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Beginner Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Beginner Affiliate Marketing For Dummies. These easy to use proven strategies that will make google and the other…
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Forum Marketing Strategy For New Affiliate Marketers

Driving consistent traffic to your website is very important as this ensures that there is a constant flow of people who will be aware of your promotion. One of the most effective methods to drive targeted traffic back to your website is the forum marketing strategy. When there is a huge demand for information in certain market, there will be a group of people who will be hanging around some authority websites where they will be sharing information.

The 1st thing you will need to do is to start doing some Google search for the most popular forums that are related to the niche market you are in. You will want to check each forum to make sure that there are enough people who are sharing information and they are discussing topics that are related to the products that you plan to promote. You will want to start off by selecting 5 popular forums which you will be using constantly over a period of time.

The 2nd thing that you need to do is to sign up for the forum account. Most of the forums will allow you to create an account for free so it is not really necessary for you to sign up for those accounts that require you to pay. Once your account is activated, you will want to look out for the ‘signature’ portion where you will be able to put your website link and some sentences to invite them to visit your website. The signature portion is also known as bio box or resource box.

The 3rd thing you need to do is to start contributing useful information to the forums so that the other people will gain value from it. Remember that you must not spam the forum by continuously asking people to visit your website. You will need to start focusing on giving good content and helping people in the forum. This will be good in building your branding and credibility in the forum. When you contribute enough good information, people will soon treat you as an expert and they will naturally go to your website to get more information.

You will want to make sure that you understand the forum rules so that you will not risk your account being ban by the forum admin. Most forums have many different sub categories so that you will want to ensure that you place your content in the right category. Most popular forums are constant crawled by the search engines spiders so it will be worth the extra effort to ensure that your content is keyword optimized.

The key to successful forum marketing is to ensure that you post good content consistently so that there will be a constant flow of traffic back to your website. This ensures that you will be growing your list daily which will increase your profits.


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Federation of Credit and Financial Professionals Announce Growth Strategy

South Plainfield, NJ (PRWEB) April 22, 2015

The Federation of Credit & Financial Professionals, the oldest business credit association in the United States (founded 1896 in New York City) announces a five year strategy to build national membership and best-in-class services. This move is motivated by a growing need from mid-to-large companies for an integrated offering of education and services to better manage credit and collections for their businesses.

Joseph McNamara, the Federation’s Chairman, said “Our mission is to create value for the credit profession by providing professional best-practices training and peer networking to credit practitioners and senior executives. We will embrace deeper ties with other trade associations and progressive credit associations who will benefit from what we do, just as we will benefit from their content.” The Federation believes that middle-market companies need an in-the-box solution that draws on the expertise already available in the larger companies and credit associations that service them.

Adding to this, Ken Frisco, Operating Board Member and former credit executive for Sony, said, “We will expand our highly-regarded webinar series, and you will see a creative approach to thought leadership workshops, conferences, career building events, as well as rich content partnerships with leading domestic and international associations that are innovative in their outlook”.

In addition, Frisco continued, “the Federation has an invaluable technology partnership with Credit2B, the provider of best-in-class trade credit and financial risk reporting solutions, and their proprietary group trade data sharing, workflow management and peer networking platform. The Federation looks forward to expanding this platform capability as a benefit to other associations as well.”

McNamara continued, “Our goal is to double our membership by 2016, attracting

the most important foundational companies in every industry, as well as many hundreds of middle-market companies that will benefit greatly from our programs. In addition, we will establish an affiliate network based on mutual goals.”

Harris Semegram, Director of Credit at Prestige Brands, and an active user of these services said “I’ve been proud to be associated with an organization that has the depth and expertise of the Federation of Credit for several years, but I am more enthusiastic than ever due to the fresh thinking and innovation the Federation of Credit and its partners have to offer members going forward”.

In summary, Frisco said “while this is the third century in which the Federation is providing service to the credit community, we expect the next five years to be the best. We are embarking on an exciting journey with great confidence in our ability to achieve our goals.”

About the Federation of Credit & Financial Professionals

The Federation of Credit and Financial Professionals, Inc. founded in 1896, is one of the oldest credit federations in the world. It has more than 2,000 credit, collection, and financial professionals participating in its programs, and one of the most influential peer networks in the industry. Leading Fortune 500 companies, constitute its foundation. Members represent diverse segments of the economy, including manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare, distribution, construction and financial businesses.

Management contact:

Ken Frisco

Operating Board Member

Federation of Credit & Financial Professionals, Inc.

