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NEIC Brings Together Healthcare Technology Innovators at Disruptivate! Healthcare 2015

(PRWEB) May 13, 2015

The New England Innovation Center (NEIC), eCoast, the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, and the NH High Tech Council have announced the lineup for their highly anticipated event: Disruptivate! Healthcare 2015. The full-day summit is devoted to celebrating disruptive innovation in the healthcare sector, and it will be held at the historic Wentworth by the Sea Hotel in New Castle, NH on Friday, May 22nd.

Disruptivate! Healthcare 2015 is the third event in the Disruptivate! Series, the first two of which brought together business and industry leaders in sellout numbers. The previous event, Disruptivate! Vertical, split its focus between the healthcare and education industries, while the first celebrated disruptive innovation in technology.

Mark Galvin, Managing Partner of the NEIC and the driving force behind the Disruptivate! Series, decided to hone in on healthcare this time around. “It deserves its own event. The percentage of our economy being consumed by healthcare is incredible. We’re seeing the industry becoming more complex when it should be simplified. We need to bring people together to figure out how we can achieve improvements in healthcare technology and cost on the scales seen by the high-tech industry.”

Galvin admitted that this event is long overdue. “Over the last two years, so many community and business leaders have asked what we can do to shrink costs, expand coverage, and improve outcomes in what has become one-sixth of our economy. Disruptive innovation—Disruptivate! Healthcare—is the short answer! Driving it for New Hampshire and the surrounding region is the first big step.”

Disruptivate! Healthcare 2015 promises a celebration of disruptive innovation in healthcare—bringing together the most promising thought leaders, innovators, technology developers, and problem-solvers. The summit will feature presentations from winners of the Disruptivator to Watch (D2W) contest, panel discussions on a wide range of topics from the effects of wearable technology to new healthcare delivery methods, knowledge-sharing, networking, and a collaborative environment geared towards producing real solutions to the biggest problems in the industry. Attendees will also enjoy buffet breakfasts and lunches catered by the Wentworth, as well as networking breaks capped off with a cocktail social at the end of the day.

Over 250 people are expected to attend, including entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, medical professionals and managers, doctors and nurses, business owners and managers, human resource professionals, health insurance brokers and administrators, civic servants, private investors, angels, venture capitalists, tech junkies, journalists, and a great number of people and organizations simply interested in disruptive innovation in healthcare.

Since word got out about Disruptivate! Healthcare 2015, sponsors have been lining up to get involved. Pierce Atwood, one of the most prominent and respected law firms in New England, secured a platinum sponsorship for the event, citing their dedication to supporting business and innovation in the region. Several other innovative companies were also eager to sponsor the event. ConvenientMD is opening affordable, convenient urgent care centers across NH. OurHealthConnector is streamlining the process of collecting and organizing electronic medical records for patients. MyMedicalShopper is a healthcare transparency platform dedicated to making cost and quality information available to consumers. All three wanted to help support and promote the event.

Christopher Matrumalo, D!H15 Program Director, says the summit has attracted panelists from all over the country. “We’ve received applications from potential panelists as far away as Chicago and Nashville. We’ve gained a lot of attention from both inside and outside the industry. Everyone we talk to wants to participate.” The panels will also feature rock star moderators to help focus the panels on informative and actionable data, with Doug Banks, executive editor at the Boston Business Journal, former Chair of the MIT Enterprise Forum Innovation Series Committee, and Publisher of Mass High Tech, and our very own Jeff Feingold, longtime editor at New Hampshire Business Review.

Tickets are $ 149 for attendees, but they are currently available online at an early bird rate of $ 99 each. Tickets include all summit events, including all panels, keynote, Disruptivator to Watch presentations, as well as the breakfast and lunch buffets. To reserve tickets to this exciting event, interested parties should visit

For more information on Disruptivate! Healthcare 2015, please visit, or contact Mark Galvin, who is the Managing Partner of the New England Innovation Center.

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NGRAIN Announces NGRAIN Vergence for Fast, Point-and-Click Creation of Industrial Augmented Reality Content

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 12, 2015

NGRAIN today announced the availability of NGRAIN Vergence, the latest version of its industrial Augmented Reality (AR) creation software. NGRAIN Vergence makes it easy to develop and deploy industrial AR content across the enterprise by enabling companies to begin building industrial solutions without ever writing a single line of code.

NGRAIN Vergence eliminates the need for businesses to invest in custom software R&D efforts to explore the potential of industrial AR within their organizations. An efficient, easy-to-learn content creation workflow allows content creators to import 3D content from almost any source and link it to data that could include part specifications, inventory details, images, videos, step-by-step instructional content, and technical documentation.

With a single click, AR content can be deployed to any device using NGRAIN Iris, a free companion app for mobile devices and smart glasses.

