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Why Congress' Obamacare Doomsday Cult Can't Admit It Was Wrong

Why Congress' Obamacare Doomsday Cult Can't Admit It Was Wrong
With Obamacare now in full effect, and the economy on a decided upswing, the dour prognostications are starting to look like Keech's flying saucers. At least if you believe the data. A look at Festinger's theories, though, can explain why that won't …
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Big data pushes the boundaries of 360-degree visibility
By integrating diverse big data sources into a composite picture, CMPDI's 360-degree visibility of its mining operations enables it to identify target drilling sites, to plan and develop mines, and to follow its entire mining life cycle all the way …
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NSW state election 2015: Live blog, Wednesday March 25

NSW state election 2015: Live blog, Wednesday March 25
Source: Census 2011, Antony Green, NSW Parliamentary Research Service. Editor: Kathryn Wicks, Data: Conrad Walters, Development: @datafunk. 2:38pm: Here's …. The addition of the mining town to an electorate with population centres such as Narrabri …
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BitBeat: Bitcoin Coder Garzik Signs Deal to Deploy 'BitSats' In Space
Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik's bold plan to put mini satellites into orbit to provide secure, remote backup for the digital currency's growing store of critical data has taken a step close to becoming a reality. Mr. Garzik's … Mr. Garzik, who …
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Communication Security Establishment's cyberwarfare toolbox revealed
Other leaked documents revealed back in 2013 that the CSE spied on computers or smartphones connected to Brazil's mining and energy ministry to get economic intelligence. But the latest top-secret documents released to CBC News and The Intercept …

Population Health, Accountable Care Payment Reform, and Analytics Lift the Mired Payer BPO Market towards $8.0B, Black Book Survey

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 03, 2015

The US healthcare payer industry, facing a number of challenges due to regulatory reform and market disruption is motivated by the potential of implementing unconventional business process outsourcing and innovative software-as-a-service. Increasingly, health plans, particularly newly established plans and provider-based payer organizations, are flocking to BPO to help them operate smarter by reducing the cost of front, middle and back office processing.

Black Book’s survey 5,400 health plan BPO user were collected from Q3 2014 to Q1 2015. Top ranking vendor results can be accessed at

“At a time of great change in health care, BPO vendors are helping public and private payers achieve great efficiency and cost savings, improve transparency and member services, and enhance the health plans’ ability to participate in the reforming health care business models,” said Doug Brown, Managing Partner of Black Book.

The payer market place for traditional BPO services rose only 13% in contrast to the 7.2 million new paying members enrolled in plans as a result of the Affordable Care Act. “The routine BPO functions of claims adjudication, call centers, and member processing produced only modest gains for outsourcing vendors compared to projections which could have emerged had the 30 million possible new Obamacare members been realized,” said Brown.

However, inventive and unchartered administrative services in the industry, which include government payers, private health plans, commercial insurers, hospital and physician/provider sponsored plans, third party payers, managed care organizations, accountable care organizations and care management groups stand are pushing the $ 5.2B 2014 BPO marketplace to a predicted $ 8.0B in 2016.

“Payer contracting in these evolving areas has nearly doubled in just the past twelve months,” said Brown. From Q1 2013 to Q1 2015, Traditional payer BPO services including call centers, member enrollment and claims processing barely pushed a 9% CAGR as reported to Black Book.

The most popular BPO functions now span outsourcing analytics, new plan set up, claims modernization, alternative payment services, utilization management, security, value-based solutions development, sales and marketing, population health and big data initiatives, and multi-channel contact center management.

“The most significant opportunities for outsourcing service providers to support both public and private insurers lies within member analytics, population health and claims processing modernization.”

87% of health plan managers polled collectively indicated population health, software-as-a-service, accountable care/chronic care management assistance, big data aggregation, health information exchange, data security, and analytics are their top priorities in 2015-2016. 74% indicated they would likely outsource the development and management of new value-based payment models because of inadequate technology, staffing, resources or competing IT ventures currently underway.

