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Beginner Affiliate Marketing Tips – Is the Auto DM on Twitter the Kiss of Death?

Do you auto direct message your twitter followers? Should you? It’s an ongoing debate amongst twitter users and marketers alike. Where you come out in the discussion really depends on a few things, including your niche, your twitter goals, and your beliefs.

There are basically two schools of thought on this:

1. Yes! Send automated direct messages when people follow you. Give people something free, and build your list while you do it!

2. NO! Don’t send a DM. People hate to be sold, and didn’t ask for your free stuff.

Both sides believe pretty strongly in their position.

Me ~ Being a reforming all or nothing thinker ~ I’m playing in the middle of this one.

I do send an automated DM to my followers. However, it does not have a link or give anything away for free. I simply say hello, it’s great to meet you and I hope they have a magical day. (or something to that affect)

I do this for a few reasons:

1. I want to connect with new followers ~ I want them to see my name so they will have it in their minds and be looking for my other tweets.

2. I think you need to build trust and some sort of relationship before you send people to anything, free or not. There will be plenty of time for me to send people to my freebie to build my list after they know, like and trust me a little bit more.

3. It’s what feels best and most in integrity to me and how I want to run my business.

So to Auto DM or Not? It really is up to you, and will probably be different depending on the niche you are in, and what your market will tolerate. You can always test it both ways and see which people seem to prefer. 

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A Comparison of 2 Affiliate Marketing Learning Programs and Key Elements to Remember

Depending on the level of your experience, you maybe searching for specific help in the learning development process of Internet Affiliate Marketing efforts. Therefore, I have created an overview of one of Clickbank’s popular products Maverick Money Makers Club and the well known Wealthy Affiliate University program.

My experience has shown me in this business the importance of conducting thorough research before buying any product. In order to accurately exemplify this statement, lets take a look at an example. Maverick Money Makers tries to paint a picture of an elementary nature of this program, by conveying we do not need to implement our own websites to make money in this business. I found this statement to be one as well as others to be inaccurate. If your compare it to the Wealthy Affiliate program, you will find they on the other hand encourage the creation of several high traffic generating websites. Their program ensures it provides access to an inclusive website builder along with web hosting for up to (3) domains included in their membership costs for all their members. Hence, signifying the importance of having your own website.

The key elements of an Affiliate Marketing learning program are as follows:

1. Pricing – You will find a considerable difference in pricing of the two programs mentioned in this article. It being one of our most important concerns, compare the pricing of a prospective program and compare them to other memberships of similarity. Then evaluate the resources and tools that are advertised to determine where you will get this biggest bang for your dollars.

2. Technology – What cutting edge tools and methods will be received. The internet is it continues to grow is constantly changing. Therefore the tools and methods we use must always be updated and renewed. What use to work in the past will not work today.

3. Action Plan – This outlines a navigation course of your goals. This of your online business as a journey which has a destination. Typically, before we make journeys, a map or some type of navigation instrument is used to guide our course. They tell us where we are going every step of the the way to the doorstep of our destination. When do not use a directional device when traveling in unknown territories, we put ourselves at risk along way to get make a wrong turn and get lost in the process.

4.Support – You will have question along your journey to overcoming the massive learning of of this business. Therefore, you need to ensure the support that you need will be in place. The obstacles that we run into requires timely responses, and an effective way to filter your questions is extremely important.

Therefore, I can only advise you to analyze any prospective Affiliate Marketing program before you make a purchase. I can’t tell you what program is best for you. I can only recommend programs and products that I have purchased and have personally experienced. Besides, everybody has there own individual needs and budget. Ultimately, this will be the determining factors that guide your online business purchase decisions.

Since I have intrigued your interests to learn more about Key Elements you want in an Affiliate Learning Program. Go to my blog post at

Earn Money on the Internet Promoting Your Affiliate Programs Through Article Marketing

If you have been trying to earn money on the Internet promoting your affiliate programs and have not had success trust me I have been in your position also. Affiliate programs are a great way to do business but if you’re not bringing highly targeted traffic to your website on a daily basis then you will find it hard to make sales.