“With the emergence of industrial applications for the Internet of Things, companies are starting to invest heavily in new software, big data, and connected devices. At NGRAIN, we know there needs to be a simple way to bring all of these investments together to drive business outcomes. We also know that industrial Augmented Reality is a relatively new area for most companies and we want to show them the power of AR solutions by eliminating costly barriers to entry. NGRAIN Vergence empowers our customers to start realizing return on investment almost immediately, without the need for a large, upfront investment in custom software development,” said Gabe Batstone, CEO of NGRAIN.

NGRAIN Vergence facilitates the reuse of existing 3D content from programs such as MAX, Maya, Inventor, CATIA, Creo, and SolidWorks. This latest version of NGRAIN Vergence has the ability to directly import native 3D point clouds from 3D scanners and introduces new content management features such as the ability to interactively search through complex part lists consisting of thousands of parts, batch video exporting, and enabling changes to underlying geometry without requiring extensive rework of existing content.

Alongside this new release of NGRAIN Vergence, NGRAIN is unveiling a new Industrial AR Content Creation Kit at the Internet of Things World show in San Francisco today.

The kit provides businesses with everything they need to get started with creating their own industrial AR applications and includes:

A three-month subscription to NGRAIN Vergence
A pair of Epson BT-200 smart glasses
A pre-loaded NGRAIN AR app, which includes a ready-to-use demo experience right out of the box
A 3D printed industrial model as a ready-to-use AR target
Getting started guides

NGRAIN will be showcasing this new kit at its booth 326 during the IoT World Expo this week. To schedule a demo or request a meeting, please email

For more information on NGRAIN and its products, please visit


NGRAIN allows the world to see beyond reality. Our innovative, interactive 3D technologies empower decision makers in the most challenging markets around the globe, building a world where the enterprise workforce is always connected to the right information, at the right time, on the right device — maximizing operational uptime and eliminating costly mistakes.

NGRAIN’s patented virtual reality and augmented reality software is used by leading Fortune 500 organizations in aerospace, defense, energy, healthcare, and heavy industry; transforming the way they communicate, collaborate, and understand the world around them.

Through industry-first 3D development platforms, authoring tools, and industrial applications, NGRAIN enables organizations to accelerate decisions by interacting with the world’s data in 3D. For more information, visit

NGRAIN Media Contact:

Victoria Berry

King & Weber Communications


+1 519 362 5347

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11 Analytics Trends Leading the Data-Driven Revolution in Business

SEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) May 08, 2015

A variety of factors are driving increased adoption and visibility for analytics. Organizations are recognizing the valuable insights that analytics can provide to help them compete. TDWI, the premier source for in-depth education and research on all things data, has identified several interconnected trends in analytics that are relevant for companies advancing their analytics efforts.

Here are 11 trends to watch:

1. Ease of use. Analytics in the past, especially more advanced analytics, often required command-line code. Today, vendors have made interfaces easier to use and visualizations easier to construct. Better ease of use means organizations can succeed early and then build on that success to become more data driven.

2. The democratization and consumerization of analytics. More organizations are “democratizing” business intelligence (BI) and analytics to enable a broad range of non-IT users, from executive level to frontline personnel, to do more on their own with data access and analysis via self-service BI and visual data discovery.

3. Business analysts using more advanced techniques. Also connected to ease of use is the move from the statistician/modeler to a new user of predictive analytics—the business analyst. This frees the data scientist/statistician (typically a scarce resource) to build more complex and sophisticated models.

4. Newer kinds of analytics. In addition to predictive models, other kinds of analytics are emerging to drive business value. These include text analytics (analyzing unstructured text), social media analytics, geospatial analytics (analyzing location-related data), and clickstream analysis (analyzing customer behavior on websites). All of these techniques are starting to become mainstream and can provide important insight, either by themselves or in combination with other techniques. Others, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) analytics, are starting to gain steam.

5. Operationalizing analytics. When you operationalize something, you make it part of a business process. Operationalizing analytics is important because it makes analytics more actionable and thus drives more value. For example, a statistician might build a predictive model for churn. The model is then embedded in a system, and the model scores customers as they call in. Based on this score, information flows to a call center agent as part of a business process—say, to up- or cross-sell or take other measures to retain the customer. The agent doesn’t need to know how the model works but can make important use of the output for business advantage. Operationalizing analytics also makes it more consumable.

6. Big data. Referring to ever-increasing amounts of disparate data at varying velocities, big data is the buzzword du jour. However, it is much more than that. An important point about big data is that it is driving the use of existing techniques as well as the development of new techniques for data analysis. Big data is also driving the use of newer infrastructure such as Hadoop and multi-platform data warehouse environments that manage, process, and analyze new forms of big data, non-structured data, and real-time data. Leveraging big data processing tools allows analysts to perform queries on larger data sets, providing more robust models and deeper reports.