83% of payers participating in the survey confirmed improved claims processing and modernized claims system capabilities top organizational strategies with project start dates before Q2 2016. 68% indicated they are considering outsourcing among the best solutions for claims modernization at this time.

61% of health plans are contemplating outsourcing utilization management by 2016, and 27% of payers are currently reviewing the potential for plan effectiveness by outsourcing care coordination and case management.

“Recent outsourcing adoption advances are being fueled by service and start up urgencies of newly developed health plans, expanding provider-based plans, and insurers experiencing higher membership demands driven by Obamacare,” said Brown. “But 92% of current and prospective users source the big gains for payer BPO vendors to the need for swift solutions to address increased regulatory governance, controlling fraud/waste/abuse, and the lack of capabilities in the current mix of in-house technologies.”

Black Book determined the major upturns in outsourcing implementations were in large part due to the 39% of small to medium sized plans now contracting for some processes, up from 20% in 2012. Eight of ten of the largest US health plans are outsourcing significant portions of their operations, including offshored services to India and the Philippines.

Top vendors were honored by clients in nine payer BPO service and software categories for outstanding health plan performances across eighteen key performance indicators through Q1 2015. These top rated vendors include:

Population Health Services: Cost Optimization, Value Based Solutions, Accountable Care & Care Management – Lumeris

Population Health: Utilization Management – HCCA Health Connections

Population Health: Analytics & Big Data Management – IBM Global

Claims Processing & Modernization – Xerox

Member Services & Contact Centers – Hexaware

Provider & Network Management Services– Trizetto

Payer Marketing & Sales Outsourcing – IMS Health

Revenue Cycle & Coding Support Outsourcing – DST Health Solutions

Health Insurance Exchange Support – Dell

About Black Book ™

Black Book Rankings, a division of Black Book Market Research LLC, provides healthcare IT users, media, investors, analysts, quality minded vendors, and prospective software system buyers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and other interested sectors of the clinical technology industry with comprehensive comparison data of the industry’s top respected and competitively performing technology vendors. The largest user opinion poll of its kind in healthcare IT, Black Book™ collects over 450,000 viewpoints on information technology and outsourced services vendor performance annually. Black Book was founded in 2000, is internationally recognized for over 15 years of customer satisfaction polling, particularly in technology, services, outsourcing and offshoring industries.

Black Book™, its founders, management and/or staff do not own or hold any financial interest in any of the vendors covered and encompassed in this survey, and Black Book reports the results of the collected satisfaction and client experience rankings in publication and to media prior to vendor notification of rating results.

Follow Black Book on Twitter at For methodology, auditing, resources, comprehensive research and ranking data, see

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NSW state election 2015: Live blog, Tuesday March 24
Source: Census 2011, Antony Green, NSW Parliamentary Research Service. Editor: Kathryn Wicks, Data: Conrad Walters, Development: @datafunk … In the final stop of his very brief (he flew in at 7.30 pm last night) north coast tour, Mr Foley took to the …
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According to Gartner, "Big Data Discovery" is the next big trend in analytics. It's the logical combination of three of the hottest trends of the last few years in analytics: Big Data, Data Discovery, and Data Science. Each of these areas has seen …
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How the internet made the world's food taste the same

How the internet made the world's food taste the same
“There should be a way for us and the customer to be like 'Mr Smith, last time you were here you ordered this, would it be alright if we opened it at five o'clock beforehand?'” But looking into the idea provided an awkward surprise. “I had no idea how …
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Europe shares end mixed after US jobs data
"Heavyweight mining stocks are languishing at the foot of the table, as the price (of iron ore) moved below $ 60 a ton into territory where it's difficult to make any margin," Tony Cross, a market analyst at Trustnet Direct, said in a research note …
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ASAP Announces Finalists for 2015 ASAP Alliance Excellence Awards

CANTON, Mass. (PRWEB) February 26, 2015

The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP), the world’s leading professional association dedicated to the practice of alliance management, announced the finalists for the ASAP 2015 Alliance Excellence Awards to be presented on Tuesday, March 3, at the 2015 Global Alliance Summit at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida.

