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All About the Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate is a website that claims to teach people how to become internet marketers, and build up a small online business. As part of a membership, they claim to include free web hosting. And indeed, they do. Let’s see what it’s all about.

In order to run a successful internet marketing business, it is important to have a ‘base’, some website where you can send customers in order to get information about the product you are promoting. You can do this with free sites, like a Squidoo lens, or a free blog. But nothing quite beats a website for being professional, and just better. However, to put a website up, you’ll need to get some web hosting sorted, and this can cost anything from $ 5 to $ 500 a month. But because Wealthy Affiliate has free hosting, all you’ll need to purchase is a domain name. And they are about $ 10 a year.

The hosting specs are not bad, with 120,000MB of bandwidth, 600MB of storage space, 3 domain names, 15 emails and more. personally, I haven’t had any problems with storage or bandwidth yet, I’m using about 18MB of 600.

Setting the hosting up isn’t hard to do, I was able to do it quite easily using the instructions provided, but that was where the simple bit ended. I wanted to run my emails from another company, so to link my domain to my emails was very challenging indeed (as I’m not really that clever when it comes to hosting). In fact, it took about 2 weeks and multiple emails to various people to get it all sussed. That was disappointing.

At the moment, I’m quite happy with the Wealthy Affiliate web hosting. It is certainly easy to run my website directly from within the University itself. While it wasn’t a walk in the park getting it all going, I suspect that was my tendency to see if I could ‘get it going myself’.

Even though the hosting is available to every member, I suspect that many are not using it. Eh? I do wonder why that is. After all, Site Rubix (an online website maker that it beyond the scope of this article) is included. Odd.

The addition of web hosting to Wealthy Affiliate is a great idea, and makes it much easier to maintain and run then using an external source.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and the free web hosting, download my free guide below.

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Support at the Wealthy Affiliate University

The one to one support at Wealthy Affiliate is something which is toted by just about everyone who is reviewing the University. And it’s not hard to see why; getting one to one support anywhere else costs hundreds of dollars, and probably isn’t even one to one. So how can the two people run the site possibly respond to every member who emails them?

Methinks that they just work very very hard. It is really really hard to believe that it is possible that two men can respond to hundreds of messages, but, they do. I have emailed them several times in the past, to have them reply within about two or three days. Not only that, but they take the time to look through whatever you’ve sent them.

I once sent them a 50 page guide that I have written to have them review it personally and give me pointers on things inside. But don’t think that these guys aren’t just to help other marketers, they are in it for profit as well. An educated guess is about 15,000 members at Wealthy Affiliate, and with each paying $ 39 a month (minus $ 20 affiliate fee), works out at about $ 300,000 a month or $ 3.6 million a year. Not bad, and definitely worthy of a bit of time.

But even though I have probably made out that these guys are only in it for profit, that is certainly not how it comes across. They are truly willing to help members with any question regardless of how small or silly it is. They honestly have an inspiring ability to motivate, and not make you feel stupid when they reply.

I am consistently impressed with the level of service at Wealthy Affiliate. It has certainly helped me to push myself to internet marketing, and my campaigns have improved because of them.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and the support included, download my free guide below.

How To Build Affiliate Revenue Work For You

Affiliate revenue is a wonderful manner to earn money right from your home. You do not have to go away the comforts of your home and can schedule your work according to your wish and convenience. The main issue that is important before getting into this business is to settle on the right merchandise and services to promote. Of course, there are large numbers of firms that offer revenue for this service and it becomes troublesome to make the proper choice. Therefore, the foremost necessary step is selecting your promoting niche. Deciding your niche may be a major concern as this can be actually responsible to create or break your business enterprise.

The most reason, why most of the newcomers during this business don’t survive long, is as a result of they’re not in a position to choose the right niche. If you want to urge established as an Web marketer, you would like to attach people with the stuffs they are seeking and are prepared to form the purchase too. This is simply nice because you promote things to random individuals and help them target the product you are promoting and you earn after they create the purchase. Thus, if you’re in a position to draw in high traffic to the products you promote, you’ll even make a fortune and earn profit beyond your imagination with Net marketing.

Another issue is to grasp what specifically works here and can facilitate your earn huge profits in the long run. Experts are of the opinion that if you select smaller niche, your winning probabilities improve and your promoting efforts will end in huge profits. There’s a easy formula here. Smaller niches enable you to aim your prospects in an exceedingly higher approach and provide them applicable merchandise and services that they are in all probability willing to buy. On the opposite hand, if you select bigger niche, you’ll have to figure hard and your earning can be comparatively very low. So, to begin upon the foremost vital tip is that size of the niche matters and you’ll select one that will create you’re employed less and earn more.