7. New development methods. Unlike with BI reporting, analytics often demands that users explore the data and try different visualizations and analytical techniques before they can arrive at insights. Analytics often demands a different methodology from what has been used for traditional IT projects to develop applications. Instead of “waterfall” methods and cycles that only deliver at the end of (usually) one long cycle, many organizations are employing agile methods. These faster, incremental cycles have guided organizations toward greater business-IT collaboration, faster and more iterative development cycles, and ultimately higher quality and satisfaction.

8. Open source. Open source is rapidly becoming popular for infrastructure as well as analytics. Hadoop is a prime example of how these technologies are becoming important in analytics. On the analytics front, the emergence of the R language also indicates the growing popularity of open source. The open source Python programming language is also increasingly popular for analytics. Open source is important because it enables the rising innovation happening around the analytics ecosystem.

9. The cloud. Although it has taken longer than some expected for the cloud to be used in BI, it is now entering the mainstream. One reason organizations are trying to move toward the cloud is to offset costs with zero capital expenditure on infrastructure, maintenance, and even personnel—to make BI more cost-effective. Additionally, deployment is faster. More often, companies are capturing big data in the cloud and experimenting with it there. Based on analysis, certain data is brought on premises to the data warehouse.

10. Mobile BI and analytics. The increasing adoption of mobile devices has opened up new platforms from which users can access data and both initiate and consume analytics. Executives on the go can apply analytics to gain deeper insight into business performance metrics, while frontline sales and service personnel can improve customer engagements by consuming data visualizations that integrate relevant data about warranty claims, customer preferences, and more.

11. Storytelling. As analytics and advanced analytics become more mainstream, being able to tell a data story with these technologies is becoming an important skill. A narrative that includes analysis can move beyond recounting facts to weave together pieces of analysis to make an impact and drive people to action. TDWI sees two different kinds of data stories emerging. The first is one-time storytelling with a classic beginning, middle, and end, and often ends with a call to action. Modern storytelling is dynamic and often changes through time. It might use online dashboards or storyboards that are updated when new data arrives. The analysis is typically shared with others who comment and build an iterative and often interactive story.

View the full list of revolutionary trends:

TDWI to host The Analytics Experience in Boston in July

TDWI is bringing together thought leaders, practitioners, and solution providers July 26–31 in Boston to delve into the exploding world of data and the analytics that help companies turn that data into insight and impact. The event includes six action-packed days filled with classes, peer-to-peer sessions, case studies, hands-on training, and networking to offer an accelerated learning experience for business and technical leaders and implementers.

Register with code AA11 and take up to $ 855 off your registration. Must register by May 29.

To view the complete Boston program, visit


About TDWI

For 20 years, TDWI has provided individuals and teams with a comprehensive portfolio of business and technical education and research about all things data. The in-depth, best-practices-based knowledge TDWI offers can be quickly applied to develop world-class talent across your organization’s business and IT functions to enhance analytical, data-driven decision making and performance. TDWI advances the art and science of realizing business value from data by providing an objective forum where industry experts, solution providers, and practitioners can explore and enhance data competencies, practices, and technologies. TDWI offers five major conferences as well as topical seminars, onsite education, membership, certification, live Webinars, resourceful publications, industry news, and in-depth research. See or follow us on Twitter @TDWI.

About 1105 Media

1105 Media, Inc., is a leading provider of integrated information and media in targeted business-to-business markets, including specialized sectors of the information technology community; industrial health, safety, and compliance; security; environmental protection; and home healthcare. 1105’s offerings span print and online magazines, journals, and newsletters; seminars, conferences, and trade shows; training courseware; and Web-based services. 1105 Media is based in Chatsworth, CA, with offices throughout the United States.

National Nurses Week: Exciting Travel Nursing Trends Discussed with a Healthcare Staffing Expert

Omaha, NE (PRWEB) May 06, 2015

The future of nursing is influenced by many factors, from technology to a nationwide nursing shortage to an increase in educational requirements. Leslie Brown, branch manager of healthcare staffing company Aureus Medical Group, offers insight on these trends and how a travel nurse can make the most of the multitude of opportunities that exist in the nursing field.

Technology is reshaping travel nursing:

Widespread electronic health record implementation has been prevalent across the U.S. ever since the HITECH Act was introduced in 2009. Since then, three-fourths of U.S. hospitals have adopted at least a basic EHR system, according to a recent data brief from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. This means that nurses have become very familiar with EHRs over the past few years.

Brown states that overall, these innovations have made nursing routines more efficient and safe, especially since EHRs allow medical staff to make fewer medication errors due to online records and scanning capabilities. Additionally, she indicates that interoperability through EHRs has allowed communication between members of the medical team to become much easier.

In order for nurses to remain marketable for travel nursing jobs and full-time positions, they must become “lifelong learners” of this type of technology, according to Brown, as EHRs have become standard in most healthcare settings.

“There is continuing education both online and in the classroom … but EMR training is best done on the job, hands-on. Taking assignments that will teach different EMR systems will be the travelers’ best way to learn. Hospitals throughout the country use different charting systems, so the more they learn and know, the more marketable they will be for new assignments,” Brown explains.