Awards will be presented in the categories of Individual Alliance Excellence, Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility, Innovative Best Alliance Practice, and Alliance Program Excellence. Finalist companies and organizations include Medifast and Medix, National Grid and Earth Networks, Sanofi and ImmunoGen, The Dow Chemical Company and The Nature Conservancy, Novartis and Malaria No More, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, Philips, Bayer HealthCare, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

“These prestigious awards honor exemplary business collaborations that create innovative organizational models and celebrate achievements in strategic alliance management,” said Michael Leonetti, president and CEO of ASAP. “They applaud progressive leadership and exceptional company-wide performance in major corporations, mid-sized enterprises, start-ups, and public-private initiatives across a diverse array of industries. Collaboration is often a winning strategy in business, and the performance of these partnering finalists proves it’s a valuable strategy for boosting profits and customer satisfaction, increasing new market segment penetration, and having a positive social impact.”

Past winners have received Alliance Excellence Awards for significant strides for increasing revenue, creative business models, product/service/technology enhancement, advancement of the profession, etc., that have positively impacted many facets of business—including marketing, sales, R&D/joint product development, regulatory affairs, strategic sourcing and services, and the channel. All winners shared three key achievements:

    Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking that has evolved the art and science of alliance management
    Compelling and measurable results
    General persistence in overcoming obstacles

Individual Alliance Excellence

The Individual Alliance Excellence Award is given to a company that has excelled in planning, implementation, and results for a single alliance. The alliance may be between two companies or multiple organizations in the category of small-to-midsize company alliance and/or emerging alliance. The partnering finalists are:

Medifast and Medix: Combatting the growing global health problem of obesity, Medifast’s clinically proven, portion-controlled weight-management program is a winning combination with Medix’s pharmaceutical obesity products. Medix recently acquired weight control centers in Mexico City, Texas, and Florida, where Medifast is sold—significantly improving profitability by increasing their locations worldwide to 28. Creativity was a key component to their success: The first clinic was set-up in a tractor trailer to reach clients.

National Grid and Earth Networks: The utility company National Grid procured and donated 55 weather stations to schools and first responder sites in a partnership with Earth Network’s weather monitoring equipment distributor WeatherBug. The project provides free, accessible, local weather information to communities while improving storm response and power restoration, which saves local businesses and customers millions. Multi-partner involvement and extensive community participation, combined with increased sales and expansion, makes the project exceptional.

Sanofi and ImmunoGen: Established over a decade ago, this robust, ongoing R&D relationship has survived many corporate changes while advancing Sanofi’s presence in oncology biologics by developing collaboration products, as well as the transfer of ImmunoGen antibody-drug conjugate technology use of antibodies. Alliance management best practices played a critical role in managing multiple failures during their efforts to align and advanced eight products. This alliance demonstrates the possibility of a big pharma (more than 100,000 employees) successfully collaborating with a small biotech company (less than 300) through all stages—discovery, development, manufacturing, regulatory, and clinical trials.

Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility

The Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility Award is for partnerships that make a profound, measurable, and positive social impact. The principal objective of the alliance is social impact, not profit—although profit, especially if used to fund program expansion, is not discouraged. The partnering finalists are:

The Dow Chemical Company and The Nature Conservancy: A $ 10 million contribution from the Dow Chemical Foundation is funding this alliance to create a framework for protecting nature better by developing a methodology to identify and measure (or value) tangible benefits of ecosystem services. The process will integrate that valuation methodology into corporate decision-making processes—a first where a non-governmental organization and major corporation are working together to change corporate practices to provide a framework for other companies to model.