Tel: 201-714-4526



What is Affiliate Marketing – A New Marketer’s Key to Success

Are you thinking about dabbling in Internet Marketing? Are you wondering how to get started? If you are toying with the idea of Internet Marketing as a career or a hobby, then Affiliate Marketing is the way to go. Let’s look at what Affiliate Marketing is and how you, a new marketer, will make money using it.

If you have little to no experience with Internet Marketing, or even limited experience with computers, it can be overwhelming and daunting trying to figure out how to be successful at making money online. If you have the desire to learn, the ability to follow easy instructions, and an internet connection, then you are on your way to becoming prosperous in Affiliate Marketing. 

There are a lot of different reasons why people use Affiliate Marketing. It can be used for reducing debt, going to college, or for your main source of income. Anyone can do it, at any age. The biggest obstacle to overcome is how to get started. Most people know what they want to accomplish they just lack a road map on how to get there. Sound familiar?

So, let’s keep things conservative and simple. A successful internet marketer, Travis Sago, coined the term “Bum Marketing.” The philosophy behind the Bum Marketing Method is that anybody can walk up to a computer and start making money, even a bum who has no money.

You may be moving your head from side to side in disbelief and possibly even rolling your eyes, but it’s true! 

The Bum Marketing Method is a proven way to get started in Affiliate Marketing without any start up costs. This is the only way to launch a new business when you have little to no money to invest. 

The secret formula that drives the Bum Marketing Method, involve the following 3 steps:

Find an online product to sell. Informational products that can be instantly downloaded work the best.
Use free methods to market and promote the item.
Cash your big fat commission checks from your sales.

Sound easy? It is if you know what you are doing. 

So friend, What is Affiliate Marketing? It is the key to your future prosperity, and financial blessings. Get a jump start towards your success by following a 4 Day Money Making Blueprint that will eliminate the frustrating, time consuming, trial and error process often associated with online marketing. Easy to follow videos are included that will guide new marketer’s and technically challenged individual’s step by step to becoming a successful bum. Go to 

Ziegler Closes $24 Million Medical Center at Bowling Green Financing

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

Ziegler, a specialty investment bank, is pleased to announce the successful closing of the $ 24,434,000 tax-exempt, private placement The Medical Center at Bowling Green Series 2015 issue through the County of Warren, Kentucky. The Medical Center at Bowling Green (MCBG), a new client to Ziegler, is rated “A” by Standard & Poor’s with a positive outlook.

MCBG is the flagship subsidiary of Commonwealth Health Corporation (CHC) and consists of a 337 bed full service hospital that maintains the leading market position in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The obligated group also includes a 25-bed critical access hospital, The Medical Center at Scottsville, and a 110 bed skilled nursing facility, the Cal Turner Extended Care Pavilion. Non-obligated group affiliates of CHC include Centercare, a 380,000 member commercial and Medicaid preferred provider organization, another critical access hospital, the Medical Center at Franklin, a LTACH and other subsidiaries. In the aggregate, CHC generates approximately $ 400 million in annual operating revenue.

Ziegler served as placement agent for the Series 2015 private placement that advance refunds MCBG’s Series 2007 Bonds. Unlike typical bank placement transactions, this transaction placed with Capital One Funding, lacked lender increased cost provisions meaning the fixed rate is truly fixed. This matched maturity advance refunding transaction creates approximately $ 320,000 in annual cash flow savings through the 2031 final maturity and generated superior debt service savings compared to a bond issue.

Ron Sowell, Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer of CHC and MCBG stated “the refunding opportunities presented to our organization by Ziegler proved to be very rewarding and were consummated quickly and efficiently by the closing team led by Mike Quinn at Ziegler. We are very appreciate of Ziegler’s work on our behalf and look forward to other opportunities to work with them and our new partners at Capital One Funding as we continue to serve the healthcare needs of residents in South Central Kentucky.”

Mike Quinn, Managing Director in Ziegler’s healthcare finance practice, commented, “The Medical Center at Bowling Green leveraged its surging credit profile which includes outstanding profitability and balance sheet growth that has led to two recent rating upgrades and a positive outlook on its ‘A’ rating from S&P to generate meaningful debt service savings in this innovative transaction placed with Capital One. The Medical Center and Commonwealth Health Corporation demonstrate that regional systems can flourish in the new healthcare operating environment. This unique financing structure combined the ease of execution of a direct placement with the more conservative risk profile of public fixed-rate bonds. Ziegler was delighted to assist MCBG and CHC with this important financing.”