Another major trend seen in the healthcare industry is the influence of value-based care, which could mean that nurses will be preparing themselves to treat a patient population that is more educated.

Assignment location and specialty trends:

Brown indicates that many travel nurses are taking assignments in the southeastern states, but that there is also interest in Massachusetts, Michigan, Washington, Oregon and California. These trends make sense, especially since these are some of the most populous areas in the U.S.

When it comes to specialty assignments, Brown says there are also a variety of choices for travel nurses. One of the biggest areas seeing growth is MedSurg nursing, especially since it covers many types of patient care. ICU nurses also are in high demand because they are very specialized, and ER, OR and L&D nursing assignments are also popular.

Career moves with a BSN degree:

Brown mentions that a large proportion of nurses are looking to get their BSN degree by 2020, as many hospitals are making a push to have their nursing staff well-versed in the particulars outlined with this degree. She suggests that if nurses have the opportunity to further their education with a BSN, then they should do so.

“We talk to students and new graduates across the country every day. They are telling us that many positions now are requiring a BSN or at the least require that they are enrolled in a BSN program when they are hired,” Brown explains.

Many of these educational opportunities are available online, which is perfect for a nurse already working with an organization or taking on travel nurse assignment. This means that there are several BSN educational opportunities to meet a nurse’s individual needs and career path. Additionally, she says that many employers offer tuition reimbursements through these educational programs. For instance, Aureus Medical has such a program for nurses seeking an advanced degree, offering $ 12,000 per degree for tuition and books for qualified individuals.

Driving factors for the future of nursing:

The nursing shortage and an increased amount of Americans being enrolled with insurance plans are some of the biggest influences on nursing, which means that nurses need to be flexible when it comes to assignments. The more experience and specialties that nurses have under their belts, the more career opportunities they will have down the road.

“For example, if a MedSurg nurse can learn to read strips and work on a telemetry floor, she’ll have more options. If a nurse on any unit has the chance to float to other units while working as a permanent staff member and learn new skills, that makes them more marketable,” Brown shares.

Besides recent healthcare reforms making insurance more available to patients, Brown also says that baby boomers reaching retirement age is requiring an increase in medical care, as well as technological advancements allowing more people to become involved in the healthcare system.

Making the shift to travel nursing:

Another big trend for RNs is taking travel nursing assignments, both for flexibility and building a resume. Although there are a lot of benefits to transition a career from a full-time nurse to a travel nurse, Brown says it is critical that RNs are prepared. Many of the places where travel nurses take assignments might be short-staffed or experiencing organizational changes. Being a self-starter, having the ability to adapt and remaining open to new learning experiences and asking questions are all encouraged for future success in travel nursing.

About Aureus Medical Group:

Aureus Medical Group is a national leader in healthcare staffing specializing in the successful placement of professionals within the fields of nursing, therapy, medical laboratory, imaging, oncology, cardiopulmonary, neurodiagnostics, and more with hospitals and medical facilities nationwide. Aureus Medical also offers services in the areas of advanced practice and physician search. With more than 30 years of experience, Aureus Medical offers a full range of staffing options, including national contract (travel), local contract, and direct hire (full-time). Aureus Medical is the largest affiliate of Omaha-based C&A Industries, a leading provider of human capital management solutions for more than 45 years.

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Smart Insights Report: mHealth Revenue to Pass the EUR 100 Billion Bar by 2020

Marseille, France (PRWEB) May 04, 2015

The recent Smart Insights Report “mHealth: Game Changer for Healthcare,” analyzes in detail the dynamics and the specificities of the mobile health business. mHealth refers to the use of mobile communications technology and devices to provide healthcare solutions, whether this is for prevention, diagnosis, treatment or medical follow-up. It has also been a great device at the assisted care for senior communities. As these solutions are used both for medical practice and non-medical practice, mHealth benefits multiple players involved in the value chain. Patients can manage their health more actively; healthcare professionals can provide more accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment and medication. As a result, the healthcare ecosystem is bound to become more efficient and reduce costs.

According to the Smart Insights Report “mHealth: Game Changer for Healthcare,” mHealth devices shipments are expected to keep growing in the next years at a 46% CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) between 2015 and 2020, leading to 718.5 million units to be shipped in 2020. The Smart Insights Report segments the mHealth market in three categories according to the devices main functionality:

Health Promotion Devices,
Remote Diagnostic & Assisted Living Devices,
Decision Support Devices
and provides detailed analysis along these segments and their sub-segments.

The Smart Insights Report “mHealth: Game Changer for Healthcare,” also forecasts revenues for each market segment of the mHealth market for the period between 2015 and 2020. Total revenues are expected to grow at a CAGR of 36% during the forecast period to achieve EUR 104 billion in 2020. “Health Promotion Devices”, which includes mainly solutions used to improve wellness and fitness, contributes with the largest slice of shipments, as well as revenues.