Novartis/Malaria No More: The Novartis Malaria Initiative has been at the forefront of providing life-saving antimalarial treatments without profit since 2001. Teaming up with Malaria No More, the partnership created a highly successful Power of One fundraiser that uses mobile technology and social media for their public education/fundraising campaign. The campaign is being studied for replication in other areas of public health because it has been so successful in closing the treatment gap, especially with access to treatment for children—the most at-risk group.

Innovative Alliance Best Practice

The Innovative Alliance Best Practice Award is presented to a company using new, individual alliance management tools or processes that have an immediate and powerful impact on the organization and/or discipline of alliance management. These tools or processes are not comprehensive alliance programs but additions to existing portfolios that address specific elements of alliance management such as measurement, training, conflict resolution, general communication across-the-partner ecosystem, or similar facet of the discipline. The finalists are:

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson: Their globally accessible Alliance Scorecard and Assessment Tool can be used by one or multiple alliances to capture key strategic, operational, financial, and relationship metrics in a single assessment program, which allows participants to monitor progress individually or across the portfolio. Prior to the creation of this tool, most alliance data was captured manually or via surveys and was limited in relationship data, while this tool allows for a more advanced, holistic view.

Philips: Using a structured two-step approach to create a joint brand identity for an alliance, the company designed a framework and methodology that defines the most appropriate co-branding to prevents conflict, enhance effective communication between partners, and support an equal and well-grounded relationship. The process can be used as a best practice model by other organizations.

Alliance Program Excellence

The Alliance Program Excellence Award is given to organizations that exceed expectations by consistently implementing and managing alliance portfolios and demonstrating consistent success of those alliances over time. Winners build programs on creativity, efficiency, an integrated suite of processes, tools, professional development/alliance professional certification, and other elements. The finalists are:

Bayer HealthCare: Bayer invested significantly over the year into an Alliance Capability Enhancement Project to drive a partnering mindset and alliance best practices deep into the organization to achieve significant value through strategic alliances and other collaborative ventures. The results are significant: Their partnerships have resulted in significant growth in revenue, R&D and operational productivity, efficiency and cost reduction, market access and performance, optimization of key alliance relationships, and other benefits.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals: With approximately 50 percent of its pipeline partnered, Takeda evolved its alliance management practices significantly over the last two years by creating a Center of Excellence (COE) to reach more broadly across functions and geographies. By fully integrating the company, alliance practices are now shared with their alliance management professionals throughout the globe. The company also developed toolkits and a global Center of Excellence where members share best practices and tools for training, management, and research. An on-line portal and enhanced communications tools also have furthered the goal of global alliance management integration.

About the 2015 ASAP Alliance Excellence Awards

Award finalists in each category are selected by the ASAP Alliance Excellence Awards Committee led by committee chair, Annelouise Goodermuth, director, alliance management, strategy, science policy and external innovation at Sanofi. This year’s winners and other news from the 2015 ASAP Global Alliance Summit will be reported on the ASAP blog site and via press release in March.

About the 2015 ASAP Global Alliance Summit

Held this year on March 2-5 at Hyatt Regency Orlando, the annual ASAP Global Alliance Summit is the world’s largest gathering of alliance, partnering, and business collaboration professionals. For more information or to register for this year’s summit, visit

About ASAP

The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) is the only professional association dedicated to elevating and promoting the profession of alliance management and partnerships. Founded in 1998, the organization provides professional development, networking and resources for cultivating the skills and toolsets needed to manage successful business partnerships. ASAP’s professional certifications include the Certificate of Achievement-Alliance Management (CA-AM) and Certified Strategic Alliance Professional (CSAP). Active global members include AbbVie, Astellas, AstraZeneca, Capgemini, Cisco, Citrix, Covance, Dell, Eli Lilly and Company, IBM, the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, KPMG, Merck, Microsoft, Mission Pharmacal, NetApp, Novartis, Sanofi, SAS, Schneider Electric, Takeda, Verizon, VMware, The Warren Company, and Xerox. A complete list of global members is available at

