’s leading open source ecommerce software packages. Based on PERL, MySQL, and Apache (alternatively called Symphero and Xao) it has powered billions of transactions.

I sold that company to VA Linux Systems in 2000.

I have spent the last four years working with Deep Web Technologies. There I ran the professional services group there and instituted a whole set of new practices to improved delivery to customers. These changes enabled Deep Web to scale the business significantly and move deep web search into the academic market segment. After running professional services, I moved into product management at Deep Web, developing the next generation federated search application. I have spent a lot of last three years plumbing the depths of search algorithms, taxonomies and taxonomy generation. It was a fascinating experience.

I also run a small organic farm (Bodhi Farms). I am an avid permaculture practitioner and have built my farm around those principals.

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