There is a misconception that if you may choose smaller niche, your profitability can be low. This is completely wrong. But, the reverse is true. The skilled marketers who are knowledgeable apprehend that the $ 64000 money is hidden here. You’ll earn as abundant as you can. But, while selecting the niche, additionally think about few more points. Hunt for different marketers that are promoting the same type of audience. Also, make positive that you get connected with the affiliate program that provides relevant products and services. Do not forget the advertising and promoting strategies that can facilitate your reach the important audience. Lastly, bear in mind that during this business passion works miracles.

Eve Achilleos been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in affiliate revenue ,you can also check out her latest website about:
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Wealthy Affiliate University Scam Alert!

Looking for some dirt on Wealthy Affiliate University? There are so many get rich quick schemes out there that you are wondering if there is also a Wealthy Affiliate University Scam or not. Maybe you are like me in the sense that you have become very cautious when it comes to promises online. Being burned a few times I have learned that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

But let me ask you, what is it you are really looking for? You may have heard or am thinking that it is easy to make money online. Or maybe the idea of working at home on a computer appeals to you. Looking for something to do in your spare time to supplement your income, pay bills or have some extra spending money? Want to quit working for the MAN and be your own boss?

All these thoughts can be great motivation but the bottom line is most people fail to make any money online. Why? Because of several reasons. Many are doomed before they even start because of their failure to launch. Fear holds them back and they just jump from system to system devouring the information but never taking any action. Most of those who do take action become discouraged easily and quit at the first small failure they encounter. People like the above is where most of the labeling of different systems as scams come from. Not that there are not any scams out there, there is plenty, but there is also some that do offer value and will deliver if focused on.

So is Wealthy Affiliate University a scam. In a word… NO! Two years as a member has taught me different. I have tried many and about six were alright but Wealthy Affiliate University is heads above the rest. Most teach you a system to make money online. Something that the creator did or does to make some money. The problem is that the Internet is in a constant state of flux, always changing and what works today might not work tomorrow. If someone is making money with a certain method why would they want to tell you about it? Maybe it is old information that doesn’t work any more. They could be selling you the very ship they are abandoning!

What Wealthy Affiliate does is teach you skills that will allow you to keep up with all the changes. Once you start gathering these various skills you will be able to implement your own affiliate campaigns or even launch your own product. When I was in High School we had a giant wood shop. There was a very qualified teacher, all kinds of tools and dozens of students to interact with each day. I started out in my Freshman year not even knowing what a saw or a hammer was and by my Senior year I had built a sailboat!

That is what Wealthy Affiliate University is… a huge Affiliate Marketing Shop were you have several qualified teachers (Kyle and Carson) all the tools necessary and thousands of fellow marketers to interact with. Everyone is helpful and keeps abreast with the latest trends and issues that affiliates need to deal with to be successful. It is the perfect environment to learn and earn in. So is there a Wealthy Affiliate University Scam? Ultimately only you can decide that for yourself.

Robert believes he is living proof that anyone can make money online. Judge for yourself weather or not there is a Wealthy Affiliate University Scam or… Learn more about what Affiliate Marketing is and the possibilities for you at

Dialogic to Show How to Accelerate 4G Networks and Applications at Mobile World Congress Shanghai

Dialogic, a global networking software and infrastructure solution provider, will be featured at Mobile World Congress Shanghai held July 15-17 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. It will present its array of software and hardware-based solutions, which include PowerMedia™ XMS, BorderNet™ Diameter Services Helix Diameter Signaling Controller, ControlSwitch™ System, I-Gate® 4000 Media Gateways for Media Gateway Control (MGCF), and IMS Media Gateway (IMS-MGW) transcoding gateway applications.

The event will bring together telecommunications industry professionals and mobile-passionate consumers to experience the amazing possibilities that mobile technology brings today, and will bring in the future.

“We are looking to replicate the extraordinary success we experienced at the 2015 Barcelona Mobile World Congress, where our audience expressed great interest in advanced roaming interworking, and signaling interoperability solutions made possible by our next generation Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC), and in delivering rich media services over IMS/VoLTE with our highly scalable Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF) and our NFV-ready MRF/MRB platform,” said Tim Moynihan, Vice President of Marketing for Dialogic. “WebRTC and the thriving adoption of our server-side media processing solutions in real-world applications also received unprecedented attention.”

A testimony of this adoption comes from one of our PowerMedia XMS customers, Quobis, showcasing at Mobile World Congress Shanghai its Sippo WebRTC Application Controller. Sippo manages WebRTC applications, and enables them to seamlessly integrate with existing OSS and BSS in NGN and IMS architectures.