Thierry Spanjaard, CEO of Smart Insights declares: “mHealth is already disrupting the way healthcare is delivered and the secure transactions industry will play a central role in this change over the next few years. The secure transactions industry has successfully demonstrated its ability to bring confidence and ensure privacy thanks to security techniques.”

Silvana Pintão, industry analyst for Smart Insights and author of the report adds: “mHealth is already a reality with multiple pilots underway. But to achieve widespread adoption, stakeholders will need to start cooperating and developing interoperable solutions.”

mHealth solutions include numerous technological solutions, focusing mainly on the measurement of vital signs and health parameters that directly or indirectly motivate individuals to adapt a healthier life style. An essential part of the added value of mHealth can be found in the analysis of these data. Big data offers the opportunity to access and analyze vast amounts of unstructured data and search for patterns and causal relationships. Healthcare professionals, researchers and lab companies will benefit from these data to advance health care research. Maximizing the potential of health data will lead to increased productivity, and cost cuts in the healthcare sector.

This Smart Insights Report, titled “mHealth: Game Changer for Healthcare,” explores in detail the business models of the various mHealth vendors, and establishes a segmentation of this nascent market. The research has been conducted combining Smart Insights long-standing experience in the secure transactions industry with interviews with key players in the mHealth and secure transactions industry, as well as stakeholders from mobile network operators, standards organizations, technology developers and systems integrators specializing in this area.

The Smart Insights Report “mHealth: Game Changer for Healthcare” is available at

In related news, Smart Insights will be present at Cartes Americas, on May 5 – 7 in Washington, DC. Feel free to give us a call to arrange a meeting.

About Intelling:

Smart Insights Reports, along with Smart Insights Weekly and Smart Insights Market Trends, are published by Intelling, a consultancy headquartered in Marseille, France. Intelling is a consultancy with two expertise majors: marketing and strategy for secure transactions, smart cards, telecoms, payment, and convergence, as well as market intelligence, for all industry fields. Intelling is the publisher of Smart Insights Reports, that address secure transactions and smart card markets, providing an extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis.

More details are available at: and

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AvePoint Showcases Compliance and Data Privacy Solutions as Platinum Sponsor of IAPP Asia Privacy Forum 2015

Singapore (PRWEB) May 03, 2015

AvePoint, the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, today announced it is a Platinum Sponsor of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Asia Privacy Forum, taking place May 5-6, 2015 at Singapore Marriott Hotel Orchard. Throughout the event, AvePoint will showcase its compliance, risk, and privacy solutions for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud platforms.

Visit AvePoint for New Solutions

Attendees can meet the AvePoint subject matter experts to discuss topics surrounding compliance, risk, and privacy across enterprise collaboration platforms and information systems as well as receive a demonstration of the company’s latest solutions, including:

Compliance Management: AvePoint Compliance Guardian provides a full Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform to mitigate privacy, information security, and compliance risk across information gateways.

Cloud Compliance: Compliance Guardian Online, part of AvePoint Online Services – used by 3 million Microsoft Office 365 users today – ensures web applications, websites, and cloud platforms present content and information securely to minimize risk of privacy violations, malicious threats, or unintended data leakage.

Privacy: AvePoint Privacy Impact Assessment (APIA) – created through a partnership with IAPP and used by more than 2,100 practitioners today – is a technology solution that mitigates the risk inherent with manual privacy impact assessments, helping organisations understand and automate the process of evaluating, assessing, and reporting on the privacy implications of their enterprise IT systems.

Risk: AvePoint Risk Intelligence System (ARIS) allows organisations to address the complete lifecycle of risk across the enterprise. Leveraging the templates and question banks created for APIA, ARIS extends risk identification to provide meaningful action to assessments, including quantifying, lowering, and monitoring instances.

AvePoint Speaking Session at IAPP Asia Privacy Forum 2015

Dana Simberkoff, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer at AvePoint, will join Alfred Wu, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Corporation (Singapore), and Benjamin Gerber, Global Privacy Officer, Standard Chartered Bank, to lead the session “The Challenges of Data Classification” at 11:30-12:30 p.m. SST on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. The presentation will share how to create a framework for managing data assets and implementing data governance, beginning with understanding what data the organisation already has. The session will go in depth on the difficult task of classifying data when privacy is so dependent on context.

“AvePoint is excited to join the Asian privacy community to provide the best practices, knowledge, and tools necessary to ensure data is safe and secure while enabling enterprise collaboration,” said Dana Simberkoff, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, AvePoint. “Our technology combines the goals of compliance and privacy officers with those of IT workers and the business in order to provide organisations with governance, risk, and compliance management that is both practical and operational.”

For more information on IAPP Asia Privacy Forum 2015, please visit the event website.