                                                                 # # #

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Studying humans for science? Wrap your eyeballs around our fine print, says

Studying humans for science? Wrap your eyeballs around our fine print, says
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Barkerville Gold Mines Provides Corporate Update
Test mining at the Bonanza Ledge open pit is near completion of Phase 1 and continues to encounter improved grades with depth as milling at the Company's QR mill near Quesnel, BC demonstrates. The mill has processed 21,000 tonnes with a head grade …
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TransAlta Completes Natural Gas Pipeline in Western Australia
It will deliver gas to TransAlta's Solomon power station which services Fortescue Metals Group's (ASX:FMG) mining operations at the Solomon Hub. The power station will now operate on … TransAlta's focus is to efficiently operate wind, hydro, natural …
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Centre re-examining 9 coal mine bids, House panel nod for bill

Centre re-examining 9 coal mine bids, House panel nod for bill
The ministry is considering whether these bids were too low when compared with the winning bids for other similar blocks through an analytical tool called "outlier", which looks for unusual observations that are far removed from the mass of data, the …
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Alibaba hiring in Amazon, Microsoft backyard as US cloud unit expands
Three positions were open to people in Seattle, two of which also allow applications for Alibaba's Silicon Valley offices, according to advertisements on LinkedIn Corp'sN> business networking site in the past week. … Li Xiaolong, one of the 10 and a …
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Corepoint Health Team Successfully Completes Health Data Interoperability Testing at IHE Connectathon for Sixth Year

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) February 24, 2015

Corepoint Integration Engine successfully completed testing in 17 Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) profiles at the 17th annual IHE North American Connectathon in Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 26-30.

IHE Connectathon participation is key for health IT vendors to prove, in a non-competitive environment, that their product’s health data exchange capabilities are compatible with other products in use throughout the healthcare industry. This is the sixth year that Corepoint Health has successfully completed testing at the IHE Connectathon.

IHE is an initiative by healthcare professionals and the industry to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information. The event was held at the new Cleveland Convention Center and HIMSS Innovation Center.

According to Corepoint Health Product Manager Rob Brull, one notable test for 2015 is the Healthcare Provider Directory (HDP) Consumer criteria. The HDP testing involves securely accessing a provider directory from electronically connected healthcare providers, which is needed to directly send summary of care documents, lab results, or other pertinent data to an external provider.

“The 2015 Connectathon was notable largely due to the progress all vendors are making from year to year. It seemed like less of struggle this year for participating vendors to pass testing criteria, making me believe that the industry as a whole is primed to make big steps toward meeting Meaningful Use requirements, at a minimum, and go even further to achieve real interoperability that can get caregivers patient data at the point of care,” Brull said.

Corepoint Integration Engine successfully tested a set of profiles that are commonly utilized for health information exchange (HIE) connectivity. Summary of key profiles tested included:

Privacy and Security:

ATNA – Audit Trail and Node Authentication

CT – Consent Time

Regional HIE Connectivity:

XDR – Cross-Enterprise Document Reliable Interchange

CDS.b – Cross-Enterprise Documents Sharing

Patient Identification:

PDQ – Patient Demographics Query

PIX – Patient Identifier Cross-Reference

National Standards:

XCA – Cross Community Access

XCPD – Cross Community Patient Discovery

Document Sharing:

C-CDA – Consolidated CDA

HPD – Healthcare Provider Directory

About Corepoint Health

Corepoint Health delivers a simplified approach to internal and external health data integration and exchange for hospitals, radiology centers, laboratories, and clinics. Our software solutions help health care providers achieve interoperability goals that create operational leverage within their care organization. Corepoint Integration Engine was named the #1 interface engine for six consecutive years in the Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report.

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Apple's new ResearchKit: Disruptive force in R&D or flashy red herring?
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