“We chose Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS to provide advanced media functionalities to our Sippo WebRTC applications such as call recording, media transcoding, multiconference support, interactive video response, and video announcements. Our relationship with Dialogic has allowed us to build new WebRTC use cases for vertical markets such as electronic banking, e-health, security or entertainment”, said Iago Soto Mata, CMO at Quobis.

Dialogic will be at stand W5.H46 , and Quobis will be at stand W4.E20 at Mobile World Congress Shanghai.


QUOBIS is a leading European company in the delivery of carrier-class unified communication solutions with a special focus on security, interoperability and identity management for service providers and enterprises. QUOBIS is headquartered in Vigo, Spain with partners throughout the world. QUOBIS is well-known as one of the leaders in the standardization and deployment of WebRTC technology after being involved in the industry-firsts implementations and Proof of Concepts in more than 30 countries. More information can be found online at

About Dialogic

Dialogic, a global networking software and infrastructure solution provider, inspires the world’s leading service providers and application developers to elevate the performance of media-rich communications across the most advanced networks. 48 of the world’s top 50 mobile operators and nearly 3,000 application developers rely on Dialogic to redefine the possible and exceed user expectations. Follow us on Twitter @Dialogic.

Dialogic, I-Gate, PowerMedia, BorderNet, and ControlSwitch are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Dialogic Corporation or an affiliate or subsidiary thereof (“Dialogic”). Other trademarks mentioned and/or marked herein belong to their respective owners.

For more information on Dialogic and communications solutions energized by our technology, visit and our social media newsroom for the latest news, videos and blog posts.

Contact information:


Tim Moynihan

+1 973.967.5001


Why Should You Cloak Your Affiliate Links?

Cloaking affiliate links is the technical term for making them look less ugly when they show up – usually in the bottom left of your browser – when someone hovers over the link.

Cloaking links is used by lots of sites and it’s not just affiliate links that get cloaked. Google’s search results hide their long and tortuous tracking data so that when you hover your mouse over any particular link, all you see is the link that’s shown up green in the search results.

That means the average Google searcher probably doesn’t know the extent to which they are being tracked and watched. Of course, this is being used to help improve the search results as the tracking data will feed back how long someone stayed on a site once they’d clicked the link which, in turn, implies how useful the result was and whether it justified its place in the results.

On your own sites, cloaking an affiliate link serves a couple of different purposes.

The first is the same as Google do: it’s to make the links look less ugly.

Most affiliate programs give you a link that helps them keep track of who referred the visitor and, ultimately, who helped them make a sale.

That link varies considerably from program to program but is almost never as straightforward as something that looks like a regular URL.

There’s often a ‘?’ in the URL, followed by other information.

Amazon’s affiliate links are incredibly long and full of all sorts of gobbledegook that only really makes sense to Amazon but allows it to make sure the click goes to the correct page out of the millions of possible pages on their site.

Cloaking that kind of link means that your site visitors are less likely to get distracted. Most probably don’t consciously notice the long link that’s shown in their browser – the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer have downplayed the link in recent versions – but we process a vast amount of information in our brains, so something will definitely get noticed.

But that reason is probably more to do with aesthetics than anything else.

The other reason that you should cloak your affiliate links is that they can change or even disappear over time.

As your website gets bigger, it gets harder to keep everything up to date.

Using a simple link cloaking program such as the WordPress plugin WP Shorties (the one that I use on all my newer sites) means that if a link changes, you can update it in one place and that change is immediately reflected everywhere.

That’s useful on a large site where it’s easy to overlook one or two instances of a link.

It’s also exceptionally useful if you’re using your affiliate links elsewhere on the web – in a PDF ebook or on YouTube for example.

PDFs can’t be changed once they’ve been downloaded, so if a link changes and you haven’t cloaked it, that’s it. You can’t do anything about it.

YouTube video descriptions can be changed but it comes down to your record keeping and your time. The more places the link is, the more time it takes to change all the uncloaked links and the higher the chance that you’ll miss one or more of them and miss out on the potential commission.

You can find out more about cloaking affiliate links on my blog.

And if you aren’t yet full time with your internet marketing, you need to focus your time you spend so that you get the highest return for your time investment in your business.

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PenFed Branch Supports Troops at Home and Abroad

A long and distinguished career in the Army left Greg Ransaw, PenFed Credit Union’s (PenFed) Branch Manager for Fort Hood, with a deep appreciation for the unique challenges faced by our men and women in uniform.

