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Bing Chen: South Delayed For Five Years How To Do Beijing

Bing Chen: South Beijing how to do five-year delay

To use every drop of water

good, apart from raising water prices, but also from the legal, Education , Environmental protection And research aspects of looking for water and energy conservation programs. Can be said that the world has provided us with the possibilities and reference samples, key is whether the links in a chain all of their work.

North water diversion to Beijing five years of planning delay, the capital of water resources carrying capacity makes experiencing unprecedented pressure. Beijing Water Authority to determine appropriate time this year to raise water prices by the price leverage to urge businesses and residents to save water; will also develop fixed water management approach, 40 high pollution, high energy, high water consumption will be ordered out of Beijing Enterprises, a large green space, golf courses, country parks and agricultural irrigation will be replaced with recycled water.

These measures to alleviate the tension of water resources in Beijing is to play a role. However, more needs to ease the water shortage Beijing think of a way.

From the overall governance environment, protection of water sources clean is imperative. According to reports, from the bustling capital, an hour by car, went to Hebei’s “Cancer village” summer mat village here seems to be an abandoned world, sanitary, Plastic Bags and other trash all over the place, dogs, cats, cows and other living thing a lie is half fixed, the lethargy, and high-polluting enterprises out of the water, through underground pipes into the village side of the river Qiu Bao, exudes suffocating odor. Around Beijing, like the depth of contamination Baoqiu River so there are many rivers, not complete control, Beijing is difficult to save the brink of ruin in the groundwater.

How scientific water use, water, love the water, has become a worldwide problem, the global water shortage in cities and countries are to protect water resources and conserve water as the most important strategy. Practices in Australia, it is worth Beijing and other Chinese cities study and reference. In 2005, the Australian federal and local levels of government invested nearly 400 million Australian dollars, will be all over the country’s 16,000 km of open water channels one after another into a closed pipeline. To encourage water conservation, the Australian Government to release water for each household manuals, information on family saving measures to help residents replace the water-saving taps and shower heads, install flow regulators, etc., will also take a bath, laundry water recycling use. These measures allow residents 30% water savings? 40%.

Relatively abundant water resources in the United States, but some towns are in the unremitting efforts of the water. Such as the Los Angeles area city town of Mongolia, a population of only 63,000, but the Government is held every year “to the water, giving residents free water-saving toilets,” the project, and is responsible to the residents to install. Water Services staff also regularly speak to the primary and secondary water courses, water-saving publicity release the information to know people from small water.

Develop energy legislation and the establishment of the United Kingdom ” Energy Efficiency fund “to encourage businesses to conserve energy, build-saving society; France introduced Energy Conservation Code standards, and urges saving water and energy enterprises and citizens; Singapore water in moderation, while increasing the use of new technologies open up new sources of water, waste water recycling in made considerable progress; Japan has even more energy and water conservation through the production and consumption, small to large light bulb Car “Energy” has become Japan’s business card.

Therefore, to use well every drop of water, in addition to raising water prices, but also from the law, education, environmental protection, scientific research to find water and energy conservation aspects of the program. Can be said that the world has provided us with the possibilities and the reference sample, the key is able to inter-related to their work. Financial Crisis has made economic growth, ensuring employment to become a top priority, but the relaxed environment and energy conservation efforts. We should clearly recognize that such big cities of Beijing, the security people’s livelihood should be from the full range of remediation and water resources “scarce goods” began.

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