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Ebay Changes Program Terms – All search engine traffic belong to us

Ebay is making a change in the their program terms on June 1, 2007 and it not one for the better. It’s designed to squarely say, “All search engine traffic belong to us.”

Here’s the thing – many long tail affiliates have made money by linking to product searches at Ebay with their affiliate code embedded in the link. Well the gravy train is now at an end.

2. Terms and Conditions Update for Paid Search Campaigns
eBay’s US Affiliate Compensation Section 1.0 will be updated on June 1st as follows:
a. Search Engines. You will not be compensated for paid search traffic purchased from,,, nor from any of their content networks, such as Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, and MSN ContentAds, if it is linked directly to the, eBay Express, or eBay Store domains (not “Commission Earning Activity”). The change in policy is limited to the US program, and to the three search engines stated above. Linking to a non eBay domain is allowed.

In other words don’t bother buying ads anywhere and link directly to with your CJ pid embedded in the URL. You will no longer be compensated for those links. This is a pretty big change but one that you can get around. The benefit obviously of just embedding your link code is that you get to take advantage of the display URL being, taking advantage of Ebay’s consumer branding. I find it very gratifying that Ebay is allowing me link to a non eBay domain. Why how very generous of them. They are allowing me to advertise my website! The way around this issue is to build your brand separately and then drive traffic to that site (or perhaps use a re-director on your own site to re-direct users to the appropriate eBay result).
This was bound to happen eventually but it sure does remove one easy way to jumpstart affiliate sales without having a web site. All it required was a credit card, copywriting skills and a CJ account. That’s too bad really cause it really was a great way also to learn how to write an offer that would effectively convert.

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