Ransaw, a recently retired Army sergeant major, said, “One of the best things about my new career with PenFed Credit Union is that I get the opportunity to interact with Soldiers and other members of the military nearly every day. However, I felt driven to find a way to do a little bit more, so I huddled with my leadership team, and in almost no time flat, we had a plan.”

The idea of sending care packages to service members who are deployed came out of a brainstorming session Ransaw held with his senior staff of Cherrie Aberle, Jesus Cerrillo, Elba Mercado, Amy Moree, Rebecca Salinas and Shiela Sampson. The staff members used their own funds to buy items for the packages.

“The entire team here at the PenFed Credit Union Fort Hood Branch enjoyed getting together to pack the boxes and prepare them for shipping overseas. Everyone was excited to be a part of something to benefit our folks in uniform,” said Ransaw.

The volunteer mission was especially personal for one PenFed team member at Fort Hood. Ashley Flores helped assemble a care package that would eventually reach her father, who is a command sergeant major deployed to Afghanistan. “After receiving the package, my dad wrote back saying that he’s looking forward to meeting the whole PenFed team, and that he and his Soldiers are thankful and grateful to have supporters like us. This was a wonderful opportunity to let my dad and all the other Soldiers know that they are in our prayers and thoughts,” said Flores.

About PenFed

Established in 1935 as the War Department Credit Union, PenFed is one of the largest credit unions in the country, serving 1.3 million members worldwide; with nearly $ 18 billion in assets. Its long-standing mission has been to provide superior financial services in a cost effective manner, while being responsive to members’ needs. PenFed offers market-leading mortgages, automobile loans, credit cards, checking, and a wide range of other financial services with its members’ interests always in mind. Serving a diverse population, PenFed offers many ways to become a member; including numerous employee groups and association affiliations. PenFed is federally insured by the NCUA and is an equal housing lender. PenFed does business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and is a member of NAFCU. To learn more about PenFed, visit, like us on Facebook and follow @PenFed on Twitter. Interested in working for PenFed? Check us out on Linkedin. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer: M/F/V/D.

The 4 Point Affiliate Traffic Generator

The 4 Point Affiliate Traffic Generator is so simple and straight forward to use it will have you increase your web traffic in no time.

I also experienced what it felt like as a newbie in this internet marketing world but once I already knew which traffic generation method worked for me,I “leveled-up”.

But not in all my marketing experience have I used advertising in Google or any other search engine. I just couldn’t afford it and number two, I heard many people say it’s not effective.

Because of my budget, I stuck to the free traffic generation methods available and boy, was I glad to make that decision.

And so, the following are the few good traffic generation methods I have used, free of charge.

Article Writing

Based on my years of doing affiliate marketing, I already had a good grasp as to why article writing has topped the list of free traffic generators and I’m telling you it is and still very effective.

I just wrote about 5 articles per day containing 300-500 words, submitted it to ezinearticles or any article directories and pretty soon, I was in for huge traffic.

Go to forums

“Googling” for forums related to your niche market can automatically list down all the related forums for you. But, can you just choose those which has a few thousand members?

Once you’ve already decided then sign up, learn from it, contribute and once you are comfortable with it, you could start branding yourself as an expert there. Upon doing that, traffic is going to flow wild from these forums.


You know what’s the fun of being an internet marketer? It is when you are making a video and posting it to vid directories such as YouTube. Plus, major search engines love videos!

As a consumer, I would want to buy products that I have seen so get those cameras rolling!

Yahoo Answers

Go to and answer the questions that are related to your niche. As soon as you become one of the top contributors, your name will be recognized and trusted.

Not only that, people asking for help will consider the links you give as a reliable source. What a great way to generate traffic.

Free traffic generation is not for impatient people but if you are one of those, then you got to make patience one of your virtues. But I must say, you will never regret your choice of making traffic stay.

A new name in the field of internet marketing, Ciaran Doyle Leaves No Stone Unturned In His Pursuit Of The Most Up To Date Wealth Strategies. His 7 Point Money Making Formula Works Every Time & You Can Pick It Up & Other Bonuses For Free By Clicking Increase Web Site Traffic Now!

IPA Family, LLC Is Currently Looking to Fill Sales Representative Roles

Due to record-breaking growth, IPA Family, LLC (IPA), an American Independence Corp. company and member of The IHC Group, is pleased to announce new business opportunities in Colorado. The company seeks sales representatives to help fulfill increasing demand. Additionally, leadership roles are now available at IPA’s Denver Center of Excellence Offices serving locations in Arvada, Aurora, Littleton, Centennial, Lakewood, Englewood and surrounding areas..