But how can you bring more traffic to your website with people who are ready to buy?

The best way that I have found to bring targeted traffic to my website would be though article marketing. If you’re not familiar with what article marketing is it is basically writing and distributing articles to article directories and getting people to see your articles, view them, and hopefully they visit your website. Now will everyone who visits your article in go on to see your website? The simple answer is no it is not going to happen!

But you will notice that the more articles you write the more traffic your website will begin to generate and the more leads you will get and of course the more sales you will make. Article marketing is very powerful if you truly understand how to make it work for you. The great thing is that you do not have to be a master at it at all when you first start, but the key is to start. When I first heard of article marketing I did not want to try it because I thought it was “hard”.

This is a big mistake and I suggest you don’t make it as well, because you can be losing out on a lot of money. Writing articles doesn’t make you money; the traffic that you be generating does.

The person who writes the most articles and is the most aggressive about this type of marketing medium will see the best results.

Do you want to learn more about how I run my affiliate marketing business online? I have just completed a brand new marketing system.

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How You Can Present Exactly what Your Potential Customers Prefer When Affiliate Marketing

Build insoluble is an essential section of your online marketing and advertising trip. That is probably fine-looking understandable. Increasing machinate suggests more cash flow but just how can you bring in additional obscene? You need to do this unique by making your potential customers content.

There are so many aspirant internet marketers around which can be simply in the market to generate a swift dollar so that they think that they might trick men and women to attain fiscal results. You may invariably learn that these sufferers do not reach financial good results perfectly. There are still points that you have to know relating to generating your visitors thrilled to generate infect.

Supplying superior and suitable submissions are needed as it helps you to generate expertise with your customer base. After you develop this unique depend on you can be assured that your chosen prospects helps keep wanting much more. Along with web marketing it is important on your people to keep coming back for large on the grounds that that is precisely how chasseur usually are earned.

By means of web optimization you will be able to deliver what your potential customers want. Search engines like Google and yahoo have a good concept of what people are looking for as they explore the website to make sure they are strenuous that you design your websites keeping that in mind. Once you full your own Seo sem the method that you should you will discover much better search engine rank. These types of search positions will surely ensure you get the consumer awareness and sales an individual ought to get.

Specializing in a particular field of study is important likewise. Any such online niche marketing will help you to obtain exactly the shall be fascinated by marketing.  Internet marketing People usually secure distressed when business when it comes to simply any one so it is essential to access individuals who will likely be very likely to purchase. This is certainly proficiency we are usually sharing. If you end up efficient it will be easy to maintain forward movement on your personal good results.

Rendering subscribers with just what they need will be the main element aspect to an individual’s fiscal good results on your online business.  Web developers nz Ok consumers make balanced insoluble. Make this happen through providing superior written content, working towards functional search engine marketing, along with knowing the significance of niche marketing.

It’s extremely imperative that you grant your potential customers what they want if you find yourself involved with website marketing. The concept of website marketing will obviously provide highly profitable for you when you can make your prospects happy.


 Here the author jermy peters says a.  Internet marketing and  Web developers nz for more information, please Visit

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Mobile Internet Marketing Campaign – What Every Affiliate Should Know to Make Huge Income

Hello, Affiliate and internet marketers and welcome to a new dawn. It is indeed going to be a good beginning for all online marketers. With more and more opportunities coming up here and there, selling online has never been better until the Mobile Money Machine stormed the market in August 2011. Frank Lucas that developed this software is succeeding big time with this Mobile Money Machine and his secrets (if there is any) are here for everyone to see.


I do not know how well you have fared in the past as an internet marketer. How successful were you? How much traffic reached your site? Well, if you have a site… What was your conversion rate, that is, how much of this traffic did you convert into sales? And of course, how much money did you make.