Ziegler is a premier investment bank to community and regional healthcare providers. For over 80 years, we have been assisting these organizations with creative, tailored financial solutions for their capital needs. Specializing in healthcare, Ziegler offers an array of services including investment banking, financial risk management, merger and acquisition services, as well as capital and strategic planning.

For more information about Ziegler, please visit us at

About Ziegler:

The Ziegler Companies, Inc., together with its affiliates (Ziegler), is a privately held, specialty investment bank with unique expertise in complex credit structures and advisory services. Nationally, Ziegler is ranked as one of the leading investment banking firms in its specialty sectors of healthcare, senior living, religion, and education, as well as general municipal and structured finance. Headquartered in Chicago, IL with regional and branch offices throughout the U.S., Ziegler provides its clients with capital raising, corporate finance, FHA/HUD, strategic advisory services and research. Ziegler serves institutional and individual investors through its wealth management and capital markets distribution channels.

Certain comments in this news release represent forward-looking statements made pursuant to the provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. This client’s experience may not be representative of the experience of other clients, nor is it indicative of future performance or success. The forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, in particular, the overall financial health of the securities industry, the strength of the healthcare sector of the U.S. economy and the municipal securities marketplace, the ability of the Company to underwrite and distribute securities, the market value of mutual fund portfolios and separate account portfolios advised by the Company, the volume of sales by its retail brokers, the outcome of pending litigation, and the ability to attract and retain qualified employees.

# # #

Affiliate Marketing – How to Market to the Male

Not many people think about the gender of the people they’re marketing for. That’s where commissions are being lost. As much as you’d like to think that your marketing is focused, if you’re not acknowledging how your copy sounds to the male or female ear, you’ve got some work to do. Don’t quote me on this, but when people just “market” without considering gender, they generally market to the male ear. What does the male want to hear?

In general, males are not so concerned about the emotional aspect of anything really. This is the most common reason why relationships break up; females tend to want to talk about something and be heard, where as men are happy simply, “doing things”. We’re practical but when we’re looking to buy something online, we’re just the same as women. We only buy from sources we trust. So what does this mean for the Affiliate Marketer in a male-dominated niche?

Screw the sappy emotional stuff. We want cold hard facts. Is it going to work or is it not going to work? How long is it going to take? And the biggest question there is, show me the proof. Don’t try and dance your way out of the questions because you’ll be dancing away from commissions. You want to engage with him and earn his trust? Take him head on. Answer his questions. Be no-nonsense.

Having said all this, to completely ignore the emotional aspect of purchasing would be to put your commissions in danger. Don’t forget the age-old tenet of marketing: “people purchase with emotion and justify with logic”. The guy, whatever he’s buying, must be here in the first place. Why is he here? What’s his problem? Why couldn’t he solve it? What does he want? You’ve still got to ask and answer questions like these, but it doesn’t mean you have to collapse into a puddle of tears with him when he tells you he’s been trying to build muscle but he can’t. Empathise, but don’t waste his time. He wants someone who gets where he’s coming from.

So just remember. Prove, don’t persuade. Answer his questions, don’t waste his time. Only ever show as much emotion as you expect the person on the other side of the computer to show. Pretend you’re a mirror. You want to be an exact image of your prospect. They want to see someone who they can empathise with.

Johnson Kee is an Affiliate Marketer based in Melbourne, Australia.

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The Truth About Affiliate Marketing Scams and Internet Marketing Make Money Online Schemes

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Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review ? Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate A Scam?

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a scam? This system is the third version of the online money making system created by the highly experience Internet marketer Dan Brock.

He teaches strategies for creating high quality content that will be picked up by the search engines such as Google in order to drive huge amounts of traffic that you want to any product website you target. The first two versions were named as Profitzon before it was changed to Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

How Much Can One Expect to Make From Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

Beta testers who had the chance to try out this system first were able to create their own online business relatively quickly and create their first $ 2,000 a month. It mainly profits from the sales of physical products in foreign markets, a niche method of promotion that is currently still very uncompetitive. Its step by step instructional videos and manuals have been very useful for me, and its strategies are definitely easy to understand and apply.

What is the Biggest Difference Between Deadbeat Super Affiliate and Other Affiliate Marketing Systems?

One of the best skills that I have learned by following this course is that Dan teaches many if his own outsourcing strategies that he uses to outsource most of the manual Deadbeat Super Affiliate System’s tasks. Dan has also provided his own distributable outsourcing videos that anyone can take and use them to train their own outsourcers.