Qualified candidates will possess the following attributes: an ability to make decisions and solve problems, active listening skills, critical thinking skills, sales experience, strong time-management skills and, most importantly, a proclivity to operate with the highest ethical standards. Selected candidates will be provided with a complete and comprehensive program that promotes their personal and professional success. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

➢    Compensation programs

➢    Residual income and monthly bonus

➢    Lifetime vesting schedules

➢    Wealth accumulation plan

➢    Free qualified sales leads and lead-management systems

➢    Ongoing training and business education using state-of-the art technologies

➢    Many other performance-based programs and incentives

To be considered for one of the select positions and participate in a professional and confidential interview process, you may submit direct inquiries with resume to IPA Family, LLC through their contact page. Due to a culture of continuous growth and market expansions, IPA is currently accepting inquiries for existing and new markets. For more information about IPA Family and the companies it represents, visit or call 800-772-8667 and indicate you saw our press release.

About IPA Family, LLC (IPA)

IPA Family, LLC is a national marketing organization that distributes major medical insurance plans and other health insurance plans and consumer benefit association membership programs across the nation. IPA’s trained professional sales associates, referred to as the “IPA Family,” provides information and a product portfolio that can meet the needs of most small business owners and self-employed individuals and families. Headquartered in Tampa, Fl., IPA is accredited and has an excellent reputation with the Better Business Bureau ( and is a member company of The IHC Group.

About American Independence Corp.

AMIC, through Independence American Insurance Company and its other subsidiaries, offers pet insurance, non-subscriber occupational accident, international coverage’s, small-group major medical and short-term medical. AMIC provides to the individual and self-employed markets health insurance and related products, which are distributed through its subsidiaries IPA Family, LLC,, LLC, IPA Direct, Inc. and IHC Specialty Benefits, Inc. AMIC markets medical stop-loss through its marketing and administrative company IHC Risk Solutions, LLC.

About The IHC Group

The IHC Group is an organization of insurance carriers and marketing and administrative affiliates that has been providing life, health, disability, medical stop-loss and specialty insurance solutions to groups and individuals for over 30 years. Members of The IHC Group include Independence Holding Company, American Independence Corp, Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York, Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc. and Independence American Insurance Company. Each insurance carrier in The IHC Group has a financial strength rating of A- (Excellent) from A.M. Best Company, Inc., a widely recognized rating agency that rates insurance companies on their relative financial strength and ability to meet policyholder obligations. (An A++ rating from A.M. Best is its highest rating.) Collectively, the companies in The IHC Group provide insurance coverage to more than one million individuals and groups. For more information about The IHC Group, visit

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JEBCommerce Announced as AvantLink Industry Champion Award Winner for 2015

We are honored and excited to announce that JEBCommerce received the AvantLink Industry Champion Award for 2015! It’s been an amazing year at JEBCommerce, and the industry continues to notice our incredible team’s hard work.

The AvantLink Best of 2015 Award winners were announced at AvantExpo 2015 in Park City, Utah. The ‘Industry Champion Award’ goes to a merchant, affiliate, or agency that has a proven track record of doing all that’s possible to make affiliate marketing a better channel in every facet of their day-to-day operations.

“With a focus on understanding actionable attribution, brilliant in-house tools that help new merchants integrate quickly with networks, and high-value external affiliate recruitment strategies, JEBCommerce continually sets the bar on just how much of a positive effect agencies can have in the industry.” – AvantLink Best of 2015 Awards

“We couldn’t be more proud to be awarded this amazing honor. AvantLink has been a fantastic partner for many many years and it is a privilege to continue to create fantastic affiliate programs with the AvantLink team. Their leadership in the space and their amazing tools are such a huge driving force for advertisers’ and affiliates’ growth. We are just too excited for words and can’t wait to hang this award in our office! Thank you Chad, Scott, Scott and the rest of the AvantLink team!” – Jamie Birch, CEO JEBCommerce

We’ve launched quite a few new programs on the AvantLink network this year, including Eastern Mountain Sports, Bob’s Stores, and Sport Chalet. A few months ago, we had the privilege of hosting AvantLink at “JEBComm’s World Headquarters” so they could gain an understanding of our operation. We were able to introduce them to our Chloe Feed Assembler– our new datafeed assembler product, which helps streamline the integration process for new clients and provides outstanding datafeeds with no technical resources required. We enjoy working with AvantLink and hope to see continued growth over the years!

Located in the beautiful city of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho JEBCommerce is an award winning, innovative, affiliate marketing agency that specializes in performance marketing and creative services. Since 2004, we have served both large and small organizations with a heavy focus on customer acquisition through performance marketing channels. Our team has been launching, managing, and growing affiliate programs for over 20 years.