About AvePoint

AvePoint is the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices. Focusing on helping enterprises in their digitisation journey to enable their information workers to collaborate with confidence, AvePoint is first to market with a unique solution that centralises access and control of information assets residing in disparate collaboration and document management systems on-premises and in the cloud. AvePoint solutions and services aim to bring together business, IT, as well as compliance and risk officers to serve key business objectives such as big data, cloud integration, compliance, enterprise content management, and mobile data access monitoring.

Founded in 2001 and based out of Jersey City, NJ, AvePoint serves over 14,000 organisations and 3 million Office 365 users in five continents across all industry sectors, with focused practices in the energy and utilities; financial services; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; and public sector industries. AvePoint is a Microsoft Global ISV Partner, Gold Certified Collaboration and Content Partner and winner of 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in Public Safety and National Security, as well as a US Government GSA provider via strategic partnerships. AvePoint is privately held and backed by Goldman Sachs and Summit Partners.

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.

Futurist Jack Uldrich to Address Healthcare and Technology with MMS

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 30, 2015

In his latest book, “Foresight 20/20: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow,” Jack Uldrich writes the following about healthcare and technology: “In January of 2014, Illumina, a San Diego based company, announced that their high throughput genetic sequencing machine “HiSeq X Ten” had finally broken through the long sought after $ 1,000 barrier to sequence a full human genome and could sequence up to five per day. To put this in some perspective, it helps to consider that the first human genome project was completed in 2001 for the sum of three billion dollars.

Uldrich continues, “The project has already had major implications for the healthcare industry and the how disease is prevented and treated. In fact, fast and inexpensive gene sequencing is just a small part of the incredible changes already occurring in the field of health care.

By the beginning of the next decade, in addition to the developments in genomics, genomic surgery, continued advances in information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics, data mining, wearable technologies, artificial intelligence, sensors, social networking, a myriad other technologies will transform the face of modern medicine”

On May 1 Uldrich will address a keynote address to the Massachusetts Medical Society in Boston, MA. His keynote”The Big AHA: How to Future-Proof the Health Care System Against Tomorrow’s Transformational Trends, Today” will focus on healthcare and the future trends in technology that will change the face of the system as it is currently known.

While his writing and research on health technology will form the basis for his discussion with the MMS, Uldrich will also focus on his concept of the “Big AHA” which stands for Awareness, Humility and Action. Those basic tents form the foundation for Uldrich’s School of Unlearning and his precepts for outstanding leadership.

Uldrich who has delivered keynotes to several healthcare organizations and hospitals across the U.S. such as BCBS, The AMA, West Kendall Baptist Hospital and United Healthcare also specializes in technological transformation and change management among agricultural, financial, utilities-based, manufacturing and educational organizations as well.

Following his engagement in Boston Uldrich will deliver keynotes to Ingram in Arizona, Thrivent Financial in Minneapolis and Bayer CropScience in Hamburg, Germany.

For more information on Uldrich’s upcoming engagements, writing or speaking availability are encouraged to visit his website.

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CargoSense Completes Seed Round Offering By Raising $2.5 Million

Reston, Virginia (PRWEB) April 28, 2015

CargoSense, a Virginia-based smart data and MicroAnalytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company focused on supply chain logistics, today announced that it has had a final close on its seed round, bringing total investment proceeds to $ 2.5 million. Participating in the final close were early stage venture capital firms IrishAngels and Middleburg Capital Development. Existing investors, including Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology, also participated in the round.

CargoSense has built a comprehensive data capture and analytics platform that provides unprecedented insight into supply chain logistics for the pharmaceutical, cold chain, and refrigerated storage industries. The innovative platform goes far beyond temperature monitoring and simple climate excursions to provide complete and historical insights of how transportation providers are handling goods within the supply chain at the individual box and product level.

CargoSense acts as a “black box” for a customer’s supply chain process – recording exactly what a product experiences, including temperature, light, humidity, pressure, shock, and tilt from origin to destination. Customers can flexibly combine these values to form climate ranges for each product they ship including pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, food, and other climate sensitive cargo. Customers can leverage the integrated insights to pinpoint issues in their supply chain to improve product quality, reduce cost and eliminate risk. The CargoSense solution also meets the supply chain monitoring guidelines as required under the European Union’s Good Distribution Practice regulations, and is well positioned to service the forthcoming U.S. regulations for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

CargoSense enables the sharing of data with supply chain partners, ensuring a single view of the environmental measures captured for a shipment. Providing a collaborative root cause analysis platform, customers can annotate and share comments on captured data, as well as securely upload files and reports with their teams.

“This marks the first true actualization of the Internet of Things (IoT) within the logistics industry,” stated CargoSense CEO Rich Kilmer. “No other solution in the market can capture this range of product-level data to ensure quality and quickly identify and remove risks. A prescription or drug that has not been kept at the right conditions during transport can create extremely dire consequences.”