By following this course, I am seeing faster marketing results as compared to previous Internet marketing courses that I have followed before. By learning how to outsource correctly, I have found my online income growing much more substantially as I am able to get more work done in less time. Another useful aspect is the outsourcing help desk that allows me to keep in touch with my outsourcers more easily.

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a scam? Visit to read a report about this new Super Affiliate Marketing System to find out the truth and get a complimentary FREE Deadbeat Super Affiliate Bonus Download!

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Tickets for Garth Brooks at Legacy Arena: Features Discounted Garth Brooks Tickets for Concerts in Birmingham for Newly Announced June Shows

Oshkosh, Wisconsin (PRWEB) April 17, 2015

Comeback tour dates have been popping up periodically since the performer’s tour initially began last September. His wife Trisha Yearwood has been joining him for all of the concerts, and live performances have been booking solid relatively quickly after new dates are announced. Tickets for Garth Brooks at Legacy Arena are expected to be highly sought by Alabama country music fans.

Visit to browse the selection of tickets for Garth Brooks at discounted prices.

Ever since the talented entertainer announced that he would be coming out of a 13-year retirement, his devoted followers have been excited about obtaining tickets for an upcoming show. Entertainment venues across the country are booking solid as shows come along, and every announcement regarding new dates is greeted with great anticipation.

Garth Brooks tickets for concerts in Birmingham will likely follow the trend that the comeback tour has created by selling out completely. The Alabama shows are scheduled for June 12 and 13. Concertgoers in the local area are patiently waiting for April 17 when tickets for Garth Brooks at Legacy Arena are scheduled to go on sale.

The legendary country performer has not appeared in Birmingham in 19 years. Local residents cannot wait for the chance to attend a June 12 or 13 performance that has been a long time coming. With more shows continually being added to the comeback tour, it is turning out to be a hugely successful musical event. is reducing the prices of Garth Brooks tickets for concerts in Birmingham. The reputable provider has great prices for concert tickets on a daily basis, and added discounts are now lowering the prices of seats for upcoming shows even further.

Disclaimer: is not associated with any of the artists, teams, venues, organizations, institutions, or bands featured on their website in any way. Furthermore, any names or titles used in this press release are solely for descriptive purposes and do not imply, indicate, or suggest any type of affiliation, partnership, or endorsement.

About: is a reliable and convenient online marketplace serving the secondary market with discounted tickets for all major concerts, sports, and theatre events happening across North America and beyond. Customers are invited to compare prices against other providers offering similar tickets. For the lowest bottom line price, online shoppers can take advantage of Promo Code “DISCOUNT” while tickets last.

Live Customer Support

Order By Phone Toll Free

7:00am-1:00am EST

(855) 859-4033


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Affiliate Secrets – The Shocking Truth Behind Top Affiliate Products

You’re looking for the quickest way to build substantial wealth on the internet. And you’ve read many articles which pointed out huge benefits of being an affiliate… a reseller of other people’s products.

You’ve probably been told that you should look for:

A high commission rate. You’ve heard that 50% is the bare minimum, and it should ideally be up towards 75%.
Low competition, so you have the market all to yourself.

So you start searching and find a product that gives a commission rate of 75% on a $ 97 product. That seems to check all the boxes, doesn’t it? After sales and commission costs are taken out, you might be getting as much as $ 60 in your pocket. Well, that’s the theory. But there’s a couple of barriers that might put some flies in the ointment and not make the product that attractive to you:

- The product price might be too high. The product owners might have ramped the price up to make the deal look more attractive for affiliates. But the high price could also be putting buyers off. You need to check that the selling price is realistic for the product.

Here’s an example of how price affects sales: A few years back I experimented with putting up the price of one of my products only to find that sales dropped immediately by over 30%. I had unwittingly broken a psychological price barrier for my buyers, and they responded by keeping their hands on their wallets. Since the increased profit didn’t balance out the drop in sales, I moved back to the original price as soon as I saw the pattern developing. Sales quickly returned to normal.

- The refund rate might be too high. Unless you are sure the product has a top reputation, it might have a top refund rate as well! Make sure that this rate is well below 10% which is normally considered the highest acceptable return rating for digital products. Any higher than 10%, and you’ll probably be seeing a lot of your hard-earned commissions being debited from your reseller’s account.

The secret is not to base your decision solely on high price and a high commission rate. Do your homework by checking out the product thoroughly before you commit to your reselling strategy.

Ken Silver has grown his million-dollar a-year Silver Lotto System using the powerful principles outlined in this article. Visit the affiliate website to see how articles can speed your affiliate wealth.

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