The above question will require you to make a detail review of all your web-marketing efforts for the past years. You may need to review your concept, your presentation, and your technology. If your answer to the above questions is positive, congratulations and I tell you, you can do netter using Mobile Money Machine. If, however your experience was not too good, not to worry because the Money Generation System has arrived.


Mobile Money Machine software creates unstoppable income streams literally at the push of a few buttons. They have a secret way to create wealth without limits by tapping into more than 5 billion cellular phones all around the world and provide you a good opportunity that you need to start making money easily today. You can get this software into your hands and make real money on complete autopilot with this software to increase your affiliate commissions and send more than $ 1,407 into your account daily.


Doing PPC, article marketing, SEO, blogging, list building, Facebook Ads, Social bookmarking, Adwords and sales presentation are now being overtaking by Mobile Money Machine. How to set up the marketing campaign in this software are explained with a simple plain words and demonstrations. This software is not difficult to master and it is not complicated.


Matt Marcus and Frank Lucas discovered the key of what really goes on the web. Due to the presence of billions of mobile internet phones on earth, they leveraged on it to create an overflow of mobile traffic and huge cash.


You can try this MOBILE MONEY MACHINE software. It is a better choice for internet marketing or ignores it at your own peril.

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How to Set Up A Kick Tail Affiliate Marketing System For Your Online Business

Is it possible to make a great income selling products that are not yours? Can you make enough money to stay in your online business if you do not create your own product? We all know that creating our own digital product online can be very profitable but we sometimes forget that selling someone else’s product may create the cash flow to allow us to build our product and then the expertise to market it when the time comes.

It is really not difficult to set up an affiliate marketing program as most people think. The internet has created a huge market for knowledge. People know that to learn you have to pay. And your key is finding the sources for this knowledge.

The first thing that you must do is build a website that will be your hub. Ideally your name should be a part of the name. Something so if a searcher can only remember your name they can find the site. You can add the type or the name of the product either to the front of the URL or as a subscript to get good SEO ranking.

Next preferably find a product that you will have a product that you strongly believe in and can recommend without hesitation. Remember people will buy this from you not because of the product but why you are promoting it. They will be able to tell if you use it or if you are just selling the next great shiny button.

As you build your site to promote this product remember that testimonials will help promote it. Make sure you have a plan to get recommendations from the people who buy it through you.

While you will need an auto-responder to promote this product you will need to create only introductory emails and then follow-up emails for those who did not buy on the first pass.

An area that is often overlooked is the unopened emails that you sent out. Your auto responder should have tracking software to let you know who did not open the email. This way you can send them a nudge reminder and then a countdown reminder. You never want to leave this as an open-ended purchase rather you want to add a sense of urgency to the sale.

I cannot state this enough, you must believe in the product. Your followers have come to trust you and hold your opinion in high regard, once you breach that trust you will lose this follower. Granted there are billions upon billions of people on the internet but the cost to acquire new followers is huge. Always look back on the days when you had no followers and remember how precious that very first one that stuck with you was.

For more tips and advice to build a great online business and gain the success that you deserve check out the resource box below and then join our blog.

Who is Mike Gordon? Mike Gordon is a successful business owner and business coach with over 40 years of successful entrepreneurial experience under his belt. Mike can be found at his blog Mike is currently working with all types of businesses and businesses owner to strengthen their internet marketing strategies. For more success secrets sign up for updates from

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Affiliate Marketing Tips ? Learn Affiliate Marketing The easy course of action With Over-The-Shoulder Videos

Affiliate marketing is the term used to describe moving other peoples products over the internet. There are literally thousands of companies that will pay some type of commission to anyone who sells their wares. They get the hang of the number of folk surfing the net for advice runs in the hundreds of millions per day.