“After completing our extensive due diligence process, we feel that CargoSense has the management team, unique product technology and business model to take advantage of this multi-billion dollar pain point in the logistics industry,” remarked Gale Bowman, Managing Director of IrishAngels. “They are offering a truly unique solution that will drive a fact based quality control process that is already being utilized by significant players in the pharmaceutical and logistics space.”

With the latest funding round, CargoSense plans to accelerate its rapid growth by expanding its sales, marketing and development teams. Additionally, the capital will allow the company to drive new product innovations and customer acquisition activities.

About CargoSense

CargoSense ( is a big-data and analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company founded to create solutions that optimize logistics networks – in healthcare, food, medical devices and other industries with complex supply chains. The company has created the first collaborative supply chain software that operates using tablet, Web, and mobile devices, collecting data with the newest generation of sensor technologies. Founded by serial entrepreneurs with a history of building successful software services using agile development and customer-focused design, the company is based in Reston, Virginia.

About IrishAngels

IrishAngels ( mission statement is to “Marry our passion for Notre Dame with our collective entrepreneurial urge and instincts, to find and fund the most promising ND affiliated new ventures resulting in a Chicago based, nationally inspired angel investing brand.” IrishAngels is dedicated to funding high potential startups both in Chicago and across the country in which a founder, Board member, or active investor is a graduate, student, parent, or faculty member at the University of Notre Dame. IrishAngels facilitates entrepreneurial success and exceptional ROI through close advisory relationships with its portfolio companies. The management and operational experience of the collective group as well as the network of connections is an invaluable resource to companies in which the group invests.

About Middleburg Capital Development (MCD)

Middleburg Capital Development ( is a private equity investment firm. They partner with entrepreneurs, growing businesses, private banking groups, university incubation centers, funds, and other private equity groups. MCD is involved with new technologies, data and information sectors, the service sectors, core manufacturing, and natural resources. Their partners and Advisory Board members support interest in global opportunities.


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OpenIAM Announces a Distributor Partnership with Chuanhow Technologies for Asian markets

Cortlandt Manor, NY (PRWEB) April 23, 2015

OpenIAM, a leading provider of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, has formed a business alliance with Chuanhow Technologies. The purpose of the alliance is to offer companies in Asia a mature, full-featured yet economical Identity and Access Management solution.

“We see strong potential for the OpenIAM solution in the Asian markets,” said Ameet Shah, OpenIAM VP of Marketing. “Companies are increasingly interested in the cost savings offered through automation as well as improved security and governance.”

OpenIAM offers a comprehensive unified solution that is significantly easier to deploy and configure. It has been designed to co-exist in a heterogeneous environment where organizations may have a blend of cloud and on-premise solutions. As part of this alliance, Chuanhow will help develop the partner network in Asia to distribute, implement and support the OpenIAM solution.

“We are very pleased to partner with OpenAM,” said Junhao Chen, CEO of Chuanhow. “Because many companies have begun to import cloud solutions, identity security will play an important role. OpenIAM information security products have won several awards. We see tremendous growth opportunities in our existing business.”

Current IAM offerings available in Asia are expensive, highly complex and difficult to deploy. Many of these solution providers have been slow to innovate and adapt to the changing needs resulting from cloud and mobile computing. This has limited the number of options available to companies looking to incorporate Identity and Access Management.

The OpenIAM solution suite offers customers the following functionality:

Authentication and Authorization
Selfservice portal for end users to manage their own profile, request approval, and change password
Forgot password management
Single sign-on to cloud and on-premise applications
Automated Provisioning and De-provisioning
Access review and certification
Audit and compliance
One Time Password (OTP)

End customers will gain the following benefits:

Operational efficiency: Automated account provisioning and de-provisioning significantly reduces the burden on IT staff.
Improved end user productivity: Single sign-on and self-service saves end-users time by not having to repeatedly login and improve security
Improved audit and compliance: Fine-grained audit allows customers to see how to do what and when and meet regulatory mandates.

About OpenIAM, LLC

Founded in 2008, OpenIAM is a comprehensive Identity and Access Management infrastructure that provides a strong security foundation to provision users and authenticate and authorize access to enterprise systems. The OpenIAM product suite has been built from the ground up to provide a cost effective, easy to use IAM solution without the issues found in offerings that have grown largely through acquisitions and legacy systems. The company’s products are being used by mid to large organizations in a variety of industries including: Government, financial services, telecommunications, education, healthcare, manufacturing, publishing, and retail. The OpenIAM ecosystem also includes systems integrator partners in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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About Chuanhow Technologies

Chuanhow Technologies is a specialist in cloud computing/big data, software defined networking, network security, data analysis, data loss prevention, application delivery management, business continuity, enterprise software, e-commerce, mobile computing, asset management, social media and an innovation strategy for next generation products. Chuanhow helps vendors in the IT market develop a profitable business, provide a distinctive pathway for development, a new way of thinking to help reseller partners and enterprise customers reduce costs, optimize operations, improve efficiency, and build a profitable portfolio. Partner Website:

Text Analytics Market is Expected to Reach $6.5 Billion by 2020 – Allied Market Research

(PRWEB UK) 20 April 2015

According to a new market research report titled “Global Text Analytics Market- Size, Industry Analysis, Trends, Growth and Forecast, 2014- 2020,” the global text analytics market has a potential to reach $ 6.5 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 25.2% during 2014-2020. Predictive analytics is the most attractive application within text analytics, which provides insights on unstructured text and helps the companies to formulate business strategies accordingly. The retail sector largely uses text analytics software, which approximately contributes 1/3rd of revenue amongst all industries. Use of text analytics in Healthcare accelerates Health-Care research, which eventually adds to the rapid growth of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector.

