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Online Back Up Solutions – Man have they gotten better!

Sorry for the paucity of posts this last two weeks I have been working and my colocated servers. One of the things I have been looking at is off site back up for I have four Dell boxes online which host various projects. I need an offsite backup method for those boxes. One of the services I have been looking at is IDrive-E Online Backup.

One of the things that really surprised me is how far along online backups have come in the last 5 years. When I first looked at this as an option (I believe I looked at XDrive) it was expensive and simply didn’t make sense compared with NAS device. Now IDrive offers a free 2 GB backup. That’s right it’s 2 GB free. What I also found pretty amazing was their commercial solution. It literally offers unlimited back-ups for $49.50/per year. This means secure encrypted backups are available. As opposed to the traditional NAS and then tape rotation I would do I can simply pull every thing down to a Windows partition and then remotely store them on IDrive. The IDrive solution is a perfect system for small business owners looking for off-site storage of their business data. It works perfectly on the currently shipping Vista and Windows XP operating system and more importantly it provides a layer of encryption that will securely protect your files while they are remotely stored.
The free version offers 2 GB of encrypted online storage which can be seamlessly upgraded to the unlimited version simply be choosing to upgrade. For the price of an single Starbucks drink you can get piece of mind with automated nightly backups of your data on your personal computer.

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