No longer do folk go to a market and take the word of the salesperson. The salesperson has a vested interest in telling the prospective customer only what they want to hear to earn the sale. They will often recommend inferior products that bring a better piece of the action. To level the playing field, people do thought on the world wide web.

This presents an opportunity for all who can produce a webpage. A truthful, emphatic review may send a pre-sold prospect to the company’s webpage. Through the magic of technology, the vendor can track and pay a share of a profit to the referring site. All somebody have to do is send customers to the vendor’s webpage.

So how can you learn this method? Somebody can dive in head first. There are bits and pieces of knowledge spread all across the world wide web. Some of the information is good, some not so hot. The trick is to find a course that comes highly recommended and shows a complete course from scratch.

The newest courses are videos of the instructor’s computer screens. That way somebody may watch over-their-shoulder as if you were sitting right next to the person at their desk. This technology is extremely effective since somebody can pay attention the videos over and over again if you don’t make sense of things. Video players have rewind button and can pick up at any point in the video. I find my most efficient results come when I jot down notes as I watch the videos. I can refer to my notes as I build my own campaign and look at the videos over and over again when I don’t know exactly what to do.

Find yourself a good video training course that uses the over-the-shoulder method by copying the computer screen as the instructor jumps from webpage to webpage, using tools that are readily obtainable for anyone. If you can find a course from people who are trying to make a name for themselves in the Internet marketing training industry, you’ll often find a diamond-in-the-rough course that is truly amazing.

Please go to Internet Marketing Training to see a video recommending a way to learn affiliate marketing

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Affilate Marketing: How to market affiliate programs via newsgroups

How To Create a Steady Stream Of Buyers
Direct from 1000’s of NewsGroups”
I don’t get flamed when I post to newsgroups. I try my best to provide value in the form of Special Reports! My sales message is embedded within the report or at the end! 

 Magic Seo Bot

Gets a first page listing on 100s search engines? No PPC Free Trial

  Newsgroups as they exist NOW are a ripe Gold Mine for ANYONE WHO 
WILL GIVE VALUE FIRST…usually in the form of information reports! In business newsgroups you will stand out from all the foolish scams being advertised. You’ll have little competition! 

 A single report posted on a few newsgroups has brought in over 700 leads a week for me recently. That’s the difference between giving value and trying to force your message down your prospects throat. 

 When people like you, they buy from you, and the newsgroups have millions of people that can read your messages every day. In some ways I think it’s better than direct e-mail. Create many different powerful reports or short articles and post them in as many places as you can. Test placing in more and more newsgroups everyday. 

  If you get flamed  – delete the newsgroup from your ‘okay to post in’ list! 

 Soon, you’ll have a few hundred you can post in without problems. You can pull down some serious money this way. Million dollar companies are quietly being created on the newsgroups right now. Front Porch Computers built a 10 Million A Year business from answering questions and having powerful sig files attached at the end of every message! 

Private Label Rights

Looking for Content without Strings Over 10000 PLR Articles Available

  The contacts I have made and offers that have come out of the blue have been unbelievable and profitable beyond what I expected. A single contact from someone could earn you a fortune. I’ve had some great deals offered to me without even asking. Also made some great lifetime friends!


MAGIC SEO BOT Fully Automated SEO Promotion Tool for Better Ranks/Traffic/Sales/Bookings And 34000 unique Visitors Daily With

Free Plr Article Is World Most Affordable Private label Article, Its More Then Million Top Quality, Articles

WordPress Theme Club – Premium Quality WordPress Themes For Free, Download them From

Affiliate Marketing for beginners- How to Make Sure Your Niche Market is Profitable!

Before you start any Affiliate Marketing Campaign after selecting a product is your must confirm there is in fact a market or a demand for that product. This is a vital step as your campaign success will be dependent on it. If you select the wrong market or niche, the chances of a profitable endeavour will be low to nonexistent.  So what aspects of the your niche should you be looking at to confirm there is a viable market?