Comprehending the benefits of the text analytics in predicting and forecasting consumer behavior, the technology is gaining ground and helping corporations to strategically position themselves in the competitive market. The capability of the technology to deduce trends from the unstructured text and single out rationale is the driving force for the market. The upsurge in the adoption of social networking platforms for conversations, rising adoption of cloud computing technologies and the ability of text analytics to move beyond sentiment analysis are some major driving factors for the text analytics industry. Nevertheless, despite the finer and profitable aspects, the technology has some vices posing as obstacles for the growth of the market. The expensive analytic software and lack of awareness among the stakeholders about the advantages of text analytics in the pivotal regions would impede the growth of the market.

To view the report, visit the website at

Text analytics finds wide acceptance in regions such as North America due to the early adoption of big data analytics in the region. North American region approximately holds 40% of global text analytics market amongst all regions. Till 2012, North American region generated about 2.5 exabyte (2.5 million gigabytes) of data per day and the number is anticipated to double every 40 months. For instance, Walmart collect 2.5 petabytes of data from their customers’ transactions. Therefore, the use of text analytics software to analyze customers’ demands is on the higher side, as compared to other regions. Substantial amount of data is generated in the region on a daily basis, which is a gold mine for companies that understand the importance of historical data. Historical data trend is further used to forecast the trend of the market in the coming years. Therefore, predictive analytics is also increasingly used to forecast the market trend and formulate the business strategies.

Presently, the On-premise deployment model is predominantly favored by the government organizations and small & medium business, as it offers higher level of security compared to cloud based deployment model. The use of on premise model for deployment of text analytic software would gradually subside and the market would be driven by cloud based deployment models in the near future. Operational cost cutting would contribute to the rapid adoption of Cloud-based model in the coming years.

Predictive analytics is gaining ground in the field of healthcare and Banking Financial Services and Insurance industries (BFSI). The ability of Predictive analytics application to track the incidences of diseases and forecast the reoccurrence in the future is a boon for the healthcare sector. On the other hand, financial forecasting is accomplished very effectively using text analytics. The forecast could assist BFSI’s in tracking loan trends and gain insights on the potential client base that demand banking services in the future. Retail sector has large customer base and has sizable number of reviews on their products. Analyzing the voice of the customers helps the retail companies to improve their products, by considering the customer demands. Therefore, retail sector majorly uses text analytics software compared to other sectors.

Key findings of the study:

Global market for Text analytics deployment models is gaining prominence with cloud based models, which is the growing at a rapid rate for the forecast period (2014-2020)
Predictive analytics is the major application segment that uses text analytic software to forecast the market trend, which is growing at a CAGR of 21.3% during the forecast period
Based on the geographic examination, North America would be the highest revenue-generating region, confers the report
Text analytics software is widely used in customer relationship management applications, where the analyzed information is prominently used to take strategic business decisions
Small scale enterprises still rely on on-premise model and is growing at a CAGR of 16.6% during 2014-2020

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Continuous innovations in the text analytics industry is leading to upgrade the existing versions of text analytics software. Therefore, product launch is the major developmental strategy that is widely adopted by the text analytics market players. In June 2014, Linguamatics launched I2E Semantic Enrichment that uses natural language processing technology for analysis of text, and offer insights at a much faster rate. The report expounds on the strategies of top players such as IBM, Attensity, Microsoft, Clabridge, SAS, HP, Tibco Software, Oracle, Tableau Software and SAP.

About Us:

Allied Market Research (AMR) is a full-service market research and business-consulting wing of Allied Analytics LLP based in Portland, Oregon. Allied Market Research provides global enterprises as well as medium and small businesses with unmatched quality of “Market Research Reports” and “Business Intelligence Solutions”. AMR has a targeted view to provide business insights and consulting to assist its clients to make strategic business decisions and achieve sustainable growth in their respective market domain.

We are in professional corporate relations with various companies and this helps us in digging out market data that helps us generate accurate research data tables and confirms utmost accuracy in our market forecasting. Each and every data presented in the reports published by us is extracted through primary interviews with top officials from leading companies of domain concerned. Our secondary data procurement methodology includes deep online and offline research and discussion with knowledgeable professionals and analysts in the industry.


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