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The theory test: booking and preparing

You need to know how to book and prepare for you driving theory test, if any of the below is unclear just ask you driving instructors and they will explain this to you in greater detail if needed.

The first step to completing your theory test is booking it. The easiest way to book your theory test is online and this can be done through the motoring section on the direct government website. You can also book by phone or by post but this is a lot more hassle that booking online.

When booking your theory test make sure you have the correct documentation with you, have at hand:

Your valid provisional driving licence number
An in date debit or credit card

The DSA aims to give you a theory test within two weeks of your preferred time and date but this varies depending on where you live in the UK. You can cancel or change the date of your theory test at any time but you must give 3 working days notice or you will lose you test fee (Saturdays counted as a working day). Your driving theory test shouldn’t cost anymore to take on a Saturday, however your practical test does.

After booking a date for your driving theory test you have to hit the books and start preparing! Your driving instructors in Leeds can answer any additional questions you may have about the theory test but here’s the bottom line:

There are two parts to the driving theory test, multiple choice questions and the hazard perception test both of which you have to pass, fail one and you fail the whole test.
The first part which is the multiple choice questions are out of 50 and you need 43 to pass. To revise for this we recommend that you read the whole Highway Code and take practice theory tests to get you use to the layout and format.
The next part is the hazard perception test and this part is a little harder to revise for but the best thing to do is just do practice tests over and over again until you get the hang of what you need to do. The aim is to spot the potential hazard as early as possible to get as many points as you can. This is out of 75 and you need to get 44 to pass.

Make sure you revise hard for your theory test to ensure you don’t waste all your money taking it over and over again. Ask your driving instructors Leeds or where ever you live in the UK if you have any questions about it as you must fully understand what is expected from you to pass the driving theory test.

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