1:Check there is a genuine demand of the market. You will want to make sure that the market size is big and they are willing to spend money to get access to the information that will help them to solve their problem. If there is no demand for the information that you are providing, it means that the market is not profitable or you will not be able to sell your products to enough people to make the business profitable.  

2: Research whether there are any websites where the customers in the niche you’re interested in are frequently visiting for more information and knowledge. Ways of checking this are through  article directories, blogs and forums.  These sites provide consistent and relevant information on the market and niche you are researching. Finding many people looking for that information simply means there is a genuine demand for the information and product and this means profit.  

3: Monitor and gage the competition in the market place. It’s a simple fact that most successful affiliate marketers will only sell products in viable and profitable markets. The trick here is to see if there are a good number of different products that are being offered in this market. Merchants and developers will only make products where there is a demand.  Many products means there is demand which means a greater chance of real earnings.  

4: Focus on how you can get your place in the market or your market share. This simply means driving as much traffic as possible to your website so that more people and potential customers will be aware of your offer. This will improve your page ranking and help bring in sales.  

Research these simple aspects of your niche market and if they are all positive the chances of having a successful website in that niche and earning real money from that niche is assured.  Don’t cut corners by not doing this vital research.  Finally  promote aggressively once you have chosen the your niche market so that you can get your market share and profit.  


Martin Andrews is a internet marketer specializing in affiliate marketing. He is passionate about the complexities and profit potentials in Affiliate Marketing and with his success wants to share with others the knowledge that he has found and developed with online affiliate marketing.

Martin attributes his success to Ewen Chia and his great book “How I made my first million on the internet and how you can too ” and it companion course the “Internet Millionaire System. For further information on these products please visit my site at and blog

Affiliate Marketing – Complete Guide to Finding a Niche Market For Your Blog

If you have finally decided to start your own blog, then firstly i would like to congratulate you. The reason is because the toughest thing to do is always to get started. I am sure you have heard about people rambling on non stop about niche markets and how to define your target market. This article will help shed some light on this topic.

Your blogging style and target audience always come hand in hand. The moment you decide to create a blog, you must figure out what your target audience is; you must know what do they want to read and find out more from your blog. The articles your write on your blog must provide quality and value to your readers in order to build up a relationship with them. If you provide quality information, it would be very effective in building up communication and your readership. Encouraging your readers to leave comments in your blog works fine as well.

At a closer look, the definition of a niche market could be broken down into 3 criteria:

1. A group of people – This particular group of people (targeted audience) interested in a particular hobby, interest or profession.

2. Searching for a solution – Your targeted audience would be better if they are searching for a solution, and you are there to provide it to them. You need to find this group of people through what they are looking for. The most practical way is to use keyword research tools to find out exactly what phrases or questions these people are typing into the search engines to find a solution.

3. They are not finding many relevant results – It would be easier to establish your blog in a smaller and more targeted market than a saturated one. The reason is because if you wish to write a blog to publish updates on soccer news, you would realise that many websites out there are already doing so and the competition is very stiff. In this case you lose out on your readership and traffic.

I advise that people start with their own passions, hobbies, interest or expertise.

You might find this formula handy:

My niche market is people who are (action word) + (your passions)

Here are some examples:

My niche market is people who are (learning) to (play the piano).

My niche market is people who are trying to (build) a (dog kennel).
My niche market is people who are learning to (cook) (French-style cuisine).

Use this questionnaire to dig deeper into your interests.

What websites do you visit when you have nothing to do? What topics do these websites cover?
Do you collect anything?
Do you play any sports?
Do you have pets?
Do you have any specialized knowledge? Example: Flower Arrangement, Gardening Skills…
What is your occupation? What field or area of interest does it deal in?
Is there anything you really want to learn about, but you gave up because of the time constraint in your life?

Come up with a list of at least 3 or more interests and you are ready to go!

To Your Affiliate Success!

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